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How I Manifested “Grow a Greater You”

(An Excerpt from the Upcoming Book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”)

By Greg Kuhn

If you’ve read my other books in this series and spent time on my website you are undoubtedly already familiar with my story.  Yet my intention here is not only a recount of my life, but a comprehensive focus upon the experiences which led me to formulate “Grow a Greater You”.  And how I was able to mold this game from its exciting and powerful origin into its present magical state.

I’ve heard many wonderful stories and read some amazing personal narratives from readers playing “Grow a Greater You”.  You are joining a vast group of powerful manifestors in your mastery of this amazing game.  In fact, the legion of “Grow a Greater You” all-stars grows by the thousands each month.  You’ve now claimed your spot on the all-star team and I’m thrilled that you’re joining us.  If you feel inspired, send me your story as you play.  Make it as detailed as you want and, with your permission, I may include it in a future book of inspirational “Grow a Greater You” success stories.  Simply contact me via my website when you’ve got something to share.  I can’t wait to read about your success, be inspired by it, and live it, vicariously, with you.

Who is “Greg Kuhn” As Opposed to Greg Kuhn?

How did I become “Greg Kuhn” as I know him today?  My journey may be uniquely mine, yet I know you’ll find much to relate with in it if you allow yourself to.  I’m no more, nor less, special or blessed than you.  And I may not have faced circumstances any more, nor less, challenging than you – those are relative perspectives.  What I can say is that I was blessed with the gift of almost unbearable misery which motivated me to create “Grow a Greater You”.  Misery for which I am profoundly grateful for since, among other things, it gave me an opportunity to not only escape the Neanderthal paradigms I held, but also have the opportunity to be of value to you.  Being of value is a gift only you can choose to bestow upon me and I am humbled by it if you so choose.

I was born a blessed child.  The oldest of two children, I have a beautiful sister almost two years younger but, throughout my life, almost always many years wiser.  My parents are compassionate, open-minded, educated, fun-loving people who always made their family a top priority right from the start.  No matter how successful my mother and father became, my sister and I always had lots of love, attention, support, motivation, and help.  My mom and dad raised me to be that way too and my commitment to becoming a better father, husband, friend, and human being shows me they succeeded.

My mother retired early from a career as an elementary school teacher to devote herself to raising my sister and me in a home full of activity and love.  As teenagers our family moved to a farm and she was able to manifest her dream of being a steward of a thirty-acre spread with horses, cows, sheep, chicken, dairy goats, pigs, guinea hens, rabbits, and too many cats and dogs to count.  My mother instilled many wonderful lessons throughout my upbringing, primarily the value of family and the importance of time invested in each other.

My father was the Associate Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.  He devoted the later half of his career to working with patients who had chronic pain and diseases such as cancer.  His work inspired him to develop a second career as an author and speaker; calling himself “The Laugh Doctor”, my father has worked with such luminaries as Jerry Lewis to spread the message of taking ourselves less seriously and how important that is to our health, success, and well-being.  I have met many powerful people and been given some amazing growth opportunities though working with my father, but, like my mother, his most important lesson to me was the importance of making family a priority.

If I Blame Parents, Then I’m Encouraging My Sons to Blame Me

Like any human being, however, I also learned and adopted many limiting beliefs.  Prior to my early thirties, I simply viewed my Neanderthal-paradigm beliefs as “the way it is” and I did not even see such beliefs as limiting.  My beliefs were my simply the unchangeable rules of life and, like it or not, they simply were what they were.  It wasn’t until my early thirties I discovered the need to change my beliefs.  I’ll discuss that in greater detail momentarily, but until that time I never even gave any thought to having beliefs at all.

The limiting beliefs I carried into adulthood were most certainly not the “fault” of my parents.  Whatever limiting beliefs they transferred to me were not done so intentionally and were usually done for one of two reasons: either they were trying to protect and help me or they were merely unconsciously transferring the beliefs they had been taught.  Like all of us, my parents were not perfect and they, like every other parent, inadvertently taught me many limiting beliefs.  There is no reason for anger at my parents’ human imperfections and who, but a child, would expect their parents to be perfect?

Because every person, including me, is a work in progress, being a parent almost ensures you’ll teach your children some limiting beliefs.  Even under the best circumstances and even if only unconsciously.  And, in fact, perhaps that is exactly the way it is supposed to be – since it is the suffering our limiting beliefs cause us that motivates us to play “Grow a Greater You”.  By making the story of limiting beliefs better-feeling and believable in that manner, perhaps my children will one day thank me for the one’s I’ve taught them.  Because I’ve most assuredly unintentionally done so.

The limiting beliefs I carried with me into adulthood, and blindly accepted as the unyielding “truth”, led me into a personal hell that manifest in my mid-thirties.  Don’t get me wrong, I also had many wonderful beliefs that served me and allowed me to enjoy a successful career and a good relationship with my family.  And they also allowed me to be a relatively well-liked person, by all accounts, with a good sense of humor.

I Went Looking and, As You Know, There is Plenty of Information Out There

As I approached my thirties, experiencing a successful life of home ownership, a good income, family, and career, I was still not completely satisfied.  I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy on a deep, soul level; I enjoyed my life, but always felt there was untapped potential within me that remained dormant.  Around age thirty I began, therefore, to seek solutions for my fulfillment by reading the books of personal development giants like Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Frank Betcher, Jim Rohn.  I was also open to religious and philosophical sources.  I even studied quantum physics then too.

My greatest desire was to be wealthy.  Part of my desire for wealth stemmed from an inner gnawing to grow, expand, be important, and worthwhile.  To take my place in my community as a leader and a contributor.  Not to mention the fact that there are five millionaires in my immediate family, which I allowed to make me feel like an underachiever if I “settled” for the merely “adequate” income I was making.

During my quest for self-improvement and fulfillment I read voraciously.  It was Napolean Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich, which provided me with my final revelation.  Building upon what I had learned from my previous searches, Hill revealed a great secret which I embraced: the power of your thoughts.  I had read this secret in many iterations – from the Bible teaching that the simple faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain to Dr. Wayne Dyer telling us that we’ll see it when we believe it.

Yet I made a classic, but understandable, blunder after reading Think and Grow Rich.  I had discovered that my thoughts were the most important energy to employ for making my dreams come true.  I had also learned that my negative beliefs were holding me back and needed to be changed.  And, therefore, I deduced that positive thoughts were the great secret to human fulfillment; positive thought was capable of changing my beliefs and making my dreams for wealth come to fruition.

I had not yet read much about the law of attraction.  And, in fact, I didn’t study the law of attraction specifically during this time of my life.  It wasn’t until later, during my most desperate hours, that I started reading about it – in conjunction with a much more in-depth study of quantum physics.  But I’m pretty certain I’d have gleaned the same message about positive thought from law of attraction books if I had read them.

My Misunderstanding Was All On Me and It’s Not a Mistake You Need to Reproduce

If you’ve read a lot of self-empowerment literature, you know that positive thought is a cornerstone of it.  I am not demonizing nor demeaning the wonderful teachers and their wisdom I availed myself of.  Anointing positive thought and employing it in the manner I did was my interpretation and conclusion.  None of my sources of wisdom explicitly taught nor commanded me to do the things you’re about to read.

Furthermore, self-empowerment literature is 100% correct in touting positive thought.  Positive thought is an amazingly important and powerful tool – and it works wonderfully with Homerun Desires.  The limitations of positive thought, however, immediately appear when we use it on some of our Ground Rule Double Desires.  And its inadequacies come fully into the light when we use it as our sole method for manifesting our Strikeout Desires.  Your subconscious brain knows that positive thought is way too unbelievable to allow it access to your internal belief storehouse.  Thus, in almost every case, positive thought can make no actual changes to your beliefs.

But I had no concept yet that my desire for wealth was a Strikeout Desire.  I had no knowledge of how ineffective positive thought is on changing our beliefs about a Strikeout Desire.  Worse still, I was completely ignorant about how our subconscious brain really works and, therefore, I had no clue regarding how to truly change a belief.  Because I was certain that I had uncovered the secret to changing my beliefs and fulfilling my unrealized dreams for wealth, I was very excited to employ positive thought and simply knew it would facilitate my greatest desire.

My entire adult life, my greatest unfulfilled desire had been financial abundance.  I had a Master’s Degree, I made a good salary, I’d even been the grateful recipient of financial gifts from my family – yet I was always bereft of money.  I was always in some sort of debt with credit cards and I could never get ahead.  My income always disappeared quickly with little to nothing of substance remaining except more debt.  I worked hard, I desired more money greatly, and was a good person; my money failings were a source of misery.

I Was Suddenly the “Smartest Guy in the Room” and As Scooby Doo Always Said, “Ruh Roh!”

Imagine my excitement, then, when I realized that, by employing positive thought to its greatest effect, I could finally escape the misery my lack of money had always caused me.  I truly believed that God was smiling down on me, beaming like a proud father, saying, “All right, Greg!  You finally learned the solution I’ve been waiting for you to discover.  This is the great secret so many never fully embrace, let alone understand.  Now I can help you live the life you’ve always wanted!  This is awesome, I’m so proud of you, I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to help you realize your dreams!”

I wanted to experience financial abundance for all the right reasons too.  I wanted my family to have nice things, I wanted to help people and give to charities, I wanted to provide for my sons’ future, and I wanted to be an admirable, accomplished, successful man.  So many people in my family had great wealth and I was a smart, hard-working person just like them.  The icing on the cake was that I had no inclination to take advantage of anyone, nor deprive anyone else of success or happiness, in the process of accumulating wealth.  In fact, helping others with my wealth was something I couldn’t wait to do.

Given that my intention and my motivation were purely good and positive, it seemed to me a 100% no-brainer, can’t-fail proposition to combine the secret of positive thought with some positive actions.  Now that I knew this great secret, how in the world could I possibly fail?  This was truly destiny unfolding before my very eyes; very soon my family would be so happy about all our new finacial success.  And relatives and neighbors would be tremendously proud of me too.

I began to research actions I could take to become wealthy – ones that I could take without going back to school, leaving my current career, or starting anew up a corporate ladder.  After considering many possibilities, my research eventually led me to what seemed like the perfect business: real estate investment in partnership with an accomplished property manager.  Given the time-constraints of my full-time job (and my then-wife’s job as well), combined with our talents, great credit, and financial resources, this business seemed the perfect positive action to take.  Combined with my positive thought and positive intent, reaping the rewards I had been waiting for suddenly seemed a forgone conclusion.  What a blessed future awaited my family now that I had the courage to take action on my dreams.  Now that I knew the secret to making that action successful nothing could stop us.

After Discovering the “Secret”, All We Had to Do Was Find the Practical Method

My (then) wife took some time to thoughtfully arrive at a place of agreement with my plan for a real estate business.  After checking around I found the perfect property manager and we interviewed her together – both of us concluding that she was a good choice to oversee the day-to-day operations of our business.  Additionally, I studied the business of being a landlord extensively, learning from books, videos, and acquiring a mentor.  I already had the secret of positive thought in place; now the practical pieces were ready for us to finally achieve my dreams of financial abundance.

We went all in – with full faith and confidence in our endeavor.  Using our resources, we acquired a small army of rental homes and our property manager began to supervise their operation.  Armed with knowledge about the business, I simply monitored the income/expense data and met at least once a month with our property manager to go over the results of our business.  And, because we were using a property manager, my wife and I were both able to keep our nine-to-five jobs.  It was the best of all possible worlds which, combined with my unsinkable commitment to positive thought, simply could not fail.

When I reference my commitment to positive thought, by the way, I mean a total, iron-clad, non-negotiable, and complete one.  I prayed and meditated with positive thoughts and energy every day about the business.  I journaled regularly about the business from only the most positive perspectives.  I refused to speak about the business except in positive terms.  And I actually monitored my own thoughts about the business too – stopping myself anytime I found doubts, fears, or misgivings creeping in and correcting my thoughts back to positive ones.  I made a total, 100% commitment to positive thought as if it were my full-time job because I, literally, considered it more important to the success of the business than anything else we were doing.

I truly felt that, as long as I stayed positive, God (or the Universe), would “reward” me with the wealth I desired.  After all, God knew that I had the best of intentions and motivations.  As I mentioned earlier, I felt that God must’ve been so excited that I’d figured out the secret of positive thought and was now only too happy to finally be able to bestow upon me those desires for wealth I ached for.  Desires which would be of great value to so many people.  I imagined God saying, “You placed the last puzzle piece; you learned what your portion of our partnership entails.  Now I’m finally able to do for these things for you.  And I’ve been wanted to do them for you for so long – let’s get started!”

“Houston, We Have a Problem” Meant Nothing to Me – I Knew the “Secret”, After All

So imagine my surprise when things didn’t immediately go well.  The business produced more months in the red than I expected.  We had difficulties keeping sustained occupancy and the costs of repairs mounted after tenants vacated.  Normal expenses seemed to always eat up a good portion of our monthly net income too.  Yet, due to my commitment to total positive thought and my unwavering faith that all the pieces were in perfect order for our success, I redoubled my efforts in all areas of total positive thought at every turn.

Every time we encountered bumps in the road or needed to dip into our personal income or savings, I simply told myself, over and over, something like, “This is okay.  This fear is an illusion.  I am being tested, that is all.  And this will all work out in the end.  We cannot fail.  If I stay the course with positive thought, the Universe will reward us.”  I played that loop on constant repeat, every day. Even when the bumps in the road became potholes. Even when the potholes became chasms. I kept the faith, anticipating the day I could look back on these trials and tribulations, laughing at the fear that had once tempted me to pull the plug and run away. Laughing at the fear which I had walked through and actually destroyed, a day at a time, with my positive thought.

Until the day, however, that we ran out of money to pay the rental home mortgages or the repair bills and our property manager ran out of “duct tape” solutions. When there was no more money available for me to “rob Peter to pay Paul”. Until the day I had to face my family and report we were past the point of no return, which seemed to come upon us so quickly.  We appeared to be ruined; we now had almost $1 million in mortgage debt we could never repay, we owned fourteen properties mostly in unrentable disarray for which we could no longer make mortgage payments, and there was nothing left of our personal savings to float the business any longer. We were decimated—the future held foreclosures, bankruptcy, and a lifetime of litigation and unpayable debt. No college for the kids, no retirement for us, no living a lifestyle equitable with our 9-to-5 incomes.

We were able to continue paying our home mortgage and our personal bills, but after hiring an attorney we stopped paying any of the mortgages on the rentals.  I began to personally manage the few properties which still had tenants and simply worked long hours to make sure their needs were taken care of in the fair and humane fashion they deserved.  It didn’t take long for the calls and letters from the banks to begin.  We knew that was coming, the banks wanted their money after all, but such contact was frightening.  What I wasn’t prepared for, however, were the unnerving and scary appearances of Sheriff’s Deputies, at my home and workplace, delivering notices of court action by the banks.  I forwarded those notices to our attorney, but they reinforced the terrible reality that this was really happening.

How could this be happening, I cried?  How could my total commitment to positive thought not have turned the challenges our business faced into mere bumps in the road on the way to great success?  So great was my faith in a successful outcome from my positivity that I still continued to think positively for months after initially sharing the bad news with my family – blindly assuming that, even amid the horrific state of our business, a “white knight” was surely on its way to save the day.  The universe simply couldn’t leave me high and dry, I thought, and wouldn’t I look even more like the hero when we emerged victorious on the other side of these terrifying circumstances.

“Don’t Kill the Messanger”?  But What if the Messenger, However, is Also Responsible for Creating the Reason for the Message?

My family was devastated. Frightened and enraged. Livid that all my positive-thought-based plans, actions, and efforts had become, at best, nothing more than the rantings of a lunatic bent on causing us all harm. And an unmitigated pack of destructive lies at the worst. It only enraged them more that I still continued to practice positive thought and was encouraging them to do so.  Yet I couldn’t blame them for feeling that way. How could I adequately explain my unreserved faith in my plan? How could I justify the decimation and devastation my plan had wrought? What comfort could it give them to explain how completely I had believed that my positive-thought plan couldn’t fail?

Before long, however, I could no longer manage to believe that positive thought was going to rescue us.  As this stinging reality finally sunk in, I began to feel more alone and abandoned than I imagined possible.  My pain and sorrow over the devastation I created for my family was titanic and my personal humiliation was just as immense. I literally did not feel worthy to be alive and I accepted all the anger, blame, and disappointment directed toward me from my family—because I deserved it. Despite this being our business, it had been my idea and my plan; I had been the one who convinced everyone to go along with it.  I felt deserving of every bit of their anger and rage,  I agreed with their blame because I had failed them and, ultimately, lied to them.

I, however, also had my own growing bonfire of personal rage. Not toward anyone in my family – they did nothing wrong and had trusted me implicitly.  Not even toward the people involved in my business, even though many of them did not fulfill their legal nor fiduciary obligations to us. My cauldron of molten rage was directed at one thing: God, or the universe.

How Could the Universe Have “Screwed” Me Like This?

Not at first, mind you. Because, as I wrote, for months after the business was first exposed as a financial ruin and, in retrospect, a terrible idea, I kept the faith that the universe was still going to step in and manifest my desires – somehow saving the day in some unexpected and miraculous way. It wasn’t until I finally realized that no salvation was coming, that our ship really was going to sink and take everyone in my immediate family down with it, that my rage was unleashed.

This failure was my complete, final, and penultimate “Up Yours!” from the universe. I had desired financial abundance my entire adult life. I had no inclination to harm anyone in acquiring and possessing more money. And, in fact, I wanted to do good, charitable things with the money – things that would benefit many deserving people. I had many immediate family members who were incredibly wealthy.  There was not one single wrong nor inappropriate thing about my desires for money and nothing but good could have come from their realization.

Our business had followed a well-designed blueprint for success.  We had a solid, logical plan and worked hard to make it successful.  Additionally, and more importantly from my perspective, I had thoroughly researched my part in the creation of my desires. Not only had we created a logical protocol to run the business, from a practical perspective, but I had engaged the universe from a spiritual one as well.  From many trustworthy sources, I had divined the supposedly heretofore hidden secret of using positive thought to change my beliefs and I had created it authentically, consistently, and powerfully, just as I felt I had been taught.

And, in the end, how did the universe respond to all those efforts? It said “No.” It said, “Greg, I considered your desires and how much they mean to you, evaluated your good intentions and motivations, noted the many people in your family who have already achieved such success, and weighed your incredible commitment to positive thought –  which you employed just as you were taught. And I’ve decided that my answer will be ‘no’. Yes, all these other people, many without the incredible commitment to positive thought you fulfilled and without the good intentions and motivations you hold, do get to be financially abundant. But not you.”

“Yet that’s not the end of it, Greg.  In fact, that’s not even the half of it.” I envisioned the universe continuing.  “You aren’t just being denied the realization of your financial dreams. Even though their manifestation wouldn’t have harmed anyone, even though you are a good man with good intentions and motivations, and even though you maintained virtually nothing but positive thoughts to back up your positive actions, you aren’t simply being denied the financial abundance you desire. No, you fool. Your outcome is more than a mere denial of your dreams; your outcome is getting crushed like a grape underneath an elephant’s foot. You’re about to find out what happens to someone like you when he dares to think he might be worthy of abundance.  That’s right, Greg, you’re getting utterly destroyed – wiped out almost beyond all recognition. And, because I know how to make your misery life-threatening, your family will bear the brunt of this total humiliation – this total rejection of your value and worth.  Your family will suffer in even greater fashion all because of you.  How dare you imagine yourself worthy?  I will now teach you what horrific things happen to someone who dares think himself worthy of more.”

From my point of view, I couldn’t imagine how a crueler, more sadistic joke could have been played on me. I hated the universe, positive thought, and self-help. I hated it with a passion that probably went far beyond the anger, fear, and disappointment my family was feeling.  I imagined the universe laughing while watching “piranhas” eat me one painful little bite at a time.  From now on, instead of focusing any more energy on positive-thoughts, I focused upon working with attorneys, banks, realtors, and on repairing houses in an effort to mitigate the impending doom and regain some trust and confidence from my family.

Can You See How Completely I Misunderstood The Way We Create our Material Reality?

I want to take a time-out from my story for a moment to illustrate how profoundly I misunderstood the creative process (the very process that you’ve now learned to play with aplomb). You may be able to relate to my perspectives during that time and the incredible anger to which they gave birth, because they are those of Neanderthal paradigms. In my universe, I was being denied, by a gatekeeper, access to what I wanted. My incredible anger toward an outside authority, completely separate from me, who possessed the power to deny my desires revealed (only much later, however) my Neanderthal paradigms and corresponding limiting beliefs. I was enraged at a giver of gifts who decided what I would receive in return for my efforts. A force separate from me with final authority, who arbitrarily told me “no”.

Additionally, at that time, I thought that my positive thoughts should have corrected, overcome, and rebuilt any beliefs that needed to be changed.  My misunderstanding of how our beliefs function in creating reflections from the quantum field, as well as my complete ignorance of how our subconscious brain works in regards to changing our beliefs, poured high octane fuel on the growing bonfire of rage I directed toward that mythical giver of gifts.  After all, according to my understanding, I had done everything required to earn the favor of that gatekeeper.  I had, in my view, changed my beliefs through my complete commitment to positive thinking, but the giver of gifts didn’t do his part.  He left me standing alone and humiliated at the altar and also destroyed my family as a cruel “added bonus”.

I Was on Death Row, Waiting for the Inevitable

For a little over a year, nothing happened. No one was interested in purchasing our dilapidated properties and, with my full-time job, I could only spend weekends getting them in more sellable conditions. Our attorney was able to hold off the banks from foreclosing, even though no payments were being made on any mortgage except our primary residence. The realtors we engaged to sell these properties, although working hard on our behalf, had nothing to report but bad news regarding potential buyers; no one in her right mind was going to pay what we owed on these properties.  And our attorney had no legal solutions simply because there were none available. In short order, we retained a bankruptcy lawyer and made plans for the inevitable implosion.

As I’ve shared, the suffering and anger of my family was tremendous. My guilt, shame, and anger formed a toxic mix with my family’s reactions and I truly began to wish for my own demise.  At least through my death I could prove myself worthy and valuable to them, if that death could have provided them the life insurance payout necessary to rectify the debt.  In fact, there were probably more than a few occasions when the only things that prevented me from assisting my own death were how much additional harm it would do to my sons, my belief that the giver of gifts would probably continue his cruelty by allowing me to live but be horribly disabled after, and the fact that it would be extremely difficult to “fool” my insurance company anyway. Other than those three notions, I little reason to hold on.  For months on end, I had absolutely no hope. In fact, at my bottom, I went to sleep each night demanding the giver of gifts kill me in my sleep if he wasn’t planning to fix all this for us.

As you know, the universe never killed me in my sleep—unless I’m a ghost, which I’m pretty certain isn’t true. And, in fact, the universe actually did fix everything for me. Just not in the way I imagined it would, nor through any methodology I could have conceived from my Neanderthal paradigms. What actually happened is that I learned how the universe’s creative process truly works, how we can greatly influence that creative process, and, therefore, harness the power of the universe. And this game you’ve learned, “Grow a Greater You”, now allows you to do the same. You’ve now tamed, befriended, and saddled up the strongest, largest, fastest, most legendary wild thoroughbred that ever existed. And she is now yours to command as you wish.

Thanks for the Book, Joe.  You Saved My Life

Here’s what happened. By the spring of 2007 I was working as hard as I could on all the homes, keeping in touch with our attorney, and meeting regularly with our realtors. But I was whistling past the graveyard; nothing was happening except doomsday drawing closer one day at a time. Then, out of the blue, an old college friend with whom I hadn’t spoken in a long time, Joe Chabot, contacted me to tell me he had recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky with his wife. He was particularly excited to tell me about a book he’d read, The Secret, and how much the law of attraction was helping him.

Joe insisted that I allow him to send it to me, to which I acquiesced and thanked him. But in reality, he would have been better off throwing that book in a dumpster instead of giving it to me; I had forever sworn off self-help and positive thought as worthless garbage which had done nothing but set me up and hoodwink me with its cruel lies.  Never again would I humiliate myself by subscribing to pure B.S. like that.

In early June of that same year I got a fateful call from my attorney, telling me that she could only hold off the banks’ litigation for four or five more months. We had until late fall before a financial hell of unrepayable debt would rain down upon us, trapping us within its prison forever. The doomsday we knew was coming was now squarely in the rearview mirror and about to overtake us.  And there was no indication of a twelfth-hour pardon from the universe.

The Quantum Field Does What It Always Does – Create “Coincidences”

Then a funny thing happened. In the midst of making peace with what was surely our horrible future, I happened to have quite a bit of time on my hands one morning as my sons attended a summer day camp while we visited my (then) in-laws. Guess what I discovered buried in the driver-side door pocket, after dropping them off for their first morning of camp? That copy of The Secret Joe had sent me.  I hadn’t put the book there for any reason, other than shoving it in that space after opening the mail the day that package arrived.

“What the heck do I have to lose?” I thought, since I had nothing but time on my hands that morning in a strange town. Out of boredom, but without much optimism, I read The Secret. I had never really learned much about the law of attraction, at least not the way it was explained in that book, and, in my desperate state of circumstances, I was quickly hooked by its promise of the influence we could have over our life experiences. As I quickly finished that short book, my complete desperation, helplessness, and hopelessness actually overcame my resentment toward self-help and I found myself inspired, especially since nothing else had worked and our doomsday was just around the corner.

The Secret is a Cool Book, But What it Really Did Was Point Me Toward the Solution

One of the most exciting things about the law of attraction, as The Secret explained it, was how much it reminded me of what I already knew from quantum physics. Prior to my ill-fated business venture, I read about quantum physics, as part of my studies for manifesting wealth, and became enthralled by the new paradigms it provided us.  What I had learned by studying quantum physics had, in fact, been an important validation regarding my use of positive thought.

Quantum physics clearly indicates, after all, that the individual observer plays a very important role in the creation of our material world. That is a fact which strongly validated my use of positive thought as the seminal component of our business venture.  And here was a book basically claiming the same thing.  Because of that similarity, it occurred to me that I just might have stumbled upon some solutions to our financial doomsday dilemma.

Calling it the law of attraction was semantics to me; what did I have to lose by seeking such solutions? Nothing else had worked and our canoe was swiftly approaching Niagara Falls, so who would care if I tried to use quantum physics’ new paradigms and they didn’t work?  Yet as much as I could see that new paradigms available to us through quantum physics might actually provide me the solutions we sought, where were the instructions?  Could The Secret, and the law of attraction, be giving me the clues I needed to put these new paradigms into action?  And, if so, where could I find the blue print, the game plan, to do this?

An internet search on the law of attraction revealed that the most impactful law of attraction teachers were Jerry and Esther Hicks – to whom I owe an immense debt of gratitude. I immersed myself in their seminal book, Ask and It is Given, while also dusting off my collection of quantum physics tomes (some of which I’ve referenced for you in the Introduction). And it was through the melding of the Hicks’ writings about the law of attraction and my renewed study of quantum physics that the initial version of “Grow a Greater You” was formed.

I Didn’t Play “Grow a Greater You” at First, I Played “Saving My Life”

I didn’t start playing “Grow a Greater You” using the fully fleshed-out, cannot-fail game plan that you now possess. Yet I applied myself so thoroughly, completely, and devotedly to the basic processes I was able to formulate that I overcame the initial inadequacies I would eventually iron out for you. Fortunately, you do not need to possess the almost insane level of motivation I did to play “Grow a Greater You” like a Hall-of-Famer; the instructions you’ve learned are streamlined, time-tested, honed to beautiful perfection, and ready to let you ride your dreams to reality.

Although my results may sound magical, even challenging to believe, everything you read really happened for me.  It didn’t happen because I was lucky; it happened as a direct result of playing “Grow a Greater You”.  And I’ve found that it only gets easier and more exciting to play “Grow a Greater You” with practice.  Since my initial foray, I’ve used it to manifest my desires concerning my health, weight, family, relationships, self-worth, marriage, among many others.

What I did (and continue to do) with this process is not an anomaly.  You can do it too.  In fact, I encourage you not to limit yourself to merely duplicating my successes; there is no reason you can’t do even better than me.

In 2007, when I created the rudimentary version of this wonderful game, “Grow a Greater You”, I didn’t really know exactly what I was doing.  At that time, I would have called the game, “Saving My Life”.  It wasn’t until later that I realized I’d created something I could actually expand and use to manifest any desire under any circumstances.  I had created a plan that, with a little fine-tuning, was fun, sustainable, and incredibly important to share with you.

Make Way for Miracles

As you know, in 2007, I was facing bankruptcy, a little over one million dollars in debt, a sputtering career which I did not find fulfilling, a marriage close to over, and I was (surprise, surprise) miserable.  So low and unhappy was I that, outside of my three sons, there was often little motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  With each passing day it became progressively more challenging to go on.

Today, however, all those pressing issues have been long resolved with not a single lingering effects.  And I contextually create desires I didn’t even dare harbor in 2007 with ease.  My life is richer and more rewarding than I ever imagined and I mean that literally, since, at that time, I couldn’t even foresee being worthy of creating the dreams and desires I have fulfilled today.

Today, you see, I truly understand that what I created, within the seeming unlikely forge of my nearly unbearable desperation and pain, is a game which embodies everything we came to Earth to do.  “Grow a Greater You” is our purpose for being here, it is our whole reason for choosing to inhabit these vessels we call “human bodies” and experience life on this planet.

Flash forward to May of 2008.  On a Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from my realtor, telling me that the very last of our properties was sold and that bank was forgiving all of our remaining debt.  After that phone call, I had finally gotten rid of every single rental property, never had any foreclosures, had no debt remaining from any of them, never had to declare bankruptcy, and actually had money in the bank.  How did that happen?

Desire Plus Alignment Equals Explosive Results

Quite simply, it did not happen for me because of how badly I desired it.  Make no mistake; I did desire it more than anything else in my life, but my desire wasn’t the key.  If the level of desire we held were of primary importance, I have no doubt you’d be manifesting almost everything you want.  It happened for me because I played “Grow a Greater You”.

This process took my family from sure bankruptcy to a release from all litigation, total debt forgiveness, and relaxing financial solvency in less than a year.  As amazing as that might sound, it’s not an overhyped version of what happened after I created and employed the first version of this game.  What happened is actually so fantastic that I am sometimes hesitant to share all of it because of how incredible it sounds.

For example, when I started playing my infant version of “Grow a Greater You, during the time between June 2007 and May 2008, I had large checks arrive unexpectedly in the mail.  I had bills mysteriously be far less than I expected for no reason at all.  I had money, literally, appear in my checking account seemingly out of thin air.  I had banks tell me they would accept far less than I owed on properties, so I could short sell them, and then tell me I didn’t have to repay about $800,000 in loans.  At one point, in fact, my attorney said to me, “Greg, I have no idea why (this bank) is being so good to you.  I’ve never seen anything like this before!”  But I knew why—because that’s what my new beliefs about debt and money were commanding the quantum field to manifest in my own, unique, individual universe.

I clearly remember another attorney, involved with some of the various short sales and debt forgiveness almost falling out of his chair, saying, “Why in the hell would (the bank) do that for you?!”  When he said that, I had an initial flash of fear, “Oh no!  He’s right!  The bank won’t really do this for me.”  Then I quickly relaxed, remembering that the quantum field will move people and mountains to connect the dots in the fulfillment of my desires when my beliefs are aligned with them.

Moving Mountains is Child’s Play for the Quantum Field When Our Beliefs are Aligned with Our Desires

While working this process for the first time on debt and money, I discovered that we are the ones who decide to dream small and play small – we are not compelled to do so by any conventional wisdom.  The quantum field doesn’t care whether we dream big or small; the quantum field doesn’t know the difference between manifesting a penny on the sidewalk versus manifesting a bank saying, “Greg, we’ll let you sell this property for far less than it’s worth.  You don’t need to go bankrupt.  And, I tell you what, instead of going bankrupt, why don’t you just forget about this huge loan for which you are 100% liable?  I know we could hold you liable for the remaining loan and easily force you to repay it, but for almost no reason at all we’re simply just going to forgive it.”

Here is a specific example of how the quantum field connects dots: At one point, I finally sold a huge albatross of a property when the bank agreed to a short sale (which means the buyer is paying far less than the remaining mortgage amount).  The buyer planned to pay cash and rehab it.  There were some unavoidable snags on my end, however, which delayed the sale for a couple of weeks.  The buyer became increasing agitated, for various reasons, and called my realtor on two occasions demanding reductions in his purchase price.  Both times we gave him reductions amounting to a total discount of $3,500.

I chose not to label these price reductions “bad”, even though they frightened me because they were adding to the amount we were still going to owe the bank after the sale.  I simply told myself the best-feeling, believable story possible: “Thank you, God.  Thank you, Universe, for lining up this buyer.  I am not happy this is happening, but I trust that everything is happening just like it’s supposed to.  I’m not going to call this ‘bad’ because I not only lack the perspective to do definitively do so, but labeling it so would also tie the hands of the quantum field’s infinite potential to allow everything to happen just like it’s supposed to.”

At the closing, the buyer showed up and paid us the full purchase price.  There was no mention of any of the discounts he had demanded and no anger on his part.  Believe me, this buyer was an experienced property owner, an old hand at the real estate business; he didn’t just “forget” to give us $3,500 less for the property, he just chose not to.  I had no explanation for this other than the explanation I had for every other way my desires were manifesting: my beliefs were aligned with my desires and the quantum field was connecting the dots for us.

I mentioned reading the Hicks’ book, Ask and It is Given, which was a revelation to me, and using it as a form of instruction for how to employ what I knew about quantum physics.  “Grow a Greater You”, then, owes a great debt of gratitude to the Hicks.  While I was crafting my own version of “the quantum law of attraction physics” by melding these two sources, I could see, very plainly, how I had gone so wrong with the business endeavors: I had focused completely upon positive thought without actually truly changing my limiting beliefs and I also took actions without first ensuring that my beliefs were congruent with my desired outcomes.

My Anger Was Disappearing As My Previous Misunderstandings Became Clear

My failures were making a lot more sense to me.  My dedication to raising my beliefs about debt, borne from my unbelievable pain and total desperation, allowed me to move relatively quickly up the Emotional Reference Chart.  It usually only took me one day to truly live myself into the next highest emotional perspective, and, thus, I was able to keep moving up the chart at what I know now is a rather rapid pace.  You may not find that you, too, can authentically live yourself into your new emotional perspective in a day, but don’t be concerned if it takes you longer.  In fact, I often find that it takes me a little longer to move up the chart today because I have nowhere near the pain and desperation I had when I played my first version of “Grow a Greater You”.

I began my writing from the emotional perspective of Depression/Hopelessness regarding financial abundance and went from there.  And I focused on the process for raising my Strikeout Desires (although I hadn’t labeled them as such yet) with all of my energy each and every single day.  Of course, my writings from the lower emotional perspectives were mostly full of negative things. Those were my true feelings and beliefs about debt and money at the time.

But by the time I was merely up to the perspective of Grief/Desolation, I could already see and feel the difference and improvement in not only my emotional perspective, but also in the reflections of my new beliefs being provided by the quantum field.  At the lower perspectives, even though I knew my beliefs had not yet been raised to where I wanted them to be eventually, I could tell that this game was real and was making a noticeable difference in my own, unique, individual universe.  So, even from the lower emotional perspectives, I began to develop a strong sense of hope in the process I had created.

That is, of course, because I was, literally, seeing a different universe even from one tick up the Emotional Reference Chart.  The quantum field was reflecting a different material reality back to me, forming coherence with my new, slightly more positive beliefs which accompanied the new slightly more positive emotional perspective.

I knew, even from the lower emotional perspectives, my beliefs about debt would get where I wanted them to, eventually, and I also knew that my reflections would grow much more aligned with my conscious desires when that happened.  And, throughout the process, in addition to the positive experiences with my emotional perspectives and my material reality, I was continually motivated by the thought, “This is really working”.

Things Got Very Exciting Very Quickly

By early August in 2007, I began to experience some very encouraging reflections from the quantum field.  By this time, I was writing from the perspective of Anticipation/Eagerness and higher.  Bills were lower than expected, for no reason.  Money appeared in my bank ledger unexpectedly.  Cash and funds manifested out of thin air.  And, perhaps most importantly, I was gifted with new insights, I could see possibilities which weren’t there previously, and I found inspiration for positive action that wasn’t available to me from my previous, lower emotional perspectives about debt and money.  Just as quantum physics tells us that each individual sees her own unique universe, I found that, with each movement up the Emotional Reference Chart, a whole new world became available to me.  I saw new opportunities blossoming all around me with each step up the chart.

How did all that happen?  There are many things I did every day—things that the Hicks and quantum physics taught me and inspired me to do.  But there is one specific thing I did regarding money that poured rocket fuel into my manifestation of it: I decided to celebrate any money, no matter how small the amount, to the maximum extent possible.  So I created the Penny Game I taught you in the Hall of Fame techniques chapter.  The inspiration to do this came in early July 2007, when I recalled an instance of receiving money during the darkest days of our financial and personal turmoil.

An Envelope With Money Enraged Me

In August, 2006, I opened my mailbox to discover a royalty check from some of my writing.  Being $1,000,000 in debt, with no recourse in sight, I was eager to open the envelope.  I rushed into my kitchen and opened the envelope to discover a check for $101.07.  Luckily my children were not home at the time because I became enraged and screamed, angrily, “Are you freaking kidding me, God?  I’m $1,000,000 in debt and this is what you send me? Take this check and stick it where the sun don’t shine!”

Bear in mind I was expecting the universe to step in and save me from financial devastation.  With that expectation, the check felt like an insult—a cruel joke from the universe.  But, almost a year later, remembering that reaction was chilling for me.  Knowing what I now did about how my beliefs are reflected back to my from the quantum field, my reaction to the check became the perfect illustration of why I had never manifested more money.  After all, if that was my response to a small amount of money, what chance did I ever have of growing my beliefs about money?

I had no concept of celebrating that check.  The amount of that check and my negative feelings about it could have been important, valuable, and useful information for me about how nonaligned my beliefs about money were with my desires for it.  I didn’t have any concept of that, though, because I was still laboring under Neanderthal paradigms.

My New Life Was Upon Me and I Couldn’t Imagine Being Happier

What happened after my last property finally disappeared and my debt was completely gone – free and clear?  Wow, it was over after all and this game really worked, reliably and predictably.  The quantum field really does reflect my beliefs back to me and connects the dots in the most miraculous ways to make that happen.  I wanted to scream for joy loudly enough to be heard on the moon.  I was so happy, I wanted to explode like a firework.

My life was so different now.  I was living in a different material reality, one where I was worthy of not being shackled with debt.  My beliefs had truly been raised to the perspective of love regarding “debt”.  I had grown myself into worthiness regarding being out of debt.  It really worked and, for a while, I floated on air in a state of bliss.

I had witnessed opportunities appear where there had, literally, been none before; I saw options manifest where previously there were none.  I knew now that those opportunities and options were always there waiting to be commanded into creation from the limitless potential of the quantum field.  Just waiting there for me to see them.  All the quantum field needed was my beliefs to be aligned with them.

Yep, Nothing But Clear Highways Ahead and No Speed Limits

After the dust settled I took inventory and figured that smooth sailing was ahead.  By this time my divorce was final, so my next biggest desire was to eventually manifest a true soul mate, although I wasn’t in a hurry to even start dating until I had given myself a chance to grieve and heal.  I was now a single dad because my boys’ mother moved to another state.  Additionally, I wanted to manifest a lot more money – enough so I didn’t have to worry about taking care of my young sons, managing our now single-parent household, and my personal needs and desires.

Why wouldn’t I have anticipated smooth sailing?  I had just manifested the removal of almost one million dollars in debt, even though many people (including me) had once deemed that impossible.  How difficult could it be now to command the quantum field in other ways?

Actually, believe it or not, I found manifesting some of those other desires very challenging at first.  And that perplexed me greatly.  How could I have done the impossible, manifest almost one million dollars in debt removal, at the eleventh hour, yet now be struggling with manifesting these other desires?  And desires that weren’t so nearly so “impossible” for me to imagine.

What Was the Problem?  After Relieving Almost a Million in Debt, How Could I Be Stalling Out Now?

At first I tried to explain my struggles by attributing my debt relief manifestations to the incredible passion which fueled my efforts.  I had been motivated by life or death circumstances, after all, and now my attempts to manifest love and money were merely spurred by more “everyday” desires.  These more common desires and my garden-variety motivations must be the culprit I reasoned; my passion for these new manifestations was simply not as great.

But this explanation didn’t put things to rest for two primary reasons.  First, although my desire for debt escape was white hot, my desires for love and money were ones I’d felt for much longer so it just didn’t ring true for me to call them not as important.  Second, although it’s true that my desire for debt dissolution was spurred by a life or death energy, my desires for money and love had, in fact, been largely responsible for my actions which got me in to my debt in the first place.

I decided that my manifestation of debt-relief had been like a war-time economy.  It’s often relatively easy for an entire country to galvanize around a war effort and get everyone’s cooperation in the production of the things necessary to win.  This phenomenon helped lift America out of the Great Depression when World War II struck.  And that’s a reasonably accurate description of the burning resolve I felt, during my greatest hour of need, which kept me focused on manifesting debt resolution.

I resolved to amend my game so I could manifest my desires in “peace-time”.  Because, after all how often was I going to have (or, more accurately, be gifted with) that type of extreme motivation?  I needed a thorough and comprehensive blueprint that would work on any type of desire and with any degree of motivation.  A plan which would allow me to reliably duplicate and replicate the results of my debt relief manifestations even when I wasn’t forced to play “save my life”.

I Decided to Create a Blueprint That Will Work Under Any Circumstances

Thus “Grow a Greater You” was grown into a game which does just that.  I actually started formalizing the current iteration of “Grow a Greater You” as I became open to dating again after my divorce.  I had the meat of “Grow a Greater You”, and many amazing tools with which to play it, already in place from my debt relief manifestations.  I knew these things worked, I simply needed to create a sequence and protocol that was easily followed and would reliably create a material reality much more closely aligned with my desires.

I was able to all but finalize this wonderful game as I manifested my soul mate, the beautiful wife who is a fulfilling reflection in my universe today.   Additionally, I manifested other relationship desires with it as well, creating beautiful and fulfilling relationships with my sons, my parents, my extended family, and my co-workers.  Even with my ex-wife.

The story of manifesting my soul mate is as cool as you might imagine.  I hope you’ve never been divorced, but if you have you know how incredibly devastating the experience is. I don’t want to slight, mind you, the hardships divorce created for my sons, nor upon my family.  There is much else to share about my divorce and the effects upon others, but this chapter is about my playing “Grow a Greater Greg”.  So as empathetic as I am toward my children, this description is not about their challenges.

The More I Grew my Beliefs, the More I Learned About How My Role as a Contextual Creator Works

Additionally, I don’t want to demonize nor blame my ex-wife in any manner.  She was not the cause of our divorce.  In fact, I now know that our divorce was the perfect reflection of my growing beliefs.  It was a perfect reflection of the changes I was going through as I grew by beliefs into being worthy of debt relief.  Just as our union had been the perfect reflection of my beliefs as a twenty-something, my new beliefs of worthiness were being accurately mirrored back to me as my ex-wife and I realized we no longer had a desire to be married.  And the always accurate mirror of material reality continues to reflect my ever growing beliefs back to me today via my current relationship with my ex-wife, which is a cordial manifestation of our joint commitment to our sons.

I intentionally aligned my beliefs about being lovable, desirable, and worthy with my desires for a soul mate.  In retrospect my experience with “Grow a Greater You” has shown me that, in my early 20’s, I manifested my ex-wife, a woman who was willing to meet my needs for feeling loved and worthwhile.  I made her responsible for those feelings because I did not have beliefs which were aligned with my desires.  But as I grew my beliefs to manifest debt relief, I no longer desired a partner who wanted to play those roles – I had learned to do that for myself.  There were other factors which greatly contributed to the end of our marriage, of course, and I’m certain my ex-wife had her own similar experiences.

Relationships were a Strikeout Desire when I started playing “Grow a Greater You” with them.  I followed the protocol I was perfecting for moving myself up the Emotional Reference Chart, telling the best-feeling, believable stories about my relationships with women along the way.  I clearly remember a conversation with a friend, which encapsulated my beliefs at that time.  In response to me sharing about my feelings of undesirability, my friend told me, “Greg, when you are ready, you are going to discover that there are tons of women out there who will want to be with you.  In fact, they’ll feel lucky to get to be with you.  Look at who you are and what you have to offer.  You may not believe all that now, but I promise you it’s true.”

Oh, the Miserable Universe We See From the Perspective of  Limiting Beliefs!

I distinctly remember her words making logical sense to me then, but I truly did not believe them.  Or, at least, I could not see that universe from the perspective of my beliefs at that time.  Having had the experience of manifesting debt relief, however, I also knew that I would be seeing a new universe, perhaps the very one she was describing, in a matter of time.  While I couldn’t experience that universe then, I knew that the only thing preventing me was a journey up the Emotional Reference Chart.

The first really noticeable changes in my material reality were that I felt freely motivated to spark up conversations with highly desirable women.  I remember that distinctly because I had previously often felt inhibited about talking with a desirable woman, sometimes telling myself “Why would she want to talk with me?”  It’s funny – I’d always been told by the women in my life that I was a handsome, desirable guy.  But those were not my true beliefs about myself and, thus, their compliments only served to make me feel good in that moment.

Of course, one of the problems this caused me, prior to playing “Grow a Greater You” with relationships, was that I became virtually dependent on a woman’s praise and compliments to feel desirable, loveable, and worthwhile.  You know what a set-up that is; not only is that another living illustration of the Neanderthal paradigms, but is also a terrible job to assign to another person.  And, in fact, anyone willing to take that job has just as many issues as the person who asks her to do it.

Can you see why my divorce ended up being the perfect reflection for a person who got married within that Neanderthal paradigms?  If one, or both, of the people in that marriage change those paradigms, and begin to give him or herself those feelings of desirability, lovability, and worthiness, through new beliefs aligned with their desires for such, the attraction borne of the earlier “need” is likely to vanish like early morning fog in the sunshine.

I Was No Longer Drawing a Mustache on My Reflection, But Growing My Beliefs, Instead, to Actually Grow it on My Face

And that’s exactly what I was doing by playing “Grow a Greater You” with finding a soul mate.  Rather than going to a gym, joining online singles sites, getting a new car, going out to singles events, or reading books about how to pick up a woman (which might all be great methods, or actions to take, to achieve a romantic relationship), I chose to focus on raising my beliefs into alignment with my desires for desirability, lovability, and worthiness.

Before I was to the top of the Emotional Perspective Chart I was already believing myself desirable, loveable, and worthy in very satisfying and fulfilling ways.  How did I evaluate that?  The same way I always measure the alignment of my beliefs while playing “Grow a Greater You”: by using my reflections as information.

As my beliefs aligned with my desires for a soul mate, the “things” in my material reality did not necessarily change radically.  In other words, everything I was experiencing in my new universe, reflecting beliefs more aligned with my desires, had always been there before I started playing this game on the subject of my soul mate.  But since, back then, I was experiencing my limiting beliefs being reflected back to me, I literally couldn’t see them.

And just as with manifesting debt relief there was almost no way I could have envisioned how the quantum field would connect the dots to manifest my soul mate.  From the perspectives of the limiting beliefs I once held, it was not possible for me to project how my debt would disappear once my beliefs were aligned and the same was true for manifesting a soul mate.  I wasn’t living in that more aligned universe so those manifestations weren’t things accessible to my imagination.

Aligned Beliefs Take Care of Everything For Us

My debt relief manifested in a series of incredible, almost unbelievable, “coincidences” and miracles.  The manifestations grew grander and more pleasing the farther up the Emotional Reference Chart I went.  And all the actions I was inspired to take along the way, to facilitate those manifestations, could be called “a good, solid, logical step-by-step game plan to get out of debt”.  To a Neanderthal, it would have appeared that what happened was simply the logical outcome of some great actions combined with some fortunate circumstances.  And the Neanderthal wouldn’t be incorrect; she would merely not be privy to the true source of those manifestations – the beliefs which had become aligned with my desires.

In fact I could have written a book called “Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Out of Debt”.  I could have explained every single action I took in a manner you could copy perfectly.  And all the actions in that hypothetical book would, indeed, be worthwhile and valuable for anyone to perform.  They really did work for me, after all.

Isn’t that actually the way almost all self-help or how-to books are written?  From a Neanderthal paradigm, what you do and how you do it are the most important components for any change.  For the Neanderthal, the way to manifest your desires is to copy the recommended action steps created by an expert in that field.

But you now understand how irrelevant “what” I did, the actions I took, were.  Yes, I was inspired to take a lot of actions, from each new, improved emotional perspective on my journey.  Just as you, and anyone else, will be inspired as you play “Grow a Greater You”.  Whether or not you’re inspired to take some of the same actions, when growing into any desire you choose, is unimportant.  The only thing that mattered, in my manifestation of debt- disolvement, was that my beliefs were aligning with my desires.  The actions took care of themselves.

Hollywood Should Hire the Quantum Field

My manifestation of a soul mate was also an amalgamation of inspired actions combined with incredible, almost unbelievable, “coincidences” and miracles.  Not only could I not have predicted the ways in which the quantum field manifested my soul mate desire, but many of its methods were so out of the blue they played out like a Hollywood script.

After meeting women who grew progressively more desirable I was finding myself not only seeing a new universe of romantic relationships, but authentically believing myself a very lovable and desirable man.  I effortlessly approached women I wouldn’t have thought myself “worthy” of under my old, limiting beliefs.  It was truly magical because I’d never really experienced that before; I created and experienced a universe where I was one of the hottest bachelors in town.  Every woman that I dated, by the way, was a wonderful person for whom I had respect and treated with honesty and compassion to the best of my abilities.  Because I believed they were as worthy of that as me.

My present experiences with my wife, by the way, are even more magical than those bachelor days I just described.  With each passing day of my marriage, as I continue to play “Grow a Greater You”, what had been a Strikeout Desire becomes even more of a Homerun.  My belief’s reflections in my marriage couldn’t be more pleasing and it’s difficult to imagine feeling more blessed.  My relationship with my wife grows more pleasing and fulfilling all the time.

Everybody Was (and Still Is) Contextually Creating Everyone Else

I also want to call your attention to the contextual creation of Greg as a desirable, lovable, and worthy partner via the stories women I dated chose to tell themselves about me.  Their stories were just as important as my intentional belief raising.  The women I dated were choosing to tell wonderful stories about me, imbuing me with loads of desirability, love, and worthiness.  I was incredibly grateful for each of their decisions to do this for, and with, me.  I did not arrive into their own unique, individual universes with pre-established meaning and value (except that which I was assigned to myself).  And, in gratitude I always did my best to return the favor to them.

I am grateful my wife continues to tell herself great stories about me that imbue me with a growing meaning and value for her.  She decides, on a daily basis, that I am a masterpiece.  Well, on most days anyway.  That is a choice she makes that I do not take for granted.  And I gladly do the same in return and, thus, our marriage stays vital, vibrant, and exciting.

Every Possibility Exists in Every Moment, Our Beliefs are What Cause One of  Them to Manifest

When I met my wife I did not know that she would become my soul mate.  She did not manifest in my own unique, individual universe with a pre-determined meaning and value, after all.  But, by this time in my journey, I knew without a doubt that I was manifesting and creating wonderful women in my universe which reflected my raised beliefs about my desirability.  So it did not surprise me when our relationship blossomed into that of two soul mates.

And here is how magical the quantum field is.  My wife and I dated and had been “in love” as teenage sweethearts back in the early 1980’s, but we hadn’t seen nor spoken with each other for almost twenty-three years when we happened to reconnect.  And our reconnection “coincidentally” occurred at a time when she had healed and grown after her own divorce.  What were the odds of us meeting again, after not even speaking to each other for over twenty years, at just this perfect time?  Who could, through his or her actions, manipulate circumstances to occur like that?  Only the quantum field can do that and it beats the pants off the most talented Hollywood screenwriter.

My Desires Continued to Grow and I Knew Right Where to Go to Help Them Manifest

And as we both realized that our relationship was imbued with soul mate potential I began to play “Grow a Greater You” with my desire to create a blended family.  She has a son and I have three – and everyone knows the challenges a blended family presents and the relatively long odds against it working out.  Logic dictates that blending two families like ours doesn’t usually work.  But, of course, by this time I was no longer taking marching orders from conventional wisdom or prevailing communal beliefs.

By the time I began to play “Grow a Greater You” with my desire to have a blended family, Shawn and I were already talking with a counselor to seek guidance and advice.  In our first session, our counselor told us “Ideally, you want the boys to ask you to get married.  You want them to be invested and part of the decision.  Of course, in these situations, that rarely happens”.  And when he shared that with us, neither of us responded with optimism about that happening.  To be honest, at that time such an outcome actually looked grim when viewed from the Neanderthal paradigm.  The boys did not relish such an outcome and we couldn’t really blame them.  Without going in to spurious details, all four boys had experienced more trauma and emotional challenges than even a “typical” divorce forces upon children.

But fortunately I was already well-versed in “Grow a Greater You”.  And while I knew that there was no certainty for a specific outcome, I also knew that if I raised my beliefs to align with my desires, I didn’t need to focus at all on “how” it could happen.   And I certainly knew there was no value in fixating and focusing upon how impossible it all might seem.

The Quantum Field Proved to Be a Certified Miracle Worker – As it Always Does

What happened?  The same things which regularly happen as I continue to play “Grow a Greater You”.  I could, once again, write a book prescribing specific how-to instructions for what actions to take to successfully blend a family.  Even under very challenging circumstances like we faced.  But you already know that the real power behind the blended family we contextually created came from aligning our beliefs with our desires.

Once again, the quantum field proved to be a miracle worker and reflected a universe that would make a movie so unbelievable you might roll your eyes at it.  A year or so after that initial session with our counselor, our boys, unprompted, told my soul mate and me, “Why don’t you two get married? We think you should”.  Of course, our blended family has not always been a cake-and–ice cream experience.  What rewarding journey ever is?  In fact, there have been moments when each of us have probably recalled the old adage “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”.

But all kidding aside, without trivializing the challenges, our blended family has been a true source of joy and growth for all of us.  Every member of our family has experienced a more desirable material reality, even with the expected (there’s my unavoidable participation in communal beliefs again) ups and downs of having step-parents, step-brothers, and step-children.  There is no doubt that each of us are blessed by our blended family and we continue to grow closer and more grateful with each passing year.

You Mean I Really Can Manifest My Desires for Money?  

I play “Grow a Greater You” each and every day in all areas of my life.  Another example of a desire I’ve been able to grow from Strikeout to Ground Rule Double to Homerun is money, or financial abundance.  You know my desperate financial situation which spurred my creation of this game and you know that I was able to align my beliefs about debt with my desires for its disappearance.  But you should also know that I have been able to align my beliefs with my desires for financial abundance.  Money had become a Ground Rule Double Desire after growing myself into debt disappearance and it became a full-blown Homerun Desire for me a few years ago.

Extremely gratified by my success with my relationships, I next played “Grow a Greater You” with my desire for financial abundance.  As in my experience with growing into my desires for relationships, my manifestation of money was predicated on raising my beliefs to align with those desires.  Not on specific actions I should take.  By this point, I had learned that if I got my beliefs aligned with my desires the necessary actions would appear before me, along with the inspiration to take them, with effortless ease.

How Come Esther Hicks Gets to Be the Lucky One?

In fact, I was sharing a very revealing memory with my wife a few weekends ago.  Back in the very early stages of playing my initial version of “Grow a Greater You”, on my debt, I used to listed to the Hicks’ Abraham workshops while I made my many six hour drives to facilitate my sons spending time with their mother who lived two states away.  At that time I did not yet fully understand that my feelings were an important feedback loop informing me of the alignment (or lack thereof) between my beliefs and desires.

I recalled often thinking “Esther Hicks says she is channeling information from a non-physical energy calling itself Abraham.  Writing her books and speaking at her workshops is effortless for her because of this.  And she gets to be a millionaire because Abraham ‘chose’ her to channel through. How come she gets to be their mouth piece?  Why couldn’t they have chosen me?  I want to do that; how come she is so lucky and not me?”  I was envious and my feelings were, unbeknownst to me at that time, providing me with useful, valuable information about how unaligned my beliefs were with my desires.

Bear in mind that I had been writing self-help literature with my father for years.  And, although I had seen some money through these efforts, it was never anywhere close to what I desired.  I was not pleased by my manifestations back then because my beliefs were not aligned with my desires for success.  Thus no matter how hard I worked at writing great stuff, and I did invest loads of time, money, and energy into actions like those, my material reality could never be anything other than a reflection of my limiting beliefs.

On that aforementioned weekend I sat in my study taking a break from writing, and realized that I was “here”.  I have become the very thing I desired all those years ago.  I am now a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, just as I had sometimes enviously fantasized about during those long drives.  And I got teary-eyed with gratitude at the immense blessings and opportunities afforded to me and to us all.  Even when we start our journey from a place of abject hopelessness like I did.

Beliefs Aligned with My Desires for Money?  The Rest is a Piece of Cake

I do not claim to channel a specific entity or group, as Esther Hicks does, by the way.  But, as I have grown my beliefs into alignment with my desires about financial abundance, I am definitely channeling non-physical energy.  The way I explain it, as I live my beliefs into alignment with my still growing desires in this area, is that I am able to allow a greater, freer, and more authentic expression of the quantum field (the non-collapsed true “me”) to flow into my creations.  This process is tangible and it is, actually, effortless now.  I can write and teach how our universe “works” and how to play “Grow a Better You” with ease.  It flows effortlessly from me now because of the immense connection between my beliefs and desires.  And my creations resonate with people because of that alignment.

It might not surprise you, by the way, that as I played “Grow a Greater You” with my desires for financial abundance I actually changed the target desire in fairly short order.  I realized that my focus should shift from growing my beliefs about money to growing my beliefs about the value of my creations.  Instead of playing “Grow a Greater You” on my desire for more money, I started playing it on my desire to imbue my writing with immense value.  And, as my beliefs grew into alignment with that desire, my writing began to take flight as never before.

I’m Nowhere Near Done Playing “Grow a Greater You”

I’m still playing this game on my writing, by the way, along with my desires to imbue my speaking and teaching with tremendous value.  And I find that what I’m able to create, within the universe I now see from my ever-growing alignment, is magical and amazing.  I’ll bet, if you go back and read my first book in my Why Quantum Physicists… series, you can tangibly feel the growth of my message.  Although I’m very proud of all my previous books, I expect that growth in my writing to continue as I keep playing this beautiful game.

Once my beliefs were in keen alignment with my desires for producing incredible value, the money became a natural and pleasing feedback loop.  Manifesting more money now doesn’t surprise me at all, nor does it make me wonder if I’m really “worthy” of  it.  The financial abundance I experience today is “who I am”; it is merely a reflection of my beliefs about the value of what I create.  And I never have to expect a reflection different from my beliefs now.

Additionally, my sky-high beliefs about the value of what I share has resulted in wonderfully desirable feedback in other forms too.  Hearing from grateful readers, meeting beautiful people at my speaking engagements, and being told about transformed lives are reflections of my beliefs that I cannot even place adequate value upon.  Those manifestations are beautiful things which often eclipse the financial abundance my family now experiences.  And as I have experienced more pleasing manifestations via my writing and speaking, which are incredibly fulfilling, I am excited to report that I’ve also been continually blessed with greater desires to grow into.

Thank Goodness I Decided to Stop Letting Conventional Wisdom Call the Shots!

What were the odds regarding what I’d become from that universe of abject hopelessness I inhabited when I played my first rudimentary version of “Grow a Greater You”?  Our old paradigms, conventional wisdom, and prevailing logic strongly indicate that I was destined to become a broken man, bankrupt in more ways than financial.  That my children would be expected to have emotional problems and act out in self-destructive ways.  And that I might engage in a series of meaningless romantic relationships doomed to failure borne of my desperate desires to continue experiencing the worthiness that I “needed” women to give me.  And that I would grow continually resentful, blaming the giver of gifts and those who “wronged” me for the miserable reflections I was experiencing.

Odds are, with Neanderthal paradigms, the reflections of my beliefs would cause me misery that I could neither rationalize nor explain.  I would become a perpetual victim and tell myself stories lamenting how unfair life is.  Stories about how I always get the short end of the stick while the “chosen”, lucky few get their desires fulfilled.

But because of “Grow a Greater You” that is not my lot in life.  I get to define the meaning and value of every “thing” in my life and every experience I have, on terms of my choosing.  Terms which serve me and align me with my desires.  And, in fact, I have been able to grow a sincere gratitude for all my challenging circumstances because they have truly become tremendous blessings.  My challenges have provided me with amazingly effective motivational fuel.  And they have afforded me unique experiences which, having now grown my beliefs into alignment, allow me to share real solutions with you.

I Could Cheat You By Writing a Plethora of How-To Books, Instead of Teaching You the True Source of Any How-To Success

In addition to the other self-help books I mentioned, I could now also write a how-to book teaching you to become a best-selling, independently published, self-help author. And I could also write one about how to create a highly trafficked website and become an exhilarating and empowering professional speaker and teacher.  And all my how-to instructions would be worth their weight in gold because they would contain specific instructions about actions that continue to work almost like magic.

Yet if I did write all those how-to books I’ve mentioned in this chapter, from the Neanderthal paradigm of “copy my actions if you want what I have”, I would be doing more than a disservice to you.  I would be lying to you.  For copy my actions all you like (and you’re certainly welcome to), but my actions are absolutely not responsible for manifesting this dream life I am living.  My actions are not even close to being the most important agent in creating this universe I now live in.  A universe more fulfilling than I ever dared dream during my darkest days and one I know I will continue to expand as I grow my beliefs into alignment with the new grander desires I’m continually gifted with.

When I reference my “darkest days”, by the way, I’m not solely referring to when I faced our financial holocaust.  From the empowered universe I now experience, from the top of the creative pyramid, my “darkest days” include most of my life prior to playing “Grow a Greater You”.  Not that I was never happy before, but living within the old Neanderthal paradigms was almost always frightening and maddeningly frustrating.

Growing Into the Greatest Version of Myself is Truly Not a Game of Ego Inflation

Playing “Grow a Greater You” is solely responsible for the miracle of my life.  And to give credit to any actions I’ve taken, no matter how inspired and effective they have been, is to direct you back to those outdated, incredibly ineffective Neanderthal paradigms.  The actions are unimportant, even potential dangerous and harmful, unless done in conjunction with beliefs aligned with your desired outcomes.

And, no matter, how skilled I become at playing “Grow a Greater You”, and no matter how many people I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach to play it, my family and friends don’t need to worry.  I will never get so full of myself that I’ll become an egotistic jerk, nor ever get too big for my britches.  Because I know how the universe “works”, just as you do too now.  I do not await discovery by anyone in a pre-determined state of “good”.  It is your individual decision to tell yourself stories about “Grow a Greater You” which make it great, not any inherent value it has existing independently of you.  It is, and always will be, me who needs to thank you.

“Grow a Greater You” Doesn’t Make You God, it Allows You To Work, Hand-in-Hand with God

In response to anyone who hold religious beliefs, by the way, I do not believe that anything about playing “Grow a Greater You” supersedes a religion or a religious-based God.  “Grow a Greater You” does not teach you to become “God”.   By playing this game, you are actually becoming more of what God, or whatever you choose to call the very real non-physical, omnificent, omnipresent, omnipotent energy of the quantum field, intends and hopes you to be.  By playing “Grow a Greater You”, you are becoming the living expression of God, the quantum field, the universal mind, or whatever you wish to call the source of all material things.

You are working, hand-in-hand, with the very source of our physical universe to contextually create your material world.  There must be little doubt by now that this is your role; you are the contextual, co-creator of all that you see and experience.  Since this is how our universe truly “works”, how could this not be what you are here to do?  And how could you truly be serving the source, if service is your desire, by playing small and abdicating your role?

If I’m a Genius, It’s Only Because of You

Are my books works of genius?  If they are, in your own, unique, individual universe, you are the one who makes them so through the stories you decide to tell yourself about them and the meaning and value you choose to imbue them with.  However “good” you choose to make my books in your universe, it is I who must thank you for that gift, so much more than you need to thank me.  Let’s end this chapter by discussing what I mean by that.  And by talking about how genius gets created in the first place.

You know how your individual creation becomes a communal one.  Through the process of other people experiencing an individual creation and imbuing it with meaning and value through the stories they choose to tell themselves about it, others collectively create it.  No “thing” we create in our individual universe holds a pre-determined meaning and value, except that which we choose to bestow upon it.

What the Heck is “Genius”?

So what makes a “thing” become a beloved, renowned creation?  The “things” we call “masterpieces”, or works of “genius”, are truly not pre-imbued with inherent, pre-determined meaning and value either.  Why do we label some “things” a masterpiece while others we don’t?  Why, for example, do we call Monet’s paintings masterpieces and, yet, we tell stories about a local artist’s paintings that make us yawn?

First, our discernment between “genius” and “ordinary” is a great example of the power of collective beliefs.  Much of the meaning and value we bestow upon things is heavily influenced by the collective beliefs of all humans.  The meaning and value conferred by authority figures and experts we trust such as parents, textbooks, museums, the media, analysts, and religions have a high level of influence on the stories you choose to tell yourself about those same “things” when you contextually create them.

Of equal weight is the influence exerted by public acceptance.  If “everyone” tells the same story about a “thing”, or even if you are lead to understand that everyone is telling the same story about any “thing”, it is natural to tell similar stories about it.  Here in Kentucky, for example, some people call the University of Kentucky’s athletic teams “good” and the University of Louisville’s “bad”.  And vice-versa, of course.  But are either of those teams really “good” or “bad”, except in the personal stories their fans have been influenced and taught to tell?   Of course not.

Why Wouldn’t We Call Claude’s Paintings “Genius”?

How much chance is there that you won’t call Claude Monet’s paintings masterpieces?  Since you’ve been taught that they are masterpieces by some very credible authorities, chances are slim that you won’t.  And, additionally, if you didn’t, chances are that many people would say that you know nothing about art, have no cultural appreciation, and are unsophisticated.  In fact, we have names for people who tell divergent stories about “things” – iconoclast, counterculturist, deviant, and heretic.  Those are not usually desirable labels for a person to assume; it can sometimes even be dangerous to tell different stories than the rest of society.

Yet all those facts actually reinforce another idea that helps explain why some “things” are called genius while others are not.  Despite being taught about what is genius, not everyone agrees with all the communal stories.  Illustrating the notion that nothing has a pre-determined meaning and value except that which you confer upon it, some people simply do not like Monet’s paintings very much.

We might be able to explain some of these choices to deviate from our communal stories as someone choosing to be a maverick and go against the herd.  We all know people who do not see “good” in things that almost everyone else does.  Be they movies, political ideologies, or religions, we know that some people do not see genius in things that many others do.  Calling something “genius” is truly a choice we make, individually, no matter how great the social customs and peer pressure may influence us.

The Difference is Found in the Open Channel

So what, exactly, separates the genius from the ordinary?  And how can you take advantage of this information to manifest more masterpieces as you contextually create your material world?  The bulk of the first answer is found in the initial creation of a “thing”.  You may have been thinking, earlier in this discussion, that I am crazy to suggest that some “things” aren’t pre-ordained with “genius”.  “Monet’s paintings are genius”, you might say, “and they were already genius before I contextually created them in my universe.”

It is true that “genius” in a “thing” is imbued in it during its initial creation.  Yet there are some clarifications about the bestowing of genius, upon creation, that are valuable to understand.  A “thing” is, indeed, imbued with the energy which allowed the creator to manifest it; a “thing” is a reflection of the creator’s beliefs, after all.   People who create “things” from beliefs which are strongly and delightfully aligned with their desires make it much easier for us to call their creations “good” as we contextually create them in our own, unique, individual universe.

Genius, upon initial creation, is created through channeling.  For those unfamiliar with channeling, it is a term for serving as a conduit for information from the non-physical universe – the quantum field.  Channeling is usually thought of as an esoteric practice and is something most people find far removed from the mainstream.  The first time I encountered channeling was reading the Hicks’ book, Ask and It is Given; Esther Hicks maintains that she channels a non-physical group of entities calling themselves “Abraham” and, when I learned that, I almost put the book back down.  In fact, only the forward written by Dr. Wayne Dyer reassured me enough to read it despite my reservations about channeling.

I’m Now Touting Something I Once Put on the Level of a Ouija Board

Yet, here I am, years later, telling you that genius is channeled?  What prompted me to not only embrace a concept about which I was once very skeptical, but also led me to actually use the term in my own writing?  The answer is simple – channeling is not actually a mystical or esoteric act.  In fact, channeling is as ordinary and pedestrian for a human as chewing gum.  Because channeling is simply a new age term for what we’re all doing each moment of our lives.  Not only is genius channeled, so are all our “ordinary” creations.

Channeling a masterpiece is not commonplace, however, and is, in fact, very special.  But anyone can do it, including you.  In fact, I’ll bet you’ve channeled genius a lot so far and never thought about it as such.  We’ve established that the real “you” is a non-physical energy.  Your consciousness is an uncollapsed portion of the quantum field.  The real “you”, is actually a part of the quantum field.

Any time you contextually, or literally, create a “thing” you are doing so because the rest of the quantum field is becoming coherent with your beliefs.  A “thing” is a physical manifestation which you have ushered into material existence via the coherence your beliefs have unconsciously formed with the rest of the quantum field.  If that “thing” is pleasing to you, than your beliefs are aligned with your desires.  Which means the quantum field is also aligned with them.

A channeler brings forth information from a non-physical source into our material world; a channeler is a conduit for non-physical energy and information.  How is that definition any different from what we are all doing every day?  Every human being is a conduit allowing non-physical energy and information to manifest itself into the physical, material world.

There Truly is No One More (Nor Less) Special Than You

While manifesting genius is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few, selected to be special conduits, it is still not a common occurrence.  The seeming rarity of manifesting genius leads us, naturally and logically, to conclude that it must be something you’re born with the ability to do.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, people who create masterpieces should be revered and exalted.  But not because those people have been touched by the “hand of God” any more than you have been.  They are revered because they have created something uncommon which pleases us greatly to experience.

To explain how genius is manifest, as distinct from “ordinary”, ask yourself the question: what would make a “thing” the most pleasurable creation possible?  Since pleasing “things” are a result of having beliefs in alignment with your desires, doesn’t it stand to reason that creating the most pleasing “things” involves having beliefs almost perfectly aligned with your desires?  The closer your beliefs are aligned with your desires, the greater the degree of “good” your creation will be imbued with.

The truest, purest alignment between your beliefs and your desires creates the most perfect “things” through the coherence being formed between your beliefs and the quantum field.  A masterpiece is simply the physical manifestation of pure alignment, pure joy.  A masterpiece is a “thing” created without the inhibiting filters of any limiting beliefs held by the creator.

And the very reason so many of us are apt to identify the masterpieces of creation is that perfect alignment which allowed its creation.  That energy of pure, unfiltered joy which became a tangible, physical object is still within that “thing”.  Those untainted and unabashedly manifest beliefs of love, joy, and explosive excitement resonate with us as we contextually create that “thing” in our own, unique, individual universe.  You feel the connection; you know you are interacting with, contextually creating, something wholly real and perfect.

We’re All Capable; We’re All “Chosen”

This is why we are so astounded by genius.  We know we are experiencing and contextually creating something that is wholly original and perfectly aligned with the greatest beliefs its original creator could hold.  This is why we are drawn to it and we exalt it; it resonates with us in ways we don’t even need to put into words.

Isn’t it nice to know that there really are no “anointed” people?  And I’ll bet there are many areas of your life, perhaps some of them you’re in the habit of overlooking, where you are creating genius in this manner.  And by playing “Grow a Greater You”, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to elevate all of your desires to the masterpiece level.

A life of your dreams is yours for the taking.  Yours for the growing in to.  You never again need to suffer, unless you choose to.  And you never again need to play small to avoid suffering.  I am beyond excited that you’re joining our revolution. Our celebration called “Grow a Greater You”.


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