You’ll Probably Have to Keep Walking to Your Kitchen for that Piece of Pie

Pie  How much potential do you possess?

Could you transcend seemingly impassable physical limitations?  Could you perform miraculous manifestations, like curing yourself of an “incurable” disease or teleport through a solid wall?

And, if those things are possible, are such abilities limited to a special few?  Are they reserved for a select and ultra-capable group of humans?

Quantum Physics Reveals There Are No Guaranteed Outcomes

Here is our clue from quantum physics: nothing can ever be called “impossible.”

There truly are no iron-clad, guaranteed cause and event relationships in our universe.  Cause and effect is not how our universe actually works.  The strongest statement we can make, in truth, is that an outcome is incredibly improbable (but not impossible) or incredibly probable (but not guaranteed).

Teleport Yourself To Your Kitchen For a Midnight Snack 

So can you teleport yourself into your kitchen, right now?  The only precise and completely accurate answer is “That is highly improbable.”

Which means, of course, that it is possible.  The potential for teleportation actually cannot really be said to not exist.

Now – can you learn to bring that potential, however tiny it must be, to life?  Can you figure out how to teleport yourself?  Once again, you cannot actually really say, “No”, only “That is highly improbable.”  So, once again, the potential to learn to teleport cannot really be said to not exist.

But do you know anyone who has learned to teleport herself?

Me neither.

Honestly?  I Couldn’t Care Less About Teleportation

So how much potential do you possess?  You always possess some, no matter how impossible your desire seems.  What is unknown, however, is just how much time and energy it would require to grow such a small potential into an actual experience.

Obviously, we’re all currently bound by the constructs of this time/space we inhabit.  Doing what is currently believed to be “impossible” (even though nothing truly is) requires transcending all the rules and boundaries we belief govern this time/space.  Could you teleport yourself after, let’s say, forty years of isolation and non-stop mediation aimed at creating different beliefs?

I have no idea.  And, honestly, I really don’t care.

Yet That Doesn’t Mean I Haven’t Been Able to Do the “Impossible”

What I do care about, however, is doing the “impossible” in other areas of my life.  I care about things like:

  • Having a fit, trim, and healthy body as I enter my fifties
  • Being married to a soul mate and joyfully growing closer with each passing year
  • Experiencing exiting financial abundance after complete and total ruin almost a decade ago
  • Becoming a best-selling author and a powerful voice in new thought without sacrificing my super-satisfying 20+ year career in high school administration
  • Blending two families, with four boys, so that all parties flourish and all lives enriched

Aren’t those things “impossible” for many people?  They certainly used to be for me.

Well guess what?  You (and me) do possess amazing potential.  We can do the “impossible”, if we start applying our lives to quantum paradigms.

Starting Today, You Can Make the “Impossible” Possible Too

While I’ve yet to teleport myself to my kitchen when I want a late-night snack, I remain uber excited about all the many “impossible” material experiences I now enjoy in full measure.  And continue to grow my experiences of with each passing day.

How about you?  Why not set teleporting aside for the moment.  And, instead, take advantage of knowing that nothing is impossible in our universe, have the audacity to stop playing small, and boldly start playing “Grow a Greater You.”

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…

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    • Margaret, I am honored by your decision to allow me to be of value to you.

      And please make sure you don’t limit yourself to following in my footsteps. There is no reason you cannot soar far higher is a variety of ways!

      I’m simply pleased beyond measure that you’re playing “Grow a Greater You” with me. And the rest of us. Thank you.

  1. Greg I do believe in a few thousand years we WILL evolve first to flying, then teleportation.
    Cell phones, internet, etc… do that for us now. In time, WE will do it. Then, when we graduate, we’ll just transport
    our consciousness to reach out and go where no one has been before.
    Who needs a starship? LOL

    • Thank you, John, for sharing your joy with me.

      Mark Twain said, “They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it.”

      Is there any doubt that people will look back at us and pity our limited imaginations? Just as we can do with our predecessors? I love that!

  2. I’m thinking it might be easier to teleport the pie to me, rather than me to the pie… but then I worry: could teleportation have a GMO type effect on the pie?

    But of course, I never thought… it’s even easier to walk into the kitchen. Or ring the bell and ask the butler to bring me a piece of pie.

    But seriously, we do this all the time. We block ourselves from what we want by thinking that we first require the most improbable, seemingly “impossible”, conditions. For example, when we say things like, “If only I could win the lottery…” Isn’t that just like saying, “If only I could teleport myself to the ktchen.”?

    Thank you for these insights, Greg.

    By the way, I used to have a girlfriend who could teleport herself … it’s the only explanation for how she always got to that piece of pie before I did.

    • Pie line-jumpers are the worst kind of social deviants, Steve! So glad she is a “used to be” girlfriend! 😉

      I love your humor. And your wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

      Speaking of wisdom. Wonderful news: Steve is currently writing a companion book for Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You.” I will ask you all to purchase it when he’s finished because he takes “Grow a Greater You” to really cool depths and finds awesome new insights.

      We’re all eager, Steve. No pressure; just encouragement!

  3. As always, your messages trigger thinking (and right now, I’m thinking a piece of coconut cream pie with a mile of meringue sounds mighty good!)

    Here’s what came up for me … we listen to logic way to often.

    “What are the odds” becomes the determining factor that either catapults us to step out in faith with a driving determination to beat the odds against this … or, it causes us to cower and believe it’s impossible.

    When I was a young wife, looking forward to starting a family, I remember reading a report that
    said the cost of raising a child was $250,000. Whoa! If we had accepted these odds of being able to afford raising a family from that report, we would have needed a million dollars to raise our four kids.

    When my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, the only sure cure was an allogenic bone marrow transplant (from a sibling) and even then, there was only a 1 in 4 chance for a match. No sibling match and there is a 70% chance you won’t find a donor. (his brother was a perfect match!)

    When we began to build our dream – our never-ending roadtrip lifestyle, we had researched the costs of living fulltime in an RV and realized the odds were against us. We didn’t have a savings built up to fund our freedom lifestyle. If we had allowed the odds against us to dictate the number of years it would take to hit the road – well, we would still be sitting at a campground in Missouri, the wheels on the camper not moving.

    Those are a few of the “big” beating the odds events in my life, but you have given us great insight into applying this to everything we desire to be, do and have. Some might seem improbable, the odds seem totally against it happening – but every thing is possible in the quantum field. Whoosh!

    Thanks Greg!

    • Great to hear from you, Trisha. Thank you for honoring me with your decision to allow me to be of value to you, my friend.

      I love your stories. I’m reminded how much I love the audacity of a “Grow a Greater You” All-Star like you.

      And, no coincidence of course, I wrote volumes today from the Emotional Perspective of “Enthusiasm/Ambition.”

      Ambition is a strong desire for fame or power. Power, huh? We might be on to something here!

      You’re darn right I’m ambitious! What exactly is my ambition? I have a strong desire to transcend my limiting beliefs, to not allow my limiting beliefs to cast some of my most important reflections any longer.

      That is outrageous audacity, Trisha. You possess such ambition too. As do thousands of others studying and play “Grow a Greater You.”

      I’m so grateful I’m not the only person with such outrageously “impossible” ambition! Thank you for walking this path with me and thank you for helping others find it!

  4. Great post, Greg. I think that many times people use improbable scenarios as examples to discredit the evidence that points to everything being possible, or because they are skeptical of the fact that we create our own reality, or rather our own version of reality. “If I could create my own reality,” – they say skeptically – “everything I touched would turn to gold, but that’s impossible.”

    But the truth is that that is not really what most of us are after, anyways. What most us want is to live a happy, safe, joyous, peaceful, and plentiful life. We don’t need to turn everything we touch into gold. We just need to create the best version of reality that we can, based solely on beliefs that serve us. And this is definitely possible.

    Thanks for the reminder!


    • JC! So great to hear from you. Thank you for honoring me with a decision to cast me as a valuable person in your universe.

      I agree with your thoughts here.

      I’ll also add that many (including me at one time) inadvertently mischaracterized the Law of Attraction by describing it as a protocol which attracts the people, places, and things to you that you want and need. This perspective is understandable because it is logical and sequential, which appeals to our Newtonian paradigms.

      Yet that is not how the Law of Attraction actually works. What really happens is we transform the people, places, and things we’re currently experiencing into exactly what we want and need. Just as powerful, every bit as mystical, and much more reliable considering we are always the source of every version of every person, place, and thing we experience. Our beliefs cast the reflection and our feelings tell us how aligned (or non-aligned) our beliefs are with our desires.

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