Pie  How much potential do you possess?

Could you transcend seemingly impassable physical limitations?  Could you perform miraculous manifestations, like curing yourself of an “incurable” disease or teleport through a solid wall?

And, if those things are possible, are such abilities limited to a special few?  Are they reserved for a select and ultra-capable group of humans?

Quantum Physics Reveals There Are No Guaranteed Outcomes

Here is our clue from quantum physics: nothing can ever be called “impossible.”

There truly are no iron-clad, guaranteed cause and event relationships in our universe.  Cause and effect is not how our universe actually works.  The strongest statement we can make, in truth, is that an outcome is incredibly improbable (but not impossible) or incredibly probable (but not guaranteed).

Teleport Yourself To Your Kitchen For a Midnight Snack 

So can you teleport yourself into your kitchen, right now?  The only precise and completely accurate answer is “That is highly improbable.”

Which means, of course, that it is possible.  The potential for teleportation actually cannot really be said to not exist.

Now – can you learn to bring that potential, however tiny it must be, to life?  Can you figure out how to teleport yourself?  Once again, you cannot actually really say, “No”, only “That is highly improbable.”  So, once again, the potential to learn to teleport cannot really be said to not exist.

But do you know anyone who has learned to teleport herself?

Me neither.

Honestly?  I Couldn’t Care Less About Teleportation

So how much potential do you possess?  You always possess some, no matter how impossible your desire seems.  What is unknown, however, is just how much time and energy it would require to grow such a small potential into an actual experience.

Obviously, we’re all currently bound by the constructs of this time/space we inhabit.  Doing what is currently believed to be “impossible” (even though nothing truly is) requires transcending all the rules and boundaries we belief govern this time/space.  Could you teleport yourself after, let’s say, forty years of isolation and non-stop mediation aimed at creating different beliefs?

I have no idea.  And, honestly, I really don’t care.

Yet That Doesn’t Mean I Haven’t Been Able to Do the “Impossible”

What I do care about, however, is doing the “impossible” in other areas of my life.  I care about things like:

  • Having a fit, trim, and healthy body as I enter my fifties
  • Being married to a soul mate and joyfully growing closer with each passing year
  • Experiencing exiting financial abundance after complete and total ruin almost a decade ago
  • Becoming a best-selling author and a powerful voice in new thought without sacrificing my super-satisfying 20+ year career in high school administration
  • Blending two families, with four boys, so that all parties flourish and all lives enriched

Aren’t those things “impossible” for many people?  They certainly used to be for me.

Well guess what?  You (and me) do possess amazing potential.  We can do the “impossible”, if we start applying our lives to quantum paradigms.

Starting Today, You Can Make the “Impossible” Possible Too

While I’ve yet to teleport myself to my kitchen when I want a late-night snack, I remain uber excited about all the many “impossible” material experiences I now enjoy in full measure.  And continue to grow my experiences of with each passing day.

How about you?  Why not set teleporting aside for the moment.  And, instead, take advantage of knowing that nothing is impossible in our universe, have the audacity to stop playing small, and boldly start playing “Grow a Greater You.”

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…