You Should Be Using This Awesome Shortcut Too

shortcut  How many times have you experienced the following: With the passage of time, something that felt 100% horrible when it happened turned out to be just what you needed at the time?

If you’re like most people you’ve experienced this continually, throughout your life.  You’ve had enough experience with it to know that, very often, what you think is awful turns out to be the opposite.

What if I could teach you a shortcut to reaching that perspective?  What if you didn’t have to wait all that time before realizing, discovering, and getting the benefits of something that feels terrible right now turning out to be just what you need?

The Closest Distance Between Two Points (the Shortcut) Is Always a Straight Line

I can teach you that shortcut.

And what you’ll gain is the benefit of not handcuffing the quantum field.  Because the quantum field has one outcome in mind, manifesting a material reality that mirrors your beliefs, your energy.  This is exactly why, over the long haul, the quantum field is actually able to turn something which seems horrid into something that facilitates the manifestation of your desires.

What you’ll be doing by using this shortcut is removing the “long haul” part of that equation.  You’ll be allowing the quantum field to get right to work, connecting the dots (behind the scenes) in the most unusual and often unexpected ways.  Allowing the quantum field to do what it does best – align your material reality with your desires in sometimes crazy, usually seemingly coincidental, ways.

Who doesn’t want to experience the faster manifestation of her desires, right?  Thus, using this shortcut is a no-brainer for a leading-edge creator like you.

A Magical Shortcut that Will Change Your Life

What’s the shortcut?  It’s something you’ve heard me talk about before.  The shortcut is to refrain from telling any story at all about something you don’t like.

No matter how terrible something seems, in the moment, choose to tell no story at all about it.

Not telling any stories is a shortcut to reach the perspective of “This is actually just what I needed” or “This actually happened just like it was supposed to.”

That doesn’t mean you should lie to yourself and try to tell yourself that the circumstance or situation is “good” or that you are happy about it.  That is not believable and is unhealthy.  To the contrary, you should be honest about the undesirability of the situation and about how you would much prefer that it wasn’t happening.

But being honest with yourself about how you feel about a situation does not mean you’re telling a story about it.  Saying you’re not happy about a situation does not define its meaning and value, nor does it definitively label it as “bad”.

Don’t Worry, Your True Feelings Aren’t Your “Story” (and Don’t Ever Have to Be)

You aren’t actually telling  a story about something, you aren’t definitively labeling a situation, until you decide that it is “good” or “bad”.  So, to use this awesome shortcut to manifestation, you should absolutely be honest with yourself about how you aren’t happy this happened, while at the same time consciously choosing to give it no label of “good” or “bad” at all.

As in:

“I am very unhappy about this; I really wish this wasn’t happening.  This is undesirable and my preference is that it not be occurring.  And, at the same time, I can also remember that there have been plenty of times when what seemed like the worst possible situation turned out to be a blessing in the long run.  Thus, while I am not going to pretend to be happy about this, I will choose to not label this as definitively ‘bad’.  Doing so will not force me to pretend I’m glad this is happening, but it will allow the quantum field to use this situation to align all of us with our desires in, perhaps, very unexpected ways – which I know from experience is very possible.  If it’s possible, after all, that the quantum field can turn this situation into something ‘good’, I want to give it every chance to do that and do it as quickly as possible.  So I choose to honor my true feelings about this, while also choosing not to define it as 100% ‘bad’ “.

Use this Shortcut and Don’t Handcuff the Quantum Field

That story, my friend, is a shortcut to alignment.  A way to avoid handcuffing the quantum field and putting barriers in its way to manifesting your desires (and the other people involved desires too).  This shortcut sets the quantum field loose, freeing it from unnecessary constraints and allowing it to do what it does best for you and everyone involved.

Start using this shortcut today.  Tell believable stories about your unwanted circumstances, while choosing not to definitively label them “bad”.

And stay tuned to this site to learn more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…


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  1. This shortcut works today: Tell believable stories about your unwanted circumstances, while choosing not to definitively label them “bad”. I learn from my mistakes (and call them (my mistakes) ‘bad, but necessary for the lesson to get through to me.’ Due to stubbornness, I choose to say, I’m learning, therefore I’m not stupid (any longer). The shortcut works — so long as I recognize why I’ve accepted it now, but couldn’t before learning this Thank you for making it possible for me to accept this on my terms.

    • Don, how nice to hear from you. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you; I’m pleased that this article resonated with you.

      I’ve included a technique in my new book Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You” (due out in July) called “Practice Radical Forgiveness”. There is no value in beating ourselves up for our mistakes. Although there are many more reasons to forgive ourselves completely for our mistakes, doing so allows us to retain our resiliency to learn from them and make amends when necessary.

      Forgiving ourselves, with no reservations, for our mistakes allows us to practice what I call “authentic optimism”. Authentic optimism involves acknowledging that we’re not pleased with our mistake, nor any harm it may have caused, while also acknowledging that we didn’t make it on purpose. Since the mistake wasn’t purposeful, we made it because we had some misconceptions. And how would we have known about those misconceptions, and be able to address them, unless were were informed of them via our mistake?

      Quite a different, better-feeling, and believable story to tell ourselves about our inevitable mistakes. Thank you for adding your energy to this growing paradigm.

      • I’ve never liked the pat phrase “everything happens for a reason.” However, knowing about the law of attraction, I am believing that what may have happened may be in my best interest somehow. So I am in agreement with you that if you can just acknowledge that this isn’t what you would have picked and move on, you could very well be far ahead of the game.

        • Hello Jen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          I, too, have never been in the habit of saying “everything happens for a reason”. The use of the word, “reason”, reminds me of our old paradigms. The ones which suggest a “giver of gifts”, outside of us and separate from us, which either approves or denies our requests.

          I like the phrase, “The quantum field specializes in connecting the dots, often in miraculous and surprising ways”. It reminds me that the material world I am experiencing is always a mirror-perfect reflection of my beliefs. And directs me back to the source of any displeasure – my beliefs.

          I also like the phrase “Everything works if you let it”. Partly because it, also, directs me back to the source of any displeasure. And also because it’s a title of a song by one of my favorite rock groups – Cheap Trick. 😉

  2. I am so busted. After reading this blog piece I see that I keep telling the story of lack. Someone asked me to go to lunch and I told her that my budget is tight and that I could have a coffee with her (I am between jobs – have been for 9 months, and yes, I am seeing that I have to deal with my feelings about that). She invited me for lunch, but that made me feel “poor” and lacking in abundance. But, after reading your blog, I will now say that I am learning to see the situation differently, tell a different story about my situation, and work on my feelings about the situation. Thank you Greg for being there when I needed to hear it.

    • Hello Linda. Isn’t it great to get busted in this manner? Getting disillusioned is wonderful; who wants to harbor illusions?

      One thing that helps us a lot is reminding ourselves that our material reality is simply information. It is useful and valuable feedback regarding the alignment between our beliefs and our desires.

      Our feelings are also information in the exact same manner.

      Our material reality and our feelings are not who we are. We should not use them to define our self-worth or value. They are not reflections of “us”; they are reflections or (and information about) our beliefs. And our beliefs are also not who we are either.

      Thus this information is useful for us because it alerts us to beliefs we need to grow into alignment with our desires. We no longer have to chase desired emotions nor desired material experiences, as if they were the source of our pleasure (or the cause of our pain). The source (and cause) is always our beliefs. Because our emotions and our material reality have no inherent meaning except that which we assign them.

      Chasing after desirable, or running away from undesirable, emotions or material experiences in order to alleviate our pain or suffering is an old paradigm at work. A paradigm which was inspired by humans’ reliance on their senses to explain how our universe “works”.

      So the solution is at hand; grow your beliefs into alignment with your desires. You will see and experience a different universe as you do, because the quantum field cannot NOT reflect our beliefs back to us.

      And thank you, by the way, for deciding to imbue me with uplifting and beneficial meaning and value in your universe.

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