You Can’t Actually Attract Anything

magnetic attraction  There is no such thing as the law of attraction.

In a literal sense.

Yes, the idea of the law of attraction is relevant.  But you don’t really “attract” things to you.

Am I Biting the Hand That Feeds Me?

Okay, what I’m talking about is really semantics.  I will still speak about the law of attraction and I am not rebuking the concept in any way.  I am the “Law of Attraction Science Guy”, after all.

Yet it’s also important to understand how the mechanics of creating “things”, material objects, work.  And you don’t, literally, attract “things” to you, as much as you allow them to be a part of your life.

And I’ll go a step farther with the semantics of the law of attraction.  When you first manifest a desire you’ve long held, but not  been able to fulfill, what you’ve actually done is grow yourself into that desire.  You’ve become that desire; you are now the living embodiment of that desire.  Your energy and the energy of that desire are one and the same.

Let’s Be Frank: The “Law of Growing Into Your Desires” Just Doesn’t Have the Same Ring to It

So, while you can say you attracted that desire, what you’ve really done is become it to manifest and experience it.  You’re not a magnet attracting things to you as much as you are a person growing into a new pair of clothing (the clothing, in that metaphor, being your desire).

So, when you want to live the law of attraction, you do actually have some “work” to do.  You need to grow into, to become, the things you desire.  But that is all you have to do.  The quantum field will take care of the rest once you’ve grown into your desire.

So How Do You Become A Desire?

How do you grow into your desire(s)?

  1. For desires you’ve been manifesting relatively successfully, you simply tell yourself the best-feeling, believable stories you can muster.  That technique keeps your beliefs aligned with your desires (which they are in the habit of being, normally, anyway) and also lifts your beliefs up out of any ruts, dips, or valleys.
  2. For desires you’ve not been manifesting (and have longed for), you improve and raise your beliefs, deliberately, to become aligned with those desires.  This technique requires a careful and patient protocol like the one I teach in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs because changing beliefs means you are gaining access to your subconscious.  In other words, positive affirmations, positive self talk, and telling good-feeling stories will not suffice because of how carefully your subconscious safeguards your beliefs.

This gameplan will be explicitly outlined and taught in my next book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.  For now you can learn everything by reading this website and my currently available books.

There Isn’t Actually A Whole Lot of Work to Do (Once You’ve Grown Into Your Desire)

The best part about all this is that there is one aspect of the law of attraction, as its often written about, that is most certainly true.  You don’t have to take any specific actions to realize and fulfill your greatest desires (other than aligning your beliefs with them).

One you have Grown a Greater You, aligned with your desires, your desires will spring forth from the quantum field just as they’ve always done under those circumstances.  And their manifestation will be facilitated by you taking inspired action, creative jolts of energy from the quantum field that produce the motivation to do exactly what is needed to facilitate your desires.

Get started today, grow into your desires.  Become them.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…


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  1. Hi Greg

    Thanks for that great insight.I have just started devouring your books and just started the belief process.I have read hundreds of self help books and have to say yours are unique and great
    So hoping to manifest more financial abundance,so many other areas of my life are really good but this area is a struggle,up and down and inconsistent
    Cant wait for your next book

    Rgs Gregory

    • Hey Gregory. Great name!

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know I’ve been of value to you. That really makes my day.

      The next book will, indeed, be a barn-burner, blow-your-doors off one!

      I just graduated three of my four boys in the last few days. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing soon.

      Money, by the way, is information. Just like anything else. It’s feedback regarding the beliefs we have about our, and our work’s, value. I know that might sound strange – maybe even crazy. But I promise you that, if you give that perspective a chance, there is amazing freedom and tremendous influence to be found.

      I’ll talk more about that on this site and in the next book. And, one or two books after, I’ll have a book specifically about money. Money is a fascinating topic to me; there are not many “things” that humans have such a love/hate, dysfunctional relationship with than money. It’s a rich topic, to be sure.

  2. Hi


    I am in the process of “growing into my desires” and I have a specific person/man that I want to grow into. Is it advisable to approach this in a piecemeal ,(financial,physical,self-confidence,health,etc…),way or can I try the “whole man” approach? Not really the Renaissance Man, but the type of man that I’ve always wanted to be. Do I need to split up each phase of my whole man paradigm? I thank you for giving me alot hope as I have been searching a long time for something that gives an actual map for success. Thanks again!

    • Michael, that is a great question. Thank you for honoring me with another opportunity to be of value to you.

      You have desires about the type of man you want to be? I would say split my suggestion into two categories:

      1. The physical body you want to have and the material surroundings you desire. Tangible “things”.

      2. The personality, character, and persona you desire. Intangible “things”.

      We have found, through experience, that it’s best to work this process on one desire at a time. And my experience with growing into the man I am is that the intangible “things” which comprise me have not often been things I’ve intentionally worked this process on. Things like rapport, dependability, emotional availability, reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, connection, confidence, being approachable, openness, sincerity, and humor have come along for the ride, so to speak. They’ve been like boats during a rising tide – all being lifted by the ocean.

      One notable exception has been self-worth. Working this process on self-worth has had a strong ancillary effect upon raising lots of things about the material reality I contextually create. Including the material reality of “Greg”.

      So my suggestion is to choose the most important desire you have right now. And work the process on that. Your financial health, your physical health, or the shape of your body might be your choice, but that will be a personal decision.

      I predict you’ll find a lot of rewards the first time through. And then you can go from there.

  3. Hi Again Greg.Thanks for the answer above
    Just wanted to also ask in doing the belief process,after starting at a certain level it feels that possibly a level up I didnt have that many of that particular emotion around the issue im working on
    I am also not sure if I am ready to go up a level sometimes
    Appreciate your insight
    Rgs Greg

    • Thanks for asking Gregory. I appreciate an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Go as slowly as you need in living your way into the next highest emotional perspective. I went up the chart quickly the first time through – yet I also felt the breath of a hungry bear on the back of my neck. Due to the horrific circumstances I was facing.

      If you’re not as motivated, consider yourself blessed. And move on to the next emotional perspective when you feel comfortable in the current one. If that takes four days or a week – it will take as long as it takes for you.

      You can’t do it wrong, unless you don’t do it at all.

  4. Greg I haven’t purchased (shame) any of your books yet because I cannot decide which one to get. But now after reading what you replied to Gregory about the new one coming out being a blow your door off book I’m sold!!

    Another enjoyable post that again stretches my brain!!


    • What? How can you still be functioning, Pam? 😉

      You’ll love the new book. And the current ones are quite powerful as well. If you want me to pick – read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail first.

      Thank you for the praise. I’m glad this post resonated with you.

      • Anything for you, David! 😉

        Thank you for giving me opportunities to be of value to you. And thank you for helping others avail themselves of that value, also, by sharing quotes from my writing.

        I’m grateful for you.

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