OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  If someone handed you one million dollars today, it wouldn’t change you.


I know.  I’m crazy, right?  A million bucks?!  How could that not change you?

I Know a Million Bucks Would Be Exciting

Yes, I agree a million dollars would:

  • produce a mini-explosion of excitement
  • be an immediate and exhilarating rush
  • give you a smile no one could wipe off your face
  • keep your feet off the pavement for a day or two
  • eliminate some bills and provide some amazing new creature comforts

For a while.

But, As Exciting As It Would Be, It Wouldn’t Change These Things (Thank Goodness)

Yet, after that initial euphoria wore off.  And after the dust settled and you got used to the lack of debt and the new toys (and, probably, some new debt), you’d still be:

  1. a parent
  2. a friend
  3. a daughter
  4. a neighbor
  5. a citizen

And all your relationships would still require your interest, presence, investment, and energy to keep them at the level of intimacy you desire.

Heck, I bet you’d even keep working.  Since by now, I’ve been able to help you, at least, tell better-feeling enough stories about your job that you’ve learned to love and appreciate it. (Even if you haven’t yet manifested your dream career).

That’s why I say, all that money wouldn’t change you; at the end of the day, even though the money would make you very happy, you’d still be the same person with the same life.  The only difference is that you’d have a million dollars.

Why Have You Given Money The Most Important Job in Your Life?

The irony is, you would be giving that money the authority to “make” you a happy person.  You would be surrendering the power of your happiness to that money.  Even though your life would be, in every important respect, exactly the same as it was before the money!

So my question is, “Why are you waiting?”  And, “Why give all that authority and power to some money?” (Click that link to Tweet it) You already have the life you’d have after you got the million dollars, after all!  (Okay, minus a few toys…and some additional debts 😉 )

Money Irony Number One: When You Stop “Needing” It, You Start Manifesting It Abundantly

Am I saying that money is unimportant, inconsequential, or irrelevant?  Absolutely not!  I love money.  And anyone who tells you money is not important has probably never had to live without it.

But I am telling you that by firing money from it’s job as “the thing that will ‘make’ you happy”, you will go a long way towards not “needing” it anymore. (Click that link to Tweet it) And once you stop “needing” something in that way, the quantum field is freed up to do what it does best – connect the dots for you and manifest your dreams.

I encourage you to live today as if you don’t “need” money.  Because you don’t(Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this website to learn more tips and techniques from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…