You Can Refuse the Million Dollars Because You Really Don’t Need It

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  If someone handed you one million dollars today, it wouldn’t change you.


I know.  I’m crazy, right?  A million bucks?!  How could that not change you?

I Know a Million Bucks Would Be Exciting

Yes, I agree a million dollars would:

  • produce a mini-explosion of excitement
  • be an immediate and exhilarating rush
  • give you a smile no one could wipe off your face
  • keep your feet off the pavement for a day or two
  • eliminate some bills and provide some amazing new creature comforts

For a while.

But, As Exciting As It Would Be, It Wouldn’t Change These Things (Thank Goodness)

Yet, after that initial euphoria wore off.  And after the dust settled and you got used to the lack of debt and the new toys (and, probably, some new debt), you’d still be:

  1. a parent
  2. a friend
  3. a daughter
  4. a neighbor
  5. a citizen

And all your relationships would still require your interest, presence, investment, and energy to keep them at the level of intimacy you desire.

Heck, I bet you’d even keep working.  Since by now, I’ve been able to help you, at least, tell better-feeling enough stories about your job that you’ve learned to love and appreciate it. (Even if you haven’t yet manifested your dream career).

That’s why I say, all that money wouldn’t change you; at the end of the day, even though the money would make you very happy, you’d still be the same person with the same life.  The only difference is that you’d have a million dollars.

Why Have You Given Money The Most Important Job in Your Life?

The irony is, you would be giving that money the authority to “make” you a happy person.  You would be surrendering the power of your happiness to that money.  Even though your life would be, in every important respect, exactly the same as it was before the money!

So my question is, “Why are you waiting?”  And, “Why give all that authority and power to some money?” (Click that link to Tweet it) You already have the life you’d have after you got the million dollars, after all!  (Okay, minus a few toys…and some additional debts 😉 )

Money Irony Number One: When You Stop “Needing” It, You Start Manifesting It Abundantly

Am I saying that money is unimportant, inconsequential, or irrelevant?  Absolutely not!  I love money.  And anyone who tells you money is not important has probably never had to live without it.

But I am telling you that by firing money from it’s job as “the thing that will ‘make’ you happy”, you will go a long way towards not “needing” it anymore. (Click that link to Tweet it) And once you stop “needing” something in that way, the quantum field is freed up to do what it does best – connect the dots for you and manifest your dreams.

I encourage you to live today as if you don’t “need” money.  Because you don’t(Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this website to learn more tips and techniques from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…


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  1. You are so right…when I don’t “NEED” it, is when it appears the fastest and in the most perfect form. It’s just so tough for those things you “want” in the worst way. It is helpful to realize the not much would change if I go “it.” That might be the switch in thinking I need the most to finally break through some blocks that have been haning around for too long.

    • Hey Jen. Thank you for saying hello.

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, by the way. Thanks for bringing to light that this post represents a great example of a better-feeling, believable story you can tell yourself about money.

      Hopefully our discussion here helps continue to frame this perspective.

  2. Greg I am so happy to have found your blog! It is wonderful and came to me at the perfect time
    in my life!
    I have been doing this principle for the past year after following the Abraham teachings.
    Now I just have to get my husband on board with all this as he is the major bread winner
    in our family. He feels he NEEDS money to be happy…I just try to stay aligned the best I know
    how and pray I rub off on him.

    Thanks again

    • Hey Pamela. Thank you for letting me know I’ve been of value to you. It’s an honor.

      I believe you’ll find my work meshes well with Abraham, and vice-versa.

      I recommend giving your husband “permission” (via the stories you tell yourself about him and the unique “him” you create, through those stories, in your unique universe) to grow at his own pace. You can help him most by creating the most enlightened version of him, via the stories you tell yourself about him, and by letting your energy be a living example which attracts his interest and curiosity.

      Please keep me abreast of your ongoing successes.

      • Long before I knew about manifesting, I knew you got what you looked for,…
        My husband needed/wanted a new job desperately. One night at a restaurant, I told him to write on the back of placemat the perfect job. He folded it up and stuck it in a pocket, forgotten. After he found the new job, he came across that placemat and he had everything listed on it!

        I try to tell people to just focus on the “what’s” (what they want) and to write it down and then put it aside. In our conversations, I won’t let them talk about “how’s.” (Because many of our what’s make no sense to our logical mind and we then are all blurry on our what’s, right?)

        Just an idea that has worked for me although I work to just clearly state in my mind what I want. Actually, I just got a free audio book that I really wanted to listen to this way!

        Good luck.

        • Thanks for sharing that, Jen.

          I agree that we are simply too limited in our perspective to anoint ourselves as the “how-decider”. Our specialty is the “what”; the quantum field’s is the “how”.

          Asking us to plan the “how” is like trying to describe the entirety of Yosemite having only sat at the base of El Capitan. We simply lack the perspective.

          Which is why planning the “how” is not only not our job, focusing on it can actually handcuff the quantum field.

  3. Oh Greg that is the best advice I have been given!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    Yes, I will do this and keep you posted


    • You’re welcome, Pamela.

      Really, though, it is I who must thank you. You are the one who allowed me to be of value to you. And that is one of the greatest rewards of my writing.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  4. This was so helpful to me, I actually changed the words “money” and “million Dollars” to
    “partner” and :”relationship”, guess what?
    Got my answers , this is why I love ECAP and your books and the website and Frank, because no matter what the question is, no matter what you’re seeking, the answer to manifesting it is always the same.

    Thanks Greg

    • You’re welcome, Sue. I’m proud that I’ve been of value to you.

      Thank you for pointing out the universality of this message. Playing “Grow a Greater You” is almost always done the same way, regardless of the specific desire being manifest.

  5. Interesting, Greg. My experiences seem to be just *that* much skewed, compared to others. My greatest $$ experiences have been just when I needed the $$ to appear. However, I didn’t act needy, rather I just maintained an air of “It Is Done”. The following event was one of my first experiences of conscious creation after finding Abe.

    I was going away for an 8 day workshop and would be returning the day bills were due to be paid. Usually, the week before is my “catch-up” week, the week I top up the bank account to get enough money in to cover everything. I had 3 weeks to attract an extra $1500 to cover the bills, above and beyond my regular $1000 I usually earn during the week. Oh, and I’m self-employed with drop-in clientele. Out came the mantra and that’s ALL I focused on for that 3 weeks.

    I did it! Paid my bills the evening I arrived home from the workshop and had $300 left in the account. Yup, I did a happy dance. *grin*

    • Hey Eva. Thank you for sharing this.

      Your comments hit the nail on the head and capture, very well, not only the spirit of this post, but also my experience with manifesting money as well.

      I, too, have had plenty of experiences with manifesting money when I needed it most. The key, which you point out also, is to not “need” it. Those parentheses make all the difference in the world.

      “Need”, as in “I must have this to be and feel okay”, almost always cancels out the manifestation of a desire. Need, as in “I need this right now (in a practical and pragmatic way)” is no problem for the quantum field and, as long as we don’t mix “need” with that type of need, won’t necessarily inhibit the manifestations of our desires.

      My books are replete with my examples of manifesting tons of money, often in my greatest hour of need. The key has always been, though, that I make sure I erase my “need” for the money. Which I have learned to do by aligning my beliefs with my desires (as I teach in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs).

      Thank you for pointing that out again and adding your example to the mix. I appreciate your presence here.

  6. Hi Gregg.I like what you said about not needing money, and get it, but on the other hand feel a little stuck with this issue sometimes. For example: I am in a job that I am really burned out from, in a city that I am really burned out from and have a lot of debt and can’t help but feel sometimes that I “need” money in order to move to a different town, have a different job etc. I can’t go back to school to study anything else with all of this debt nor can I save to move elsewhere. Can you help me to think of this in a way so it gels a little more with what you are talking about above? Thanks!

    • Hello Dana. Thank you for writing and, absolutely, I want to be of greater value to you. Thanks for the opportunity; I hope I can fulfill it.

      I hear what you’re saying. There are times when we need something to happen. We need money to pay bills, we need food to eat, we need a computer to get on the Internet, etc.

      There is, however, another kind of need. I’m referring to “need”. And “need” is when we must have something to feel okay, secure, happy, successful, worthwhile, etc. “Need” almost always has the opposite effect on the quantum field than what we want.

      You mentioned needing (not “needing”) money to move, relocate, go back to school, etc. I understand what you’re saying and there is nothing inherently wrong with needing that. And my suggestion is to make sure you don’t “need” to move, relocate, go back to school, etc (just as you should avoid “needing” the money, itself). Does that make sense?

      Anytime you’ve made it the job of some “thing” (money, your job, your spouse, your home, etc.) to make you feel okay, secure, happy, successful, or worthwhile, you’ve entered into “need” territory. And I suggest you fire that “thing” from that job immediately! No “thing” is equipped to do that job properly or lastingly; you are only person qualified to do it.

      Please let me know about the successes you experience by applying this concept in your life as I do.

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