magical action  Quantum Physics tells us that our actions are not the most important things.  They are important, just not as important as…our feelings.

Is This Some Crazy New Age Nonsense?  My Feelings Are More Important Than My Actions?

This can be a difficult concept to believe, let alone embrace.  After all, don’t we all take actions every day to make things happen?  It’s logical and reasonable to assume that your actions are the most important things you can do to change anything.

Yet the most famous quantum physics experiment, the Double-Slit experiment, clearly shows us that it is the expectation of the observer which commands the form matter takes.  Contrary to what your eyeballs tell you, the quantum possibility wave collapses to form concrete material objects according to your expectations. (Click that link to Tweet it)

The material world does not await your discover in a preformed state; you form that world through your expectations.

So That’s Why I Couldn’t Get His Phone Number!

So, while your actions will always be important, the expectations behind your actions will always be infinitely more so.  For example:

  • If you decide to spark a romantic relationship by approaching an attractive man in the grocery store while holding beliefs like “I’m not very attractive” or “I doubt that handsome, successful men would be interested in me”, your actions (not matter how well executed) will usually not have the desired effect.
  • If you decide to seek financial freedom by making a budget and spending less then you earn so you can save money while holding beliefs like “I’m not worthy of managing more money” or “I never seem to ever have as much money as I’d really like”, your actions (not matter how well executed) will usually not have the desired effect.
  • If you decide to lose unwanted weight by eating healthier foods and exercising more while holding beliefs like “My body is fat and ugly” or “My body always quickly gains back any weight I lose”, your actions (not matter how well executed) will usually not have the desired effect.

Of course, in those examples, your actions would be important – the changes you seek wouldn’t be possible without them.  But the actions you take will only ever be as effective as the beliefs (and the feelings they produce) behind them.  When your beliefs do not match up with your desired outcome, no amount of great actions will produce the results you truly seek. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Great News – You Don’t Need to Discover That Magical Set of Actions Which Will Finally Deliver Your Desires

In those three examples, you could take the same exact actions (which haven’t worked in the past) and, simply by improving your beliefs to align with your desires, experience much greater success.  That is how powerful your beliefs are and how much impact they have over your material reality.

This is great news!  There is no need for you to uncover some magical, elusive set of instructions to attain your desires. (Click that link to Tweet it) In fact, the only reason those instructions have always seemed magical and elusive is because, in the past, you’ve taken great actions without having your beliefs aligned with your desires.

Don’t focus on taking the “right” actions.  Instead, focus on improving your beliefs, in a systematic and believable way, to align with your desires.  This is the set of instructions, given to us by quantum physics, which unlocks the law of attraction and turns you into an immensely powerful deliberate creator. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…