harry potter  Would you enjoy having a magic wand?  Who wouldn’t, right?  One where all you had to do was wave it and – Presto! – you change something.

Well, guess what?  You have one.

You’re Already a “Harry Potter”

Oh, it works a bit more subtly than Harry Potter’s.  And the change might not happen as quickly as Harry’s CGI movie magic.  But it works just the same.

In fact, your magic wand works just like quantum physics tells you it should. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Let’s say you have something you want to change.  Perhaps you have unwanted weight, for example.

You wave your magic wand by making a commitment to tell yourself the best-feeling, believable story about your weight, your eating, and your exercise.  Since your current weight is “unwanted” and causing you pain, your best-feeling, believable story will not be:

“I’m happy about my weight.  I am thin.”

That story won’t activate your magic wand because, although it might feel better for a moment (certainly feeling better than, “I am fat and ugly”), you won’t believe it.

Dust Off That Wand, Harry!

You wave your magic wand by telling yourself a believable story like:

“Although I am not pleased by my unwanted weight, I can believe that, today, I can start a commitment to some small steps in the right direction toward my ideal weight – like replacing my usual candy bar snack with a big glass of water and taking a walk around the block.  And I can also believe that its even possible for me to find gratitude in my current pain if only because that pain has gotten my attention and is motivating me to make changes today.”

Notice, by the way, that you took care to pepper your story with better-feeling words like saying “unwanted weight” instead of “fat” – that makes your magic wand even more powerful.

Why Your Magic Wand Works So Well

You can be certain that, over time, it will become possible for your wand to become more magical as you’ll be able to believe still better-feeling stories.  That’s because:

  1. You will be inspired to take positive actions through your commitment to only tell better-feeling, believable stories about your weight, eating, and exercising.
  2. Through that commitment, your feelings about your weight, eating, and exercising will grow more positive.
  3. Your motivation, which spurs your positive actions (which have much more aligned beliefs behind them now) will cause you to, slowly but surely, being to lose small amounts of weight.
  4. The small amounts of unwanted weight you lose brings you right back to point number one; these factors begin to act like a snowball rolling downhill.

So, while your magic wand probably won’t work “overnight”, you can be assured by quantum physics that it will work. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Will Your Magic Wand Work Instantly?

How long will it take for your magic wand to work?  That only depends on how motivated and dedicated you are to tell better-feeling, believable stories all the time.  And, since pain is a great motivator, see how you can view it as a blessing and tell new, better-feeling, believable stories about it too? (Click that link to Tweet it)

Join me today in using your magic wand and becoming a Hogwarts student.  You’re already in possession of it; why keep it locked away?

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…