YogaI love yoga.  I went to my second class today and I’m so grateful my wife wouldn’t stop telling me I’d love it until I tried it.  She was right.

Yoga shares something with playing “Grow a Greater You” that makes it super-cool.

And it’s not tight pants.

Why You Feel Like a Yoga Master Right Away

In yoga, like “Grow a Greater You”, you experience what a master experiences immediately.  Even though you’re not yet able to do what a master does.  For real.

How could that be?

In yoga, when I move into a pose I am getting as close to proper form as my body will allow.  Thus, no matter how far into a pose I get before hearing “This is as far as we can go”, I’m experiencing the stretch and activation of that portion of my body to it’s fullest, current extent.  Emphasis on “current.”

In yoga, I don’t pretend to “be” anything and anywhere other than who I am and where I am – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Right here, right now, in this present moment.  Greg is all I need to be.

Yoga, in fact, teaches me to listen to my body.  To be present in this moment and fully aware.  And, during my two classes, I have listened, heard, felt, and become fully aware of me.  As fully aware, in the manner yoga facilitates, as I’ve ever been.

Right Now Is Where You Find the Present, After All

And that’s the real key.  Am I as fully present and aware as I’ll be after years of yoga?  Of course not.  Yet I am as fully present and aware as possible right now.  And, furthermore, although I am not as fully present and aware as I hope to be someday, I am far more so, right now, than I’ve ever experienced.

And won’t everything I just wrote always be true?  No matter how long I do yoga?

No matter how long I do yoga, won’t I always:

  1. Be as fully present and aware as possible right now?
  2. Be far more fully present and aware, right now, than I’ve ever experienced?
  3. Be able to become more fully present and aware than I am, right now, with continued practice?

You’re Always Playing at Your Highest Level

Of course!  And that is precisely why it is not some cliche that the journey, that practice, is the gift.  The gifts are delivered to us right now, right here, in this present moment when we do yoga.

And the same is true of playing “Grow a Greater You.”  Exactly the same.

This is how playing “Grow a Greater You” unfolds:

  • You first learn how to listen.
  • Then you learn what you need to listen to.
  • Then you learn how to let what you hear teach you.
  • Then you learn how to receive the incredible gift(s), right now, that you’ve always desired.
  • Then you learn how to grow your beliefs about being worthy of your desire into alignment with that desire.
  • Then you learn how to transform every person, place, and thing into exactly what you want and need to experience that desire fully.
  • Then you learn how to let go of “needing” your desire so you experience it fully.

You are not manifesting your desires right off the bat.  You’re not even learning how to manifest your desires right off the bat.  Yet, like yoga, your manifesting experiences are amazingly fulfilling right away because you’ve never done anything like play “Grow a Greater You.”

“Grow a Greater You” and Yoga Have a Lot in Common

And, like yoga, when playing “Grow a Greater You”, you’ll always be:

  1. Growing your beliefs into greater alignment with your desires, right now, than ever before.
  2. Manifesting your desires, right now, more fully than ever before.
  3. Able to manifest even greater desires, with even greater confidence, with continued practice.

Yes, like yoga, you will grow into amazing mastery with practice playing “Grow a Greater You.”  And, also like yoga, every step of your journey will be the most exciting, fulfilling one yet.  You will experience the manifestation power of a master, from day one.

Master, yet, or not.

And please stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for Quantum Manifesting, by using new paradigms from quantum physics, so you can live a life of your dreams…