william-tiller  Science has shown, definitively, what many of us have intuitively known for a long time.  A group of physicists have proven that human intention can be put into a man-made device, transported great distances, and not only retain the intention it was imbued with, but repeatedly influence the recipient of that intention with the exact intended effects.

Pretty heady stuff.  And you can read about it yourself in Tiller’s book Conscious Acts of Creation.

Dr. Tiller Had People Meditate Specific Intentions Into Electronic Devices

William Tiller, PhD, imprinted objects with specific intentions by carefully and purposefully having the intentions meditated into them.  He then took those objects great distances and traditional scientific methods to study their effect on such things as the maturation of fruit fly larva and the PH balance of water.

In every case, the intention was delivered to its intended target and had the intended effect.  And the control objects, those not imprinted with human intention, did not have the same effect; the effects were found solely in  the case of imprinted devices.

Additionally, the imprinted devices not only reliably delivered the intentions imprinted into them to the intended targets, but the space those imprinted devices occupied (during the experiment) also became imprinted with the intention.  And, in fact, the space that imprinted device occupied continued to deliver that intention for up to six months after the device had been removed from that space.

The Results Will Come as No Surprise to You

Strange?  Perhaps to people who are not on the cutting edge of deliberate creations, such as you.  You have probably intuitively known these things for years.

I love it, however, when science finds results like this.  Primarily because such scientific evidence speeds up the process of disseminating the information into other fields like medicine, business, technology, government, education, etc.  And the incorporation of new scientific findings into other fields like those is what throws rocket fuel into the widespread adoption of new, more accurate and effective paradigms by the masses of people who, unlike you, may not be leading edge creators.

And I not only want you to be a happier, more successful, more fulfilled person who plays “Grow a Greater You” every day.  I also want the same thing for those yet to accept and adopt this way of life.  Every day someone spends feeling like a victim of life, believing that life happens “to” her, is another day of suffering I’d like to help her avoid.

Please Help Me Spread the Word: Suffering is Optional!

I know all about that suffering.  I’ve been there too!  And not only do I never wish to return, but I also desire that others may escape it.  In fact, my dream is that we can all escape it.

You can help too.  Talk to people about the new science.  Tell them about your experiences with aligning your beliefs, playing “Grow a Greater You” and  intentionally creating more pleasing life experiences.

And most importantly – keep playing “Grow a Greater You”.  Keep aligning your beliefs with your desires and manifesting them into your life.  And, in so doing, you make your light (and enlightenment) shine all the brighter.  Which contributes to the global shift of consciousness.

So stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…