William Tiller Shows Us How (and Why) to Carefully Imbue Everything We Do with Our Intention

william-tiller  Science has shown, definitively, what many of us have intuitively known for a long time.  A group of physicists have proven that human intention can be put into a man-made device, transported great distances, and not only retain the intention it was imbued with, but repeatedly influence the recipient of that intention with the exact intended effects.

Pretty heady stuff.  And you can read about it yourself in Tiller’s book Conscious Acts of Creation.

Dr. Tiller Had People Meditate Specific Intentions Into Electronic Devices

William Tiller, PhD, imprinted objects with specific intentions by carefully and purposefully having the intentions meditated into them.  He then took those objects great distances and traditional scientific methods to study their effect on such things as the maturation of fruit fly larva and the PH balance of water.

In every case, the intention was delivered to its intended target and had the intended effect.  And the control objects, those not imprinted with human intention, did not have the same effect; the effects were found solely in  the case of imprinted devices.

Additionally, the imprinted devices not only reliably delivered the intentions imprinted into them to the intended targets, but the space those imprinted devices occupied (during the experiment) also became imprinted with the intention.  And, in fact, the space that imprinted device occupied continued to deliver that intention for up to six months after the device had been removed from that space.

The Results Will Come as No Surprise to You

Strange?  Perhaps to people who are not on the cutting edge of deliberate creations, such as you.  You have probably intuitively known these things for years.

I love it, however, when science finds results like this.  Primarily because such scientific evidence speeds up the process of disseminating the information into other fields like medicine, business, technology, government, education, etc.  And the incorporation of new scientific findings into other fields like those is what throws rocket fuel into the widespread adoption of new, more accurate and effective paradigms by the masses of people who, unlike you, may not be leading edge creators.

And I not only want you to be a happier, more successful, more fulfilled person who plays “Grow a Greater You” every day.  I also want the same thing for those yet to accept and adopt this way of life.  Every day someone spends feeling like a victim of life, believing that life happens “to” her, is another day of suffering I’d like to help her avoid.

Please Help Me Spread the Word: Suffering is Optional!

I know all about that suffering.  I’ve been there too!  And not only do I never wish to return, but I also desire that others may escape it.  In fact, my dream is that we can all escape it.

You can help too.  Talk to people about the new science.  Tell them about your experiences with aligning your beliefs, playing “Grow a Greater You” and  intentionally creating more pleasing life experiences.

And most importantly – keep playing “Grow a Greater You”.  Keep aligning your beliefs with your desires and manifesting them into your life.  And, in so doing, you make your light (and enlightenment) shine all the brighter.  Which contributes to the global shift of consciousness.

So stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…

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    • There have been some famous studies, such as those conducted by Larry Dossey, which do show that prayer has a measurable effect upon healing.

      Which raises the question of what prayer is?

      If you believe, as I do, that there is no external entity, or gatekeeper, which we are separate from. But, instead, that we are a part of the eternal energy of this universe. Then how could prayer be speaking “to” something or somebody? If you believe as I do, then prayer must be a declaration of intent and desire.

      If that is so, and it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves, then William Tiller has certainly shown us that prayer can be extremely powerful.

      Thanks, Jennifer, for your thought-provoking question.

  1. I remember being really impressed with William Tiller when I watched “What the Bleep.” Can’t remember the specifics right now, but I did look him up afterward. Do you find his book accessible in terms of language and level of writing?

    Also, this is not exactly on topic, but I’ve been wanting to mention it for a long time now. I feel a thrill every time you use the pronoun “her,” rather than “his” or even “his or her.” It does something for my self esteem every single time. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you Deb, for weighing in. I loved his book. It has a lot of math, equations, and diagrams in it. But if that’s not your cup of tea there is still more than enough for a “layman’s” (which I am) read. Dr. Tiller expounds upon his ideas for how this information will change many fields such as medicine, education, and technology.

      By the way, did you notice that I wrote “layman“? Did that just to tease you a little. I love mixing up traditional pronouns; I consider that to be a little something “extra” I can do to facilitate paradigm change. Thanks for noticing – you’re not alone in commenting on that.

  2. Many people say that this LoA is a pseudoscience and not science. Is there any scientific evidence behind LoA which proves it as science and some pseudoscience. Please clarify. If this is science then it must be taught in schools given its powerful claims of manifestation.

    • Hey Manish. Thanks for asking a great question. If what follows sounds like a “rant”, it’s not directed at you. I’m grateful you asked that.

      I agree that LOA, as many people approach it and teach it, can be called, fairly, a pseudoscience. Certainly, in a sense, that term can apply.

      There is not direct empirical evidence that we “create” matter by collapsing the quantum possibility wave. There are lots and lots of clues, which I write about, that strongly suggest it, but there is no “smoking gun” which proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      Yet, consider, that there are many examples of things we “know” which are not directly proven through absolute and irrefutable evidence. And, conversely, there are some seminal things we “know” which are absolute illusions. So, in the end, it’s not so much what we “know” (or how we “know” it) from science, as much as the paradigms we create from science.

      After all, knowing about science isn’t necessarily life-changing. But applying the ideas from that science to our lives usually is. Applying the ideas from that science forms paradigms. And new paradigms, literally, change the world.

      It is most certainly not pseudoscience to say that quantum physics shows us that the observer is contextually involved in the process of creating her material world. One place where quantum physicists have yet to completely agree is in what manner that contextual involvement is conducted and conveyed. The Copenhagen Interpretation says that consciousness is the prime mover and shaker.

      For me, I can tell you that I know that my consciousness is the engine which allows me to contextually create. And I know that aligning my beliefs with my desires fundamentally and literally changes my own unique, individual universe (which quantum physicists will tell you we are all experiencing).

      How do I know that? Through my own experience and via the experiences of thousands of others.

      And where did I learn how to create this game I call “Grow a Greater You”? From new paradigms from quantum physics.

      So is LOA pseudoscience? If you’re looking for absolute, literal proof of something to avoid giving it that label – yes. But if absolute, literal proof is your litmus test, you’re going to be labeling lots of things “pseudoscience”.

      And what’s the fun in that label? At the end of the day, I find that labels like “pseudoscience” are often applied to programs like this simply as a justification to continue suffering. Strange as it may sound, many people identify with their suffering; their suffering, unfortunately for them, personifies them and is their identity. “Life happens to me”, “This is just how life is and there’s nothing I can do about it”, and “I am a victim of circumstances” are common mantras of the sufferer.

      I don’t know any other way to explain how someone would react to hearing “Wow! I used to suffer greatly – then I learned how I could actually influence my life experiences intentionally. And now I don’t suffer greatly. In fact, now I am able to manifest many of my desires in a fulfilling manner!” with “Harumph! B.S.! That’s just pseudoscience!”

      You know what I say? So what if something is “pseudoscience” anyway (whatever that even means)…if it works? Why the obsession to label something that just might work as something “bad”?

      What else could motivate someone to do that except to cling tight to her suffering? When you boil it down, I can’t imagine any other reason.

      And, yes, “Grow a Greater You” should absolutely, 100% be taught in schools. In fact, when I publish my next book (tentatively titled Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You), I believe we’ll finally have the proper textbook for just such a course.

  3. Wow Greg I love your last response here!!

    I would love to share my experience with LOA with at least two specific friends. But like you hit the nail on the head they love the suffering. They continually argue for their limitations. The one friend has full blown cancer and I can see how it manifested in her life. I find also that she feeds off the mass attention she gets from other friends and family. Constantly being taken out …gifts etc. I don’t mean to sound unfeeling but I just can’t help let it bother me that deep down I think she really does not want to be well.
    The other friend of mine every time I see her has a new aliment and specialist to go to. It’s like she is searching for a disease. It’s crazy i know. I really limit my time with these two. But if I brooch the subject of how they are creating their reality they go completely off on me. The one even goes so far as to say it’s Satan’s work!

    As always another great thought provoking post!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Pamela.

      My wife and I were sharing, earlier, about how blessed we are to receive so many thought provoking comments and questions from readers. Manish really inspired me and I’m grateful for that.

      I’m grateful for you too.

      I write a lot about why “bad things happen to good people” in the next book. It’s one of the oldest, and most understandable, questions that skeptics have about the Law of Attraction. I agree that, to many, your responses to your friends will sound “unfeeling” – I’m not criticizing you, simply acknowledging that it’s a touchy subject. Yet the truth remains that for everyone who suffers, there is freedom available.

      It is presumptuous of me to suggest that someone else should easily let go of the paradigm of life happening “to” her. For me, it took a tremendous amount of pain before I became willing. And, because I’m so incredibly grateful to be playing “Grow a Greater You” now, I’m actually also over-the-top grateful for all that pain which finally motivated me.

      So, in the end, I’m able to tell a better-feeling and believable story about my friends who, like your two, choose to hold on their suffering and actively argue to keep their limitations alive and thriving. I tell myself that they are right where they’re supposed to be – getting the pain that, hopefully, one day will lead them to feel sick and tired of being sick and tired. And then they’ll seek the freedom inherent in being an architect of their life experiences.

      My grand intent is that, never again, will anyone have to go on this journey without learning how influential and powerful she can be. In fact, I have a project upcoming to eradicate suffering from this planet. Not pain – pain is important and okay to experience. But no one must ever suffer.

      Big dreams, I know. But who am I not to dream big? I know you will be here for that project and perhaps your friends will be ready when that time arrives.

  4. OH I and I want to also add …your next book I want to purchase for my young teen son! I really want him to learn this stuff. He’s a real science kid so I think he will take right to it.

    • Your son, my sons, and all young people shall have my next book. As a textbook.

      The class shall be called “How to Be a Phenomenal Human Being” and I will actively promote it. My intent is for people to teach this class around the world to students of all ages. And the next book will make that fairly easy to do.

      The day has come for “Grow a Greater You” to rise out of the shadows of labels like “pseudoscience” and take it’s rightful place. Not as the one answer and solution. There are many paths to truth and freedom. But as one of those paths, shining brilliantly in the night, like a lighthouse, to guide safely home all who suffer and flounder.

      Big dreams, eh? Once again – who am I not to dream big?

    • Hey, Liz, thank you for asking a question about my favorite topic: me 😉

      Seriously, this book is a magnum opus. Thus far, it is a moonshot, out-of-the-park home run that I absolutely cannot wait to get into everyone’s hands. I want it published today!

      Yet I keep getting more information that needs to be included. There are sections addressing why “bad things happen to innocent/good people”, is LOA a pseudoscience, how to manifest each type of desire, etc.

      I keep saying, “Soon”. And I keep getting more information to add. My hope is by June, though.

      Thanks for asking. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for reading.

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