Why Your Body is Not a Machine and Can’t Be “Fixed”

healthy body  “Okay”, you’re saying, “enough with the back story.  Tell me how I can lose weight with new paradigms.”

No problem.  Let’s start.

Isn’t My Body Just a Big, Organic Machine?  It Has “Parts”, Doesn’t It?

What I’ll write about can be applied, by the way, to solve many other challenges you face, but let’s focus on losing weight for now.  I’ll address solving other issues at later dates.

In my last blog post, I described the four main paradigms which arose from the first scientific revolution and have been adopted by the industrialized world.  The first one I mentioned is the machine paradigm.

The machine paradigm was adopted because the science of the first scientific revolution showed us (inaccurately, it turns out) that everything in our universe could be broken down into smaller components.  And all those components work to serve the larger entity they comprise; the smaller components have “jobs” and their jobs are all related to the maximum function of the larger “machine”.

You Mean I’m Not Just a Calorie-Burning Mechanism That Simply Needs Retuning and Better Fuel?

Think about how this paradigm is present in weight loss.  You have been taught to think of your body as a machine.  Your machine (your body) needs the proper fuel (diet) and maintenance (exercise) to function properly.  If your machine is not functioning properly, all you need to do is correct your fuel and maintenance problems and it will be “fixed” (you’ll lose your unwanted weight).

Carrying the machine paradigm further, you have also been taught that the “parts” of your machine (your body) are all working in predictable fashion and will respond in predictable ways to changes in your fuel (diet) and maintenance (exercise).  If your machine isn’t fixed, your fuel and maintenance changes must not have been the proper ones to make.

But I’ll bet you haven’t found these things to be true in your weight loss efforts.  Most of us haven’t to be sure.  And this paradigm offers you only one option when you find that your changes haven’t worked: since your body is supposed to respond to changes in fuel and maintenance (that’s what the diet promised you, after all), you must seek out new changes to make!

I Always Wondered Why My “Machine” Always Seemed to Be in the Shop!

Does it make sense that, because Americans have found diets and exercise programs to be ineffective, bookstores are literally flooded with new diet books?  Every magazine, too,  screams headlines offering you the next miracle diet which will finally end your quest to lose your unwanted weight.  Within this paradigm, a constant flow of new diets and exercise programs is a must!

Rest assured, a good diet and regularly moving your body are important things.  These recommendations are not wrong.  But the paradigm within which you’re enacting these recommendations is wrong!

Quantum physics shows us that the machine paradigm is 100% wrong.  The smaller parts of larger things do not exist to serve the functioning of the larger entity.  And they most certainly do not function (nor respond to changes) in predictable fashion!

Put the Machine in the Junkyard and Begin Thinking  of Yourself as a Big Group of Voluntarily Cooperating Free-Agents

The machine paradigm has been replaced by a new paradigm (which will eventually become the “conventional wisdom” of the 21st Century because it is truly reflective of how our universe functions).  You might not be using this new paradigm yet, but your children (and grandchildren) will.  But you don’t have to wait until this new paradigm is universally accepted and used; you can start using it right now to lose your unwanted weight!

The new, accurate paradigm which quantum physics has given birth to is called Holism.  Holism says that the smaller parts of larger objects (like your body) are whole systems in-and-of themselves.  And these smaller systems function independently (and sometimes even in opposition of) the larger “thing” they comprise.

So how can adopting holism help you lose your unwanted weight?  In my next blog entry I’ll tell you a story about how your body functions that will probably amaze you (as it also illustrates holism in action).  Stay tuned…

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    • Hey Vera, thank you for visiting and giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      You can certainly read my book specifically about weight loss, titled Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat. There are links to it on my site; it’s available on Amazon.

      You might also look at the “Cool Articles” page (from the main navigation menu). There you’ll find articles grouped by subject matter.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I really don’t need to lose weight – I just got interested in the process, so I wanted to hear the rest of it. I did just download your book “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs” onto my kindle – and am just now getting into it. Thanks for all your good work.

  4. Your book is blowing my mind! I’ve struggled with bad eating habits and the same “unwanted” ten pounds for quite a long time. I focus on the actions so much and restrict that I haven’t ever approached it from this point of view! I can’t get enough of the book, articles, etc. I’m seeing changes in my daily attitude about everything.
    The hardest part for me is old habits of eating well all day, but reaching into treats at night and just doing the habits that I’m used to.
    Thanks for your insights, though. I’m truly fascinated!

    • Liz, I deeply appreciate you taking the time to share your energy and praise with me. I’m also honored that you’re allowing me to have value in your life. Thank you.

      I have truly maintained the same pants size/weight I had as a sixteen-year-old guy for the last seventeen-plus years (I’m 47 and a half). I do not follow a strict dietary regimen, nor do I adhere to a rigorous exercise plan. I eat only what I truly feel good about eating (which, actually, usually includes dessert and sweets) and I put healthy and loving intention into my movement (enhancing the “exercise” quotient of any movement I’m doing – from playing basketball with my sons to walking up the stairs to an appointment). That’s really all I do.

      And it works. Exactly as my Why Quantum Physicists… series says it does. Exactly as the universe tells us it does.

      I’m very pleased to read about your progress and your exciting results. Such results will continue to manifest as long as you’re playing “Grow a Greater You”. In fact, your results will blossom as you play. Isn’t that great?

      We can truly have any material reality that we dare to dream (and dare to intentionally grow our beliefs into alignment with).

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