OneCat_TwoPositions  Do you enjoy your illusions?  Would you rather know the truth?

“Are you kidding me?”, you ask, “What do you take me for?”

But we love our illusions, thought, don’t we?  Don’t we cling to them?  When we finally let them go, in fact, they usually have claw marks all over them.

How to Know How Much You Love Your Illusions

If you doubt me, if you don’t think you love your illusions and hold on to them  no matter the cost, here is a litmus test:

What does being disillusioned mean…to you?

To be disillusioned means, literally, that you have had your illusion(s) removed.  Often forcefully.  You now see things for what, or how, they really are.

Guns and Roses Had an Album Titled “Use Your Illusions”, But I Don’t Recommend Following Their Advice

Newcomers to the science of deliberate creation, for example, have been disillusioned.  Thank goodness! (Click that link to Tweet it) You have had your illusions of life happening “to” you removed and replaced by the truth.  With the truth that you are the creator of your life experiences.

Yet, in our culture, the term disillusioned has anything but a positive connotation.  When you hear about someone who has been disillusioned, it is a sad reference.  Or even a tragic thing, no matter how necessary removing that illusion was.

So here we find yet another story you can tell differently.  And, in so doing, a new belief you can grow which will align you more completely with your desires.  A story and believe which can allow you find gratitude in disillusionment when it happens, instead of sorrow.

Set Yourself Free and Become Friends With Disillusionment

Being disillusioned is, after all, not a sad event.  It is a happy one.  It sets you free.

You can decide, today, that you prefer to be disillusioned.  In fact you might even decide that you’ll seek out the experience (considering the alternative). (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…