Why You Probably Shouldn’t Look in the Mirror if You Want to Lose Your Unwanted Weight

Apple  Quantum physics tells us that each observer has her own universe.  That’s meant to be taken literally , which means reality is completely subjective.

Reality is so subjective, in fact, that I’d be willing to bet that you have a different image of your body than almost everyone else does.

Some People’s Brains Play Horrible, Even Deadly, Tricks on Them

We’ve all heard about people who suffer from anorexia and, while I’m not qualified to speak definitely about that disorder, I do know that these folks see their body vastly differently than you and I would.  Where you and I might see a nice-looking man or woman, folks with anorexia look in the mirror and see an ugly, fat person.  Because that’s what she believes she looks like and that’s the unfortunate side of reality’s subjectivity.

And here’s where  “…each observer has her own universe…” becomes so important to embrace.  For that anorexic person I just described, since her body is ugly and fat to her, she doesn’t just “see” her body as ugly and fat, her body really is ugly and fat. To her.  But that’s all that matters, even when everyone else tells her that is it is not ugly and fat.  Because that is what she believes about her body that is her reality.

I certainly hope you don’t suffer from such a drastic body image incongruence, but I do know you have a body image of yourself that you see every time you look in the mirror.  We all do.  And that image has nothing to do with how your body “really looks”, because there is no such thing as how your body “really looks” except how you see itYour body image is your reality; you see what you believe.

How Your Body Image is Created By You and Is Yours Alone

And since what your body looks like (to you) is completely self-created, losing your unwanted weight is as much a journey to form a new body image as it is a journey to eat differently and exercise more often.  In other words, you can radically change your diet, eating only raw food like a rabbit, and also become the ultimate workout warrior, putting Jillian Michaels to shame, but without reforming your personal body image, you will still see that same overweight person when you look in the mirror.

Sound crazy?  If you believe that people with anorexia do this, isn’t it also easy to see that we all do the same thing?  We look in the mirror and we see what we believe we are.

You have unwanted weight and you’ve been eating better and exercising more often.  Yet your weight loss largely remains elusive.  You already know the reason – your body image, what you believe you look like, hasn’t changed and, until it does, all the lettuce and stairclimber workouts in the world won’t give you the body you desire.

Yikes!  Are You Sick and Tired of Seeing That Unwanted Body Staring Back at You in the Mirror Like I Was?

So what should you do, right now, to begin changing your body image?  Run, don’t walk, to Amazon to secure a copy of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

And, in meantime, here is a “street level” tip that might sound elementary, but it is created straight from the amazing science of quantum physics and kick starts your mental evolution: Don’t ever look in the mirror (and assess your body) unless you feel good about yourself and your weight.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips, techniques, and updates about using the phenomenal science of quantum physics to finally achieve your ideal body…

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  1. Hi Greg, I really loved your book Build New Beliefs and started my writing last night. I am confused though about writing about where I really am with my desire (right now financial abundance) and not “telling it like it is”. Isn’t that what I’m doing when I’m writing from the perspective of where I am on the emotional scale? Also Am I writing from the emotional scale perspective and at the same time telling a different story? I thank you for any guidance you can give. Dana

    • Dana, what an awesome and natural question. Thank you very much for sharing it and giving me an opportunity to be of greater value to you.

      In regards to our “bugaboos” (those long-standing, important desires we’ve never quite been able to manifest), it is actually important to get honest about where we are at this moment. As you know all too well, we’ve spent a lot of energy and time slapping smiley faces over our empty “gas tanks” in regards to this desire. So until “we agree to ‘suffer’ there will be no end to the ‘suffering’ ” (as the old saying goes).

      While this does, indeed, involve “telling it like it is”, it is not merely semantics to say that this is a FAR different version of “telling it like it is” than what we may have practiced previously. In this case, we are acknowledging the beliefs which have been there, are there now, and (without our intentional improvement of them) will be there in the future. We’re opening up the closet and letting the light of day shine upon that “monster” (which, we’ll soon see is only a monster in our imagination; in the light of day, it’s really just a cranky kitten who needs petting and reassurance).

      So, in this beautiful iteration of “telling it like it is”, we are doing so intentionally and with phenomenal purpose. Once we’ve told it like it is, in fact, we’ll begin telling it how we want it to be. Right away. And with the slow, deliberate, and believable pace necessary for our subconscious to accept and embrace the improvements.

      So don’t fret getting honest. The quantum field will allow you to manifest from each tick of improvement up the emotional guidance scale!

      Let me know how it goes for you. And thank you for turning on your light for us all to see and be warmed by today!

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