Why Simply Changing Your Seat Can Easily and Quickly Reward You

roundtable  This post is a metaphor about the importance of your perspective.

Imagine yourself sitting at a large, round table.  In the center of this table is a pile of money.

From where you are sitting, you have a unique perspective on that pile of money.  Let’s imagine that, from your perspective, that pile is “bad”, as in “not enough”.  For you, that pile of money embodies “scarity”, “limitation”, and “lack”.  Due to this, that pile of money fills you with trepidation.

Who Put That Pile of Money on the Table and Why is it So “Small”?

But what if I told you that the pile of money has no inherent meaning, except that which you are giving it (from your current perspective due simply to the location of your seat at the table)?  This pile of money only has the meaning (in your case, “bad” and “not enough”) that you’ve given it.

And what if I told you that the meaning you give to this pile of money comes from your current location (or perspective) at this table.  And the meaning you give to that pile represents your beliefs about money?

Further still, what if I told you that you can change your beliefs about that pile of money if you want?  If you wish, you can improve your beliefs about that pile of money simply by telling yourself new, better-feeling, believable stories about it?

Really?  You’re Writing More “What if I Told You…” Phrases?

Then, what if I told you that as you told yourself new, better-feeling, believable stories about that pile of money, your seat (your perspective) will move to a new location at the large, round table?  From your new location, that pile of money will hold new, improved meaning for you.

And what if I also told you that there is no limit to how far you can move your seat at the large, round table? (Click that link to Tweet it) You can move your seat, by continuing to tell new, better-feeling, believable stories about that pile of money, as aligned with “good”, “abundant”, and “enough” as you wish.

Finally, what if I told you that, as your location at the large, round table shifts (to an improved location), the meaning of that pile of money changes even though the pile, itself, doesn’t change a bit?  The pile has neither increased nor decreased in size; the only thing which has changed the meaning of that pile of money (for you) is your perspective – because of the view from your new seat at the table.

Okay…Enough With the “What if I told you…” Already!

Now, I’m finally going to quit writing “…what if I told you…” 😉

This metaphor perfectly illustrates what quantum physics tells us about how we alter our material reality.  And this metaphor also illustrates perfectly why quantum physicists tell us that each person sees her own, unique universe (even when we are all looking at the same material object).

You see, in this metaphor:

  1. The table represents your life
  2. The object in the middle of the table represents any “thing” (your material reality)
  3. Your seat at the table (providing your perspective of that “thing”) represents your current beliefs about that “thing”
  4. Changing your seat at the table will not necessarily change that “thing” (it doesn’t have to), but it will change your beliefs about that “thing” and, thus, the meaning that “thing” holds for you
  5. Each person is able to change her seat that the table anytime she wishes to, by telling new, better-feeling, believable stories about that “thing”
  6. Thus, each person is fully capable of changing her material reality

Even though each person is looking at the same exact “thing”, that “thing” has no inherent, pre-determined meaning.  The meaning-neutral “thing” is simply being viewed by each person and given meaning by her. (Click that link to Tweet it) This meaning, as you know, stems from her unique seat at the table.

I hope you join me today in moving your seat at the table, regarding the “things” that are making your unhappy in your material  reality.  Whether those “things” are money (lack of), health (less than desired), relationships (unfulfilling), or anything else unique to you.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams and desires…

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  1. (I think my first comment got erased sorry to duplicate if it didn’t)I wanted to thank you for the clear explanations of quantum physics and LOA. I have read a lot about LOA and Abraham/Hicks but listening to you talk about it from a physics perspective in plain english (I am no scientist!) really helps fill in some gaps. I listend to the recording of the Matt & Phil show and it was great to hear this and not just read it. Somehow it became more easy to understand. Also, you had made an offer on the Matt & Phil show if we left a post on your blog. Oddly enough, today I was fretting losing some weight and how I was going to do it. And, voila, here was an offer for a copy of your book. I hope it is still available. Keep writing, your stuff is great!

    • Thank you, Jennifer. Your encouragement is very inspiring.

      Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat is not currently free. But I do use the Amazon Kindle giveaway promotion with it on a regular basis, so keep your eyes open if you want to grab it at a later time.

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