When I played the game, “Grow a Greater You”, with money, I had very pleasing results.  But I’d like to reveal a change in how I played this game with money that turned my manifestation of it upside down in a great way.

If you’re willing to do what I did, I’ll bet you can replicate my experiences.

When we play “Grow a Greater You”, we are taking advantage of what we know about how our universe actually “works,” because we now know that the quantum field always reliably mirrors our beliefs back to us in the form of our material reality.  Thus, we intentionally grow our beliefs into alignment with our desires and let the quantum field do all the “heavy lifting” for us.  It’s a wonderful game and produces reliable results.

Thus, as I raised my beliefs about money into alignment with my desires for it, I definitely experienced a more pleasing material reality of financial abundance.

A Change That Brought Me Explosive Growth

But here is the change I made that put financial abundance into overdrive for me: I removed money as the desire I was aligning my beliefs with.  Instead, I began aligning my beliefs with my desire to imbue my creations with more value.  And I reassigned money; I decided that money would be one of the forms of feedback regarding how much value my creations had.

I highly recommend you try this.  Whatever you “do” for money, whatever your job is or what services you provide, work the belief-raising protocol on your beliefs about the value of it.  And simply put money in the role of a “reflection” of the value of what you’re doing.  Let money be a feedback loop for your beliefs about the value of your contributions; turn money into valuable and helpful information about how aligned your beliefs about value are with your desires for it.

Why Make the Change?

What will happen?

The first thing you’ll notice is how much more relaxing it is to have money in the role of “information” as opposed to your manifestation target.  Doing this takes a lot of the pressure off of money and allows you to focus less upon it.  And, now, when you don’t see reflections of money in the amounts you desire, you’re able to simply go back to the source of those reflections to resolve the displeasure – and continue to raise your beliefs about value.

Additionally, you’ll probably find that your energy around money improves.  Because it is now a reflection of your beliefs about the value of what you’re doing, you will soon no longer have doubts about whether you “deserve” the increase of money reflected back to you through your intentional belief-raising about of the value of your contributions.  You won’t wonder if it’s “okay” for you to have greater financial abundance any more.

Use Your Knowledge About How Your Material Reality is Created to Your Awesome Advantage

Because the quantum field cannot do anything except reflect your beliefs back to you, the increased financial abundance in your unique universe will be nothing more than an accurate reflection of your beliefs about value.  And, make no mistake, as you put your beliefs about value through the belief-raising protocol from “Grow a Greater You”, your reflections will change.  There is no way they cannot improve as your beliefs grow into greater alignment with your desires for value – that is the only way our universe “works.”

Of course, if you have a job where the money you earn is variable, you will definitely manifest more of it using this technique.  But even if you have a job with a set salary, and your paycheck amount is unchanging, you will notice that the money you manifest through your efforts will take on an improved and enlightened new meaning and value for you.

Additionally, in the “fixed paycheck” scenario, you will also see more opportunities, potential, and inspiration for financial abundance reflected back to you as you raise your beliefs into alignment.

The quantum field will always, and without fail, mirror your beliefs back to you in the form of your material experiences.  So release money from its former role as your target desire and relax into a new universe where it is simply a reflection of your continually improving beliefs about the value of what you do and contribute.  You’ll love the new ease with which money flows to you.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…