Why Needing Something to Happen Usually Prevents the Quantum Field from Doing What it Does Best

take-action    Quantum physics clearly tells us that our actions are not as important as our intentions, or expectations, behind them.

Thus, action is not the most important agent for changing something about yourself – as you once may have thought.

Yet action is always going to be important.  And you should be taking action to manifest your dreams and desires.  Just make sure it is inspired action.

Action Versus Inspired Action: There is a Difference

What’s the difference between uninspired action and inspired action?

Uninspired action is action you “need” to take to “make” a certain result occur. (Click that link to Tweet it) Action taken from this perspective tells the quantum field that your action must bring about a certain result – that it is “needed” to “make” a desire manifest.  This is not how the quantum field works.

When you take uninspired action you are sending two limiting expectations to the quantum field:

  1.  You are telling the quantum field that you “need” the desired outcome (and the quantum field’s response is almost always, “Okay, I’ll send you more ‘need’.”)
  2. You are handcuffing the quantum field and keeping it from doing what it specializes in – connecting the dots for you in amazing and often unexpected ways.

Inspired action is action you take motivated by your raised beliefs.  When you take inspired action you are doing so from the perspective of joy.  And you are also doing so without expectation of a certain result; you take inspired action simply because you wish to “be”, or “become” more like, that which you desire.

When you take inspired action you are sending two wonderful expectations to the quantum field: (Click that link to Tweet it)

  1. You are telling the quantum field that you don’t “need” that which you desire.  Instead you are telling the quantum field that you “are” that which you desire (and the quantum field’s response is almost always, “Okay, I’ll send you more of what you ‘are’.”)
  2. You are allowing the quantum field free reign to connect the dots for you in whatever ways it sees fit for you.  You might not be able to clearly see those dots connecting from your current perspective, but, since you’ve taken action from a joyful perspective (without the expectation of a specific outcome), you can accept any outcomes without feeling that things didn’t turn out like they were “supposed to”.

Not Feeling Inspired Right Now? Here’s What to Do

Try this.  Any time you feel like you “must” take an action to “make” a desire manifest, stop for a moment and try to reframe your action.  See if you can, instead, take that action from an inspired, joyful perspective.  If you can’t do that, hold off on taking that action.

With practice, more and more of your actions will be inspired ones.  And you’ll love the results.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires…

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  1. Oh this is a good post! You are right, when you are in the “desperate zone” then it doesn’t seem to happen. But when you simply desire and release it, then it appears in amazing ways. I have seen this in some parts of my life but have one area that it is not working….

    Weight loss. Geez, how do you get over the vicious cycle of feeling yucky about yourself so that the good stuff can manifest?

    • Hello Jen. It’s an often painful truth that “needing” manifests…more needing.

      When it comes to weight loss this is all the more important (remember that my first book was Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat!). Weight is such a classic “I’ll believe when I see it” area.

      To see weight loss we must be coherent with slim. Our energy must be “slim”; slim must be our state of being. No amount of dieting and working out can overcome not being coherent with slim.

      So we must raise our beliefs about diet and movement to be aligned with our desires. Only then will our efforts have the effect we want. Only then will we be coherent with slim.

      Of course, if you’re interested you should also read Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

      • Thanks a bunch for the reply. I am off to Amazon now. I also see you have a new book!

        So funny how you think you have the hang of something to find an area that is a challenge to you. I guess that is how we get better about this stuff!

        • Jen! Another area to challenge us, huh? Isn’t it wonderful that, as soon as we manifest our desires, new desires bloom for us that we get to, yet again, grow ourselves into manifesting?

          That’s all part of the fantastic game called “Grow a Greater Me”.

          Glad to hear from you!

  2. Wow! That just hit home for me! I love how the universe works… We just sold our restaurant after 15 years and I was entertaining thoughts of ” now what, I’ve got to generate some income some how”. And I read this post thinking…”hold on a minute…change that perspective. I don’t ‘need’ to get a job. Just settle in and let things happen.” RELAX I told myself. So that’s what I’m doing, consciously listening and feeling every thought before I act upon them.
    Thanks Greg! Now I can breathe,

    • Trish, it’s very affirming to read that a post on my site has resonated with you. And that you’ve found meaning and affirmation in it.

      I love having fun choices and decisions. Those things used to stress me out (and sometimes still do), yet today I’ve mostly learned to tell myself a better-feeling believable story about them. Such as you’ve done.

      Thanks so much for choosing to tell me about your life and for relating your gratitude and appreciation.

    • Hey Donna. I’m not sure there is a quick, universally-applicable answer to that quiery.

      I suppose that if the event is upon you, letting go and trusting is your only option.

      If you have more time, though, your most effective option is to align your beliefs with your desired outcomes. That is how material reality is created.

      I hope that helps. Thank you for asking.

  3. Hi Greg,

    i have desired importing my own dog, a Bernese as i have always desired to start breeding, but it seems always elude me, just making sure i have the money to do so, Something always comes up.

    so i realise that my thoughts and expectations are sabotaging this. so i need to change my stories, but after reading this i need to change my desires as well.

    so i should just accept that this is what i want, and just trust that i will have the finances and the right dog for me will come along.

    thanks Mel

    • Hello Melissa. Thank you for leaving the feedback.

      In this case, the message from this post is that you should want the dog without needing it. In other words, don’t need the dog to experience the happiness you imagine having this dog will bring you.

      Instead, decide to have that happiness right now. And let manifesting the dog simply add to, or augment, that happiness.

      I hope this helps. And I can’t be held responsible for any messes on the floor! 😉

  4. Even though I loved Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, and it taught me a lot; telling better stories, neediness etc..I still wasn´t convinced I knew how to align my beliefs to my desire. Then I read How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. Now I´m on a roll going up the step by step Emotional Chart.

    • Thank you, Sonia, for validating exactly why I wrote How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

      Although each book stands on its own, they are complimentary (if not necessary) companions.

      All my previous (and future) books will also pair beautifully with How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

      Thank you for your praise; I hope to hear more about your successes.

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