Head in Hands  This week I spoke to a friend of mine who is working to expand her repertoire as a writer.  She is a food writer who is taking a course in creative writing because she wants to write humor.

She is a very funny lady and regularly makes us all laugh when our friends are together.  My wife and I have often remarked that what makes her so funny is that she has so much fun with herself and she enjoys her own sense of humor so thoroughly.  It’s a natural that she can write humorous things if she intends to do so.

But my friend is struggling.  And our conversation reveals something that can benefit you too, no matter what your profession or vocation.

My friend is making one of the crucial mistakes we all do from time to time.  She is trying to be funny.  Trying to be funny often doesn’t work (unless you’ve made a profession of it, like a stand-up comic, and learned to hone your craft).  And it’s also usually stressful – both for the person trying to be funny and for the audience.

What my friend needs to focus on is having fun.  And that’s all she needs to focus on.  Just like when she’s cracking us all up during a party.  As soon as she begins to focus on having fun when she’s writing, instead of trying to be funny, her natural sense of humor will shine through like a radiant beacon.

And I’ll make the same vital suggestion to you.  Whatever you’re trying to do, change your focus away from that “goal” and put it on having fun. (Click that link to Tweet it) All the while, still doing your best to be productive and impactful in your endeavors, of course!

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