Why Monty Hall Was Right – A Guest Post By Pam Grout

Pam Grout  Pam Grout continues to take the law of attraction/self-empowerment world by storm.  And for good reason: she is an insightful and cogent writer who is an even better person.  I’ve been very happy to get to know her and call her my friend.

If you haven’t yet read her latest book, E Squared, did you know you are one of only thirty-five people in the United States who hasn’t?  Okay…I’m kidding.  But E Squared is (rightfully) selling like mad and generating a boatload of awesome praise.  Check it out for yourself.

“Where is the joy in my life and what have I sacrificed it for?
–Elizabeth Gilbert

There are a grand total of two ways to do things.

Whether you’re looking for a job or having a conversation with your BFF, whether you’re making a smoothie or plans for a European vacation, you either do what you’’re doing with the resources of Door Number 1 or Door Number 2.

Door #1, the drug of choice for most of us, means doing your life, your daily activities with the power of your own resources. You make decisions based on the thoughts within your own head, with what you know so far, with what you’’ve learned from your parents, from school, from the news. In a nutshell, it’s using the resources of the past.

Door #2, the only other choice, means conducting your life hooked to your Source or what I call the F.P., the field of potentiality.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. When I depend on my limited resources (Door #1), I’’m like a toaster that’s not plugged in. I can press the button a million times, but if it’’s not plugged in, there’s not going to be any toast on which to apply butter and jam. I can eat the bread, of course, but it’’s not toast.

You’’ve probably heard the expression, “All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Sin, rather than a judgment call, merely means separation from your Source. It means your toaster i’s not plugged in. There’’s no condemnation involved. You don’’t damn your toaster all to hell. If you’’re smart, you simply grab the cord and plug it back in to its source.

For the sake of clarity, let’’s stretch the toaster metaphor. Let’s say you really, really, really want toast. You can plead and beg and pray all you want, but until you connect the toaster back to the wall, “Sorry Charlie, you’’re S.O.L.”

You can throw the toaster in the dumpster, but there’’s nothing wrong with it. It’’s just not connected.

That’’s what we’’ve done. We’ve thrown our toasters (the days and the hours of our lives) away.

Your Source (Again, call it what you like—: God, the F.P., Divine Intelligence) doesn’’t judge anymore than electricity judges. It’s completely 100 percent non-biased. It has no opinions on whether you choose to employ its power or not. It’’s just there, waiting for you to plug yourself back in.

Some of us don’’t plug in to our Source because we feel guilt. Or we don’’t feel we’’ve worked hard enough. Or we bought this crazy notion that It doesn’’t want us.

But that’s as ridiculous as saying electricity doesn’’t want (or won’t work) for a thief. Electricity doesn’’t judge. It works equally well for everyone.

In fact, it’s OUR judgments, our grudges, our preconceived notions that block the flow. Source is always there, patiently waiting for us to lay down our judgments and plug ourselves back in.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…

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  1. Thanks, Greg, for allowing me to be part of this awesome blog. I love your work and I love your snappy headlines. Monty Hall was my hero when I was a kid and what fun to use him as an example of our door choosing. Now all we need are the costumes that inspired Monty to pick his contestants. I’ve got a barely-used super hero cape.

    • Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis? “…barely-used…”? Hey, Pam, I appreciate the reference to my guest post on your blog, but “barely-used”? I beg to differ, sunshine!

      What a beautiful thing: I get back from my son’s cross country match (on an absolutely gorgeous day, no less) to find a comment from you!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  2. I have been on a journey from pain to bliss only to fall into the pain trap again after 11 years of bliss. On this journey I stumbled on E Squared and I am now beyond bliss. I will never fall again. My pain both (inner and outer) materialized b/c of my knowledge that we do create our world with our thoughts. I tried so desperatly to share this knowledge with all the people I that I love to no avail. Understandably so… few to none believe. I let it drag me down and started to question my own beliefs. I had several huge injuries bodily this year while at the same time struggling with my inner turmoil. My very active life style was turned upside down and I became sick inside and out. The whole time even though I was sad beyond belief I knew the outside injuries were trying to distract me from my painful questioning going on inside of me. there was a calmness that peeked through only briefly in these past 11 mnths of struggle. BUT I AM BACK better, happier and stronger in my beliefs that ever before! I consider all of the authors of the amazing books about how we are all connected to each other and the universe, my best friends. Even though we do not know each other on a physical level. I know we are connected through our energy. I know that you can feel my love and appreciation. I wish you an amazing life. Thank you for being there for me. I am here for you as well.

    • And I appreciate you taking the time, Sue, to call our connection to my attention.

      Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you and for acknowledging that. We’re obviously both mutual fans of Pam too.

      • Greg,
        Even though it is not unbelievable to me, this may be unbelievable to many others! After I received your reply to the comment I made on your blog, I had the thought that the KindleUnlimited book I am currently reading “Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You”…was written by YOU! I really didn’t need to check but I did anyway, and yes my belief was confirmed. On kindle it recommends similar books at the end of the book you just finished reading. I rarely look at the authors name (sorry) unless I realize that I want to read more from that author. Which I do!!! When I accidently landed on your blog the other day I had been searching “Pam Grout”. Things like this happen to me all of the time. As I stated in my previous post I was feeling off for about a year due to some physical injuries I experienced that happened at a time in my life that I felt vulnerable to losing my beliefs, which by the way are exactly inline with yours and Pam”s and many other authors I have had the blessing of STUMBLING upon. Society was making me question my beliefs. The real injuries were not only painful but turned my active life upside down. In addition to those I was also experiencing “Mind Body ” injuries due to stress I was feeling about my internal turmoil. I literally felt bombarded. But instead of giving up my belief system and crumbling I knew all along that everything would turn back around for me and all of my physical pain and internal pain would be a blessing and I had to just keep believing that. I learned along time ago how our unconscious mind does everything it can to protect us from stress and pain keeping it locked away and instead causes physical pain as a distraction in the form of old injuries or what ever is in vogue at the time. I don’t know if you are interested but I have quite a story to tell of my journey from that experience 12 years ago when I experienced so much pain throughout my body to where I am now. Even with this years detour I just got off!! So many people in my community have told me that I should teach a class or write a book. They have been very complimentary to me in regards to things I have told them or how I live my life as an example to them. I live in a college a town and I have been told this by young and old. I was just told this again today which is why I decided to write you. I will be 52 next week and I literally am aging back wards! My background is in Nutrition and I am a fitness lover!! Best of all 6 years ago I started teaching at a Christian preschool ( fell into it actually). We all should look at life through a child’s eyes. Thank you for being part of my return to this beautiful, magical life of ours. By the way I have been married to Prince Charming for almost 30 years and because I have always believed that he is Prince Charming I have felt like a Princess!


        • Sue, I am deeply honored that you’ve chosen to share your story and energy with me. And very grateful that you’re giving me opportunities to be of value to you.

          Your story is amazing. And I love it. To think that I’m contributing to your ongoing journey of expansive joy and fulfillment is powerfully affirming for me.

          I, too, manifest health, wellness, serenity, joy, and love in abundance. And I love it.

          Let’s both keep growing and unfolding together.

          • Greg I am giving you the title “Great thinker of the 21st century!” You have helped me so much at a time when I felt scared and alone in regards to my forward thinking. As per your suggestion i decided to go back and start with your book “why quantum physicists do not fail.”I appreciate you so much. The things you have put on paper are the thoughts I feel but have failed in explaining to people. H ence seeming like a wacko! Even though I will be hesitant to speak of my thought process too many still because I don’t want to experience what I am just now coming out of. Which is doughting quantum physics because of societies disbelief. Its just that I am the type of person that when I’m excited about something my strong compassion for other people makes me driven to spread the news. I then actually feel terrible and guilty really that I’m experiencing such greatness inside because i want it for them as well. I am so grateful to have you as a support to my beliefs.I hope more beauty and richness of everything you want in the universe comes to you. I know that it will.
            Great fully ,Sue

          • Sue, thank you for sharing your praise and gratitude. I’m grateful that you’ve given me opportunities to be of value to you, my friend.

            If you’re calling me “Great Thinker of the 21st Century”, then I’m calling you “Great Identifier of Great Thinkers of the 21st Century”! 😉

            Relish and luxuriate in the greatest you feel inside with child-like abandon and glee. It’s real. And know that your greatness takes away no one else’s, nor does it diminish the amount of greatness available to anyone else.

            All the amazing power and energy you are experiencing is freely available to every other human on the planet. In fact, by letting your’s shine, you’re helping people make the decision to avail themselves of “Grow a Greater You”. So keep right on shining!

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