Why Learning to Coax a Bunny Into Your Home Teaches You How to Change Your Material Reality

bunny  Changing your beliefs is a lot like luring a wild bunny into your home.  I should know; I’ve actually done both.  Both take patience.  And practice.

If a bunny lived outside your home and you wanted to lure her into your kitchen (to pet her, not make rabbit stew!), you know you couldn’t simply stand in your back door, call her, and expect her to come hopping right in.  It wouldn’t make any difference if you wave the fattest, juiciest carrot either; she wouldn’t come in.

Because a wild bunny is scared.  A bunny is hyper-concerned with safety.  And for her, staying in familiar surroundings is the key to staying safe.

Guess what?  Your brain is a lot like a bunny. (Click that link to Tweet it) More about that in a moment…

“Here Bunny…Here Bunny…Come Over Here”

But what if you walked gently to the shrub the bunny was hiding in and laid a small carrot right in front of it.  Then walked back to your door and stood motionless and silent.  Eventually, the bunny would  venture out and cautiously take the carrot.

And what if you repeated those actions every day?  Only every other day you laid the carrot an inch or so farther away from the shrub?

If you had persistence and patience, over the course of a month or so you could coax the bunny all the way to your door.  Even into your home.  If you moved the carrot an inch at a time (and no more).

Not only is that how you lure a wild bunny into your home, that is also exactly how you form new beliefs.  Your subconscious brain is just like that wild bunny – concerned first and foremost with safety and not budging from the shrubbery (or, the safe familiarity of your practiced beliefs) without ample coaxing. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Did You Know You Have a Rabbit In Your Head?

And you lead your subconscious into new beliefs just like you lead a bunny to your house, except you don’t use a carrot – you use better-feeling stories.  And you make them believable by improving them continuously, but slightly, every day.

Just as the bunny wouldn’t hop right into your back door, your subconscious will not believe stories which are too grand (hence the ineffectiveness of positive affirmations for long-term change).  You improve your stories gradually, just as you’d move the carrot no more than an inch at a time, if you want to coax your subconscious mind to change and improve the beliefs it holds.

A whole bushel of big carrots wouldn’t bring the bunny right into your kitchen.  Neither will the most grandiose of positive affirmations coax your subconscious into truly changing your beliefs(Click that link to Tweet it) Lure your subconscious like you would a bunny, however, and you’ll soon be experiencing an amazing new, improved material reality (which matches your new beliefs).

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques about using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires…

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    • Hey Jon-Michael. Thank you for commenting.

      Positive affirmations, I agree, do move the carrot an inch. Here’s where I diverge, however: based on what we know about the human brain and quantum physics, positive affirmations must be believed by the subconscious to truly alter the behavior of the bunny – to truly build trust in the bunny (or, of course, in the subconscious mind).

      This is exactly why relying on a diet of positive affirmations alone (without making sure the affirmations are believable to our subconscious) almost always ends in frustration when the measuring stick is how well a very important desire has been manifested in our lives.

      • At times staying in the moment, and adjusting a negative pattern of thought is aided by viewing myself as energy attracting energy, from a platform of science could you critique that thought, and/or point me in the direction of some of your work on our relationship with all of life around us

        • Jon-Michael…interesting idea. I’m currently providing audio for my book, Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance, for a YouTube Channel called “YouAreCreators”. That book deals with what you’re talking about a bit – it’s not focused upon it, but you’ll find it there.

          In early 2014, I’ll be coming out with a book called “A Guide for Being Human”, which will speak to what you’re referring to a bit more as well.

  1. Hello Greg I’m Zoe and i was just wondering how soon do you think your audio the whole version of why quantum physicists create more abundance will be available to listen to on You tube as I have listened to chapter 2 read out by you and this is how I found your web site and wanted to listen to more of the book, Although not a scientist myself I dont have an ology in any subject lol I found this very interesting to listen to. I prefer audio books as chemo effected the way my brain works when reading any form of literature( if you know what i mean I seem to absorbe more this way) I listen to possitive affirmations every night but you are right its the believing them that I have problems with how do I get passed this self doubt what method can I use I know the more I think I’m going round in circles with my current life and cant change the more it’s going to happen. I have used the Law of attraction in the past and it has worked for me but not recently. Any advise would be great. Kind regards Zoe

    • Hello Zoe. Thanks so much for commenting! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed listening to my book and I’m proud that it’s meant something to you.

      Justin, the person behind the YouAreCreators channel on YouTube, and I have been working together on this. I recently sent him Chapter Three, but he hasn’t posted it yet. If Chapter Three is as well received as the previous two, we’ll post more (and so on).

      Justin is going to post Chapter Three; you might comment on the Chapter Two posting to encourage him to do it soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I LOVE this analogy–I will always remember the bunny in my head! So great for helping me to shift my current beliefs into an alternate paradigm. Great bridging work, thanks Gregory!

    • I’m glad you connected with that image, Sarah. It’s particularly powerful for me too and very apt.

      Thanks for leaving such an affirming comment.

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