Why Is He Miserable? Here is the Answer

cute angry kid  Do you know someone miserable?  I do.

He is occasionally short-tempered, often acts arrogantly, and sometimes speaks condescendingly.  He complains a lot; something is almost always wrong and it’s usually someone else’s fault.  By all appearances he is incredibly unhappy.

Can you imagine what it’s like to live inside his head?  What horrid and bad-feeling stories has he told himself for so long that they’ve become his beliefs?  He’s at the bottom of a deep well, buried in negative beliefs, and sees no way out.

In his mind, the only way he can escape his prison of unhappiness is for things outside of himself to conform to his plans.  “If only things would go the way I want them to, I would be okay” or “If only people would treat me the way I want them to, I would be happy”, he constantly thinks.  He is a victim in the truest sense of the word.

He doesn’t have a clue that his beliefs create his material reality – his life.  And he has no idea that he has created his beliefs through his habitual thoughts.  His overriding belief that he needs things outside himself to change (to be happy) is a result of a total lack of understanding about how each of us creates our world.

He could be free of his self-made prison today by taking responsibility for forming new beliefs.  He could form new beliefs by learning to tell himself better stories, which, over time, will form new neural pathways of habitual thought and, thus, create a new universe for him.  Instead he continues to plow the same old ground and, until he makes these changes, will always see the same repetitive, negative, displeasing, “out-of-order” universe.

Like the movie, Groundhog Day, this person is in a rut.  And the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole.

Yes, I know this person very well.  Years ago, I used to see him in the mirror each morning.

Do you know this person too?  If you do, do yourself a favor and set yourself free.  The prison was self-created and has only been in your mind.  And if you do know this person, stay tuned to this blog for your parole papers!

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  1. If you only new how timely this blog is….thanks…I’m not articulate enough to express what is going on in my head, but the feeling of being trapped deep in hole is a good place to start. I once walked tall, I made a lot of money, I had the world by the ass, as my Father would say. Now, due to Parkinson’s Disease and a series of bad decisions I find myself financially broke, physically broken, and alone. I’m standing on a number line at 0, looking to the left. I know I need only to turn 180 degrees, but for some reason that turn is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

    • I’ve been there too, Mark. Not with Parkinson’s, but inside that deep hole just the same.

      You know there is no magic wand we can wave, but I’m glad to have connected with you this morning. Because the way out of that hole is real and it’s available to us all.

      You are not alone, by the way. If you want to reach out some more, I’d be glad to keep the conversation going via email. Just click the “About/Contact” link near the top of this blog and you’ll see my email address.

  2. Just to let you both know, there are many of us in that hole…my husband and I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we are in our sixties. The hardest thing is to stop ruminating over the past, the nice homes, the vacations, the lifestyle, lots of friends. When we lost it all, friends and even family members stopped coming around. What I did, was to seek answers within myself, try to find an inner self, a higher self…and just keep going on. It is so encouraging to know that quantum physics confirms that our lives are not about this material existence…we are so much more than titles, status, appearances. The real power within us is to be set free of the material way of thinking and to see ourselves as part of the great mystery that is “the field” and our potential to create the real things we have been seeking, things we tried to get through money and owning things. When you reach out to others, especially young people, you give to them what you can…maybe its your knowledge or skills. If you are a person who made a lot of money once, surely you have knowledge that a kid from a poor background or lousey home-life could benefit from. I took in my daughter’s boyfriend, who lived in poverty and with abuse, and two and a half years later he has blossomed into this amazing, bright, talented young man…it was one of the best decisions in my life. My sister told me this story and it really impressed me. She met an elderly woman at the bank, who is quite wealthy, and a widow, but she shares her home with a group of teen age girls who would otherwise be on the street…she lives an unconventional life but she is happy and feels fulfilled. I could see myself doing that…our youth need us now more than ever.

    The last thing to consider is this: if chasing the material life is a mindset our society promotes, then we are following beliefs and values not chosen by our own free will. In other words, we are not in The Field, we don’t convene with it. In fact, for most of us, it is completely unknown. Now ask yourself who are the ones, in our society, who might benefit from our not connecting to that power source? Most of the elites in our society, have controlled our lives and minds, via the media, the educational system and other means. What kind of person would be that controlling and greedy? A psychopath is what comes to my mind. Perhaps dis-ease is really a result of one being out of alignment with their higher purpose. I have found that by conversing with my illnesses, by journaling or writing on the computer, without looking at what I write, has brought forth a dialogue between my body and myself that is most enlightening. I have found that Divine guidance is always there but I rarely take the time to listen and ultimately it manifests in some illness, ache, pain, some physical manifestation which gets my attention instantly.

    • Hello :ashky. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Abundance is what we decide it is, no? If I base my definition of abundance purely on things which are transient (material objects), then I may be setting myself up for a letdown. I’ve learned that firsthand. Sounds like you have too.

      I believe what we’re really chasing is happiness and self-acceptance. Savvy marketers know that. And if they position their products to provide us those things, we’re apt to ask, “How high?”, when they say, “Jump”.

      Enlightened and awakened souls know that happiness and self-acceptance is an inside job. They can never come from the outside or from “things”.

      I enjoy material abundance! Yet that form of abundance is not my source of happiness – it augments my happiness. Material abundance is a reflection of my inner energy, not the source of it.

      Glad you’ve been around the website. Please stay.

    • Hello Ashky.

      I can appreciate why you would think the “elite” may be greedy – even to the point of being psychopathic.

      But it occurs to me they are really only caught-up in the same thought system as those they seem to prey on: a belief in scarcity.

      Both houses are fear-driven to seek the things they think will insulate them from not-having. And the elite are merely those who’ve learned to multiply their accumulating prowess – often at the expense of others – but in what they still think is a “dog-eat-dog” world.

      I think many of the powerful, and most of the poor, hold a sincere belief in this misunderstood picture of how the universe actually operates – differing mainly in their effectiveness exploiting it.


      • Dennis, you are spot on. Indeed :ashky knows this intuitively but perhaps hasn’t surfaced yet. By cursing the elite, we buy into a divisiveness that takes us all down.

        • Thank you, Holly, for adding your light and energy to this discussion and this site.

          Enlightened souls such as yourself will find good company here. You’re among many friends.

    • Hey Linda. Thanks for sharing. I’ve known people like this throughout my life. I’ve even seen one looking back at me in the mirror on occasion. 😉

      My experience is that, until someone is open to change, and willing to change, there is not much we can “do” for them. In other words, a new idea cannot be crammed into a closed mind.

      For most of us, that willingness occurs when we reach a point where we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’ve learned to have empathy for people like your friend because she obviously has a higher tolerance for emotional pain than I do. Which almost always makes me grateful (while trying not to evoke that feeling at her expense).

      I do tell myself the best-feeling, believable stories about that person that I can muster. Stories like:

      “I have no idea what that person is going through and has gone through; I’ll decide not to pass judgment today”

      “I know that person is experiencing exactly what she’s supposed to right now; even if those experiences are painful, I know that they can lead her to a place where she’s willing to do things differently”

      “I can decide to love and accept this person exactly as she is today, I can also decide to believe that every moment presents her with the same opportunities I have to begin anew and take charge of her beliefs – and I can also decide to do so from a bit of a distance because she’s not the most enjoyable person to be around today.”

      My experience is that telling such stories is not only the only thing we can “do” for a person in this predicament, it is also the most powerful thing we can “do” for her.

      Thanks for allowing me to elaborate on this topic and giving me the chance to be of greater value to you.

      • Thank you, Greg and all who wrote here. You have increased my understanding. Love your site very much. God bless, Yolande

        • Bless you, Yolande, for taking the time to touch base. I’m pleased to have been of value to you and to have facilitated a forum for all the other wonderful people who have contributed to this site.

          Now you’re one of those wonderful people too! Thank you.

  3. Hi Greg.

    I am going to try and write positive happy stories about my husband see if I can help him.

    Look forward to sending you an update.


    • Thanks, Christine. I appreciate your giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      You will find that, while you don’t “create” another person, you do create your own, unique, individual version of another person. In your own, unique, individual universe.

      Telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories about your husband will help you create the best-feeling, believable version of your husband in your own, unique, individual universe. And don’t think for a second that, while doing doesn’t guarantee “magic wand” transformation, it won’t have an effect on him.

      I also recommend that you imbue all objects around your husband with your love and positive intention. Objects can hold our intention and transfer it to the target of that intention. This is quantum science (read William Tiller, PhD), not feel-good philosophy.

      You will be growing a greater Christine all the while. And, at the end of the day, that is your best course of action and your most beneficial method of helping him.

      I’ll be excited to read your update.

      • Thank you for your reply and encouragement Greg.

        I feel that we have both got stuck staring at the floor in a downward spiral and we again need to learn and take inspiration and be grateful for what we do have in life and learn to look up to the stars again. I truly believe that I have found your books for a reason. Christine

        • It’s easy to get stuck, Christine. Happens to me too.

          Old tapes play in our brains. We re-create the same old manifestations, the “things” we’re familiar with, whether or not those “things” happen to please us.

          A friend of mine once told me, however, that the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole. So thank goodness for those events which jerk us out of our rut and get our attention sufficiently so that we start doing something different and creating new life experiences, huh?

          Keep me in the loop, please.

          • Hi Greg.

            My husband now has as new idea for a business and has sought treatment to help with his depression. I really love the idea of the new business but find I still trip myself up with doubts as to how we will raise the finance and how I will get the car I want. I take it the trick is not to sweat the small stuff. Just visualiuse driving the car and living in the village etc etc and let the universe work everything else out.

          • Thank you for writing, Christine.

            The tools you mentioned (visualization, not sweating the small stuff, and letting the universe work out the details) are all wonderful. They do work.

            The only thing I want to highlight, though, is that, if you have not been previously successful in manifesting those specific desires (business success, financial abundance, a car), you must raise your beliefs in these areas to match your desires for them.

            Why? Because our beliefs unconsciously form expectations. Our expectations form coherence with the quantum field. And, thus, our material reality is created. In this manner, it is accurate to say that our material reality is always a reflection of our beliefs.

            This can be quite frustrating – when our beliefs are not aligned with our top-of-mind, conscious desires we will not manifest those desires. And, as most of us have learned, that is not an uncommon experience.

            What is the remedy then? When we are consistently unable to manifest some of our most important desires?

            When we are consistently unable to manifest some of our most important desires, that means that our beliefs are not aligned with them. I teach a systematic and simple process to align your beliefs and desires in my book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. If you believe this book will be of value to you, check it out on Amazon.

  4. Thanks for tip Greg. I have downloaded it from kindle and look forward to working through the process. I will keep you updated.:-)

    • You’re very welcome, Christine. Thanks for the download.

      I will be excited by your reports of success, but not surprised by them! 😉

  5. I just reread all the comments on this thread. It is interesting how much this can help one. Reafirms what needs to be done in our own life. I have become lax in using the wonderful tools which you present to us in your books Greg and rereading this thread had made me more aware of the work i need to do. I was really making great progress when I first started following your guidelines but sometimes life gets in the way and we just react. Sooo starting today I have a new commitment to spend time each day focusing on my wonderful path of life and telling myself the best stories possible about me and those around me who I love. I think when one of your children are “hurting emotionally” and you are so focused on their pain you cannot do the work which will really help them. Today I will begin to tell the best story possible about their situation. This is a great thread lets keep it going. Namaste…

    • You are anything but lax, my friend. During lulls, the story I’ve learned to tell myself is that I’m creating willingness.

      I am often reminded that until I’m willing to do something, I won’t do it. And, since willingness is so crucial for my game of “Grow a Greater Greg”, becoming willing can be even more important as what happens next.

      I am supremely grateful that I’ve been of value to you. You’ve been of value to me, and others, by sharing your energy today. I concur – let’s keep this thread going!

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