ants  Yesterday, walking a sidewalk in Old Louisville, I came across a huge glob of peanut butter.  It looked like someone dropped a LOADED, open-faced peanut butter sandwich and it landed face down.

I hoped the poor gal found another lunch.

Then, less than three feet away, there was a much smaller dollop of peanut butter.  Like peanut butter shrapnel from the original sandwich explosion.

Around the small glob were dozens of little black ants – frantically going to town on it.  In frenzied fashion, the little guys were gobbling and grabbing the peanut butter as if it were the last food they’d ever find.

If Those Ants Only Knew…

I thought, “If only those ants knew what lay roughly two feet away, they’d happily leave their little morsel and relish the ultimate feast of their lives.”

But then I also thought, “Of course, for a tiny ant, two feet may as well be a hundred miles; they don’t have my perspective of the sidewalk that I do and can’t see the mountain of peanut butter they could have.  But what if those ants had an expectation that resources were not scare and abundance was their birthright?  If they did, they’d be in ant heaven.”

As I walked past the scene, I reflected and thought, “How often am I like those ants?  Grabbing after a small blessing as if it’s the only one available?  As if it’s all I’m worth and all the universe will provide me?  As if scarcity is the rule?  When, if I simply remained open to it, a treasure trove of abundance laid just around the bend?”

Are You An Ant?  You Don’t Have to Be One

How often do you shortchange yourself like those tiny ants? (Clink that link to Tweet it)

Don’t feel bad if your answer is like mine: more often than you’d like to admit.  That’s simply a side-effect of our inhabiting these human bodies and having the illusions which accompany.  In this form, we simply don’t have the perspective necessary to see the unlimited abundance of the quantum field (of which we are a part) unless we make a concerted effort to do so.

The quantum field, or the universal mind, has both infinite wisdom and unlimited creativity and abundance.  Inherent in the field is the potential for any and all good things.  All we’re required to do to receive more of what we desire is belief ourselves worthy of them and naturally expect them. (Click that link to Tweet it) Then we can let go, enjoying the smaller dollops of “peanut butter” while knowing that even larger ones are just around the bend.

Don’t be an ant.

I invite you to join me today in being grateful for, and enjoying, the dollop.  But not treating it like it’s all you’re worth nor all you’ll manifest.  And, at the same time, knowing and expecting the huge splat to manifest – because you’ve created new beliefs in that regard by telling yourself better-feeling, believable stories.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs, and your life, with your desires…