And  Want to play with story-telling magic?  Don’t say the word “but” all day.  Instead, use the word “and”.

The stories you tell come true.  The both form and shape, as well as reveal, your beliefs.  Thus, the stories you tell yourself (the meaning and value you assign to everything) are of seminal importance and value.

So taking care to tell better-feeling, believable stories of your choosing not only builds beliefs more aligned with your desires, it also shifts your perspective in the moment and opens you more up to the infinite possibilities inherent in the quantum field.

Get Rid of Your Big ‘Ol “But”

The story-telling magic I’m encouraging you to play with is to remove the word “but” from your vocabulary.  And replace it with the word “and”.

(If you’re like me, by the way, you may be surprised by how often you use the word “but”)

The word “but” does a funny thing, psychologically, when used.  It negates everything that preceded it.  Perhaps not intentionally, but in real practice.

In other words, when you say “but”, your listener is then going to disregard everything you said before it.  As in, “I think you’re a really awesome person, but I don’t want to date you any more.”  You might say that everything that comes after your “but” is poop (communication-wise). 😉  (Click that link to Tweet it) 

Not Having Your Big “But” Around Helps You Too

And there’s another effect “but” has which is much more subtle.  The word “but” also negates everything you said before you used – for you.  Not just for your listener; you negate your own sentiment, to yourself, when you use the word “but”.

You’ll see what I’m talking about there as you try this word magic exercise.  You’ll probably feel how awkward it is to use “and”, for the very reason I mentioned, for a good while.

Using “and” instead of “but” will change the world you create, see, and experience. (Click that link to Tweet it) It will change your energy; it will, over the course of time, even change your beliefs.

You’ll Soon See; “And” Just Feels Better For You and Everyone Else

Using “and” instead of “but”:

  • makes you convey authentic information
  • requires you to build bridges between ideas and concepts you’re communicating
  • forces you to identify the actual positive aspects of any situation
  • allows your listener to hear, understand, and accept your entire idea (not just the second-half of it)
  • removes inhibitions your listener might have to embracing the primary message you are conveying
  • automatically creates a better-feeling, believable new story each time you do it

Try this story telling experiment for a week and see if I’m correct.  You will create, see, and experience a new material reality from your new perspective.  It’s real magic.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…