Why Buttheads Needn’t Pose Any Problems for Deliberate Creators

Butt-head  What about dealing with difficult people?  What do you do when you encounter a butthead? (Click that link to Tweet it) Can you, a deliberate creator, change a butthead into a person who’s more pleasant?

No.  And yes.  Just like with the weather.

Yes, I’m a Butthead Sometimes

I’ll reveal how you can change a butthead like the weather in a moment.  First, though, an important question: are you ever a butthead?

I am.  I’m not proud of those occasions, but I am a butthead sometimes and that brings up a vital point about buttheads.

When I’m a butthead, it’s always because I’m not, in that moment, feeling good about myself.  My self-worth is low.  I’m afraid.  I feel alone.  That’s when I treat people shabbily (or less joyfully than I prefer).

Although It’s Not Fun to Be Around a Butthead, It’s Less Fun to Be One

So what does that tell me about buttheads?

Primarily that the butthead I’m encountering is someone who, in that moment at least, doesn’t like herself very much.  Knowing that doesn’t make the butthead more fun to be around, but it can change my perspective from anger to empathy.

And knowing the cause of “buttheadism”, I am left with an uplifting reminder: would I rather occasionally suffer a butthead or be a butthead? (Click that link to Tweet it) I know what my choice is every time!

A Better-Feeling Story About Buttheads

So now, instead of feeling angry when I encounter a butthead, I have two much better feeling stories I can tell myself – both of which alter my material reality in that moment.

Don’t those stories and the ability to be in control of your state of being (rather than surrendering control to the butthead) actually make you more powerful than the butthead?  In practice, you have just changed that butthead…because you’ve taken away her power over you.

Try those stories the next time you’re around someone acting like a jerk.  I just hope you aren’t using them on me!

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your material reality with your desires…

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  1. Thank you for your article about butt heads. I’m sure I’ve been one more times than I care to think about and I’ve certainly encountered a few in this life.

    Your approach towards helping me see myself in a new light and with a happier and lighter outlook at myself is refreshing to say the least. LOL

    I appreciate you’re gentle whack with a velvet hammer to wake me up.

    I’ve read each of your blog posts and learned something from each one. I cried a heartfelt cry at your mental picture painted in my mind about helping your cat pass on, AND accept your challenge AND will not use that other word… good points for sure!!! 🙂

    I’ve ordered your books and will be receiving them on 2/11/14.

    In the meantime I’ll be on your Thursday call at 8 tomorrow night, and once again, thank you and I look forward to and enthusiastically expect good things moving forward.



    • Kim, I love reading your kind words of praise and am very appreciative that you’ve given me opportunities to be of value to you.

      It is I who must thank you, though, because you have allowed me to be of value. Without you, I do not have that opportunity. I hope, therefore, you also see just how important you are to me!

      I hope you continue to find your way to this site and share your growth. It will be enjoyable to see you playing “Grow a Greater Kim” at even greater levels of success and joy.

      Oh, and I look forward to meeting you on our call next Thursday (as you know, Frank was solo this evening).

  2. I’ve been a butthead on the odd occasion :). This makes great sense and something I can use every day dealing with clients. Many thanks Greg. PS finally got a hard copy of 2 of your books and getting through them. One day your example will be taught in schools.

    • Margaret, thank you. What nice things to share with me. I am honored you’ve allowed me to hold such value for you.

      I’d enjoy hearing more about how you use this perspective with clients, by the way, if you’re inclined to share more.

      And I would love to hear of any of my books being taught in schools. I won’t be surprised when I do hear that – just grateful!

      Your energy, your stories, and your beliefs are a very large and tangible part of those material experiences coming to fruition, by the way. So thank you again!

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