hungry  You’ve decided that you’re no longer okay with not having some of your greatest desires.

You’ve decided that you’re not going to “play small” anymore; you’re no longer pretending you don’t desire those things nor that you’re comfortable with their absence. (Clink that link to Tweet it)

That is why, after reading my books and nosing through my website, you’ve decided to change your beliefs so they can be aligned with your desires.  You understand and believe that aligning your beliefs with your desires will command the quantum field to manifest a material reality much more in-line with your dreams.  And you are not only absolutely correct to make this decision, but you’re also perfectly equipped with all the tools you need to make that happen.

You’ve Got Your Hardhat On, Don’t You?

So you’re doing the work.  You’re telling new, better-feeling, believable stories about your life circumstances.  Especially those areas where you wish to manifest a more pleasing material reality.  And you’re experiencing some good, positive results; your material reality is improving in noticeable ways.

And that’s exciting.

Except when it isn’t.  Except when it occasionally doesn’t seem to be working.  When you hit potholes or experience some low times when things seem like they’re reverting back to the old ways.  Sometimes it feels like you’re backsliding.

It’s Okay to Wear the Hardhat, Just Don’t Grip the Reigns So Tightly

During times like these (and we all have them), stay the course.  And don’t overlook something very important: look out for the HALTS. (Click that link to Tweet it)

What are the HALTS?

Don’t get too:







Remember that you are a human being, after all.  You will have low energy sometimes.  You won’t always be at the top of your game.  And you won’t always “get it right”; you are guaranteed to make mistakes.

When You’re Slumping, Cure Your HALTS

So take it easy on yourself.  Let up on the reigns sometimes; don’t be so hard on yourself.  And don’t ever forget to take care of yourself.

And when you’re in one of those mini-slumps, your solution for lightening up and taking care of yourself can often be found in the HALTS.

  • Get something to eat.
  • Blow off some steam by exercising or venting with someone trusted.
  • Spend time with someone you love and who makes you happy to be around.
  • Get some rest or sleep.
  • Share some laughter or smiles by watching a funny movie or sharing time with a fun friend.

You Are Doing Work, But It’s Still a Game – So Treat it Like One

Building new beliefs is supposed to be fun.  And exciting.  In fact, you probably know that I call it a game: “Grow a Greater You”.

I don’t call it a game because it is trivial; I call it a game because it is fun and exciting.  There’s nothing you’ll do more so.

So keep your eye on the HALTS.  You’ll enjoy how much more effective it makes you. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this website for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…