litmus test

Most of us grew up asking ourselves, “Will my mother (or father) approve of this?”

This was our litmus test for whether something was okay for us or not.  This was the question we asked ourselves to help determine whether or not we should do something.

We Learned to Ask Others for Permission

As we got older, most of us began to add questions like these to our litmus test:

  • “Will my friends approve of this?”

  • “Will my teacher approve of this?”

  • “Will my girlfriend (or boyfriend) approve of this?”

  • “Will my boss approve of this?”

  • “Will my partner approve of this?”

  • “Will my children approve of this?”

Who Among Us Doesn’t Want to Make Good Decisions?

There is good reason to ask ourselves those kinds of questions: they make good litmus tests to guide our decision making.  If we honestly answer “no” to any of them, after all, what we’re considering might not be such a good idea.

Yet none of those questions is important enough to a conscious creator like you to even crack the top ten list of “Most Important Questions for Someone Playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ to Use As a Litmus Test.”

In fact, every question on that list is the same.

There is Truly Only One Question for a “Grow a Greater You” All-Star to Consider When Making a Decision

The one and only question you need to ever ask yourself, the only litmus test you need use, is:

“Is this serving me?”

There is Only One Question, With Two Variations, For You To Consider

Well, technically, you should use two different variations of that question.  Here are the variations of a “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Famer’s litmus test:

  1. “Is this version my beliefs are creating (of some object of experience) serving me?”  In this iteration of the only litmus test you need, you’re asking yourself if this version of any object or experience in your material reality is serving you.  After all, every part of your material reality is a reflection of your beliefs.  Your beliefs are always being reflected back to you as you create your own, unique version of that “thing” or experience.  If you answer “no” to this question, start playing “Grow a Greater You” on those beliefs immediately.

  2. “Is this story serving me?”  In this version of the only litmus test you should use, you’re asking yourself if the story you are telling yourself about any aspect of your material reality is serving you.  You already know that your stories are subjective and changeable.  And that your goal as a “Grow a Greater You” All-Star is to always tell the best-feeling, believable story about everything.  Thus, if your answer to this question is “no”, don’t waste a second before you intentionally change your story to make it the best-feeling, believable one possible.

The Guidance From Your New Litmus Test Comes Solely From Your Desires and Your Alignment

You’ll notice, by the way, that this litmus test doesn’t factor in whether or not anyone else would approve of your version or your story.  Nor does it require anyone else’s permission or blessing.  Actually, this litmus test allows you to jettison any aspect of worrying whether or not the version or story you’re intentionally crafting conforms to conventional wisdom at all.

This question, this litmus test, is essential for precisely the reasons just mentioned.  Who among us could argue, after all, that conventional wisdom says that we must suffer?  That life isn’t fair?  That the deck is stacked against us and we should expect to fall short most of the time?

Who among us wasn’t influenced by people who might have told us to “wipe that smile off” if we dared to grow our beliefs into alignment with our greatest and grandest visions of ourselves?

Your New Litmus Test Pours High Octane Fuel into Your “Grow a Greater You” Engine – Get Ready to Hear it Roar!

Just for today, you are playing “Grow a Greater You” and taking charge of intentionally creating beliefs of your choosing.  Beliefs which are aligned with your desires for yourself, your neighbors, and your world.  Beliefs which allow misery to be an optional experience.

And the question, “Is this serving me?” is the only one you need ever consider from this moment forward.  Doing so allows me to start dusting off the spot I have reserved for you in the “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Fame.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques about using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and intentionally create a life of your dreams…​