Context-1  I was asked by a subscriber to my Why Quantum Physicists… newsletter, Alfred, why I use the term “contextual creation” when referring to the role we play as creators in our universe.  You’re famous now Alfred!  Take a bow.

I started using the term “contextual creator” while writing my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.  Here’s why:

A Dictionary is Always a Helpful Tool

Let’s start with the definition of  “context”: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

I use the term “contextual creator” for two primary reasons:

  1. We are not the sole, literal creators of every material experience we have.
  2. We create by having our beliefs reflected back to us from the quantum field.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest and No One is There, It Definitely Wouldn’t Hit Anyone

Reason number one for using the term “contextual creator”:

When many of us are introduced to the idea of intentionally creating our material reality, we might be led to believe that the material world we experience wouldn’t be here is we weren’t here to create it.  Heck, I’ve even been guilty of writing, in response to the old philosophic question “If a tree falls in a forest with no one around does it make a sound?”, “If there is no one there, there is no forest.”

This idea is partially true.  It is true because if you aren’t “here”, the material objects you are experiencing wouldn’t be “here” either.  For you.  They wouldn’t be “here” in your own, unique, individual universe.

But odds are they would be “here” anyway.  Why?  Because other people are contextual creators just like you.  And other people would probably have already contextually created the material objects, whether or not you were “here” to create them in your own, unique, individual universe.

People a Consciousness, Which Means We All Play the Role of Contextual Creator

We all have a consciousness.  And any “thing” which possesses a consciousness plays the role of creator.  Every “thing” with a consciousness collapses the infinite possibilities of the quantum field to form tangible, material objects.

In this manner, we can say that the material world, in a sense, does pre-exist.  It’s all created by us; it’s just not all created, literally, by you.

You are joining the millions and millions of humans who have lived on this planet before you, and who live here with you currently, in contextually creating the material world.  And you are the only one who creates your own, unique, individual universe.  You simply create the material objects in your universe in conjunction with other people who are also creating.

Your Material Reality is Not a Reflection of “You”, It is a Reflection of Your Beliefs

Reason number two for using the term “contextual creator”:

You do not contextually create your own, unique, individual universe from your conscious, top-of-mind desires.  And not from conscious, language-based words, thoughts, or focus either.

You create the material world you experience in your universe in context with your beliefs.  Your material world is a reflection of your beliefs and it is mirror-perfect.  In fact, the quantum field can do nothing else except reflect your beliefs back to you in the form of your material experiences.

Thus you contextually create.  You create what your beliefs dictate.  As opposed to what you want or desire.

Pain is Important Information We Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

Certainly, your beliefs are often aligned with your desires.  So in much of your material experience, you are contextually creating your desires.

But, as you well know, your beliefs are not always aligned with your conscious, top-of-mind desires.  This phenomena is the cause of pain.  And pain is very important and useful feedback for us.

Pain tells us that our beliefs are not aligned with our desires.  Pain, therefore, is your “belief thermometer” – never failing to present you with piercingly accurate feedback about the misalignment of your beliefs and desires.

Your Material World is a Contextually Created Place

So we are “contextual creators”.  Creating the material world in context with our neighbors (and those who preceded us) on this planet.  Our contextual creation of the material world adds energy to the material world, most of which has already been created by other people.  And in so doing, we add our energy to those previous creations.

And we are “contextual creators” in the sense that our creations are a reflection of our beliefs, as opposed to our conscious thoughts and desires.

Knowing this, we can begin to use the feedback we get from our material experiences to guide our game of “Grow a Greater You”.  Any time we are displeased by a material experience we no longer must expend great energy vainly trying to alter, or change, that “thing” in order to be pleased by it.  We can now go directly to the source of our displeasure – our beliefs.  And we can align our beliefs with our desires.

As we raise our beliefs, we always see a different universe.  Because the quantum field will be reflecting our new, more enlightened, aligned beliefs back to us in the form of our material experiences.

You Become an Amazingly Powerful Contextual Creator When You Play “Grow a Greater You”

My books and this website teach you how to contextually create like never before.  Intentionally aligning your beliefs with your desires to see and experience a universe even more pleasing than you might have imagined possible.

I often say “we create” (with adding the word “contextual”) and this is still a proper description.  I like to say “contextually create” more often, however, because it is a great reminder of how we are doing it.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest them…