gravity  Do you ever feel envious of gravity?

Gravity, after all, isn’t bound by the dimensional laws of time and space like we are.  Gravity is everywhere, all at once, at all times.

Were we able to mimic gravity, we would also be everywhere at once; we would no longer be local time/space events.  We’d also experience timelessness; we would exist in an eternal “right now.”

Gravity Is Keeping Its Secrets…For Now

Is that possible for humans?  Absolutely.  If gravity can do it, we cannot say it’s not possible for us to do it too.

In fact, gravity’s transcendence of dimensional laws suggests that the rules of time and space by which we are currently governed may be mere constructs.  Time and space may be unnecessary except to facilitate our current experiences of human life.

You Always Know Where You Are – You’re Always “Here”

In the meantime, however, you, like me, must prioritize your time here.  You are “here” (the result of the dimensional laws of space) and for a limited duration (the result of the dimensional laws of time).  Thus, it behooves you to invest your energy and attention wisely.

Since Its Not Currently Unlimited, How Do You Choose to Spend Time?

You, of course, get to decide what constitutes a wise investment of your energy and attention in this time/space.  In my experience, almost every human being falls into one of three categories regarding how she invests her energy and attention.

  1. She chooses to spend her time here achieving the “fantastically impossible.”  Doing things such changing her body temperature enough to melt ice or slowing her heart rate and breathing enough to appear dead or survive being buried alive.  We call such folks mystics, yogis, enlightened ones, etc. and they constitute a minority of humans.
  2. She chooses to spend her time here achieving the “ordinary impossible.”  Doing things like having a trim, healthy body after age thirty or experiencing financial abundance.  She achieves the “ordinary impossible” despite not having a rich dad, not being a professional athlete, not being a crook, and not exploiting people.  We call such folks “Grow a Greater You” practitioners and their number is, thankfully, growing each day.
  3. She chooses to spend her time here trying to achieve the “ordinary impossible” and finding those desires actually are impossible.  These folks are not bad people, nor are they weak, unworthy, incapable, or undeserving.  Unfortunately most of them eventually come to see themselves as such, however, after continual inability to experience the “ordinary impossible” – which constitute so many people’s “big desires.”  Thanks to “Grow a Greater You”, these folks no longer must suffer and, thankfully, more and more of them are choosing this freedom.

I’ve Been Saying It Since I Was a Baby – I Love Number Two!

To which group do you belong?  I’m in group number two and, if you’re not there, I invite you to join me.  Group two transcends the suffering of “the way it is”, while it retains the potential for the “fantastically impossible” should you choose that route.  The “ordinary impossible” is beyond exciting enough, in my experience, but who knows, right?

Number one?  I’m not interested in the “fantastically impossible.”  I’m interested in if you’re manifesting it, but I have no desire to take energy and attention away from all the awesome “ordinary impossible” dreams I’m living.

And all the “ordinary impossible” dreams I’m still growing my beliefs into alignment with.

Number three?  Way too painful.  I’ve lived it and have no desire to return.  As someone once told me, ” ‘Grow a Greater You’ is for people who’ve been to Hell and don’t want to go back.”

Here’s the Key; Open the Cell Door and Never Look Back

So escape the prison of group one if need be.  You are making that prison, but you had no idea you were doing so – so there is no reason to blame yourself.  Instead of blaming yourself, in fact, step right into your natural and unfettered access to the freedom of group two.

Start playing (or re-start, if need be) “Grow a Greater You” and you’ll never look back.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…