Who Has a Question I Need?

Answers  You know there are always questions needing answers.  You need them sometimes.  And, often, the general populace does.

But there is another side to that coin which is of great benefit.

If there are questions needing answers, then there must be answers needing questions.

Some Examples of Answers That Need Questions

What are some answers needing questions?

  • There are no misperceptions
  • You’re always responsible
  • Positive affirmations are harmful
  • Feelings do not influence what you manifest
  • It is impossible to fail
  • Your worst critic is your most important teacher
  • You can’t “make” your experiences more desirable
  • Your beliefs are never wrong

A Painful Experience Gifts You With a Question

Isn’t it cool that the answers are always here, just waiting for us to ask for them?  That’s my life in a nutshell: a quest for the right questions.

Every mistake, every wrong turn, every frustration, and every strikeout is a gift because it provides you with a question.  “Why me?” is a great question to start with.  Once we answer that one, we move on to the next.  Luckily, the questions never end.

And, even more luckily, the answer you seek, to any question, is waiting for you.  Seek and ye shall find – haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

You’ll Find No Answer Without a Question

We’re all seeking.  When painful experiences super-charge our seeking, we’re blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) to lead the way.  Each of us has a turn being this kind of leader.

Are you asking any questions answered by the list above?  If not, would you like me to elaborate upon any of those answers?  I’m explaining why those are answers as I write my new book and I’d be happy to share with you now.  Just let me know by leaving a comment.

Don’t Sweat Answers; Be Grateful You’ve Got Questions

In the meantime, I don’t need to wish you luck finding questions.  If you’re like me, you stub your toe often enough that the questions never run out.  I’ll simply remind you that asking those questions is the most important part of finding the answers.

And I’ll invite you to stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires and experience them…





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  1. Greg, I get that I am 100% responsible and I agree that positive affirmations make us feel like failures but how can our feelings not influence what we manifest?….help me out

    • Hey Corinne. Thank you so much for asking me that question.

      Here is an example:

      If I want to discover whether or not my toilet tank has a leak, I can put a dye pellet in it, right? Then I can raise the toilet seat and look: if I see a trail of, let’s say, green-colored water, the toilet tank has a leak I need to repair; if I see clear water in the bowl, there is no leak because all the green water is still in the tank.

      The green water isn’t cause the leak, of course. It’s only informing me that the toilet tank has a leak.

      So let’s imagine I raise the toilet seat and see a trail of green water. Yikes, a leak! But, being so clever, I know an easy fix – I’ll make the water in the toilet tank turn clear again with another pellet that erases the dye.

      Problem solved, right? Of course not. All I’ve done is create the illusion of solving the leak by changing the information. And then by pretending that the clear water was informing me about what clear water would’ve originally.

      I made the green water become clear. Then I pretended the water was clear without my help.

      Maybe I was scared that I caused the leak? Or frightened that I couldn’t fix the leak? Whatever the reason, I might be very angry with myself when I eventually see evidence of the leak again.

      Now replace “green water” with “displeasing feelings.”

      We open our “toilet bowl” when we’re honest about how how we feel. When we “see green water”, or have painful emotions, we’re being given information. Removing, or changing, the “green water” doesn’t solve anything. It merely provides an illusion.

      The “leak” is a belief which does not serve us. A current belief which does not allow us to experience our “toilet bowl” as we desire.

      Should we change “toilets”? We all try it. The next will leak too.

      Should we change the color of the tank water? That’s called a positive affirmation. Affirmations can be fun and they feel good, but using them to manifest desired experiences is like eating cotton candy for dinner.

      Please let me know if that makes it “clearer” (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

  2. Ok, here goes, I have a question and I thought maybe (because of the article’s title) I’d find an answer but it didn’t happen.
    I’ve read many pages of a lot of your books. I’ve always been an extremely optimistic person and yet despite my manifesting skills – I have failed thus far in the financial sector – small financial syncronicities happen but not enough to live at ease. And right now one path ahead of me could be homelessness (which I write here to share how drastic it is – but I have always been “caught” before really bad things happen). Maybe that intro wasn’t necessary but there it is and now my question:
    So a few weeks ago I began your what I call ladder climbing process and I began with my finances. Before I started I assumed I was at 18 or so but then when I did the process of writing down what I feel and think it became so obvious I was at the complete bottom. So I started and I really noticed an extreme difference everyday. Then began the “neutral” ones, worked fine, then the positive ones and on December 3rd I was at enthusiasm and ambition and the day started out fine. I got a lead for a new temporary job (because actually I’ve been in the process of building a heartbased spiritual business for a while now) so I get this lead it sounds promising and turns out to be not. I got pulled down but understood just because I’m enthusiastic doesn’t mean I’m 100% positive all the time. So since then so since five days what has happened is I’ve been laid off from this job I wanted to quit anyway. Yes it comes as a blessing in a way but it’s really scary.
    My question here is do I need to go back in the emotional reference scale because I’m attracting these things and ferling very devastated at times or should I proceed upwards. I’m still at enthusiasm because what I wrote for that day still resonates. And now I just don’t know should I start over or shall I move on?
    Wow what a long entry here. I would really be so grateful for an answe but of course totally understand if you, Greg don’t have the time.
    Thank you and may your heart feel all the love coming it’s way.

    • I do feel the love, Stephanie. Thank you for sending it. And thank you for asking the questions.

      My answer is simple. Your feelings always reveal what your beliefs are capable of creating. Because how you feel about something is information about whether or not your beliefs are capable, in their current incarnation, of being reflected by that “something.”

      Any of us can get caught in the “I shouldn’t feel this way” trap. We feel how we feel and not being honest with ourselves prevents our experiences from transforming.

      Keep being honest with yourself about how you feel. Trust yourself and let yourself feel however you do.

      Then learn the lessons your feelings have for you, via the “something” for which you’re having them. Trust yourself even more and accept the lessons your feelings provide. When those feelings are painful, those lessons will almost always teach you that you should’ve trusted yourself more.

      Then adjust according to what you learn. Formally – adjust by writing about that “something” from the next highest emotional perspective on the Emotional Reference Chart. Informally – adjust by remembering, next time, to trust yourself more.

      The goal shouldn’t be to make “getting laid off” into something wonderful. Why would I want that?

      The goal isn’t to make anything “horrible” turn into something “wonderful.” At least not for me.

      The goal is to stop manifesting important experiences in such painful ways. Keep being honest, learning the lessons, and adjusting, though, and those experiences can actually grow into very pleasing ones.

  3. Hi Greg

    Denmark calling 🙂

    I bought the book how quantum Physicists build new beliefs.

    Love the book and started reading it a second time, perhaps mostly because I’m from Denmark and English is not my native language.

    I have a great belief that this can succeed, perhaps mostly because it’s about building something up instead of trying to be in a state that might be taken, or how I felt when I read other books about LOA.

    But I have a big challenge around storytelling. When I read the course as Pam and you were through, I find it difficult to skeldne which of her index cards to use in which situation.

    Has made some play between me and the universe, when I find money on the street, watching a really nice car then I use the phrase, ok universe, thanks for the reminder to me, though I’m not where I can manifest financial abundance, so I keep the exchange rate and thank you for the reminder that the universe is infinite, filled with abundance and are creative, and everything is possible and that it is easy for me to manifetere financial abundance.

    That i the one i use on the game between the univers and I.

    But when do i use the others?.

    Havnet felt anythinf diffenrence yet, but i guess its still early days.

    Thanks for writing the books.


    Michael, Denmark

    • Hello Michael. Thank you for writing.

      Keep practicing. Life is a series of experiences. Or is it one big experience? Either way, you won’t get it wrong as long as you’re investing in your growth mindset.

      About the cards? Don’t use the ones Pam wrote. Write your own as you go and only as you feel inspired to do so.

      Best wishes, my friend.

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