Which Story About a Penny Actually Unleashes an Avalanche of Money?

pennies Two  People are learning about me through my friendship with Pam Grout.  Pam, who is truly the coolest of the cool, included my Penny Experiment in her best-seller, E-Cubed.

I want to reiterate, as my Penny Experiment says, that manifesting a penny is a miracle.  A phenomenal, fantastic, explosively exciting event!  One which you can choose to rightfully celebrate in full-on, raise-the-roof fashion.

“Hold on, Greg,” you might say, “Slow your roll.  First of all, a penny is but a pittance of the financial abundance I seek.  Secondly, pennies are everywhere; finding one is no big deal!”

And my response?  You’re absolutely correct. 

Either Way – You’re Right

You’re absolutely as correct in that statement as you want to be.  I can’t argue with either of those two stories because they are spot-on.  And you have every right to exercise your choice to tell such stories about pennies.

But I do want to tell you something important: those stories are not “the way it is.”  They merely represent two possible stories we can tell.

Please allow me to explain.  You contextually create every single thing you experience in your material reality.  From a hundred dollar bill (yippee!) to a doorknob (yawn), you are the intricately involved observer manifesting every minute aspect of your own unique, individual universe.

You Always Have At Least Two Choices Regarding the Stories You Tell

So, knowing that you’re contextually creating everything, you have at least two stories you can tell yourself when observing and interacting with any of your contextual creations.  Including, of course, a penny.  You can:

  1. Yawn and tell yourself it is no big deal.  You can tell yourself the logical explanation for the appearance of whatever you’re encountering.  And, because of how our universe works, there will always be a logical explanation for anything’s presence in your own unique, individual universe.
  2. Choose to see whatever you’re encountering as a bonafide miracle.  And celebrate it, even if only privately, to the high heavens.  And, because of how our universe works, whatever you’ve contextually creating really is a bonafide miracle and you are allowed to call it that.

Which story should you choose?

How To Decide Which Story to Tell

  • Which story is more fun?
  • Which story is more aligned with your desires?
  • Which story is more filled with gratitude and opportunities for celebrating abundance?

You can choose either one.  As a conscious creator of your material reality, why would you ever choose to tell the former story – even for the most mundane thing you’ve been in the habit of taking for granted?  Even for the most pedestrian material experience that other people would roll their eyes at you for celebrating and calling a miracle?

Why Wouldn’t You Choose to Be Right AND Feel Good Too?

So, to anyone who chooses to tell themselves a story about how one of their contextual creations is “no big deal” and how it would be silly and naïve to celebrate it as a miracle, I say “you’re correct.”  But what price are you paying for this iteration of “correct”?

Because you’d be every single bit as correct to tell yourself a story about your contextual creation being a real-life miracle which you have created from the quantum field as a reflection of your beliefs.  You, the observer, are creating that thing, from pure energy, simply because you are there to do so.  What a miraculous thing!

Even if it’s only a simple, little penny that you’re creating.    Celebrate that penny, and the symbol of abundance it rightfully represents (if you allow it to)!  As Pam Grout and I know (along with thousands of others), you’ll be amazed at what the quantum field can do with such a choice.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…

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  1. Okay Greg remember awhile back I told you how our Canadian government got rid of the penny? Well the other day I found a penny on my walk! But it was no ordinary penny. It was an ‘American” penny! So I was even more excited because really since this penny is American it has even more value…your money is worth more right ? 🙂

    Oh and yes I celebrated in finding this penny!!!


    • Awesome, Pam! The extra “value” is fun to play with; a cool double-celebration.

      And, as you noted, the real value is the celebration – the reminder of abundance, ease, and joy.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your energy with me.

  2. I enjoy finding pennies. There are days I find 4 at a time. Each time I find one of these gems I give thanks as if I just found $100 and I have a big smile on my face all day long.

    • Dennis, thank you for sharing your energy here.

      You flipped the coin over with your comment; you allow pennies to help you celebrate and “raise the roof” about the abundance of the quantum field and, in turn, you also helped us celebrate and get a big smile on our faces while we read about your celebrations.


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