Sherman  1. What do you do if your partner is really pissing you off?

You tell your partner to change his/her behavior, correct?

2. What do you do if your debt continues to grow each month?

You get another job and spend less, right?

3. What do you do if seeing your naked body in the mirror depresses you?

You change what you eat and start exercising, don’t you?

Come On?  Who Doesn’t Do Those Things, Greg?

Of course you do those things.  Or others just like them.

There’s nothing wrong with those methods – they’re logical, practical, and rational.

But do they really work?  Are they actually effective at resolving or fixing your most painful material experiences?

Well, Now That You Mention It…They Don’t Work

Nope.  Well, not like you really want them to, right?

The reason they don’t work on your most painful experiences is not because:

  • You’re incompetent (you’re very competent).
  • You’re not worthy (you’re more than worthy).
  • You’re a failure (you were born a success).
  • The person directing you to do those things is a scam artist (the person directing you is sincere).

The reason those methods don’t work on your most painful areas is because they’re based on the old, Newtonian paradigms of the “Detached Observer”, “Cause-and-Effect”, and “Mechanism.”

Isaac Newton Is A Pretty Bad Self-Help Teacher

Those Newtonian paradigms’ effectiveness has major limits, just as Newtonian physics’ ability to explain material reality does.  In those painful material experiences (or others like them), you’re merely running into those frustrating limits.

Your frustration is exactly why our new paradigms from quantum physics are so refreshing.  Those paradigms are, by the way, the “Involved Observer”, “Non-Causality”, and “Holism.”  They don’t necessarily change every action you’ve taken to resolve that pain, but they definitely change how and why you take it.

And those changes in “how” and “why” really work!

Good Thing Isaac Is Now Passe

Aren’t we all fortunate to live in this era?  And have access to these new paradigms?

I encourage you to apply your life to them today, as you’ve learned in my books and website.  So that you, too, are living as freely and successfully as you dare to dream today.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics, align your beliefs with your desires, and exert maximum influence over your material experiences…