OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You’re changing your beliefs, slowly but surely, by consistently telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories you can muster.  In fact, you find yourself at the emotional perspective of “joy” regularly these days.  Your manifestations are pleasing – they reflect the greater alignment between your beliefs and your desires.

And, them, BAM!  You backslide.  All of a sudden, you’re feeling low.  Depressed even.  Like you used to feel so often.

What’s wrong?  What should you do?  Start over?

Thankfully Beliefs are Not Permanent – You Will Always Retain the Ability to Choose

The new beliefs you’re gaining from your new storytelling are real.  Don’t worry about that.  Yet those new beliefs are also no more permanent then your old ones.

And, by the way, thank goodness your beliefs are not permanent!  After all, the impermanence of your beliefs is what allowed you to change the old ones in the first place. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Each day, you awaken with a choice now – regarding your beliefs.  Which beliefs do you want to focus on and hold?

The process you’ve been following really works, as you know, and it has given you many more positive choices.  Yet, each day, they’re still choices.

Old Beliefs Are Like Old Blue Jeans – Comfortable and Easy to Slip Into

So do not be discouraged by backslides into old negative feelings and beliefs.  Instead, simply remind yourself that old habits die hard.  Up to now you’d spent your lifetime, after all, building those old beliefs – those old neural pathways in your brain.  And, while they weaken with continued disuse, they do not go away overnight.

Your new beliefs are still unfamiliar when compared with the old.  And, as surprising as it may sound, the familiar pain of your old beliefs can be very preferable to your subconscious.  Why?  Because your subconscious prefers the known and the predictable (because, even when it’s painful, predictability means safety to your subconscious). (Click that link to Tweet it)

So, when you do backslide, a great way to manage yourself back to alignment is to tell yourself a story like this:

“I’m feeling low right now; I’m feeling things associated with my old, out-of-alignment beliefs.  That’s curious.  I wonder why?  It’s not enjoyable and I don’t really prefer it, yet I also know that my feelings are not ‘who I am’.  My feelings are simply a feedback loop letting me know how in (or out) of alignment my beliefs are with my desires – in this moment.  How nice to also know that my beliefs are arbitrary and personal; I can decided, right now, to belief just about anything I choose.”

That self-affirming story depersonalizes your feelings (and your backslide), halts any resistance to it, and puts you back on the path of acceptance.  Which leads you back toward your new beliefs which are more aligned with your desires.

And, of course, stay tuned to this blog for continuing tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…