Libertyville Crew  What part of your job excites you the most?  Me – public speaking.  I absolutely love speaking in front of a crowd.

And the best speaking, the most fun I have as a writer, is done in front of members of my tribe.  Tribe?  People who want to become even more powerful influencers of their material reality than they already are; people who are open to exploring exactly how to do that in new and amazingly fulfilling ways.

I Met a Lot More Members of the Tribe on Kentucky Derby Day

Saturday, May 3rd, I had such an opportunity shared with me in Libertyville, IL.  Sue Opeka, CEO of The Present Moment, gifted me with an invitation to present my seminar to a beautiful crowd of about eighty people.

We laughed, we learned, we even cried.  We also had the opportunity to play “Grow a Greater You” in real-time.  The seminar was, I heard from the participants, transformational.  And that was true, no less, for me.

Despite all the gushing thank-you’s I joyfully received from my new friends in Libertyville, however, it is I who must thank them for something very, very special.

Don’t You Just Love Very Special and Personal Gifts?

What is the very special thing for which I must thank my Libertyville posse?

  • Because they were so nice to me?  They certainly were and they deserve (and got) my thanks for that, but that’s not what I’m referring to.
  • Because they treated me like a celebrity?  They really did and they deserve (and got) my thanks for that, but that’s not what I’m referring to.
  • Because I received money from them?  I absolutely did and they deserve (and got) my thanks for that, but that’s not what I’m referring to.

I must thank them because I did not arrive in these good folks’ unique, individual universes in a pre-determined state of “good”.  I don’t pre-exist as a valuable and useful teacher, awaiting you (or anyone else) to discover me.  It is, in fact, my new friends who, on May 3rd, chose to imbue me with those qualities that excited and motivated them so  They gave me that value, they gave me that meaning, they bestowed upon me the label of “good” through the stories they chose to tell themselves about me.

I Do My Best to Assist People in Labeling Me “Good”, So I Can Be of as Much Service and Impact as Possible

I do assist such stories.  Because I know that the better the story someone can tell about me, the better the meaning and value they can assign to me, the better I’ll be able to help them and teach them.

These are tangible examples of the sorts of things I do to help people tell the best-feeling, believable story about me.  So that I can be the most valuable, helpful person I can be to them.  And you.

  • I am a best-selling author
  • I have written some books bursting with potential to be amazingly valuable
  • I present myself as a well-dressed, well-groomed man
  • I am fun, funny, friendly, caring, insightful, and engaging – both in front of an audience, in an interview, and one-on-one
  • I speak with authority on a subject many people care deeply about and I teach it in a manner which facilitates learning and understanding on a deep level
  • People tell their friends about me and recommend me

I Really Am “Good”, Yet You Still Have to Decide to Label Me as Such

All those things, and more, helped my Libertyville friends tell the best-feeling, believable stories about me.  Stories which made me very “good” in their unique, individual universes.  The good thing for all of us, especially me, is that those things are not facades – they are genuine manifestations, expressions, of who and what I am.

Of what my beliefs are about myself, my value, my meaning, and the subject matter about which I write and teach.

Yet regardless of how certain I am that those things are genuine and authentic manifestations (and things other people can trust as real), the folks in Libertyville still had to chose to give me the gift of the label “good”.

My Seminars Are Always So Valuable to Me on So Many Levels

I want to tell you about this because:

  1. It’s important to remember that we’re always creating our own, unique version of every person we encounter.  A priori knowledge about someone, helpful as it can be in creating our story about her, never negates our choice regarding the meaning and value we choose to bestow her with.
  2. No matter how “big time” I become, it will remain difficult to look down upon the “little people” 😉 and demand celebrity “treatment”.  Why?  Because, no matter how big I get, my “good-ness” will always be bestowed upon me by other people; other people will always choose to assign me a meaning and value, I will never assign it for them.  This is great news, by the way, for my family – with whom I have to live.

So.  THANK YOU Sue Opeka, The Present Moment, Cheri Neal (who drove me around), and the rest of the Libertyville crew!  Thank you for making me better than “good”, thank you for making me GREAT last Saturday!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques from new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…