love-hate-baby  If you were writing an instruction booklet for an unborn child, what would you include?

I’d be sure to let her know that she was pure energy before she materialized and she’ll return to pure energy when her time on Earth is over.  Everything in the middle of those two states is a gift that is given to her with no strings attached.

She can do as much or as little with her gift of physical existence.  There is no expectation nor requirement – there is nothing she needs do to “earn” her return to pure energy once this ride is done.  The only question for her will be how free does she want to be?

I’d also be sure to tell her that, although she won’t have control over what other people, places, and things do (to her and affecting her), but she will always have control over how she chooses to respond to other people, places, and things.  She’ll always have the gift of freedom concerning her state of mind, her state of being, and the meaning and value she assigns to the people, places, and things she encounters on her journey.

What would you share?