parental love giraffe A little while ago I published a love quiz.

Did you take it?  If not, click here to do so.

Here Are My Responses to the Love Quiz

  1. There is no doubt that love is not limited to the romantic variety.  In fact, it is not incorrect to describe the love I’ve shared with my sons as the strongest iteration I’ve experienced.
  2. While I have experienced love deeply with my spouse, and it grows stronger still, the love I have experienced with my sons it the closest to unconditional that I’ve found.
  3. As a parent I am very familiar with all of the messages I have given to my children through love or with love as my motivation.  Not all of those messages were met with joy; many of the messages I’ve communicated to my sons were seen as unfair, punitive, and confining – yet they were still based in love.  In fact, some of the messages I’ve been most unhappy about receiving have turned out to be, in the long run, some of the most loving and beneficial ones.  Love has a seemingly endless array of iterations and forms.
  4. I know with certainly that I feel love.  Even if the love I feel cannot actually be proven, in an empirical manner, I can say with 100% that I know that.  And I have no reason to doubt any other human who makes a similar statement about love.
  5. Love is not something we can take forcibly, nor by commanding it to be given.  Not if we desire to feel love authentically.  Love is only fulfilling, in the way we truly desire it, when it is freely given to us.
  6. I am certain that I have felt love’s absence as surely as its presence.  I know when love, in the ways I desire it, is not present.  There is a clear, discernable difference.
  7. Love can be given, yet not taken in by the intended recipient.  Just because love is sent, shared, and/or intended, does not guarantee that it will be received.
  8. Who would argue that animals can’t receive love from humans, as well as give us love that we can receive?  Anyone with a pet knows this.  Additionally many people (even researchers) have found that plants response very well to having humans share love with them, growing faster and remaining healthier.  I am not aware, however, of anyone who claims to be able to receive love from plants – at least not via means of traditional human communication.
  9. Love is completely unconstrained by time.  Almost every human can tell you that it is possible to experience love shared with someone who is no longer alive, such as a dead relative.
  10. Love transcends space completely.  Almost every human will tell you that it is possible to experience love shared with someone who is currently one hundred miles away, with absolutely no physical contact or communication necessary.

Do you disagree with my answers?  Perhaps you would state them a little differently.  Maybe you would say, “Hey, wait a minute, Greg!  I can feel love from my plants!”

But, in general, these answers are not incorrect are they?  They’re not really off-base with what you’d tell me, were we having a face-to-face discussion, are they?  I don’t think so.

What the Heck is Love Anyway?

Love is more than a fanciful notion, a romantic repast, or an elusive feeling that sweeps you off your feet.  Yes, love can be experienced in those forms, but describing love as merely a byproduct of doe-eyed paramours is like saying that spiritual growth is something only found within a formal religion.

Love is an energy, a force like electricity.  It is not a physical item you can hold in your hands or pass from one person to the next like a baton in a relay race.

Yet you know love is real and you know when it is present.

Love is, in fact, information.  Love conveys messages, it has meaning, it adds value – it actually enriches our lives with the information it provides us.  Love is not constrained by barriers of language or even by species; love’s information is virtually universal, conveyed across boundaries which prohibit other means of expression.

The most powerful, and most mysterious, quality of love is, however, its complete disregard for time and space.  Humans, like most things in the universe, are imprisoned by the laws of time and space, the dimensions we have constructed to enable us to experience physical life.  For reasons we do not yet understand, love is able to freely travel as if time did not exist and as if it were capable of being everywhere at once.  For love, there is no past, present, or future; for love there is no near or far.

Love is Communication on An Energy Level

“Love”, it turns out, is simply the label we’ve given to, perhaps, the most powerful and effective means of communication in our universe.  The information we call “love” is capable of conveying a seemingly endless array of beneficial and helpful messages – from empathetic reassurance to tough-to-hear, but necessary, corrections.  Love can convey these messages past barriers of language, custom, and culture.  Love can even carry messages, instantly, through hundreds of years and across unimaginable distances.

In fact, “love” may simply be a term we crafted to describe the most amazing, resourceful, creative, powerful, useful, beneficial means of sharing information in the universe.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…