What If I Got Ambushed?

Tanya Stewart  What if someone I love as a teacher, coach, and friend suckered me with a claim to let me “share my ideas”?  And then, ambushed me by holding me accountable to deliver only my whole message, clearly and concisely?

What if she expected nothing short of my best?  And what if she accepted nothing short of my best?

What would happen?

Tanya Stewart Knows Creating 

Tanya Stewart invited me to be a featured expert in the Turning Point Summit: How to Use the “Hardest Times” in Your Life to Create the Exact Life You Want in 30 Days.  The panel, replete with interesting experts like Les Brown, is an honor to be associated with.  And it’s free.

Let’s see?  Combine an interview with an insightful woman with inclusion in an awesome panel of experts?  Sprinkle in Tanya’s invitation to give me a forum for my ideas?  It took me about ten-seconds to say “Yes.”

My First Opportunity to Speak About My New Baby

Because I’m writing a new book (that I am so excited about), I prepped for the topic.  Using the hardest times in my life to create the life I want.  Having never spoken publicly about my new book I wanted to be intentional about what I said.

I prepared to speak about formative assessment, I component of the four step plan I’ve been writing about for a while as a portion of my new book.  My writing has, thus far, revealed an even clearer, more concise version of what’s laid out in Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You.”  Specifically my belief-raising process from Grow, which made it’s focal debut in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

Though I Wanted to Play It Safe, Tanya Wasn’t Having Any of That

No sooner did Tanya and I begin to speak, the evening of our interview, did she say, “Greg, I want to stay focused on your belief-raising process.  That’s what I want to hear about tonight.”  I concurred, I love sharing about that process, and I’ve done it many times.  I simply hadn’t prepared for that.

Throughout the interview, Tanya kept pushing me in a beautiful way.  To throw away the script, lose the professor approach, and speak from the heart about my message.  It was exciting and something I’d never done.

The information, and the message, Tanya got out of me is amazing.  See for yourself by registering.  It’s free, so do it if only to see my interview and get a first-listen to this amazing simplification of Grow a Greater You.  One which makes it’s power of influence ten-fold more pleasing.

Tanya Helped Me Deliver – To You

I’ve even written a five-page article of nothing but spanking-hot, fresh-off-the-press-new content explaining the newer, simpler process, as your free gift just for signing up.

Sign Me Up for the Next Ambush

The ambush talk?  I trust you now know it was a play on words.  Being interviewed by Tanya is like being coached by Tanya – she won’t accept anything but your best and she will never apologize for believing in you like that.  The end result is that Tanya gets it out of you; she gets you to give your best.

Sign up for the Turning Point Summit right now.

I want to hear your thoughts about what I shared with Tanya, in our interview, and with you, in the article.

And stay tuned to this site, also, for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest some of your most longed-for experiences…

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  1. So excited to hear this Greg. I signed up but now I have to wait to hear you. I’m not really interested in hearing any of the other gurus. Since I started reading your books in 2013, I have been convinced over and over again that what you teach is what works for me, as a result I have stopped following all other gurus and now it is frustrating that I have to wait for a few more days before I hear your interview and my inbox is flooded with interviews from other experts, that I’m not very interested in .

    Anyway, all I want to say is I’m very very excited to hear you.

    • Thank you, Rochelle. I appreciate the praise.

      You’re going to love my Four Pathways article. And the books which will follow are something to behold.

      I’ve gotten a “Day Two” email with my links in it. And, when I signed up, I went to a webpage with all the experts listed (with their interviews and gifts). I hope you’ve seen either of those since writing.

      Please let me know what you find; I’m eager to hear from you.

  2. Just finished listening to the interview with Tanya. WOW! As always, each time I read your books, your articles or listen to you, I receive more clarity, more release and more knowing. I’m grateful to be learning from you and excited for the transition to learning directly from the Universe! 🙂 Thank you for all you do to help us “SEE” with our inner eyes the endless abundance, joy, happiness and love that awaits our presence. And extremely grateful to meet and follow and listen to more of Tayna – she’s AMAZING!

    • Thank you, Trisha, for sharing this.

      I’ve been, sometimes, beside myself with excitement about how clear and easy-to-use the Four Pathways are. Everything the makes Grow a Greater You actually work remains. The directions are now much simpler and easier to use.

      I must tell you, though – the gratitude flows just as strongly in your direction. You are choosing to perceive me, my work, the interview, etc. as helpful and empowering. Thank you for making that decision.

      Tanya is a phenomenal person – spirited, confident, and only satisfied when you reveal your greatest self. Anything she’s associated with has a high probability of being helpful.

  3. I listened to your interview with Tanya which was very inspiring. However it raised some questions since it seems to me that it somewhat differs from what you used to “teach” in your previous books. In your new “Four pathways” paradigm you emphasize the fact to be honest about our current beliefs which is an essential step in the “Grow a Greater You” game. Then you speak about learning the “lessons” and “adjusting”. Both terms seem quite abstract. What does learning the lesson and adjusting mean exactly? Do you have examples you could share?
    You also seem to avoided an important step of GAGY which is to actually reach for the next higher “ranked” emotion by telling a better feeling story. This step does not seem to be that important any more as you say that the simple fact of being emotionally honest is already a better feeling story. So, do I not have to reach for a better feeling story up of the emotional chart?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Thank you for the questions, Karis. The answers are always waiting for the questions that will point us in their direction.

      Some of your questions are addressed in my free gift for Summit participants. To adjust, you intentionally move your perspective to the next highest emotional state on the Emotional Reference Chart. And the protocol for adopting the next emotional state, as you move yourself up the Chart, remains intact (merely simplified by the Four Pathways).

      Adjusting means moving yourself up the Emotional Reference Chart, one emotional perspective at a time.

      Learning the lessons means paying attention to the discrepancies between what you think you’re expressing and what others are perceiving. And it also means paying attention to how your perceptions differs from what others express. Those discrepancies point you toward emotional dishonesty; discovering emotional dishonesty is the lesson and replacing it with emotional honesty is how to fully own your current emotional perspective.

      Learning the lessons allows you to do two things:

      1. Move up the next highest emotional perspective on the Emotional Reference Chart

      2. Experience your desire as fully as your current beliefs will allow

      You touched on something incredibly important: Grow a Greater You doesn’t teach “telling a better-feeling story.” It teaches “telling the best-feeling story possible” (which, I’m careful to note, is sometimes, “This sucks!”)

      The distinction between “a better-feeling story” and “the best-feeling story possible” is vital. A “better-feeling story” is a positive affirmation, in most cases; the “best-feeling story possible” is simply being honest about how you feel without beating yourself up.

      Because so many people confused those two ideas, I simplified the instruction to “Be Honest.” If you are honest about how you feel, you are telling the best-feeling story possible.

      My next book will go into thorough detail about all Four Pathways. Everything I teach in Grow a Greater You, however, is found in the Four Pathways – simplified and made easier to use.

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