Ashamed Achiever  We don’t really desire people, places, things, and events.

We actually desire experiences.

We desire to experience love.  We desire to experience abundance.

We desire to experience health, confidence, success, worth, importance, respect, efficacy, fitness, joy, security, etc.

Why the “Sad Clown” is the Oldest Cliché in the Book

People, places, things, and events are circumstances.  As much as they may seem to, circumstances are unable to reliably deliver experiences.  You and I both know about:

  • The rich person who is unsatisfied and still needs more
  • The married person who is lonely and still longs for intimacy
  • The fit person who painfully critiques an unattractive, flawed body
  • The achiever who never truly accepts others’ admiration

None Of the Things That Were Supposed to “Work” Ever Did

The examples could go on for pages.  You have many of your own; you’ve had occasions where you achieved something you imagined would give you the experience you desired.

Graduation from college, turning twenty-one, having a child, getting the promotion, buying your dream car, etc. are all examples of circumstances many of us thought would confer a desired experience upon us.

Only to find, to our disillusionment, that they didn’t.  Unfortunately, many of us didn’t take our disillusionment to heart and sought out the next circumstance which would magically bestow our desired experience upon us.  Only to find, in the end, the whole idea really was an illusion after all.

Circumstances reflect our experience.  Circumstances do not create our experience.  The experience comes first – your experience is the hearth from which your circumstances are transformed into whatever meaning and value they hold for you, in your universe.

You Can’t Use People, Places, Things, and Events to Create an Experience

Intentionally creating a desired experience transforms your circumstances into reflections which enable and manifest your experience in tangible form.  Luckily, intentionally creating a desired circumstance is a simple task called “aligning your beliefs with your desired experience.”  I refer to that task as “simple”, of course, because that exactly what “Grow a Greater You” teaches you to do.

So, while it’s usually quite impossible to ignore your circumstances, you can stop blaming them for your pain and suffering.  And you can also stop chasing new circumstances to resolve your pain and suffering.  Now you can keep your focus squarely upon creating desired experiences by aligning your beliefs with those you desire.

And your circumstances will transform, in tandem, right in front of your eyes.  Without any special effort to make them do so.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs and desires by using quantum paradigms so your life more resembles the one you’ve dreamed of…