What Can Michael Jordan Teach You About Consciously Creating A More Pleasing Reality?

michael jordan  A good basketball player uses faith when she shoots.  She  believes that her shot is going through the hoop.  She doesn’t calculate the physics of her proposed trajectory.  She doesn’t use math to score; she uses her subconscious and her intuition.

How to Become the “Micheal Jordan” of the Conscious Creation of Your Material Reality

Deliberate creators are a lot like basketball players.  When they begin creating consciously, they must start focusing intent upon telling themselves new, better-feeling stories about all their life’s circumstances.  Just as a beginning player must intently and deliberately adhere to proper footwork, form, and follow-through on her shot.

It’s work at first.  It takes conscious effort to train the muscle memory.  And neither are probably going to become Michael Jordan overnight.

But with enough practice, just like a great player’s shooting ability, telling the best-feeling, believable stories about your life’s events becomes a subconscious effort.  A great shooter is no longer consciously focusing upon her foot placement, arm angle, hand positions, and follow-through; she’s practiced her routine enough that she’s now using the correct shooting mechanics unconsciously.  A great deliberate creator has done the same thing with the correct mechanics of retraining her beliefs to be more closely aligned with her desires.

Even Michael Jordan Took Years to Become “Michael Jordan”

No one would expect a basketball novice to step onto the court in a varsity game and dominate like Michael Jordan.  We all know it takes time, effort, dedication, practice, and persistence to become an all-star.  But we also know that given enough of effort, dedication, practice, and persistence anyone can become a pretty darn good player (at least as good a player as is possible for you).

Give yourself leeway regarding creating a more pleasing reality.  Spiritual “muscle memory” takes time; you’d been telling yourself those bad-feeling stories and holding beliefs which were not aligned with your desires, after all, for most of your life. (Click on that link to Tweet it) Remember that Micheal Jordan didn’t become Michael Jordan in one day!

Don’t Worry About The “Missed Shots”; Instead Focus On the Fact that You’re “Shooting” with the Proper “Mechanics” Now

And also remember that an all-star doesn’t need to hit every shot she takes.  Hitting most of them is incredible – heck, hitting half of ’em makes her an all-region candidate!  And you, too, don’t have to hit every “shot” you take to consider yourself an all-star conscious creator.  Focusing on your progress, not perfection, is a much better-feeling story anyway, isn’t it? (Click that link to Tweet it)

With enough practice you’ll soon find more and more of your “shots” going through the net as your beliefs and desires become more closely aligned!

And stay tuned to this blog for additional techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to more fully realize your desires…

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  1. I have been an avid fan of The law of Attraction. I believe it is the way things work, but I have never being successful now I do understand why. The deep believes have to change before you can access the law of Attraction from a point of having instead of not having. Thank you.

    • Yes, Susan, changing beliefs to align with desires produces coherence between you and the quantum field. Coherence influences the waves which create the material world.

      This is at the very core of what the law of attraction teaches and some of us need to hear it explained this way before we can start making it work for us.

      I’m honored that I’ve been of service to you in that regard. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. This is great. I just found you through your guest post on Pam Grout’s blog, and I’m devouring your posts and articles. And in a similar vein as sustained practice leading to improvement and ease, reading 10 articles in a row helps you remember the concept to begin with, hopefully leading to actual practice. I’m taking this on! Your analogies are fabulous, and your writing clear and persuasive. I feel inspired and motivated!

    And last but not least, I SO APPRECIATE your referring to the basketball player as a she! With enough people making an effort to update and upgrade their pronoun usage, we WILL step-by-step get closer to gender equality. I get it — it’s a living example of what you teach! Love it. Thank you!

    • Hey Kyle. Welcome to the site and thank you very much for all your kind appraisals of my writing.

      I’m also glad you noticed the female pronouns. You’re not the first. And I did it for the reasons you cited; I want to “be” gender equity and I want to help it become normal to not always use “he”. Not to mention the fact that many of my readers are female.

      It’s a little thing, but something I have fun with. It shakes me up during my writing and helps keep me fresh.

  3. I can’t say it any better than Kyle did. You are brilliant – and this is fun. I’ve read all the wonderful books and they have made my life better and I am beginning to manifest little things – and am amazed when I realize it happening. I decided that I would like to have a whole lot of money – I know what I would do with it and can’t wait to see it come into my life. Yes – the little doubts are there – but I will work on getting rid of them for good. Thanks – and I’m so glad I found you. (also through Pam Grout’s website.

    • Vera, thank you very much for your praise and kind words. And, even more so, for taking the time and energy to share them with me!

      Truly, the greatest blessing associated with writing is reading words like your’s.

      And, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder (which is another way of saying that we decide what is “good” through the stories we tell about it – through the value we assign it), I want to thank you twice. You’re the one who created the brilliance and the fun; all I did was facilitate your creation! And I’m proud to have been able to do so.

      Additionally, being of value is the most fun I have today and I couldn’t revel in it this way without your presence and willingness to participate. So thank you a third time!

  4. Speaking of sports, the analogies between sports and life are endless. I just bought ” How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs” and am off to read it. Thanks Coach!

    • (In my best gristly coach’s voice) “Okay, John, I’m putting you in!”

      Thanks, John, glad to have you reading and sharing your energy.

  5. Great analogy, Michael Jordan. btw, I might steal it,…

    fyi, I’m reading your WQP Never Fail book AGAIN. (Once was definitely not enough.) Funny how when re-reading something I read something and think, “Hmm, I don’t recall reading this this.” Reminds me of how I read Lincoln said he would purposefully read a book many times.

    Tho’ it’s full of great ideas, the one that’s currently on my mind is the ‘Do Nothing, Get Everything’ idea. Dr. Robert Anthony wrote an article along this line too. Wayne Dyer did something on it too. Yours gave added clarity to the idea. Thank you.

    Besides that, what a great concept: Do nothing. Get everything.

    I think I can spend a little time doing that (nothing). 🙂

    • It most certainly takes a great mind to identify greatness, Phil. You, sir, most definitely have such a mind. 😉

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of value to you. That’s a generous gift only you can give me.

      I, too, enjoy “being” more than “doing”. And my favorite quote from Lincoln, the one where he says, “Give me three hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first two sharpening the axe.”, makes me think Honest Abe was a New Thought leader too. I suspect he got it!

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