Mutually Funded Friends Chicago Oct 11 number 4  October 11th, 2014 something happened in Chicago, IL.

Some people met each other for the first time.  And everyone learned from one another.

The photo above shows you who almost all the people involved.

Thank You MFF!

The Mutually Funded Friends of Chicago, IL investment club invited me to give a Grow a Greater You seminar at their yearly summit.

First of all, let me say how impressed I am by these folks who are so committed to their personal and financial health and growth that they meet regularly, present each other with opportunities to learn, and hold each other accountable.

Besides their portfolios growing, I can assure you that their friendships have as well.  And I count myself fortunate to have shared their energy for a day.

A Secular Audience – My First

One of the reasons I write about this seminar is that the Mutually Funded Friends were the first group to whom I gave my Grow a Greater You seminar who weren’t full-fledged “true believers” going in.  The Mutually Funded Friends are an upbeat, positive, and enlightened group – and they definitely have some members who were on-point with everything I presented.

Yet they are also a secular group.  By which I mean, in lighthearted fashion, that they are not a New Thought, Law of Attraction, New Age, or otherwise purely spiritually-focused organization like all my other seminars.

So October 11th, 2014 was fun and interesting in a unique way.

Jukube Gave Me His Blessing and I Was Off to the Races

Jukube Felton is the man who brought me in.  He is a coach and teacher who I’d corresponded with previously.  His endorsement of me was a definite anointing, if you will, of my seminar.

And boy did we all learn together.

Nobody Learns More Than Me – That’s Something I Am Intentional About

I will freely admit that I almost always feel that I learn the most when I give a seminar.  It’s truly a blessing to engage you, listen to you, hear your experiences, address your questions, and give you great big, warm hugs too.  I always emerge as a changed person, having grown and expanded, from one of my seminars.

The Mutually Funded Friends proved to be no exception to my rule.  What a beautiful bunch.  Asking questions openly and freely, challenging (politely and kindly – thank you, MMF) my suppositions, inferences, and experiences.  And asking for clarification about things that pure, full-on LOA folks might not.

Grow a Greater You is Ready for Larry King

Here’s the main thing that happened.  I learned that the message of Grow a Greater You has evolved to the point where it can be presented to a non-spiritually-focused audience with clarity, authenticity, power, attraction, and heft.

  • We are creating our own unique version of each and every single person, place, thing, and experience we have
  • In this manner, we are creating our own unique universe – a universe only we are experiencing
  • We cannot stop creating our own unique version of everything and, thus, our own unique universe
  • Since we cannot stop doing it, the only choice we have in the matter is: do I want to create my own, unique version of everything intentionally or unintentionally?
  • Why wouldn’t we choose to do it intentionally?

That message resonates with a secular audience.  In fact, that message resonates with virtually anyone.  Grow a Greater You is pretty much ready to go mainstream (or its certainly getting much closer).

Don’t Worry – You Are Grow a Greater You’s First Love

Thank you, though!  No matter how mainstream Grow a Greater You gets – YOU are the early adopter who played it before it became the “next big thing.”

Let’s keep playing; even though everyone else will be playing soon, we got a pretty good head start on ’em! 😉

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…