1. Simple explanation and so very practical. I am going to start by writing down in a little book everytime I think, or say something, that goes counter to what I desire to manifest in my reality. I think this step is the first one to bring conscious awareness to the belief system in my subconscious mind which is the one that really is dictating the reality of my life-as opposed to the beliefs I think I hold ie I can repeat positive affirmations like ” I am a powerful manifester” all day long, but if my subconscious belief is saying something different, those affirmations don’t work. Like most people, then, I give up on the affirmations and dismiss all those gurus out there I’ve been listening to who say just do these affirmations and you’ll become…….fill in the blank. Your example isreally understandable and made sense. I would also like to point out that being involved in this self help pursuit of a better life is not a waste of time either. You see, I now realize that it is by immersing oneself in this field of knowledge that you start to learn the jargon, see concepts coming up over and over…and it takes time before you really start to get the gist of what knowledge is being imparted. Eventually, you take it in, almost as if by osmosis and you can read or listen and start to really get from it what you need. If I had read your essays 20 years ago, I would have not understood what you were talking about and dismissed what you had to say as another guru trying to sell me something. I appreciate that you don’t have any hard sell disguised as one of those infomercials that you are forced to listen to via video presentation. Thanks for the insights.

    • Okay, :ashky, here comes the hard sell! This was all just a set-up for this moment! (I’m kidding, of course).

      No. No videos or outlandish promises here.

      I agree that it often takes time for our hearts and minds to open to an awakening of this nature. The “eyeball” evidence is just so overwhelming it took me many years of painfully clinging to the “I’ll believe it when I see it” paradigm to finally become willing to let it go.

      As you’ve probably found out for yourself, I often have to tone down my excitement when I write. I’m so immersed in the principles I teach – my life is applied to (and through) them instead of me merely applying them to my life. And doing that actually makes me a deliberate-creation magician. Seriously. Desires spontaneously manifest and it makes most days such an exciting and thrilling ride. That’s why you read me calling this a game called “Grow a Greater You”; it’s just so outlandishly fun, exciting, and real.

      One of my greatest joys is getting an opportunity to connect with someone like you. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Here’s to each others’ (and thousands of others who have yet to weigh in) continuing and growing awakening! Please don’t be a stranger.

  2. How do you overcome the insidious fear that ultimately I will not being able to manifest what I want? The small voice inside my head says “oh this is just nonsense”, though I meditate every morning and set my intentions for the day. I’ve even had some amazing things happen but when I hit a rough patch in the road, doubt creeps in, and I feel constricted and narrow in my belief. I feel like a metaphysical manic depressive, and it’s driving me nutso. It’s a battle, yet there is a part of me that truly believes that manifesting my future is possible.

    • Len, you raise some great points and I’m very glad you commented.

      I was given the gift of desperation many years ago and really had no choice but to either give up or try this way of life. I call my desperation a gift because it allowed (or forced) me to power right through the type of reservations you speak of.

      I’m not unlike you though. And, as a matter of fact, most people aren’t. That’s because we all cling to the familiar – it is known, reliable, and predictable. For most of us, in fact, we have to cross a certain threshold of pain before we’re willing to let go of the familiar and do something new. And it doesn’t matter, by the way, if the familiar is painful; familiar pain is preferable to our subconscious when weighed against the unknown.

      What I’ve learned to do (in the absence of a “loaded gun” to my head, creating desperation) is to talk to my brain. Remember – our brain is different from our mind; our mind is an energy and it is eternal while our brain is a collective of cells and it is finite.

      My brain is very frightened by its mortality. It is consumed with wanted to be “me” – wanting to be who I am. Here is what I’ve learned to tell my brain:

      “Thank you, my friend, for being an indispensable part of my wonderful human body. I could not experience life on this planet, nor would I be a human being, without you. Don’t be afraid, I love and value you; I simply do not need you to be “me” or “who I am” anymore. I will always rely upon you for a vast array of things that could be done by no one else but you. But, just for today, I am re-assigning you to your proper role as a phenomenal tool and an incredible part of my physical body. Just like my heart, lungs, nervous system, etc., I would never want to be without you. And I no longer need you to assume the role of “who I am”.

      That story calms my brain. Or my ego, if you will. And helps my brain accept its proper role, which quiets the intensity of those negative, doubting, fear-based voices my brain likes to throw my way. Why? Because the whole reason my brain creates those doubting voices is to get me back into my illusion of finiteness and separateness – where it can once again be “me”.

      Welcome to the awakened world. Be patient with your brain. It’s had years of fooling you into thinking it’s who “you” really are. But, rest assured, your brain will still continue to have a great time in its new role – helping you play “Grow a Greater You”!

      • Thank you so much for you kind and pertinent advice. The loaded gun was pointed at me in Feb. 2013, when we were told at work that we were going to lose 40% of our budget. I worked in a prison for 26 years trying to teach gang bangers and other juvenile offenders science who didn’t realize the importance of getting an education and who fought my efforts on a daily basis. The behavior management system was crumbling and offenders became terribly disrespectful, fights broke out constantly and It began to feel unsafe there, it was worrisome to say the least. We were told there we going to be major staff reduction but no one knew whether they we the one who was getting the ax or not for months. It was like going to work in a morgue, except the corpses were alive and walking around with their heads down, terribly frightened and unsure. It was all wearing me out and taking a heavy toll on my heart. Then it happened and because my classroom was on the corner I got to witness as people were escorted into into the principals office and told their contracts were not going to be renewed. People that I cared for and knew for many years came out of the office in tears, it was a nightmare and something inside me fell apart. This ultimately became my gift of desperation.
        My wife could see the toll it was taking on me and begged me to look for another job. I hadn’t applied for a job nor interviewed for one in a very long time and at 62, I didn’t think anyone would hire me but I got my resume put together and found a job posted within the large consortium that I already worked for. My wife suggested that I create a marketing plan because in this job as a site coordinator you have to recruit students to your learning center. I then went online and found the info. I needed to put together the plan, which seemed effortless and somehow just appeared to me out of the ether. Then the miracle happened, I had an incredibly strong interview and what really did the trick, which I came to find out later, was the marketing plan. I got the job and I got out of prison. I was released from prison literally and figuratively, and also from a micromanaging boss, and was given free reign to create the kind of learning center I could envision. It was transformational for me and started me on a quest to learn more about how to create a more positive and empowered life.
        I started reading everything I could get my hands on which I thought would be beneficial to my spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. I read books about the near death experiences of Eban Alexander and Anita Moorjani, which opened my eyes to the possibility of universal consciousness and being co-creators and full participants in the unfolding of our lives. Then I began reading books about the transformational stories of others which helped me feel more grounded as I watched my own story unfold. I experienced unbridled joy and a freedom I had never known before, it was a bit unnerving and I wasn’t sure how to work with it. Finally, I read a book by Josepf Jaworski entitled Synchronicity… and was here that I was introduced to some of the ideas of physicist David Bohm who wrote about the “implicate order of the universe” and how things are manifested out of it. As a science teacher, I was fascinated and totally captivated by the possibility.
        So here I am Gregory, at the threshold of a new possibility with my eyes and heart open, just yearning for new knowledge. Any ideas of where I should go from here?

        • Wow, Len. That is quite a story and I am honored you shared it with us.

          You sound like you’re in much the same place I was when I emerged from my “long, dark night”. If so, welcome to the most amazing, fun game you will ever (and could ever) play. It’s the game, I believe, you came here to play. And it’s called “Grow a Greater Len”.

          “Grow a Greater Len” is all about having desires for a greater, expanded Len and an even more fulfilling life for Len. The game is, simply, to grow yourself into your desires. “Yourself” is, of course, your beliefs. And the game goes on and on, I’ve found, for as long as you want to play it. Each day I wake up and thank the universe for the opportunity to play Grow a Greater Greg (and, believe me, there was a time that I woke up and cursed the fact that I was still alive!)

          My recommendations are:

          1. Read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail
          2. Read How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs
          3. Come back to this site regularly and read new postings for inspiration
          4. Leave me notes and comments to keep us connected

          Follow those and you won’t have to settle for doing as well as me. You can do far better if you desire!

          I’m very happy you’re here. Stay.

          • Well Greg, After reading many of your posts and various articles found on your website I purchased and just began reading your “New Beliefs” book and I am really excited about what I’ll learn from it. I have begun to train my brain to realize its proper place in my life by stating and restating the words that you used to help train yours. I look forward to watching the process unfold and I also realize that patience, diligence, and conscious awareness are three important keys. I believe that slowly over time, if I use your knowledge and advice, that I can become the co-creator of my own magnificent reality. Thanks coach, for all your advice and encouragement. This is pretty cool.

          • Len, thank you for your uplifting encouragement and praise.

            I am honored to serve as your coach. In fact, coaching people to follow this way of life is one of the most rewarding activities I engage in.

            Please “keep coming back” and I know you’ll be very glad you did. I am looking forward to hearing more from you as you align your beliefs!

  3. Hi Greg

    I have just finished reading How Quantum Physicists Build……finally some clear, detailed & practical explanations & suggestions – thank you so much.

    My partner is partway through the book also and I would really appreciate your thoughts on a point we are disagreeing on:

    I recently inherited a fairly large sum of money from my mother who passed away in april. I truly now believe that I would not have received this wonderful gift if my beliefs about money & my worthiness to receive it had not been sufficiently aligned with my desires to allow it to manifest in my life. My partner says my beliefs about money have nothing to do with it – the money was always there, I knew it was there – which I did – and as it was an inheritance I knew I was always going to get it eventually – it was just my destiny.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this,

    Thank you, Judy

    • Judy, tell your partner that she/he is dead wrong! And then laugh in her/his face. (Attention…I am JUST KIDDING!)

      Glad you felt strongly enough about my latest book to ask the question.

      Here is how I’d answer that question: Indeed, it is true that without an observer there is no material reality for the observer to encounter. However, that inheritance was already being observed by other people besides you. Therefore, it is true to say that it existed independent of you and your observation.

      Remember, though, that the energy of “you” (i.e. your beliefs) becomes coherent with the quantum field and, through this coherence, material objects are formed. So, yes, the inheritance was “there”, but you breathed life into it and made it real (for you) through your observations (which conveyed the expectations formed unconsciously by your beliefs to the quantum field).

      Your prior awareness, by the way, counts as “observation”.

      Notice that I did not give a 100% clear, definitive “yes” or “no” response to your question. That’s because I believe you are both correct. Or, put another way, neither of you is completely wrong. I would say that your interpretation, however, is the more inspiring and creative one and the one I almost always choose myself.

      If there was a bet riding on my response, I’d say you, Judy, are the winner.

      Your partner is “correct” on this matter, if she/he wants to stand her/his ground, but where’s the fun in saying it was “destiny” versus saying it was deliberate creation? 😉

  4. Hi Greg

    I cannot thank you enough for this blog post. It hit the spot and brought tears of relief. I have been focused on this law of attraction journey for about a year and a half now but have been feeling more and more confused and frustrated at not being able to manifest my desires…realizing that all I am currently manifesting is a result of my previous ‘rocks’ was such a load off! I have been feeling useless and pathetic and like Len, filled with all sorts of doubt and defining myself by my current manifestations…thank you! Thank you for the simple ways you explain this wonderful, magical scientific stuff! I will definitely be getting your ‘why quantum physicists don’t
    get fat’ book as I have battled weight my entire life…41 years!

    • Fiona, you’ve made my day with your comment and I am very proud to have been a help to you.

      I agree that it feels wonderful to “wake up”, if you will, from the illusions of life happening to us. And to stop defining ourselves (defining who we are) by what we are currently manifesting.

      Your description of freedom is especially delicious. Glad to hear you’re addressing the weight, too. Prior to using my process on my weight, I struggled with unwanted weight for about ten years.

      Glad you’ve found this site. Please stay.

  5. Greg, I’m loving your works. Just finished WQPCMA and there was one paragraph that REALLY resonated with me when you wrote… “Quantum physics is teaching us that we DO have power over the people, places and things in our lives. Our observations and expectations are what create them. And, using that power – the law of attraction – doesn’t actually require you to do anything radically different, because you’ve always had that power to begin with. Now you can use your power deliberately. You can learn to shape your reality like a potter molds clay.”

    After reading that… my mind began to spin! I had an epiphany that what IF I were the only truly sentient person in MY world… and what IF instead of freaking out, realizing that I’m completely alone (because the people I’ve manifested are there sort of like robot dolls, and are who they are because I created them for my life) – I could instead have the perspective that I really am the one in control of what I observe as my life? And if that’s true, then why would I continue creating the CRAP that I see when I look around?

    For example, when I look in the mirror, knowing what I now know about the power that I have… why wouldn’t I EXPECT to see a pretty-as-Angelina-Jolie reflection in the mirror than my common plain-Jane-unattractive-me? And when I look at my bank account, I see that it’s reasonable (based on my past beliefs) that the amount that I see is equivalent to what my level of belief is about the work I do… but why, oh why wouldn’t I choose to also believe that a money-miracle is waiting for me? And the man I’m with… I love him so much, but I’ve come to EXPECT that he treats me disrepectfully… and so he does. Wow, it hurts me but I’ve ignored it because I didn’t REALIZE that I have the power to expect better treatment from him. Capishe? So, I made a conscious choice to change my belief, because the statement in your book I quoted above soooo powerfully resonates with me… that all of these past beliefs I’ve held that are out of alignment with my desires are no longer valid. How can I possibly continue to allow outdated beliefs in my experience? This revelation felt like blowing ashes out of my hand – clearing out old ways of thinking.

    Further, it’s true that I’ve experimented (personally) with Engtanglement between myself and my boyfriend. In fact, law of attraction is how he came into my life!!! And in our last 7 years together, It’s totally true that when he’s away, and when I send him beautiful “i love you” thoughts, he always returns home very loving and sweet. And, it’s true that every single time we’ve had bad energy between us (fighting, etc.) I’ve been able to trace it back to my own negative stories (emotions) I’ve told myself about him… and it’s clear that he’s simply reflecting back to me what I’m putting out (energetically). Wow! After reading your books I understand why that happens, and I’ve endeavored to stop telling myself bad stories about him… and the rest of my life for that matter. I feel like I’m the novelist, writing my life (with my beliefs and expectations) and I can choose any way to write it that I want. It’s all now MY choice.

    So, I wanted to share this with you. Understand that I know that I’m not “alone” in my universe… not totally. There are other “sentients” making guest appearances in my world every day. But, I do know that I have control over how others treat me (through my expectations), and of course how I “observe” my world in general. Thanks for giving us all the answers we’ve been looking for our whole lives.

    • Stacy, thank you for your lengthy and thoughtful comment. I really appreciate your personal sharing.

      I agree that there is such tremendous freedom in accepting that the world is a mirror. One way to interpret that is, unfortunately, as blame. I, however, choose to see it as freedom and I will preach that perspective to anyone willing to listen.

      Seeing my material reality as a mirror always allows me to have access to the most important, and only, thing I ever need to change. Me. My energy. My beliefs and, hence, my expectations.

      And learning how to change those beliefs was the key that started the engine of abundance I’ve continually learned to fine tune and into which I currently pour the rocket fuel of my belief-raising process.

      The contrast I experience regularly is usually my greatest teacher. When I create contrasting, or unwanted, experiences, I enlighten myself and remind myself what I truly want. And I get back to the beliefs that will align me with my dreams and desires. So, in this way of seeing it, I truly make no mistakes because all my “mistakes” lead me back to my desires.

      I am currently writing a new book which you will love and will allow you to take this amazing game we’re all playing (called “Grow a Greater You”) to unprecedented heights. In it, I address the other consciousness-possessing time-space-events (or “sentients” as you referred to them) and how we all influence each others’ material reality.

      Thank you again for sharing your praise, your thoughts, and your intent. I’m honored I’ve been of value to you and I hope you won’t be a stranger.

      • You are absolutely right when you say this “new” way of thinking is really the way to FREEDOM!! I’ve felt better about life in general since learning the principles of Quantum Physics, and applying them to my every day life.

        I can’t wait for your next book.

        I wanted to give you a progress report on what happened over the weekend, since I changed my perspective – started viewing my world as a reflection my internal state-of-belief, and thus changed the way I believe things can be for me. You are RIGHT!!! Things start changing, and showing up immediately!

        On Saturday evening, I was scheduled for a massage. In the past, it’s been rather hit and miss with how much I enjoyed the massages depending up which massage therapist was available, so I took a chance… and booked my appointment with a new therapist, Annie. On my way to the massage, I kept in mind that my expectations are what I get out of life… so I happily started to expect to get the “most relaxing massage ever”. When I walked in, that was my only intent.

        Well… the massage was off the charts! I mean, Annie wasn’t too talkative (which I like because I’m there to relax, right?), and she gave just the right amount of pressure (firm but not too hard), and found all of the sore spots I didn’t even know I had. All I can say was my expectation was bouncing right back at me! And I recognized it.

        Halfway through the massage, I started feeling really appreciative of the job Annie was doing. In fact, I normally leave a $15/$20 tip. That’s the “going rate” so that’s what I’ve always done. I had the idea that “I’m so appreciative of this wonderful massage that I’m going to give Annie a $50 tip!” I have no idea where this thought came from, but it felt like a whisper in my ear. Regardless, this was me stepping out of my comfort zone – putting more out there than I normally do, but the gratitude I was feeling propelled me to that place. (And then I remembered what you wrote about celebrating when you see the things you expect actually start to show up).

        That thought REALLY felt good. I mean, it’s me showing that I’m really thankful and “blessing” Annie for the great job (a celebration). By the time I walked out to the checkout, I decided to push my gratitude to a new level and I left her $100 instead of $50. My intent was to simply show the Universe that I appreciated it bouncing back my expectation of a wonderful massage.

        So I left the parking lot feeling wonderful, and didn’t even give the $100 a second thought. The change in me was that normally $100 would have broken my bank account. But it didn’t matter, because this was MY celebration. I reasoned that i had the money… and I’d just got paid and I would have only spent that money on some useless gadget anyway, but “blessing” Annie felt so much better. I just let the good feelings flow, and went home.

        The next morning I was checking my email, and an email arrived on Saturday that I didn’t see until Sunday. In fact, when I looked at the time the sender sent the email, it coincided with the TIME that I gave Annie that “blessing”. The email was from a client offering me an opportunity to do some work I don’t normally do. A couple of weeks ago, this client wanted a recommendation, and I proposed the idea of taking the project on myself – mainly because I want to expand my business in that direction. The email I received after “blessing Annie” was the client saying “yes”, they want me to do the work!!! I started to respond with a low-ball quote, but said to myself, “No. I need $xxxx. This is the amount I expect for this work, and it’s ok if they don’t go with it.” But, I expected they would..

        Well… not only did they respond with “yes” to my price, but then I got another new client (out of thin air) that I wasn’t expecting.

        Or was I? (That is the part I’m not sure about).

        To me, this is a real-life example of how the principles of Quantum Physics (that you outline and explain so well in your books) works when put into practice.

        Combined with the knowledge I gained from your books (of how to live a quantum-life), I honestly believe releasing the burden of expecting to be forced to live my life the way I thought someone else wanted me to live, was the first step in changing my beliefs. I now take responsibility for creating my own life. Wow! That shift alone was like unlocking the prison cell door. It created a really good feeling inside of me, and then I played “Build A Better Stacie” and changed my expectations to simply have a better massage experience. This created what I wanted, and it showed up darn near immediately!

        I’m pretty sure the celebrations are the key to moving forward. The better I feel, the better it gets. Without the feeling of gratitude, (which feels like the highest feeling on the chart of good vibrations) I don’t think I would have seen more showing up.

        And today? Wow… I’m starting to think about how I will use Quantum Physics to grow my business and attract customers that I really want to work with, those that I feel I can really help…

        All I can say at this point is “Thank You!”. Your guidance and experiences are a blessing to those of us who are seeking happiness. I really appreciate what you’ve taught me, because it’s truly changed my life for the better.

        • Stacie! The joy oozes out of your comment; thank you so much for keeping us up to date.

          The relish and gusto with which you relate your amazing (but not surprising) manifestations is exactly why I call this a game. Because it’s so darn fun!

          “Grow a Greater Stacie” never stops. As you align your beliefs with your dreams and desires, manifesting them into your life experience as your expectations become coherent with the quantum field, you will simply grow grander dreams and desires. You will simply continue to grow a grander version of yourself each time you grow into your previous one.

          Isn’t that fantastic?

          And, can you use this process to grow your business? Attracting clients and manifesting experiences where everyone involved receives supreme value and satisfaction? You bet! How do you think I became a best-selling author? By applying the very same process I teach in my books.

          And the same is true for the incredible relationships I have with my four sons, the soul mate to whom I’m married, my enriching professional life which allows me to be of immense value and benefit, my healthy, fit, and happy body… The list goes on and on. Not because I’m a “special person” or because I’m “blessed” (well I am those things, but no more nor less than anyone else) – it’s only because I’ve taken the time and energy to align my beliefs with my desires in all those areas. Then the quantum field handles the rest.

          And, as I described a moment ago (and you’re soon to discover for yourself), each time I’ve grown into my greater, grander version of Greg, I’ve been blessed with a still greater, grander version of myself which has emerged. So that I can continue to play this incredible, amazing, exciting game called “Grow a Greater Greg” at still higher (yet, often, deeper) levels.

          Please keep me informed of your exciting progress. And thank you for letting me know I’ve been of value to you.

  6. Hi Greg, I enjoyed your articles and blog postings and found them very valuable – thank you for the inspiration you provide (and for free, too)!

    You write of the “gift of desperation” here and that made me think … I feel pretty desperate at the moment (and have felt that for quite some time) because I need my desire (an income) to manifest. I know that “needing” will not help me manifest my desire (which makes me even more desperate …) – but what can I do if I really, truly need something in order to live, to survive? And how can that desperation be my gift? (I’d love to be able to see it that way!)

    I’m currently facing a reality of hardly any sales of my products and I’d really like to shift my beliefs on that. Your article about coaxing the bunny has helped me a lot regarding this issue, I have never seen it explained so clearly. Do you have any additional tips for me? I’d very much appreciate them!

    Thank you!

    • Thank you very much for your praise and approval, Michaela. I am honored to have been of value to you and more honored still to have an ongoing opportunity to continue to be.

      Do I have any tips? Yep.

      I suggest that you follow the process outlined in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. That process is exactly how I manifested almost $1,000,000 to get my family out of debt (and avoid bankruptcy). I don’t make writing about that manifestation the focal point of my teaching because, quite honestly, I think I might sound too unbelievable. But it did happen and it happened by doing exactly what my book instructs you to do.

      As frustrating as it is sometimes, our expectations (formed unconsciously from our beliefs) create coherence with the quantum field. Then the quantum field manifests our material reality for us. And, thus, our material reality is a perfect mirror of our beliefs.

      I know there are many, many areas of your life where the mirror of your material reality is very successful and ultra pleasing. If you’re like most, you may be in the habit of taking those areas for granted (because, after all, you don’t usually have to expend much energy to manifest a material reality aligned with your desires).

      Yet in other areas (such as your desire for income) you are experiencing negative, or unwanted, feelings. Those feelings are your built-in thermometers – telling you that your beliefs are not in alignment with your desires. Pay attention to those feelings because they are delivering important and useful information to you. But do not allow them to dictate your state of being nor tell you who you are.

      You are NOT your feelings. You are merely experiencing your feelings. Your feelings are a feedback loop – not who you are.

      These recommendations are exactly how I made wonderful use of my gift of desperation. You’re on the path; start walking!

      And let me know how its going. I have no doubt about your successes and I’m going to relish hearing about your adventures playing “Grow a Greater You”.

      • Hi Greg, thank you so much for your reply! I admire and appreciate that you are so generous with your time and obviously so devoted to helping your readers.

        And yes, I’ve just followed your advice and bought your newest book, “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs”. 🙂 I’m in the midst of reading it and eager to try it on my own issues. There’s a lot to do because, unfortunately, there are hardly any areas in my life that are “very successful and ultra pleasing” to me … oh, how I would wish it were so!

        It feels good to know that you believe in my success and I hope I can come back again for more questions if I have any. Would you mind directing me to a few of your resources that might help me specifically in telling new stories? I’d appreciate it that.

        Thank you!

        • You bet, Michaela.

          Thank you for allowing me to be of value. You must understand that you can’t see anything in me that doesn’t already exist inside you – I’m just a reflection of the wisdom and amazing potential already present in Michaela. You’ve simply allowed me to help reflect it back to you and that’s quite an honor!

          I also know that there are, indeed, plenty of areas where you’re already a huge success. Being a great friend, companion, trusted ally, reliable co-worker, etc. Don’t discount those manifestations! You’re already doing well; you’re simply growing a greater you!

          Resources for storytelling? Well, my book Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer is a fantastic, $.99 resource. I’m sure you’ve read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, which teaches it pretty extensively. Other than those two, I recommend (in no particular order) The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger, Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech.

          Have fun and start growing a greater Michaela! Keep me in the loop, too, please.

          • Again, thank you so much, Greg! This is so encouraging and I love the book recommendations. I’ll surely keep following your blog and your writings, too. Thank you!

          • You’re welcome, Michaela.

            I’m glad you continue to give me opportunities to be of value to you. Happy reading!

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