Guide  The term “guru” gets used a lot.  But what is a guru, really?

How does one qualify for that status?  Why do we refer to someone as a guru?  And why do people look for one?

Am I a guru?

I’m Answering These Questions With An Invitation

Good questions.  And my answers are best illustrated this way:

This June, Frances Fayden and I are thrilled to continue our journey, with you, to financial abundance.  I can’t wait for our next tele-seminar, a four-night extravaganza of taking financial abundance to brand new heights.

Our exciting time together this June is called How to Find Real Financial Abundance in a Place You Never Actually Thought to Look: and Gain Complete Control of the Only Thing Truly Necessary to Create It!

I am pumped about our four June evenings together because the potential to transform your financial beliefs is tremendous.  And I want you to register for this tele-class right now – because the price goes back up from in May (even though our time together will still be worth ten times the regular price).

My Answers Are Found By Looking At the Words I Used to Extend the Invitation

How did my description of our powerful June tele-seminar, How to Find Real Financial Abundance…, illustrate my answers about gurus?

Through my authentic use of phrases like:

  • “…our journey, with you…”
  • “I can’t wait…”
  • “I am pumped…”
  • “…our time together…”

What’s More Powerful than Playing “Grow a Greater You” Alone?  Playing It With Others!

Here’s the deal.  I am an active practitioner of “Grow a Greater You.”  I play this amazing game every day, I’m a master at it, and there are very few areas of my life where I don’t experience abundance and fulfillment beyond my original hopes and dreams.

And do you know what makes me, or anyone, a master of “Grow a Greater You”?  Playing it together!

Which is exactly what we’ll be doing this June (and many times thereafter).  We’ll be walking this path together in even more substantial ways than we’ve been before.

A Guru, In My Universe, Is a Guide 

This is what a guru is.  In my universe, a guru is a master teacher/leader who has walked the path you’re on.  And the guru, with her/his wealth of experience and insight, walks beside you and even holds your hand on the journey you’re taking together.

Am I a guru in your universe?  If I am it’s not because “guru” is “what I am”, irrespective of you.  In other words, no one is “wrong” if she doesn’t recognize that being a guru is “what I am.”


A Guru Is a Guide On the Journey, On the Same Path, With You

If I am a guru in your universe it is because of three things:

  1. You decided to honor me with a decision to create a version of “Greg Kuhn”, in your universe, who fulfills that role
  2. You, like me, are on the wonderful journey of playing “Grow a Greater You”
  3. Being on this journey too, you intuitively recognize that we are traveling together and you’ve decided such companionship has great value

And I’m with you all the way.

If I’m Your Guide, Thank You – You Allow Me to Play That Role

I am definitely a masterful guide for playing “Grow a Greater You.”  Thank you for auditioning me to be your guide, thank you for allowing me to play the role, and rest assured I intend to continue to be qualified for it.

Just so you know, though, I don’t strive because I think there aren’t other wonderful guides out there.  I know there are; I use some of them myself.  I strive in this manner because I want to get better and better at playing “Grow a Greater You.”

You’re playing; you know how empowering “Grow a Greater You” is.  Despite being a “Grow a Greater You” master, I want to keep learning, growing, and improving.

And the coolest thing about my mastery of this game? It’s not anything you can’t also achieve or even surpass.

We All Lead, We All Allow, We All Follow, We All Support – In Different Ways at Different Times

So let’s keep playing together.  Let’s keep walking together.  Let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder on this joy-filled journey, in support and solidarity!

Yes, I want you to be a part of our June tele-seminar.  Because it’s another opportunity to make our journey together even more substantial.

Until next time, you know where you’ll find me:  on the path, with you, playing “Grow a Greater You”, and loving every minute of it.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…