How to Grow a Greater You

Do you, like so many of us, intuitively know that a more fulfilling life is possible?  Are you, too,  tired of playing small?  Does it excite you, as it still does me, to learn you can actually manifest the “big stuff”?

By the way – if you’ve found this site via my friend, Pam Grout, of E-Squared and
E-Cubed fame, I recommend that you read this post about my Penny Experiment

Welcome to a website devoted to teaching you exactly how to do that.  And not through tired, positive-thought platitudes or pie in the sky promises which never seem to materialize.

Welcome to a website where you will learn how to align your life with how our universe really “works”.

You’re about to learn how to play the most spectacular game a human ever could, a game called “Grow a Greater You”.

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Welcome to a Greater You

Gleaned naturally from quantum physics, “Grow a Greater You” you will place you in your proper role as the creative engine of the material world you experience.

As fantastic as it might sound, you become the contextual architect of your life experiences.

Quantum physics, the most accurate and reliable science ever created, provides you with a sober and rather straightforward blueprint to realize your incredibly powerful contextual influence over material reality.

In fact, if you’re like most, you will come to call “Grow a Greater You” your missing instruction manual for the fulfilling life which had previously been the exclusive domain of others.  Its ease of use and amazing effectiveness may surprise you.  And, though you’ll undoubtedly not expect how much fun it is to play, you’re going to quickly love your new universe – brimming with seemingly endless possibility and abundance.

Invest some time in “Grow a Greater You” and I can almost guarantee that you will exponentially multiply your power to deliberately and intentionally align your material reality with some of your greatest desires.

In a fashion you’ve perhaps assumed you’d never be afforded.

And, best of all, “Grow a Greater You” is:

  • Field tested
  • Time proven
  • Played with joy by thousands
  • Scientifically valid
  • Reliable and accurate

You Really Can Grow a Greater You

It can all sound too simple at first.  And, besides, you’ve undoubtedly encountered promises like these before.

“Grow a Greater You” is, indeed, not rocket science at all.  Because we now understand how our universe “works”, all you need do is insert yourself into your appropriate role, grow yourself into alignment with your desires, and watch the spectacular fireworks which the universe automatically reflects back to you.

Though sometimes challenging to believe, you really are not here to suffer.  And when you play “Grow a Greater You”, you’re joining thousands who’ve discovered for themselves that suffering truly becomes optional.  Even long-held (and long-absent) dreams and desires manifest almost effortlessly as you grow into them.

I will teach you how to play.  I’m your host, Greg Kuhn – best-selling author, teacher, speaker, and futurist.  Dubbed “The Law of Attraction Science Guy” by my students who’ve learned to finally manifest the “big stuff”.

“Grow a Greater You” is incredibly simple, enjoyable, exciting, and easy to play.

All it takes, in fact, to “Grow a Greater You” is your:

  1. Willingness
  2. Time
  3. Practice

You do need those three ingredients.  But if you have the willingness, I will teach you virtually everything else you need to make the “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Fame.


 Play “Grow a Greater You”

  1. Explore my fun and informative articles about contextually influencing your material reality, infusing your personal creative power with rocket fuel.
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  8. Read about who I am and contact me.  I am an active learner just like you who loves to hear from you and learn from your experiences too.

I’ve just made a lot of promises and bold claims; put me to the test and see if can teach to you to “Grow a Greater You”.

What have you got to lose?  After all, if I can’t deliver, your suffering will always be waiting for you.

Yet you truly needn’t worry.  You’re going to “Grow a Greater You” and have the time of your life doing so.  I’m so grateful you’re joining us!





    • Your genie, if she’s anything like mine, is more that ready, willing, and able to help you manifest just about any desire. Any desire you can raise your beliefs to match.

      Welcome to this site, Lori. So glad you’re joining in on this amazingly fun game called “Grow a Greater Me”.

      • Thank you for asking, Richard.

        We are in the process of creating audiobooks as I type this.

        The will eventually be available via Audible, I believe.

  1. Hi Greg. Greetings from Wales UK.

    I came across the Law of attraction not not so long ago. I had already been using the same techniques for personal growth but I didn’t know that it was called the law of attraction! Since then I’ve just immersed myself in it and I’m watching and reading as much as possible in a 24hr day.

    Im so glad that I’ve come across your site. And I can’t wait to get started!

    I’ll keep you informed of my progress ok.

    • Hey David. My wife and I weren’t too far from you this summer and my son will be heading in your direction this spring. Small planet made all the more small with the Internet and Amazon, huh?

      You’ve already started. Glad to hear from you and I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  2. Hi my name is Candy. The truth is that I’m a little pissed. I’ve been practicing consciously and subconsciously the law of attraction for my whole life. I continued to run into walls and barriers that kept me from realizing all of my dreams. I would have seasons where things would open up and work perfectly and devastating seasons of suffering, abuse and frustration. I know that patience is a part of the road. I know that I have beliefs that have been engraved in childhood and therefore should take longer to change. The truth though is that I don’t want to wait anymore. I want what I want now.I guess I’ve always liked to take shortcuts. I am finding that this is not a shortcut. I know that even though this will speed up my progress towards my heart’s desire that it could take months or years to accomplish what should be so simple. Why is it that even though you know better you can’t necessarily do that. I just read your book about quantum physics and I’m glad that it builds upon what I’ve been looking for for many years. I need more support with changing my belief system. There’s a Bible verse that says hope deferred makes the heart sick what do you do with a sick heart? Feel free to respond I appreciate you taking the time.

    • Hello Candy. I understand some of your feelings because I’ve been there myself. I’m not sure whether you’ve read How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, but during my darkest times (before I learned to completely live this way of life I teach), I used to curse at God and demand that God either give me what I wanted or kill me in my sleep. (What I wanted was a way out of certain bankruptcy, my family falling apart, and over one million in debts)

      In fact, I’ve learned that its always important to honor how I really feel – especially now that I practice the art of deliberate creation of my material reality every day. Being “pissed” is okay and, truth be told, I’ll bet you’re more than a “little” pissed. I know I was! If you’ve been experiencing things like suffering, abuse, and frustration, I’m sure you’re more than a “little” pissed at the universe, God, the quantum field, source energy (or whatever label you want to use).

      For me the switch from “hope deferred” to “living this way right now” came from two major sources:

      1. The desperation I finally felt when my back was finally against the wall and I had no other options remaining. That is the “gift of desperation”.

      2. Through my desperation I became will to let go of the notion of blame that can come with the law of attraction. It’s natural to react to the law of attraction defensively because, after all, aren’t I being told that the bad stuff going on in my life is my fault? That’s an understandable reaction, yet it does keep freedom at arm’s length. What I became willing to do was let go of the blame paradigm and see that the law of attraction is not about blaming me (or anyone else) for the unwanted and painful things I had been (and still was) experiencing; instead the law of attraction is offering me the solution for freedom from this point forward. In other words, I’m not responsible for the pain I caused myself in the past, yet I am responsible for my freedom moving forward.

      I hope my experience is of some value to you. I was in a place of horrid desperation and depression – as deep as any pain I’ve ever experienced. In the end, I’m grateful for that pain because it was the necessary catalyst to create my willingness to surrender completely to this way of life I’m teaching.

      I do encourage you to read How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs and adhere to the instructions religiously. Have patience with yourself and stick with it. You don’t have to settle for my results (or my coaching clients’) – you can do even better than us!

  3. Greg thank you so much. I will diligently use the tools and steps that you’ve given to help me have a life I have so desperately wanted for so many years. You’ll be hearing more from me so expect great things!

  4. Okay, some great things have been happening in the past couple of days. I have been using meditation and stilling my mind whenever possible. Question, is it unusual to cry during meditation? I found the emotions that may have been tucked somewhere are coming up to the surface. Also, so many things are happening. I am so grateful for everything. Greg thank you.

    • Hello Candy. Thanks so much for writing. You’re welcome!

      I understand the enthusiasm. When I haven’t spoken to someone for a while, and they ask, “So…what’s been going on with you?”, I usually can’t possibly bring them up to speed on all the amazing and wonderful things in my life. Because my life is magical!

      It wasn’t always magical, however. Before I learned how to work this process of raising my beliefs, most days I felt like a “put-upon” victim of life. I was most often NOT happy or free. And I definitely did not feel empowered to influence my material reality either.

      I love being alive today. And have for quite some time. It’s a fantastic and fun adventure.

      I have found tears when meditating. Also when getting a massage. I believe that comes from repressed stress and emotion that gets locked up in my body tissue (and released during meditation and/or massage). There’s no “science” behind that (or at least none that I’m aware of); that’s my inner knowing (or my best guess, if you will 😉 )

  5. Good morning, I found this morning that I’m having such a hard time focusing in on the things that I want the most. I find it interesting and easier to focus in on the stuff that helps me escape. Things I probably don’t need to do. I need help getting my mind right. How do I refocus on and allow myself to put the energy towards the goal of Financial comfort, the goal of more than enough? My thoughts are messy at best. Even with me blowing them away they kind of just flood me right now. The financial aspect of things will be better to focus in on instead of the other things. Help!

    • Hey Candy. If you are having trouble focusing upon the things you want to do (your desires), I do not have a ready-made solution for you. A lot of our focus, I’ve found, it directly tied to our willingness.

      In my life, much of my willingness has been derived from pain. The pain of living the way I “was” living motivated me to be willing to do what was necessary to change. In this way, I’ve learned to become very grateful for my pain (although usually in retrospect 😉 )

      I do not wish you greater pain to motivate you. Yet I know that, if pain is what you need, pain is what you shall be gifted.

      On a practical note, your focus might be greatly enhanced by practicing meditation. Check this post for some suggestions about how to do that.

      With practice, meditation does wonders for stilling the mind, bringing greater clarity, and enhancing focus.

      Thank you for writing!

  6. Please help clear up some confusion I have about allowing my divine path to unfold in its divinely perfect time vs creating my desires to manifest via the quantum field. Is the quantum field a spiritual tool? All I have to do is match my beliefs to my desires, I get it. But, how does that correlate with my divine path, karma issues, etc? I can’t deny my desires, right? Is having desires in alignment with being a divine spirit? And what about having spirit guides and angels “assigned” to us? Or having a “soul contract” with certain things we’ve “chosen” pre-incarnation (is that even a real thing?) to experience during this life time? Is it possible to desire something that conflicts with our “soul contract”?
    Or are all these things “beliefs” keeping me/us from experiencing what we really desire? 🙂

    • Hey Michele. Those questions are heavy (and awesome)! I’ll give you an answer based on what I know and on my experience.

      I do believe we are born to desire. We came here to desire. With our primary desire being – growing into the greatest, grandest, fullest version of ourselves.

      And the “things” we desire (money, houses, spouses, cars, etc.) can, and usually do, play an important role in our expansion. Is more money, for example, the end-all, be-all of personal expansion? Of course not. Yet more money is a pretty cool indicator of my personal wealth consciousness. And so, too, can other “things” play an important role in our personal growth.

      There are no rules, I believe, regarding what we should desire or what we’re supposed to desire. In fact, there aren’t many rules, in general, concerning our expansion. We desire what we desire!

      If you’ve read my books you’ve encountered my personal story and the devastating pain I caused myself (and my family) when my misguided efforts (taken before I crafted the formulas I teach) to create financial abundance went awry. I desired money greatly and went about it all wrong.

      Should I have desired that money? After all, if I hadn’t, I (and my family) would have been spared a lot of pain. And, in fact, my Buddhist mentors would chide me by reminding me that, according to that discipline, desire is the root of suffering.

      Yet, let me propose this: had I not had all that devastating pain, I would not have been motivated to create the processes I did. And if I did not create these processes, I would not have learned to be the powerful architect of my life experiences that I am now.

      So in the end, desiring that money was exactly what I was supposed to do! And thank God I acted upon that desire!

      Additionally, let me point out the irony that acting on my desire for more money led me to the pain necessary to create (and use) the processes I teach. Because, by continuing to follow those processes, I have more financial abundance today than I ever dared dream.

      So, in a nutshell, I say, “Yes, your desires are okay just as they are. They’re just what they’re supposed to be.” Love them, celebrate them, and manifest them shamelessly!

      And thank you for asking.

      • Thanks for your reply. Yup, heavy and intense, I am. 🙂 Sometimes I can barely keep up with my own spiritual growth. I am enormously grateful to have “come across” your books recently. Of all the stuff (and, trust me it’s been A LOT of stuff), you have put it all in a “believable” way. I look forward to finally “growing a new me” in a more fertile and grounded way. <3

        • I’m grateful too, Michele, that you’ve come across my books. It gave me an opportunity to learn more about you and to be of value to you.

          Thank you for the praise; please don’t be a stranger.

          • I have another question. How does astrology and our “akashic records” fit in with our connection to the quantum field? Thank you. <3

          • Michele, thank you so much for commenting.

            I’m afraid you’re going into territory about which I’m not familiar. Or, at least, about which I have little personal experience.

            I wouldn’t put it past the universe to reveal itself in any number of ways. And, similarly, I wouldn’t put it past anybody to gain access to the universe through any number of ways (nor through any number of senses).

            One thing is for sure – we all have more than five senses. Anyone can see that for herself, simply by putting her hand near a fire – she’ll feel the heat. Additionally, she can close her eyes and touch her nose – she has a meta-sense of where her body parts are located in relation to each other.

  7. Hi Coach,

    I have one query about Law of Attraction.
    I believe in it but one question has troubled me since morning today :
    What about the people who end up suffering several evils like:getting murdered, raped, killed in an accident that happened cause someone was driving under the effect of alcohol?
    Do they attract these circumstances to their life?
    If they do, how can someone think so bad for themselves that they attract it in their life?

    • Hello Amit. I don’t have a pithy response that can wrap up the answers to those questions in a neat, tidy box. Yet here is my experience.

      I refuse to say that I “want” things like that to happen. I do not “want” nor “ask for” events I choose to call tragic (or, at the least, very unwanted). No one does.

      What I will say, however, is that, when these things occur in our lives, what I teach you to do gives you the power and authority to be more in-charge of your life experiences moving forward. You can learn to be a more influential intentional creator of your life from that point forward.

      In other words, you are not to blame for unwanted experiences. You are, however, responsible for your responses to them (thankfully) and for your life moving forward.

      Thank you for asking.

      • Thanks Coach,
        I prefer to call you that cause for the first time after Allen Carr whose book made me quit smoking, I am following someone word by word and point by point.
        First of all, thanks for the reply. It feels great to talk to someone whose work is guifing/inspiring me to give myself a beautiful love.
        Second, I understand what you want to say but at the same time I feel why can’t we have control on this?
        If we are creators of situations and not the reactors, then why can’t we have control over such unfortunate and unwanted events?
        Is this some place where we humans don’t have any power, no matter how enlightened and positive we are?

        • Coach, huh? Thanks for that compliment and the many others.

          Have I experienced that people can develop a level of influence so that their lives are much more closely aligned with their desires? And they experience far, far fewer unwanted things?

          Absolutely, resoundingly “Yes”. Without a doubt.

          With practice I have no doubt this is attainable for you. It’s something I’ve achieved and watched others achieve as well.

          Is my life “perfect”? Nope. Do I experience unwanted things? Yep. But the unwanted things, the pain in my life, is not in the same zip code as what I experienced before I began to practice this method of moving up the emotional reference chart.

          Yet I always want to be very careful and tread lightly in this area of inquiry. Because it is important that you not feel like you are being blamed for having bad things in your life.

          This method you’re learning is incredibly freeing. Unbelievably so, in fact.

          Yet, before learning and practicing this methodology for unleashing your immense and inherent personal power, the information can feel like a finger of blame pointing square at you. Which doesn’t, of course, help someone new embrace this freeing information.

          I hope that helps. I want to affirm your inquiry without alienating a newcomer.

          Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you today!

  8. Hi Greg – I recently “met” you when I purchased “Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.” Still implementing that info. Now also reading “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.” I really appreciate how practical you are with the solutions you offer. I feel like I have some clear action I can take to improve my results.

    Somewhere I read a reference to your story before you figured out how to create deliberately and successfully. I would love to read it. Wondering which of your books I could find this in, especially in regard to financial issues?

    Thanks so much for being a wayshower.


    • I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling inspired, Deb. Thank you for sharing that.

      My latest book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, has my story in it.

      And I’m grateful you’ve allowed me to by your wayshower today.

    • Thanks for your comment, David.

      Do you mean “booby prize” because it seems like it’s “something”, but it’s really not?

      I don’t know if you’ve read my books, but if you practice what you’ve read I promise you’ll have more than just an understanding. You’ll be playing “Grow a Greater David”.

      Even if you haven’t read them (or don’t want to right now), I’ll bet you can piece together a supreme gameplan to start playing “Grow a Greater David” right now.

      • Natalie from capetown

        I have a question for you!ever since I started reading on law of attraction! How can one master to attract a huge money into their life when having finacial problems!

        When you have started visualizing your self having it but you still feel you are not yet there!how do you then set ur vibrations equall

        • Hey Natalie. Thank you for the question.

          I have two suggestions for you. They are both going to take some investment of your time and energy. And some practice.

          I don’t know of any instant, “magic wands”. But what I’m suggesting are, in my experience, the closest things to that.

          1. Look up articles on my “Cool Articles” page (organized by topic) and practice what you read.

          2. Go to Amazon and get a copy of How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs – follow what you read to the letter.

          I wish you the best. Invest as much in your process of manifesting (by changing your beliefs) as you want to manifest!

          • In one of your videos you say something about affirmations not been enought to attract something into your life and u also say not to do the same mistakes you did, so please let me know what are. Other faster or and more effective ways to attract something. . Im in great need ..thanks in advance. .

          • Hello Angel. Yes, there are much more effective and faster ways to use the law of attraction.

            It’s effective because it’s based upon how we form our material world. Whether we believe in the law of attraction or not.

            Its speed, however, depends on how “desperate” for change you are.

            That being said, the entire game plan is laid out for you in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. As quickly as you can read this relatively brief book, you will be on your way!

            You’ll be learning to align your beliefs with any desire of your choosing.

            I look forward to hearing about your new successes and thank you for allowing me to be of value to you today.

  9. After reading your latest book I’m inspired , but I’ve read so many books on this subject , and I’m one of those still not quite getting it ! I’ve let go , forgiven , meditated , visualised , even brain trained myself !! And still I’m weary with trying ?
    I’m giving the process a bash , will be interesting to see what happens . I totally get the quantum physics bit , I’ve read and learned a lot on that subject too . I understand why it should happen , what I don’t get it why it doesn’t ??

    • Thanks for writing Jane. I appreciate both your praise and the opportunity to be of even greater value to you.

      The best advice I can give you is to, as Nike used to say, just do it. Just do the process outlined in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. You’ll learn how it works for you as you feel it out and explore it.

      The process of aligning your beliefs with your desires is not something that’s best intellectualized – it’s something that’s best experienced. And it does work.

      You can also tune into our live coaching show (and listen to the archives) for additional assistance: http://whyquantumphysicists.com/grow-a-greater-you/

      I also encourage you to take my Quantum Coaching Coordinator, Frank Colella, up on his offer for a free personal coaching session to see if that tool helps you. Check that out here: http://whyquantumphysicists.com/coaching/

      I hope these suggestions help move you in your desired direction. You can do this.

  10. Hellow Gregory,

    I just read the book: “Why Physicist Create More Abundance” and appreciated it very much even though I am not so very versed in quantum theories. But I could follow the points and finally could understood them, like the split wall experiment. Thank you.
    There was a very urgent reason that I began surfing the amazon.com. I was looking for some help regarding a difficulty I am trying to handle. I found your book almost shouted at me: “there you go..”
    I have such debt that I am tend to avoid opening some mail as I fear might be a bill from some collector agency scaring the wits out of me to “pay or else…” I am also unemployed. As you can imagine I am trying to understand what it is that I am not doing right.
    I did find several answers to get me going and have already willing to see the positive impact of those theories.
    Thanks once again for the work you are doing.

    • Thank you, first of all, for giving me opportunities to be of value to you. And for letting me know about them. That’s a wonderful gift you’ve given me.

      Secondly, I definitely want you to read How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

      And I learned to phrase something differently during my seminar in Libertyville, IL this past Saturday. It’s something I’d never thought about before and I want you to know it:

      Your material reality is not actually a reflection of “you”. Your material reality is a reflection of your beliefs. And your beliefs are not “you”.

      Thus, your material reality, while always being an accurate reflection of your energy is not a reflection of your value or worth. Your material reality is information and feedback, but it is information and feedback about your beliefs – not about your meaning and value. Any of that information and feedback (like a lack of money, for example) does not need to be taken personally because a displeasing reflection is not a statement about who “you” are.

      Keep reading and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    • Much appreciated, Scott. Thank you. And you’re very welcome.

      I hope some folks see your site listed here and pay you a visit.

  11. ….just a bit confused: in “….Physicists Change Their Beliefs”, you wrote, “…continue to tell new, better feeling, believable stories about your desire from that emotional perspective”. If, as I am currently, at the level of doubt/pessimism, how do I tell better stories from that “place”?

    • Hello David. Thanks for asking that question and giving another opportunity to be of value.

      You have pulled the term, “better feeling stories” from my book and are using a little out of context. I understand why you might do that, yet allow me to remedy the confusion.

      You should always tell yourself the best-feeling, believable story possible. All the time. About every experience you have.

      The reason why it’s written as “better feeling” in that passage is because, since you are working on raising your beliefs to align with a desire you’ve had for a while (and not been able to manifest), your stories about that desire have undoubtedly been pessimistic and negative. You’ve been “telling it like is”, so to speak.

      Since your beliefs about that desire have been on the low end of the emotional reference chart, as you move up the chart, any new story you tell yourself from the new emotional perspective will be better-feeling than your previous ones. Yet you should not seek to tell yourself “good feeling stories” nor focus on positive affirmations (as you may have tried in the past).

      Instead tell a better feeling story that is BELIEVABLE. Meaning that you are acknowledging how you really feel while, at the same time, you are telling stories that recognize that you’re growing, that possibilities exist where your experiences may turn out to not be “bad” after all (or not as “bad” as they appear at the moment), that, while you may not find your current material reality especially pleasing, you are involved in a real process to remedy that, etc.

      Better and better-feeling stories will continue to become more and more believable as you journey up the emotional reference chart.

      I hope that helps.

  12. I started with the emotional reference chart at Anxiety/Fear. This is where I was concerning money and abundance. In 2 days I moved to Anger/Blame and it was easy to have that mindset as I thought and wrote about money. I have begun Doubt/Pessimism today and I have noticed some effects of money coming to me.

    My question is this. If I start seeing interesting and exciting effects during this time (Doubt/Pessimism), isn’t it hard to maintain an emotional state of Doubt/Pessimism when you are feeling more like Hopefulness/Optimism?

    I plan on staying with the program but anticipate it may be more difficult going through the lower levels when you see good things happening.

    • Hello David. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Yes – absolutely it is encouraging to start seeing new reflections from the quantum field that show you your beliefs are growing. Those reflections are more aligned with your desires, because the quantum field is reflecting your new, slightly more aligned beliefs back to you via your material experiences.

      Acknowledge the hope and optimism you are experiencing as you tell yourself stories about your experiences with money. You needn’t pretend those feelings aren’t there.

      For example, I told myself stories like:

      “I am excited by the new reflections I’m experiencing from the quantum field. I can really see that my beliefs are growing and that playing “Grow a Greater You” really does work! This is wonderful. I’m motivated to stay focused on the belief-building protocol because of this. Therefore, although it’s tempting to do so, I’m going to remember where my beliefs truly are: doubt/pessimism. Although taking a quantum leap up to joy is alluring regarding money, I know that this process is working. Thus I will stay focused on doubt/pessimism today because I know that doing so virtually guarantees me that I will one day truly and authentically be at joy some day soon. And I want reflections of joy from the quantum field, so I will stay where I am and keep working the process in the manner I’m instructed. While I also acknowledge that I am happy to see that this is working and feel very encouraged about this process. I’m going to direct my optimism and hope toward the process I’m working and not toward my desire for money, itself.”

      Telling a story refocuses your hope/optimism onto the process, instead of directing it toward your target desire. In this manner, you feel good, you acknowledge how you’re really feeling, and you stay the course. And staying the course is very important – considering the quantum field will always be reflecting our true beliefs back to us (rather than our conscious thoughts and desires).

      Thus, we want to avoid the temptation of taking the quantum lead up the Chart (in a manner that our subconscious brain will never believe). If we do that, we’re simply going right back to giving ourselves positive affirmations – which will only make us feel good in the moment when our beliefs are far out of alignment with our desires. Positive affirmations will not build new beliefs in these situations.

      I hope that helps. I know exactly what you’re describing and what I just shared is exactly what I’ve always done to keep on track.

      • Thanks Greg, That is helpful that I can acknowledge the feelings I am having and yet stay focused on the process.

        I am wondering about this focus on specific emotional states. I believe in the past that I have been all over the place when I face an issue like the lack of money. I can have bad emotions one moment and good the next as I have tried to accept each situation. Staying focused on 1 emotional state I think is different than what I have done in the past. I am supposing that I was hopeful that my better emotional states would carry me through the difficult situations but I always seemed to vacillate back and forth. There seems to be more stability when I stay in 1 frame of mind.


        • Hey Dave. Thank you for another opportunity to be of value to you.

          I have found that staying focused on telling stories of our choosing (thus, intentionally keeping our energy focused upon a chosen emotional state) becomes easier the more we practice it.

          It is now second-nature for me to tell myself the best-feeling, believable story about practically anything I experience. I’m not only used to doing it, but the results of doing it are so fantastically pleasing that I have no desire to ever stop.

          So, while it may take concerted effort at first, it won’t be like that for long.

  13. Hi Greg,

    I have really enjoyed reading Grow A Greater You and exploring this website. I started yesterday on the Emotional Reference Chart but started with #16 Worry/ Nervousness. I hope I haven’t begun too far up! I have felt some of those lower emotions before and recently but #16 seemed to resonate with where I am at now. I have been working on some other personal issues since last December and have made progress in some of those areas d so my general outlook has improved since that time. Also, I’m new at journaling and am hoping that as I get more into this process I will write more about how I really feel as I “climb” the chart. So far, this is all I’ve done:

    15. Frustration/ Aggravation 8/13
    I feel frustrated when I lose students and consolidate days. I feel frustration and aggravation of temporarily not being able to drive to increase possibilities to work more. I feel aggravated that I got myself into this situation. I know things will get better, just not feeling it today.
    16. Worry/ Nervousness 8/12
    I worry that if I get more work in one area, I will lose in other areas of money making. I get nervous about making ends meet consistently. I worry about my ability to get to my teaching jobs.

    Thank you for showing up in my life!

    Rich Keene

    • Hey Rich. You’re welcome. Just remember – you’re showing up in my life just as I am in yours! And thank you very much for that too, sir.

      I love your journal. Keep writing. Keep playing.

      You’ll be amazed at the way the reflections you experience (your material reality) change. When you beliefs change, their reflections change. Period.

      One rule of thumb I’ve found helpful for this kind of writing? We can write too little, but we can rarely write too much.

      Hope that helps. Please let me know how things unfold and the new reflections are like.

  14. Greg,
    I am reading “Grow a Greater You” and I love it so far. My question/concern for you is this: you mention that no matter what we do we cannot change other people, only contextually. Surely, if enough people contextually create the most amazing version of an individual, that individual will become more of that version. Which would mean that we do have influence in changing people by the way we contextually create them. For me, personally, I notice that different versions of me come alive whilst being around different people. Around certain people I feel empowered, some others I feel stupid, some others I feel like I am funny. Some I feel able to articulate and let words and my thoughts flow with no issue, but others I have trouble speaking too.

    What about that experiment where teachers were told there were exceptionally smart kids in their classroom, called bloomers, and everyone else was average. Hopefully you know this reference, but it ended with the so called “bloomers” doing much better than the other children–the catch, they were all randomly assigned. To me this is evidence that we DO have the power to influence other people and promote change in them. I guess the bottom line may be that the particular person had the final say, but I would like to believe that by seeing, say, my girlfriend as compassionate that that could lead to more her changing and becoming more compassionate. Thoughts?


    • Austin, thank you for your comment. I am honored that you’re allowing me to be of value to you.

      I agree with everything you have written. There is, indeed, much power in common beliefs (and common expectations). In fact, I write quite a bit about this in my latest book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.

      I would like to explain how it works this way: have you ever noticed that there are some people who seem only able to see you with “old eyes”? Most commonly family members do this; some of us see “old”, fixed versions of people (from our memories of them) rather than seeing that person, as she is right now, in that exact moment.

      This can be painful or frustrating to be around, can’t it? Especially when we’ve grown, matured, and otherwise “evolved” past earlier less-noble iterations of ourselves. When people choose to see us with old eyes, and “trap” us in their version of the past, it can be very uncomfortable.

      Yet the most discomforting part of that phenomenon is not the energy being directed toward us, and shared with us, by those folks who are choosing to see us with “old eyes.” The most disquieting aspect of this experience is how apt we are to join in with them – how easy it is for us to see ourselves with “old eyes” too, while in their proximity.

      Thus, other people can absolutely have an effect upon those around them, and upon those they are encountering. And we should be mindful stewards of that power in our daily affairs, especially with (but not limited to) our family and loved ones.

      Can we, literally, create or re-create another person? No. Will we always create our own unique version of every person in our own unique, individual universe? Yes. Absolutely yes.

      Thus I advocate taking care to create the best-feeling, believable version of each person. Not just for you (which is darn sure important), but also because of the effect it can have on that other person.

      Great points, Austin! I hope my response added to the discussion in a meaningful and substantive way.

  15. Greg my name is Paul Akers I am the author of two second lean I’m fascinated by your concepts but I so deeply wish that it was available on audible. Is there any plans in the near future that you will read your book?

    • Paul, thank you for your kind words. I am fascinated by the lean lifestyle, so your endorsement is not one I take lightly.

      Audiobooks are in the works and on the way, my friend. Soon!

  16. Hi Greg, I have read all your other books and currently reading ‘Grow A Greater You’ …. Just starting chapter 14 and already written 28 pages in notes! As a retired ‘Mental Health Nurse’ and ‘Mystic’ I have always loved your work. I recently read Harry Carpenter’s Book ‘The Genie Within’ which was bril and, in my opinion, ‘Grow A Greater You’ is right up there amongst the best. When I have finished reading it I will review it on Amazon. Thank you for all the energy and wisdom you have put into this.

    • I’m super honored to be mentioned with Carpenter (I love The Genie Within) and proud to read all your praise. Thank you.

      I’m even more honored by your decision to allow me to be of such high value to you. Thank you, even more so, for that!

      And you’re most welcome for the energy and wisdom. I’m thrilled to share it with you.

  17. Hi Greg;

    I’ve been playing Grow A Greater You for several weeks now and have reached the top of the Emotional Reference Chart for my feelings on manifesting financial abundance. My question is where do I go from here? Should I let the universe take it from here and start to focus on other areas of my life or somehow keep this high level of expectation going? or both?


    • Rich, thank you for your comment and your question. I am honored that you’ve decided I can be valuable to you.

      When I get the the top of the chart, I have two primary experiences:

      1. My desire is not yet manifesting in “full bloom.” When this is my experience, I don’t often continue to write, but I stay open to experiences and pay close attention to my feelings (my feedback/information about the alignment between my beliefs and desires). What I’ve always found is that there are still some stubborn remnants of those “old” beliefs clogging up the flow. With openness and open “ears” (and heart), the blockages eventually become apparent and I’m able to move through them. This has always been the case. So, patience, faith, and persistence is the key here. (I might add, that, in this scenario, what is manifesting might not be the desire in “full bloom”, but it’s still pretty awesome!)

      2. My desire is manifesting in “full bloom.” When this is my experience, I put my hands up and ride the roller coaster! (If you don’t enjoy roller coasters, by the way, please use another metaphor that is less stressful 😉 ) I simply love my life, with unabashed and childlike pleasure and I am very grateful that I get to do a TON of this these days (after spending the bulk of my adult days – pre-“Grow a Greater You” – pretty darn unhappy and often miserable).

      And when I start to feel pain again around this particular desire again? I know all it means is that my desires have continued to grow (Yeah!) and I now have more opportunities to play “Grow a Greater You”. And grow my beliefs into new alignment with my ever-growing desire.

      I love both outcomes. I love “Grow a Greater You”. I love life. We are so blessed, my friend.

  18. Good morning! I’m reading “Grow A Greater You” and have managed to manifest a couple of things in my trial run. (I’m a scientist at heart) So I was trying to come up with what to manifest next. I have a list of things I’d like to try next, but which one to choose? Some seem daunting, some seem like they “should” be more important and a greater priority, but I know that all are possible. Any suggestions on how to pick one?

    • Michele, thank you for taking the time to share your intentions with me. And I’m grateful that you’re giving me opportunities to be of value to you.

      Which one to choose? I suggest that you play “Grow a Greater You” upon your most painful absent desire. There’s no better feeling, in my experience, than seeing the first subtle changes in the reflections of our beliefs when we’re working on an area of our life which has caused us significant suffering.

      When you improve your beliefs, the reflections of them from the quantum field change immediately in tandem with those improvements. The quantum field can do nothing other than reflect our beliefs back to us in the form of our material experiences, after all.

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