Watch the Ambush For Yourself!

Tanya Stewart  Remember my post about being ambushed?

Here it is:

Tanya Stewart is an awesome coach.  And she interviews like she coaches.

This is from her Turning Point Summit.


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  1. Hi Greg

    First of all thank you for publishing this information I have been practising the LOA for 4 years now with some success but your information on how to change my beliefs is the missing link I have been looking for

    Could you please provide some statement examples for the top 10 parts of the emotional reference chart for financial abundance



    • Damian, I’m honored by your request.

      However, to provide examples for statements, I’d need to know things about your experiences that I can’t learn without a lot of time together. And, even then, I might still not really get it because only you experience your experiences.

      If you are honest with yourself about your feelings, you’ve got the first part down. And you nail the second part when you add a believable statement which frames your current experience as “not the end of the world.”

    • That means a lot, Diana. Thank you.

      And it means even more that you took the time to share that with me.

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