zombie-reporter  I used to be terrified of zombies. Sometimes, after watching a zombie film (even as an adult), I would have trouble getting to sleep.

But after I spent a week around an entire city of the walking dead I actually learned to pity them. Fortunately, I’ve learned, the living dead don’t have to stay that way. I should know…I used to be one of them myself.

By the way, I was shocked to encounter 20,000-plus zombies and you’ll be shocked too, when I reveal where I saw them… (Click that Link to Tweet it)

Zombies Are Simply No Fun

Zombies don’t like to have fun. Unfortunately, in this manner, they have a lot in common with most people.

I acknowledge that many things in life are not inherently fun. Paying your utilities bill, doing your laundry, burying your beloved pet dog, packing for a move, or changing your car’s oil are all examples of tasks which are not only “un-fun,” but which you might even dread. Nobody gets out of bed thinking, “I hope I discover a leaky pipe today!” Yet, because we are adults, we must deal with these “un-fun” responsibilities.

You have your own personal list of “un-fun” bugaboos (on which, if you’re like I was, zombies might be listed). These “un-fun” responsibilities constitute, like it or not, a great portion of your adult life.

That is precisely the reason telling better-feeling, believable stories of your choosing is your primary tool for deliberate creation.  Because telling stories more aligned with your desires allows you to turn those lemons into lemonade.

What is adulthood for many, unfortunate people, but a never-ending chain of serious, stressful tasks and events that they endure?  And that they randomly relieve and reward with brief intervals of sanctioned recreation? And, unfortunately, most efforts at recreation (whether you’re human or zombie) do not work – as I’ll reveal in a moment.

Children Are the “Anti-Zombie”

Children, however, naturally search for fun in everything they do.

  • Their natural stories about life, the meaning and value they give things, is almost always geared toward having fun right here, right now.
  • Those stories usually fill them with an otherworldly level of energy and optimism.
  • Those stories also allow children to manifest fun in whatever they are doing; children don’t wait for the attainment of some goal or objective to manifest happiness and fun.

When Did You Decide to Become a “Serious” Adult?

Are you making the same deadly mistake that almost every adult makes? (Click that Link to Tweet it) Are you accepting the “fact” that adulthood means less energy, poorer health, lowered vitality, and decreased resiliency?


Who told you that boundless energy, incredible optimism, superb health, and amazing resiliency are only for children? And, more importantly, why did you believe it?

At some point you did start to believe that lie. At some point you stopped manifesting fun in all your activities and started waiting for your fun and happiness as the reward for completing them. A reward, unfortunately, that never arrives.

This is the point at which you crossed over from the land of the living. You became a zombie…or at least you became capable of turning into a zombie (as I’ll describe in a moment) at any time.

The child-like (not childish) essence, after all, of telling better-feeling stories more aligned with your desires is that your greatest fun and happiness is always found right here and right now.

I know you aren’t usually interested in manifesting fun in the same manner you enjoyed as a child, but you must reacquaint yourself with your childlike willingness to manifest your fun where you find it.  Because I am 100% certain that, in your future, there will be:

  • Utility bills
  • Dirty laundry
  • A beloved pet’s death to grieve
  • A move to make
  • Oil to change.

And if you’re waiting to manifest fun and happiness as a reward for finishing those tasks, then you only have more stress, more disease, less vitality, and diminished resilience ahead.

The Zombies Wore Mouse Ears

Why am I so certain about your fate? Allow me to reveal where I saw the 20,000 zombies.

Walt Disney World.

Shockingly, amid a literal fantasyland of pure, unadulterated fun, I will conservatively estimate that 92% of all the adults (non-employees, that is) I encountered when I took my family to Disney World were unsmiling and unhappy.

“But,” you’re saying, “paying $7 for a hot dog, shepherding whiny children, and waiting in line 54 minutes for a 3 minute ride are not fun! Of course those people shuffled around like zombies!”

You’re right, those things are not inherently “fun.” But, like paying your bills and doing your laundry, those responsibilities comprise a great portion of your day as an adult at Disney World. And if the vast majority of adults can’t manifest fun and happiness at Disney World then what chance do they have when they tackle their “un-fun” responsibilities at home and the office?

Join Me…In the Land of the Living

I assume you’re not at Disney World as you read this. Yet, ask yourself, this moment, “Am I having fun right now?”

If you answer “No,” what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to continue to put off your fun and continue your descent into stress, pressure, poor health, and lower energy?

Will you become more of a zombie today by giving in to the pressure to be a “serious” adult? (Click that Link to Tweet it)

Or will you recommit yourself to manifest your fun amid your “chores” and responsibilities? Will you reclaim your birthright of health, vigor, stamina, and resilience?

I know which choice you’ll make.  And I’m glad you’re joining me in manifesting your fun and happiness right here, right now!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams….