Want to Join Me, For Free, in an Awesome Google Hangout Today?

sandy_and_chico  Today at 4 PM EST, Sandy Leveque and I will create our third Google Hangout video/conversation.

They’ve all been awesome so far; I expect this one to be the same.

You can join us this time!

Our topic today is law of attraction, quantum physics, and your body/weight.  Nobody is interested in that topic and there’s no controversy about it, right? 😉

You’ve got to be logged into the Google Chrome browser.

Follow this link to join us at 4 PM EST (Only seven people can join us live though – sorry, those are Google’s rules): https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfQrdSWONM6zFbHOepjXknPXP9akAvwgMYmufNizofc_JtsrQ?authuser=5&hl=en

So the first seven people to click that link at 4 PM EST – you’re live and on the air with us!

If you can’t get on the Hangout, here is a link to ask questions and leave comments: http://www.uncaged-bird.com/live-interview-why-quantum-physicists-do-not-get-fat/


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