Want to Finally Meet Your True, Actual Soulmate?

argue  Romantic relationships can be confusing. No matter how “together” you are in other areas of your life, they can confound you. Even very accomplished people, in other facets of their life, sometimes stumble when it comes to meaningful, long-term romantic relationships.

Yet finding your soul mate can done through deliberate creation.  Through simple quantum physics. 

You may not only be surprised by how close at hand your next relationship currently is, but also with how much influence and responsibility you can enjoy in her/his creation and presence.

A Baby Can Sometimes Show Us How It’s Done

Why should forming a new relationship be difficult when it was so easy for us early in our lives? If you need proof of how easy it was, watch two infants able to crawl but not yet able to talk. Listen to the gurgles they make to one another, and the squeals of delight.

They have not yet learned embarrassment, shyness, timidity, to be afraid of rejection. No one told them yet to fear others, nor that some would not be friendly or welcome them.

They can’t talk, but they already know how to have fun with each other.

A Four-Year-Old Can Sometimes Look Like a PhD

Watch them again when they are four. They will play together for hours, chattering away, inventing games with seemingly unlimited imagination. They form attachments and real friendships. No one taught them how. They just let their curiosity take over.

They still have little experience with embarrassment. No one has explained relationships, they simply happen naturally.

Who Made Up These Crazy Rules Anyway?

You know what? There are no rules for relationships at that age other than being natural and having fun.

Only when a child enters school, where rules and discipline have to be enforced to maintain order, does innocence start to give way to the realities of a world in which not all is pleasant and fun. Only then, as a rule, are they taught not to reveal too much or become vulnerable because such activity can be “dangerous”.

The same is true now.

Use Your Beliefs’ Reflections to Your Advantage

There is no cookie-cutter set of rules for attracting the opposite sex. What works for one couple does not work for another. But there are some constants.

One of them is to use the lessons provided us by simple quantum physics; become the person you wish to meet by intentionally raising your beliefs about yourself as a fun-loving person, remembering the simplicity and lack of deviousness of small children.

Quantum physics tells us that we form our material reality through our coherence with the quantum field.  In other words, we manifest a perfect reflection of our beliefs.  Our beliefs are always reflected back to us via the material world.

You See Your Beliefs About Yourself Every Time You Look at Him (or Her)

Your beliefs about you being

  • caring
  • kind-hearted
  • loving
  • attentive
  • good parent potential
  • protective

And all the other things, in whatever combination is attractive to you, will always be reflected back to you in the people you meet.  And most certainly in your potential romantic partners.

You Now Know the Only Task Involved in Meeting Your Soulmate

I know you’re ready to become the very person you wish to meet – which is, of course, the first and only task you need complete to meet your soulmate.

Are you ready, willing, and able to intentionally continue to raise your beliefs about yourself?  Your beliefs about those things you want to find in your soulmate?

If so, you’re now ready for some incredibly rewarding relationships because now you never again have to look outside of yourself for your solutions.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and realize your dreams…

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  1. Subconsciously, I rejected the idea of a soulmate being found inside because that perfect person ( for me) would just be there. In the past not being that person will not maintain that relationship anyway. Anyway, cool analogy on babies.. Haha they absolutely are full of themselves and free of self-consciousness. I appreciate this article for helping become aware of me looking on the outside for whats within. Thanks Greg! 🙂

    • Kerby, I appreciate you allowing me to be of value to you. Thank you for taking the time to share yourself with me.

      Do we ever deeply desire things we’re currently experiencing abundantly? I don’t know about you, but I don’t.

      I don’t desire the things that I “have.” But, more precisely, I don’t desire the things that I “am”.

      Yes, I am supremely grateful for the things that I “am”, for the things about which my beliefs are in strong enough alignment with that I “know” I “have” them. But I do not still around and pine for the things I “am.”

      Today I do not “desire” a soul mate. I have a soul mate. And I am a soul mate. In fact, while it may sound cliche (but only because of how true it is), before I ever met my spouse/soul mate, I had been my own soul mate for quite some time.

      I wish you success on your ongoing journey of falling more deeply in love with Kerby. It’s the same journey I’m on too – well, okay, mine is called “falling more deeply in love with Greg” 😉

      As my own soul mate, I am freed from “desiring” or “needing” anything outside of me to know I am loved, lovable, worthy, valuable, and valued.

      • You are welcome Greg. Haha i am a bit flattered by your choice of words and I actually feel good about you falling in love with Greg. It’s an amazing thing that someone can accept and value you (that’s you). Also, you provided great examples about desire and having. Having simply brings more having, the thing we once wanted is now our natural reality. So to have I must feel the reality already. Good thing you said that! I am worthy of all good things and can have anything 🙂

        • The only thing ever standing in our way of fulfilling a desire is an unwillingness to raise our beliefs into alignment.

          Pretty cool, huh?

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