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WhyQuantumPhy2  I thought you might enjoy this fun interview with my new friend, Luis Souza:


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  1. So far enjoying the information Im reading from Grow a Greater You. Just got to this para where you say: “Because I included the suggested prefix and suffix in my better-feeling story, my subconscious brain heard it, felt it , and embraced it, which is exactly what needs to happen to utilize the symbiotic relationship between your stories and your beliefs.”
    Question> If the subconscious does not understand the language of words how could it hear and embrace your better feeling story?

  2. I will answer my own question. Im already very familiar with how the subconscious works (it’s language is feelings, not words) although Im always open to more detailed information which is one of the reasons for reading your book. After reading this sentence from your book (below) Im assuming you mean its the feelings associated with the better feeling story that gets communicated to the subconscious.

    You wrote: “Since your subconscious brain speaks the language of feelings, deliberately and believably creating authentic new feelings about something creates new beliefs”. I have had countless experiences where raising my feelings about something had that something manifest. Although I have had many manifestations, some pretty amazing, I still have not manifested the really big long held desires. Hence, I’m reading your book to apply that information.

    Just a personal note: I tend to read and paint in stages which is why I haven’t finished the book yet. Rather than reading a book all at once, I find that the information assimilates better for me when i read in stages. I also discovered with my painting, that I used to want to get a painting done all at once to see the finished product. But now I paint in stages. I let it sit for awhile.
    I get to see things in a new light sometimes with a fresh different perspective making improvements I would not have made if I did it in one fell swoop.

    • How cool, Alfred. Your answer echoes mine.

      We use words to tell our new stories and our subconscious brain hears the feelings being communicated.

      Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you. I’m honored.

      I love that you’re applying the same process to reading Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You” that you use to create your beautiful paintings.

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