Want Some Free Help From Greg Kuhn With Telling Yourself the Best-Feeling, Believable Story?

Sled  Remember when you last went sledding?

Doesn’t it often help you have a really fun ride down the hill when someone gives you a push?  When someone gets you going, or launches you?

Getting A Push-Start Isn’t Just For Kids, After All

We all get going faster, sooner, when someone gives us a running start.

To that end, I’m often asked to help someone come up with a better-feeling, believable story.

Sometimes for challenging or very undesirable circumstances.

Sometimes simply because someone has no experience telling herself a better-feeling, believable story – and wants help not telling herself the same old bad-feeling story of the “way it is.”

As a “Grow a Greater You” practitioner, you know that telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story is of paramount importance.

Telling the best-feeling, believable story about every material experience is the foundation of growing a greater you, after all.

Please Accept “My Grow a Greater You” Running Start

Below are real questions posed to me by readers.  My responses are examples of how to craft a better-feeling, believable story.

With this push-start, I have no doubt that you will soon be joining me in the “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Fame.

In fact, I have some space on the third shelf in the south wing of the Hall of Fame reserved just for you!