Want Some Free Help From Greg Kuhn With Telling Yourself the Best-Feeling, Believable Story?

Sled  Remember when you last went sledding?

Doesn’t it often help you have a really fun ride down the hill when someone gives you a push?  When someone gets you going, or launches you?

Getting A Push-Start Isn’t Just For Kids, After All

We all get going faster, sooner, when someone gives us a running start.

To that end, I’m often asked to help someone come up with a better-feeling, believable story.

Sometimes for challenging or very undesirable circumstances.

Sometimes simply because someone has no experience telling herself a better-feeling, believable story – and wants help not telling herself the same old bad-feeling story of the “way it is.”

As a “Grow a Greater You” practitioner, you know that telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story is of paramount importance.

Telling the best-feeling, believable story about every material experience is the foundation of growing a greater you, after all.

Please Accept “My Grow a Greater You” Running Start

Below are real questions posed to me by readers.  My responses are examples of how to craft a better-feeling, believable story.

With this push-start, I have no doubt that you will soon be joining me in the “Grow a Greater You” Hall of Fame.

In fact, I have some space on the third shelf in the south wing of the Hall of Fame reserved just for you!




  1. Help! So I have a house, with two units. The bigger unit has a couple of guys. They bounced the November cheque. I need the money to pay the mortgage. It is the end of November and now I just spoke to one of the guys and he didn’t have a CLUE that the rent had been unpaid all this month. He is hysterical. I am quite worried….I am tried of this rental unit at times…I am in debt…on and on…..

    • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of value.

      In your situation, here is the better-feeling, believable story that I tell myself:

      “I am not happy about this. I do not find it desirable, nor ‘good’, and I cannot currently imagine any way that this can turn out to be ‘good’. It makes me feel worried, afraid, and angry in this moment – I will not deny that. Yet I can also honestly acknowledge two things while not negating those feelings: I know that I am not ‘required’ to label this as definitively ‘bad’ and I also know that I have had experiences in the past where something which seems like it could be nothing but ‘horrible’ but have turned out to be ‘okay’ (or even ‘wonderful’) in the long run. I am in no position, right now, to honestly foresee how this could become ‘good’, let alone, ‘wonderful’ and I won’t pretend otherwise. Yet, I also know that by exercising my choice to not definitively label this ‘bad’ I keep the potential for it to become ‘good’ as alive as possible – and I keep that potential in position to manifest as quickly as possible too.

      Thus, I will choose to feel how I truly feel right now about this situation AND I will also choose to give it no label at all; I will call this merely a ‘reflection’ and ‘information’, albeit a reflection and information that is not particularly wanted or pleasing. At a minimum, I can honestly believe that by labeling it a ‘reflection’ and ‘information’ (rather than ‘bad’ or a ‘disaster’) I will keep myself in a position to learn from this experience – a position to remain open to having this ‘information’ be most helpful because it is, after all, information about my current (subjective) beliefs which I now understand how to change.

      And, in this manner, I can honestly believe that, at a minimum, it is possible that I might one day look back on this experience with some degree of gratitude simply because it opened my eyes to some beliefs I chose to intentionally align with my desires (and provided me some willingness to take that journey of playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ with those beliefs).”

  2. Got it! Thank you:) I will repeat what you wrote. I know that there is potential in this situation, to benefit me in the mid term and long term. Maybe in the short term?:) I will keep you posted.

    • Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be of value to you.

      I’ve had someone say to me, “Do you really expect me to stop and create a new story like that? It’s awkward and will take a lot of effort. Plus it feels weird.”

      And my response is, “I acknowledge that it feels weird; it felt weird for me, too, for a while, when I first started doing it. And it no longer feels one bit weird now.

      What motivated me to take the time to intentionally craft stories (like the one written here) is when I finally realized and accepted that I’m always telling myself a story about EVERY SINGLE person, place, thing, or event I every experience. I have no choice regarding whether or not I’ll be telling stories to define every “thing’s” meaning, value, relevance, significance, and context; the only choice I have is whether I want to tell a story unintentionally or intentionally. Given that choice, I chose to intentionally craft stories that serve me and the alignment of my beliefs with my desires.”

  3. I am reading your book now (GAGY) and have ordered several more. I am already practicing telling myself a better feeling/believable story. Some days it’s only a baby step up from the current feeling just to be believable. But I understand how this works. Here is one I am stuck on. I can’t come up with a new story. A few basic details…. my ex-husband has been gone for 2 months – he had been been cheating with another woman. I AM working through the emotions of that with some success. However, my stuck point is this: we live in a small town and have many shared friends & acquaintances as well as visually having to see them together occasionally. Everyday, the thought of them together pops into my mind over and over and over. I mean like 20 times. I have tried everything I know to ‘not’ think of them….you can guess how that works for me. Not at all. So, each time the thought pops into my head, it is a physical pain – like a stab in the gut. If I did not have these thoughts continually popping in my head, I honestly think I would be OK and could get through this a lot better. Help!

    • Thank you for this opportunity to be of value to you, my friend.

      The better-feeling, believable story I would tell myself in your shoes concerns those pop-up images of your ex-husband and the other woman. That’s where I would start.

      “I am not pleased by these images of my former husband and his lover. These images are painful and displeasing; I can find no authentic motivation to call them ‘good’. And, at the same time, I also know that I am not required to label them ‘bad’. In fact, I am not required to label them anything at all.

      In fact, I can recall experiences where ‘fighting against’ things and/or feelings has only made their power over my state of being grow. Although I can’t honestly conjure a scenario, right now, where I can believable call these images ‘good’, or even ‘desirable’, I can believe that fighting against them isn’t helping me align my beliefs with my desires. Thus, I can also believe that somewhere within these images, there must be something, or some energy, which just might be rolling out exactly like its supposed to. Although ‘exactly like its supposed to’ doesn’t mean that its wanted or desirable in any way right now.

      For now, I will choose to feel my feelings about these images; I will not pretend they are wanted or desirable. And, additionally, I will no longer fight against them and treat them as if they are wrong or ‘not supposed to be there’. I will simply feel my feelings and consciously choose to call them neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ – I will choose to simply call them ‘information’. Information about which I have no current idea regarding its usefulness or value, but information nonetheless.

      And, while labeling these images simply ‘information’, I can also believe that it is possible for the quantum field to utilize them in ways which serve me. Although I have no clue how the quantum field might do that with this undesirable, unwanted ‘information’ (which I’m choosing to not label ‘good’ or ‘bad’), I know for a fact that the quantum field specializes in using information to reflect my beliefs back to me. Thus, I can also believe that the quantum field is doing, and will continue to do, the same thing with this information – since that’s what the quantum field does.

      In this manner, I can now say that I’m actually into the solution to this suffering. I am acknowledging the pain and undesirability of these images and no longer ‘fighting’ against their presence, while also consciously choosing to give them no label at all other than ‘information’. And, in so doing, I am keeping the least amount of constraints on the quantum field’s potential to use this information in, perhaps, wildly unexpected and unpredictable ways which (although I cannot currently imagine how and have no desire to try) actually end up serving me in the long run.

      I can feel my feelings, without the judgment of deciding these images are ‘wrong’, and call them ‘information’ which isn’t very wanted nor desirable. And I can also let the quantum field do it’s job; I can let the quantum field do what it does best, connect the dots for me, while I continue to intentionally work my way up the Emotional Reference Chart. In this manner, I can authentically say that I am an active part of my own solution, even if I don’t know how that solution will unfold (and I don’t need to know).”

      • Ah, yes! I realize my hang-up now. I was trying to make the images “good” somehow. Like maybe I would find some peace if I could only realize that what I was thinking about (the images that kept popping up) were somehow a good thing. I just need NOT to label them…that’s all! Just say they are information. Obviously when these are happening 20 times a day, I can’t stop & say this full story you gave me but I can start my day with it and then when they pop up, I will just say “oh, there’s some information’ and just let the qf take care of the “how” & “when” they will stop. Thank you so much.

        • I KNOW – I will use the pop ups as a reminder that qf is taking care of all this for me!!!! So, they are just reminders of that. YESSSSSSS

          • As they used to say, “You go, girl!”

            The quantum field is taking care of things for you as it usually does – in wild, often unexpected ways.

            Who knows? Perhaps the quantum field’s repeated reflections of those images is simply a method of “burning them away” faster? You might even look back someday and be grateful for them, although it may by impossible to envision why (right now). We’ve all experienced things like that before!

        • I’m glad you shared this. I find that I usually tell myself a rather detailed, precise, and drawn-out better-feeling, believable story like this one the first couple times. After that, I start telling myself a shorthand, or abbreviated, version of it.

          I am proud of you for choosing not to “fight” those images any longer. My belief is that you will strip them of most of their power over your state of being as you do that.

  4. I have two situations that I would love help with:

    1) I am thousands of dollars in debt for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I’ve been a single parent for many years and just haven’t been able to keep up. I got myself into a large hole from which I never seem to dig out, despite my best efforts and intentions. I even went back to school for another degree with the expectation of getting myself out of said debt, only to end up thousands MORE dollars in debt (student loans) and in a career that I am not at all happy in and that is not providing me the fantastic income that I expected. I am so done with this story. I am a great person with a huge heart, and I would be the BEST kind of person to be wealthy as I would have a tremendous amount of fun doing good with it! It’s time.

    2) I have 40 extra pounds that want to hang around on my body, and even come back after losing several of them. They do not serve me, and in fact that are a great hindrance to me living my best life.

    Thanks, Greg!!
    You rock!


    • Okay. Thank you for this opportunity to be of value to you.

      1. “I am not about to try telling myself that I am happy about my financial situation. In fact, I am not even going to try to say I feel optimistic about it. My track record with finances and the amount of pain I’ve felt through the years of wanting money so badly, working hard to get ahead, and still finding myself sinking into debt is agonizing to me. I have nothing in me wanting to call this situation ‘good’ in any way. Yet I can also honestly say that, today, I understand that my finances are a reflection of my beliefs – not of ME. So I can honestly say that I don’t need to feel like I am a failure nor do I need to beat myself up for being wrong or not good enough. Additionally, I also know that the belief being reflected back to my by the quantum field are not ones I consciously chose. In fact, I wasn’t given any choice; my beliefs about money were given to me by well-intentioned people who were trying to protect me (and were only able, ultimately, to teach me what they knew). Thus, I haven’t done anything wrong to have these beliefs.

      In this way, although I don’t feel optimistic about it yet, I can authentically believe that, if I intentionally raise my beliefs into greater alignment with my desires for money, by playing ‘Grow a Greater You’, I know that my reflections about money from the quantum field will improve too. I don’t even need to know how that will happen, just for today I believe it will – just enough to start the journey and do what I need to on this day. If I simply keep myself focused on the simple instructions of ‘Grow a Greater You’, and not worried about how new, more pleasing reflections of money could happen, I do believe that the possibility exists that my manifestations of money could change. Little by little, as I raise my beliefs, I do believe it is actually possible that my money reflections could also change, little by little.

      Just for today, I will not choose to ignore, deny, nor sugarcoat my true feelings about money and my experiences with it. Yet I will also focus on playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ with money today and know that doing that, just for today, is all I have to do. I can truly say that I’m comfortable letting the quantum field take care of the results, allow it to connect the dots for me in, perhaps, wild and unexpected ways. Just as it specializes in doing. In this manner, I can even believe that it just might be possible for me to feel encouraged and even potentially optimistic about money once I’ve had a few days of playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ with it under my belt. Either way, I know that, just for today, I can play and leave the results up the universe. I also know that Greg Kuhn was in even more dire straights than what I’m looking at and he moved himself up the Emotional Reference Chart and changed his money reflections; if Greg can do it, so can I. All I need to do is remain open to the possibilities and the potential; I can do that.”

      2. I would be very dishonest to say that I feel anything other than misery about my body’s unwanted weight. And I would be in denial to say that I can look at my body in the mirror and feel ‘good’ about it. Those statements are true for me today, and they have been for some time. I do not feel positive about my body, my weight, and my self-control. I am sick and tired of going to bed each night beating myself up for, once again, eating all that stuff I ‘didn’t want’ to. And I am sick and tired of violating the boundaries I swear to myself I’ll abide by each morning while I get dressed.

      Despite these honest admissions, however, I am still feeling the desire to like what I see in the mirror. To like my body. And, if I believe that their is love and good will in the universe, although it’s difficult for me to imagine how this could work for me, I can authentically say that, somehow, there must be a way for me to experience my desire if I am motivated to desire it. On some level I can believe that the universe is not a cruel, set-up artist, although I will admit I have felt that way before.

      Just for today, I know that beating myself up and calling myself a loser is not heading me in the directions I truly want. Additionally, I also believe that playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ with my beliefs about my body has the potential to actually alter those belief’s reflections for the better. Creating reflections that grow more aligned with my desires as I align my beliefs with them. That is something I believe exists in potential.

      I also believe that I have the potential, just for today, to play ‘Grow a Greater You’ in this way. With my beliefs about my body. My body has been so personal to me and I’ve long used the pain of my belief’s reflections to define my meaning, value, and worth. Despite my history of doing so, though, I know today that I don’t have to do that any longer. Thus, just for today, I can choose to intentionally align my beliefs about my body with my desires for it. And, additionally, just for today I can decide, moment by moment, to only eat food that I can authentically feel good about eating. And find a way to always tell the best-feeling, believable story about any movement I have the opportunity to do.

      With these simple commitment, which I only need do for this one day, I know I will be on the right track and, for the first time, engaging the universe in real, useful ways. I will, for the first time, be putting myself squarely on a course that works – not because of any quick-fix promises or magical formulas. But simply because what I am doing is reflective of how our universe truly works.

      In this way, although I do not currently feel an abundance of positive energy or optimism about my body changing in ways that please me, I can believe that the potential exists if I simply stay the course and play ‘Grow a Greater You’. I know Greg Kuhn did this too and he was in a place even more hopeless than I feel right now about my body. I’m willing to try wholeheartedly, just for today, with a simple commitment to staying open to all possibilities and all potential for good.”

      I would tell myself these stories and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I would give myself permission to NOT find amazingly positive expectations and energy right off the bat either, but would simply remain open to any changes my daily intentional efforts to align my beliefs might create. You’ll be surprised, I imagine, at how quickly you find yourself getting genuinely pleased by the new reflections your beliefs are generating as you live your way into them.

      • I love it! These are great! Thanks again for your help. I tried to post a response a few days ago, but it didn’t “take” for some reason. I look forward to posting an update with my success stories…

        • You’re welcome, Ms. Erin. Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you.

          I will relish your success stories.

  5. Hello,
    I have been reading the above questions hoping to just find one similar to my own & use your reply to them for my better feeling story. The closest question is from Alysha in that our stories are similar. My husband also cheated and left me. Not only that, there was much turmoil for the few surrounding months before he left (much alchohol & then drug use, blaming me for things going wrong in our marriage,). I had already started studying law of attraction and was excited about it; he complained continuously about money (not enough), how hard he had to work to “support me”, and never showed any interest in trying to make our lives better. In fact, he did not believe a word I said when I would try to explain to him there is a better way to live. So, truthfully I know I am much better off now that he is gone. However, here is where it gets odd for me emotionally.

    Since he left, things have gone haywire with my house – needed repairs (that he would have taken care of) are now left undone because I do not have the funds to fix them. My job does not provide me enough money to even stay in our home much longer. My son (from former marriage) is showing some emotional difficulties regarding our separation. I have to admit there are days I just cannot get out of bed in the morning from the sheer physical pain from all of this.

    Meanwhile my husband has now found “the love of his life”. He got a promotion at his job (a mutual friend told me this) and is buying his “new love” flowers, tvs, nice dinners (I still have access to his credit card info since I paid the bills
    each month) . A mutual friend even told me he had slacked off tremendously on his drinking because “she would not put up with that”.

    HOW THE HELL IS THIS FAIR? I am sitting here trying my best to use the law of attraction to change things for me, but things keep getting worse. Except for him – the one who “should” have some reprecussions for his actions –
    and he is living the good life.

    After writing this, maybe I see this is more of a “vent” than a request for a better story, but at this point a better story
    would certainly serve me well. If you can help me make sense out of all this, I would certainly appreicate it. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much for allowing me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Here is the story I am telling myself, were I walking in your shoes:

      “There is no way that I am ready to call these situations ‘good’, not with any authenticity anyway. I am grateful that my decision to be honest about my feelings of anger and resentment, at least, allows me to stop feeding the fire of their power in my life and over my state of being. I am angry, frustrated, resentful, and afraid in this moment – that is truly how I feel in this moment and I will not lie to myself by pretending otherwise.

      What I perceive to be going on seems very unfair to me right now. I feel like I am getting the shaft, when I was the one who was seeking positive change and self-improvement. I’d be lying if I pretended I felt otherwise. As with my other feelings I just described, I will not lie to myself by pretending otherwise. And, as with my other feelings, I know that this decision allows me to stop feeding the fire of its power in my life and over my state of being.

      Here are some things that, although they don’t actually dissolve all of my painful feelings about my current circumstances, I know are true. I know that these things, which currently generate such painful feelings in my life, are reflections of my current beliefs. They are NOT reflections of me; they do NOT speak to my self-worth, value, and meaning. These are reflections of some subjective beliefs, which were given to me by well-intentioned people and do not serve me. These experiences are not caused by me being wrong, bad, or inadequate.

      I am playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ right now. Although I’m not honestly feeling like my troubles are now ‘over’, so to speak, but I do truly believe that this process offers me hope. And I certainly do believe that I will be playing this game with the best of my ability and willingness from this day forward. If I stay focused on this day and playing ‘Grow a Greater You’, I will be putting one foot in front of the other and I can believe it is possible that I can grow and these displeasing reflections of my current beliefs could improve as I slowly, intentionally create and align new beliefs with my desires in this area.

      I also know that my perceptions of my husband’s seemingly wonderful life right now might just be a bit off kilter. It is possible that the reflections I am currently experiencing, reflections of my current beliefs, in regards to my ex-husband, will also improve as I play ‘Grow a Greater You’.

      I do know this: although I am not happy about these circumstance and I am currently worried and angry, I know that the possibility exists that the quantum field can connect the dots for me in wild, and even miraculous ways, if I simply continue to align my beliefs with my desires. Although it doesn’t make all my undesirable feelings melt, I do believe that it could be possible that the reflections I experience could become more pleasing as I align my beliefs with my desires. And I also know that I AM aligning my beliefs with my desires, right now, by playing ‘Grow a Greater You.’ I’ll stay focused on that today, honor my feelings, and trust that I am doing exactly what I need to do to truly change my life as I desire. It might not happen overnight, but it is happening.”

      I hope this helps, my friend.

  6. Dear Greg
    I have written on FB of GAGY a number of times. Today I wrote that my 25yo son is suffering from depression. As a parent I want to help and solve yet I realise I need to step back. Sean is seeing a psychologist which is slowly helping him. He was in the army and severely bullied and also became like a hermit. He now spends most of his days playing computer games; some are violent. I feel for his soul with so much negativity that he deals with. He has no inclination to help himself. He does go to his psychologist each week courtesy of veterans affairs (Sean was in Timor). How can I have a better feeling story for him? He rarely leaves his room. I realise he has to go through this because it is his life. Can my better feeling story help him? With thanks.

    • Well hello, my friend. Thank you for referencing the FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/growagreateryou/667538293367822/?ref=notif&notif_t=group_activity – check it out everyone).

      Here is the better-feeling, believable story I’m telling myself, were I in your shoes:

      “I am not happy about my son right now. In fact, I actually feel worried about him and afraid of what it means that he’s holed up in his room playing video games. Yes, I am feeling worried that these behaviors are leading to really bad outcomes and/or are creating great harm. That is truly how I feel in this moment and I not only have no way to seeing this as ‘good’, I really have no desire or motivation to do so.

      I can honestly believe, however, that I may lack the meta-view to really know, definitively, whether ANYTHING is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I can most certainly look back on chapters in my own life, some of them not so long ago, when someone watching me would have had the same worries and fears about me. In fact, some of my friends and family have shared such with me in the past.

      And I also know that, looking back now from the perspective of the ‘long haul’, some of those circumstances, events, and feelings I experienced where not only exactly what I needed at the time, but also some of the greatest blessings I’ve had. I wouldn’t trade some of those experiences for anything today, because of the growth they led me too.

      And, so, it is possible that my son is having experiences, right now, just as pivotal and necessary. Experiences he’ll look back on one day, perhaps, and be grateful for. That IS absolutely possible, considering that the quantum field is just as loving and dot-connecting for everyone else, as it is and has been for me. The same universe that has guided me is definitely the same universe at work with my sons’ life too.

      In this manner, I can honestly believe that my son might just be having the exact experiences he needs and is supposed to have. And I don’t need to have one clue why that might be to believe it either!

      And, while I will no remind myself of this new better-feeling story each day, I will also continue to be honest with myself about how I feel, in the moment, about my son and his behavior. I will not lie or pretend I’m suddenly ‘all good’ about him when I’m not really feeling that way. Nor will I beat myself up, either, for having those feelings! It is okay for me to feel how I feel; I’m open to those feelings changing in due time, but I will not deny them right now, nor berate myself for having them.

      And, additionally, I will play ‘Grow a Greater You’ with my beliefs about my son. I know that the version of my son which I’m creating in my own, unique, individual universe will change and improve as I align my beliefs about him with my desires for him. That doesn’t need to happen overnight, and it undoubtedly won’t, but I do know that I don’t need to wait for a looooong time, either, before that reflection will begin to change – because I’ll be improving my beliefs on the very first day.

      In this manner, I can not only survive my son’s current behavior with my sanity and peace of mind intact, but I can also grow through it. And, maybe, just maybe, BECAUSE of it! I’m nowhere near ready to say that full-on and with gusto, but I am truly open to the possibility and potential of it seeing his behavior that way.”

      One other thing: yes, your better-feeling, believable stories can/will help him. As you create new versions of your son (new reflections of your beliefs about him) more aligned with your desires for him, that energy is tangible and will be experienced by him. He will feel it and know it! And, additionally, your ability to be there for him, unconditionally and without reservation, will improve exponentially as well; you’ll be a better-equipped mother, mentor, guide, and inspiration for him.

      I hope this helps.

    • Thank you Greg. The better feeling story you have written gives me hope. I realise I cannot change others as it is their journey and in my universe I can see my son emotionally strong, spiritually aware, confident and open. Blessings.

      • I’m really glad to hear that Miriam. And honored that you’ve allowed me to be of value to you today.

        I can see your son like that too, by the way.

  7. Hi Greg,
    I really appreciate your offer to allow a space for people to express their struggles and your willingness to respond! It s an incredible gift to the Universe, to everyone and everything!
    I am reading How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs and I am working my way up the ladder through journaling, prayer treatments, ( I am a Science of Mind Spiritual Practitioner–similar to Unity Church) and meditation. I mention SOM because the teaching focuses on transcending the lower thoughts and beliefs, rather than feeling through them which gives them more energy, more power. That is why I am so interested in your “Better Feeling, Believable Stories.”
    I appreciate your help with creating a new, higher vibrational story for my current situation.

    I am in my 23rd year as a high school English teacher, and I long to be financial freedom as my deepest passion is to dedicate my life to full-time studies for a Master’s in Consciousness Studies and Spirtual Leadership. I am enrolled and starting my first two classes, and I have no idea how I am going to do my best job when I am teaching more than double the number of students I did when I first began teaching (80-now over 180 students), and parents and students are bullying me about giving them higher grades and expecting instant access to grades and feedback 24/7. I spend all my weekends and evenings on my teaching responsibilities and when I pass out from sleep exhaustion or take a weekend off from it, I feel guilty and have to work twice as much overtime during the next week.
    It’s not that I don’t love teaching anymore, it’s just that I have zero interest in teaching kids how to read and write when all they care about is their grades and not learning. I want to teach SOM classes for people who are willing to learn and sign up voluntarily, and I don’t want to deal with parents and administrators who take the parents’ sides and don’t support me. One of my dearest, brilliant colleagues already resigned and went to a different school due to the lack of support.

    I want to experience financial freedom and joy knowing that my house is paid for and all my financial obligations are easily met, so I can study full-time and be of service to the world in a new way. I have a passion for learning, teaching, writing, and speaking about the truth of spiritual principles and when I started your ladder exercise, I was frustrated and disappointed as to why I have been unable to release my false, subconscious beliefs about financial freedom. I am currently at the step of Pensiveness/Melancholy.

    • Hey Paula. Thank you so much for offering me an opportunity to be of value to you. I am honored.

      I also feel a special kinship with you, given that I am an assistant principal (and was a history teacher). I also have some familiarity with Science of Mind teachings and enjoy attending our local fellowship.

      I understand that you are working the process of intentionally raising your emotional perspective about your desire – by working your way up the Emotional Reference Chart. You’re absolutely right to be doing so and that will work for you.

      I will also add that you might really benefit from working your way up the Chart regarding how you feel about the value of what you “do”, or contribute. That would be regarding both your teaching and your Science of Mind involvement. It’s easy for any of us to blow off how we feel about the value of what we do – but when I did this for the first time, I found that my feelings about it were not aligned with the highest perspectives on the Emotional Reference Chart.

      Since they were not aligned with the highest emotional perspectives, it was no surprise to me that the reflections of my beliefs about the value of what I do were not as pleasing as I truly desired. Those reflections take the form, of course, of accolades, acceptance, interest, attention, acclaim, approval, advocacy, excitement, and money (among others).

      I began working the process on “the value of what I do” – and I consciously anointed “money” as an important reflection of that value. I didn’t make money MORE important than other reflections, but I definitely made it JUST AS important as any other (and certainly NO LESS important than any other).

      This change in focus injected my writing career with rocket fuel. And made my other career much more rewarding as well. I highly recommend it.

      In your shoes, I would tell myself the following better-feeling, believable story:

      “I am currently not pleased with my experiences surrounding my work and professional life. Just for today, I will no longer pretend I feel otherwise. In fact, for me to authentically call my work life ‘good’, I truly feel that I’d need a change from my current teaching. My preference, were I given complete leeway, would be to teach at a different school and/or a different student/parent population. Or simply jettison my school-based teaching altogether and work full-time as a Science of Mind practitioner. This is how I really feel right now, I am choosing to acknowledge that, and I will no longer pretend I feel otherwise.

      I can also authentically say that there are many things about my current professional life which I have found rewarding. Given that teaching in the manner I’m currently employed to do has been genuinely rewarding in the past, there is no reason for me to say that those perspectives are no longer available to me. I’m not going to pretend that I’m engaging those perspective currently, but I can certainly acknowledge that they are still possible.

      Given that the possibility of finding inherent rewards and intrinsic value from teaching is very real, I will choose to cut myself some slack today. I have experienced ruts in the past; I know that sometimes it’s more challenging to find joy in an activity or job. Those perspectives come and go, in my experience, on their own accord. I know, from previous experiences, that my outlook won’t always feel as bleak as it does right now – even if it never fully returns to the most positive and enjoyable outlooks I’ve had. I do believe that, even if ‘hanging in there’ is the best I can do right now, I will experience more joy from my current employment over the course of time.

      I am now choosing to be honest about how I feel. I am also authentically reminding myself that my feelings change. Additionally I know that sometimes I discover that my feelings weren’t necessarily based upon ‘unchangeable’ characteristics of my job, but were instead being generated by me. In fact, I know that it is, indeed, me who is imbuing any “thing” with whatever relevance, meaning, value, and significance it holds for me.

      Given these things, all of which I believe, I can say that it is possible for me to create a different, more-pleasing version of my teaching job and of my work as a Science of Mind practitioner. I can, over the course of time, intentionally raise my beliefs about both of these areas of my life and, thus, craft more pleasing versions of them in my life. I know I am involved in a process to do just that, in fact, and I have no plans to quit.

      I am not imprisoned by my teaching job. Nor am I locked into any certain feelings or perspectives about it. I am actually grateful about many aspects of it, even though I am no longer pretending to enjoy it at the moment.

      I am also not forbidden to expand my work as a Science of Mind practitioner. I am not excluded from growing my practice, my stewardship, my education, nor my role in this capacity within my community. I am actually very grateful for my opportunities to be of value in this area and excited to grow them, even though I am no longer pretending I don’t want to do this full-time.

      If I simply continue to intentionally grow my beliefs about my teaching and about my Science of Mind practice, I will experience reflections of them in my material reality. As I move up the Emotional Reference Chart, those new reflections will become more and more aligned with my desires for them. I will see new opportunities, perspectives, possibilities, and potential that I (literally) could not see right now (because I current beliefs were incapable of providing those reflections).

      Who knows what the future holds for me? Who knows how the quantum field might connect the dots for me as my reflections change to align with my growing beliefs? All I need know, right now, is that those reflections WILL change – there is no way they CANNOT change to reflect my new beliefs.

      Just for today, I will not pretend I am experiencing reflections which are aligned with my true desires, yet I will also say that I feel good about what the future holds for me. Even if it is difficult (or impossible) to imagine how any of those things I desire might come to be! It is truly not my ‘job’ to create those new reflections – that is the quantum field’s job! And, just for today, I will stay focused on the only thing I need to do: intentionally raising my beliefs into alignment with my desires. As long as I do that, the quantum field will take care of everything else.”

      • What a thoughtful, perfect reply to my inquiry!! I am so grateful for the consciousness you shared with me. Everything you said was not only believable and accurate, but it actually felt like it was coming from me (which is true since there is only One Infinite and Eternal Mind)!
        I will reread the better feeling believable story you wrote for me over and over again!
        All the best, always,

        • You’re welcome, Paula. Thank you for deciding my reply is so valuable to you.

          Happy storytelling!

  8. Hi Greg
    I’ve been gradually working my way up the Emotional Scale and am on #7 Enthusiasm/Ambition and now I seem to have run straight into a brick wall. I’ve read from different authors about quantum physics, changing beliefs, what happens with our bodies etc and I’ve fully accepted that knowledge. I’ve even adapted things a little to help me change my beliefs. The #1 Strikeout Desire I’m working on is believing that I’m worthy of a soulmate relationship after the end of a long-standing marriage 2 1/2 years ago. Until now, I thought I was making great progress and things were starting to improve. However, it seems that suddenly I seem to have been hit with a variety of different issues and I seem to be just rotating between weighed down by them. The frustrating thing is that I do have the knowledge what these negative beliefs and emotions are doing to me and yet I feel stuck from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at night.

    This is what I rotate between: (1) no sign of my soulmate yet which while I know that the Universe is the one who determines the who, when and how, it seems that the other things that are bothering me, just magnify that I haven’t achieved this yet; (2) my property settlement from my divorce is yet to be finalised and my former husband is determined to deny me what’s fairly mine. I had hoped that we could resolve this amicably yet it seems that if I want any sort of justice, I will have to play very hard ball indeed. All of this will start early in January in the New Year; (3) Because of my settlement difficulties, I am experiencing financial difficulties and have to be reliant on the generosity of others to help me through. I am very grateful for their help, yet my financial difficulties add to my feelings of powerlessness and insecurity about the future; (4) Until I can achieve financial security and stability I can’t afford a home of my own and I do long for my own home once more; (5) my son and his fiancee are getting married in May and at this point, I can’t afford to help them out and I would definitely like to. I can’t even afford to get a dress for myself to wear to the wedding.

    I had thought that as I was getting up into the higher good feeling emotions that my circumstances would be starting to show real improvement. Instead, it seems as if I’m being challenged even harder. I feel like they’re all tied to my belief of worthiness. In my head, I have accepted logically that I am worthy of love and financial abundance, yet it’s like my subconscious is determined to sabotage my every effort. I feel pulled between all these issues.

    I know we have to work on one Strikeout Desire at a time, yet all these other issues are being thrown in my face and I haven’t got the time to work on them one by one. They’re all demanding my attention. The end result is that I’m at a standstill. I’m still daily reading about quantum and related subjects so it’s not like I don’t believe what I’m reading. It’s just that it seems that I’m on overload.

    I am still determined to succeed, I just need some help as to how to handle all these matters without jeopardising my desire for a loving relationship.

    Thanks for being willing to help.

    • Hey Makeletta. Thank you for this opportunity to be of value to you.

      I am happy to help you craft a better-feeling, believable story. I also want to encourage you to still quietly for a while and feel your way through what you’d like to work the process on most right now.

      You’ve got a lot going on, a myriad of desires asking for attention, and quite a bit of frustration/pain. And you’re also (understandably) finding it challenging to move away from the “I’ll believe it when I see it; where is it?” perspective.

      The old Newtonian paradigms taught us that our material reality was pre-determined and had little to do with us. The new quantum paradigms teach us that our material reality is not pre-determined and has a lot to do with us; we are as much a part of any material experience as anything else (in fact, my experience is that we are the most important part of any material experience).

      Because our eyeballs tell us the material reality is separate and distinct from us, it can be challenging, indeed, to divorce ourselves from the “I’d call it ‘good’ if it was ‘good’, damn it!” perspective. When the “shit hits the fan” it can become especially difficult – that is true for anyone.

      My wife and I were talking last night, in fact, about something she’s experiencing that is very emotionally painful. It is challenging, sometimes, in the face of visceral pain/fear, to apply our lives to the new paradigms that “Grow a Greater You” teaches us to use. To embrace the notion that our current situation may not actually be as “bad” as it seems, that the quantum field might just be making great use of our current circumstances (as unpleasant as they may be in the moment) to connect the dots for us in miraculous ways, and that we don’t EVER have to definitively label anything “bad.”

      That potential is always (and without fail) present in every single moment of our lives. Even when we don’t feel it. Even when we’re not encouraged by it. Even when it’s next to impossible for us to imagine it. All we need to do is keep that potential alive by acknowledging how we truly feel (that’s how we make our story believable) and by telling the best-feeling story we’re capable of (which, sometimes, is merely “I’m simply going to choose not to definitely label this ‘bad.’ ” – and that’s plenty better-feeling, if that’s all we’re capable of!)

      Thus, in your case, I would tell myself the following story:

      “I am very discouraged by the reflections I’m experiencing right now. I am not pleased at all by what I see regarding my finances, my ex-husband, my living arrangements, and my ability to provide for my son. In fact, I’m scared that things might get worse, I’m worried about what people think of me, and I’m damn-well pissed off at ‘God’ right now too! I’ve been working this process, I’ve got strong desires, nobody would be hurt by these desires manifesting, and I’m a damn good person too! I just about feel like telling ‘God’ and this whole process to take a flying leap right now. And, at the same time, I’ve seen enough flashes and had enough inspiration to believe there is value in this process and that it works. Not to mention the fact, to be honest, that I don’t have a whole lot of other options readily apparent right now anyway. I can acknowledge that, perhaps, I’ve inhibited the process by scattering my energy across too broad a range of desires. And, additionally, I might have limited by progress also by staying to focused on ‘Where is it’, instead of simply living my way into each new emotional perspective. I don’t need to be hard on myself or beat myself up. But I can take a deep breath, decide on one desire I’ll focus on, and write about how I really feel right now. From there, I can be deliberate about my progress up the Emotional Reference Chart and not worry or focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the quantum field’s process for reflecting my growing beliefs about my chosen Strikeout Desire. I can simply focus on my progress, on living my way into each new emotional perspective, and share with my ‘Grow a Greater You’ friends on the Facebook page. In this manner, I know I’ll be applying my life to “Grow a Greater You’ by using it during my darkest, most challenging times – the times when I’ve always been so apt to throw up my hands and scream at those I’m blaming for my displeasure. Although my anger and fear may not dissipate overnight, I will be squarely in the process of helping myself by growing my beliefs into alignment with my desire. And that’s something I can authentically feel good about, even if my beliefs’ reflections don’t become pleasingly aligned with my desire right way.”

      I hope this helps, my friend!

      • Thank you so much Greg. The story you’ve crafted really nailed it. There’ve been days when I’ve thought, if my beliefs and past thoughts created the situations I’m currently experiencing, which I know they are, what was I thinking? 🙂
        You’re right in that when everything goes pear-shaped and it seems like shit is flying everywhere, it gets a little harder to keep facing into the wind. However I also know that as you say…quite frankly I don’t have a lot of other options. I’m going to stick with my Strikeout desire of a relationship as while the other issues are all important, a loving relationship is something that for the first time I’m doing for me. I’m determined to have a better life and I’m very grateful for your help for giving me a push start.
        Many thanks to you Greg.

  9. Hi Greg! What a great page I have stumbled upon here. 🙂 Here’s one that cropped up for me recently:

    I was just laid off from a job I was really beginning to hate, but at which I was making a lot of money. I am using this opportunity to start my own business working from home, which I have always wanted to do. I have all the resources I need to do this, I have the skills and knowledge, and it feels like the perfect fit for my lifestyle as a single mom.

    The catch? I’m just plain scared. I’ve always worked for a paycheck. I always had reliable money coming in at regular intervals. I’m scared that no one will want to hire me, or that it will take a long time for me to get back to my former income. I have a kid to feed and even though we can coast for several months even if I make no money at all, I am still — actually I would say the word is terrified.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂


    • You bet, Maggie. Glad to hear from you. I’m honored you’re giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Two things:

      1. Were I in your shoes, I would put “My beliefs about the value of what I do/contribute” through the intentional belief-raising process. And I would assign “money” to be an important reflection of that value. Not necessarily more important than other reflections, but definitely no less important than any other. This is what I still do – and it exploded my business soon after I started doing it.

      2. Were I in your shoes I would tell myself the following story: “I am scared. I am having a difficult time imagining how in the world my at-home start-up can begin to provide the income I dream of. It all seems so impossible. And, to top it off, I’m a bit disappointed that, underneath this fear, is an underlying question about my worthiness. I thought I’d be ‘further along’ and ‘better’, by now, regarding my beliefs about self-worth.

      At the same time, however, I also know that my current material experiences are merely reflections of the beliefs I carried with me into this moment. My beliefs are not who I am and I certainly did not choose them myself. My beliefs are simply a set of rules that were given to me by well-intentioned people. I can change them if I wish.

      I also know that when my material experiences are displeasing, I am being given some incredibly important and useful information. Information about my current beliefs and how aligned, or non-aligned, they are with my desires.

      In this manner, I can acknowledge how I really feel about my current material experiences. I have no desire to call them ‘good’ nor do I see a way they will become ‘good’. They are not ‘desired’ or ‘wanted’.

      And, at the same time, I also know I do not have to definitively label them ‘bad’. I am allowed to simply call them ‘information’. Unwanted and undesirable information, to be sure. But information, nonetheless – not ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

      And, as information, I can stop defining myself by these material experiences, by these reflections of my current beliefs. I can continue to pay attention to my feelings and continue to do the important work of intentionally aligning my beliefs about the value of what I’m doing with my desires.

      In this manner, I know my material experiences will change to reflect my growing beliefs about value. Then cannot NOT change as my beliefs rise – the quantum field cannot NOT reflect my beliefs back to me in the form of my material experiences. And not only do I not need to figure out how the quantum field will be doing that, but it is actually impossible for me to see that universe right now because I do not possess beliefs enough in alignment with my desires to imagine it.

      Additionally, while I will not pretend to be happy about my current material experiences, I am actually grateful to know that the resolution of this pain and displeasure lies not in ‘fixing’ the material experiences, themselves. The resolution of this pain and displeasure, thanks to ‘Grow a Greater You’, lies, instead, in aligning my beliefs with my desires. And I am engaged in a legit, authentic process, right now, to accomplish just this.

      This is not a ‘race’ and there is no finish line, as frustrating as that can be sometimes. I am growing. I am on the journey. And I do have the tools necessary to make this journey incredibly fulfilling and rewarding thanks to ‘Grow a Greater You’.

      So, while I will continue to be honest about my feelings and will not run or hide from the fear I feel, I also know that these material experiences are only temporary. Thanks to ‘Grow a Greater You’ I am on my way, today, to growing beliefs about the value of what I do into alignment with my desired outcomes. In this manner, more pleasing material experiences are actually not that far away.”

      I hope this helps, Maggie.

  10. greg, I need some help with my story ! I sell investments on the phone, when I get on the phone the story goes, No one will answer the phone, they have no money any way, what am I doing this for, i can’t get it right, they say their interested & have the money,when I mail the information to them & when I call them back I can not get them back on the phone, I must not be good, just a plan bad story in my head !!
    Support Please !
    Thank You !

    • Okay, George. You asked for it, my friend, you got it! One better-feeling, believable story coming right up!

      But first – thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of value to you.

      Were I in your shoes, I would tell myself the following story:

      “Right now, if I’m honest with myself, my first instinct is to be afraid of making an investment call. I really do have a lot of undesirable, unpleasant feelings about this because it is truly difficult to imagine a positive outcome. My fear is that I’m a burden to this person, I’m an unwanted annoyance, and she has no interest in the stuff I’m going to try to tell her. Unfortunately, those feelings represent the bulk of my material experiences with such phone calls and it is virtually impossible to not buy into the idea that such experiences are simply “the way it is.”

      And, at the same time, I have learned some pretty cool stuff. Not only is it cool, but it’s also inspiring and quite promising. I can hear and feel the truth in it, even though I don’t have a lot of successful experiences using it. Even though I don’t yet have a lot of success with it – YET – I really do feel strongly that it offers a ton of potential because the science it’s based upon is real, authentic, accurate, and widely accepted. Further more, the way I’m being taught to apply this science is very practical, appropriate, and logical. I feel all these exciting feelings right alongside my undesirable ones I just described.

      The cool stuff I’ve learned, how to play ‘Grow a Greater You’, says that authentically applying my life to this science is the biggest key for successfully influencing my material experiences. And authentically applying my life to this science, I’ve also learned, means doing it ESPECIALLY when I feel the most fear and have the longest history of painful, bad experiences. ESPECIALLY during times when my first instincts scream for me to ‘run away and do things like you always have – stick to the old, painful ‘that’s the way it is’ stories!’

      And you know what? Making an investment phone call absolutely qualifies as a perfect opportunity to apply my life to this science as ‘Grow a Greater You’ teaches me to do! Even though I’m not enjoying this fear and this pain, I am actually a bit excited to apply what I’ve learned right now. Because this is EXACTLY the opportunity Greg Kuhn advised me to keep watch for and take full advantage of.

      So I will tell myself the best-feeling, believable story possible about this investment call just as I’m doing right now. And I will intentionally grow my beliefs, using the intentional belief-raising protocol from ‘Grow a Greater You’, into alignment with my desires for investment phone calls.

      This is how this works. I’m doing it! I don’t necessarily expect my material experiences to align with my greatest desires instantly. Or overnight. But I do know that now I’m actually doing it, now that I’m actually authentically playing ‘Grow a Greater You’, my material experiences will start changing. They will start growing more aligned, as slowly as they’re supposed to, with my desires.

      And, just for today, I can acknowledge all my fear, worry, and negativity surrounding making an investment phone call. It’s okay to feel these feelings, after all, since they are important information for me about how non-aligned the beliefs I’ve carried with me into this moment are with my desires for an investment phone call.

      And in this acknowledgment, I can simply decide to pick up the phone and know that, although I don’t necessarily feel it pulsing through the core of my being yet, infinite potential and possibility exist in this very moment. And it is also possible that I can allow myself to be myself, honestly sharing my information and my personality with the wonderful human being who answers the phone. I know it is actually possible to make a human connection with this fortunate person and, in so doing, I can actually be a blessing to her and add value to her life.

      Whether or not she winds up purchasing investments from me is not even something I need to worry about right now. I’m growing my beliefs, authentically, by playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ and such results will become more and more a part of my material experiences over the course of time. In the meantime, each phone call I make is another opportunity for me to authentically play this amazing game and grow my beliefs into alignment a little bit more. Each phone call I make is something I can learn and grow from. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I WILL learn and grow from this phone call I’m about to make. And, one call at a time, each phone call after.

      And, just for today, my commitment to learn, grow, and play ‘Grow a Greater You’ is truly all I need. And all I need to focus upon. Even amid the fear, worry, and history of negative outcomes that are still very real for me right now. I will continue to acknowledge such unpleasant feelings, in fact, will I play this wonderful game, start changing my material experiences one phone call at a time, and step forward, one step at a time, into a universe that will become more pleasing and more aligned with my desires just as it’s supposed to.”

      And one other thing, George. I would not make an investment call unless I was at least somewhat inspired and infused with the belief that my client was about to get a huge opportunity. A major gift, actually. A phone call from me! A phone call that presents a blessing in my client’s life, one that offers her the opportunity to make some great decisions, and one which she’ll be very happy to receive.

      I hope this helps. Get calling and happy growing!

  11. Hi Greg – I would love your help. I have been using your changing beliefs process on my self worth for the last 2.5 weeks and really amazing things are already happening around how I feel about myself and how that is reflected back to me.
    The biggest concrete issue I am facing due to my self worth (what else could it be?) is that I have been unemployed for the last 4 years. I took a 1 yr sabbatical to travel and find my purpose/true hearts desire/calling. Its been now 4 yrs and am still am not clear. The money is running out and while I could have gotten just any job in the last few years I was not wanting to get myself down a career path I would then have to unravel once I found my purpose – to be fair to me – I was also spending lots of time clearing several decades worth of old crap as well – which I have done successfully.

    Now I am really wanting to get clear on my purpose/calling and move forward to create an action plan but I get stuck thinking no one is going to want me, how can I possibly explain to anyone what I have been doing in the last few years that doesn’t shoot me in the foot (not many in main stream are doing what we are doing yet), its too late, I don’t have the money if I have to go back to school, I’m too old, I took too long, I’m not xyz enough, yada yada yada, that drill…..

    I’m not sure I explained it succinctly enough but would love a jump start and, btw, can I be working on my self worth and this purpose calling thing at the same time? I think they are intertwined but would love your take… Thanks so much, Cheers, Raiana

    • Hello Raiana. What an honor you’ve given me by allowing me to be of value to you.

      First of all, you can count on the belief-raising process taught through the game “Grow a Greater You” working. Period. As you beliefs slowly grow more aligned with your desires, it is actually impossible for the quantum field to not provide new reflections of those beliefs.

      Second, one of the surest ways to psych ourselves out, get scared, and freeze up is to daydream about “how” your desires will be manifest. From your current emotional perspective it all seems so far-fetched and virtually impossible. Of course it does. You can only see and perceive reflections of your current beliefs, after all!

      What does that mean? It means that the stepping stones, opportunities, and pathways are right in front of you. You just can’t perceive them as such right now, from the perspective of your current beliefs. Your material reality will transform into the necessary stepping stones and opportunities, right in front of your eyes, as you raise your beliefs.

      We’ve all seen, after all, two people perceiving the exact same material experience. And creating two different “things” with polar opposite meaning and value.

      Case in point. A friend has an unpublished romance novel. She told me that she’s afraid to self-publish on Amazon because there are thousands of romance novels already for sale and, thus, there are no opportunities for a new writer. That is the material experience my friend has when she looks at Amazon as an author.

      I, on the other hand, look at the same exact Amazon website and, literally, see huge and amazing opportunities. I see a robust market for romance novels, exemplified by the thousands already offered. That is the material experience I have when I look at Amazon as an author.

      Two completely different “Amazons” have been created in each of our universes. Yet we both observed and perceived the same exact “thing” (Amazon) in form and content.

      So put down the crystal ball and stop trying to figure out how it will happen. Or how it can happen. That’s a lot like a ten-year-old trying to imagine being married. She basically gets the gist of it, but there is no way she can really perceive it from her current perspective. Relax about all that, be present in this moment, and let the quantum field handle all the “how’s”.

      In the meantime, keep playing “Grow a Greater You” and raising your beliefs.

      You might try a story like:

      “Although it’s quite challenging right now to imagine how I will become employed and find my career path, I know it’s only a matter of time. Since I am now raising my beliefs into alignment with my desires for career/purpose/calling, the quantum field will be continually providing ever more pleasing reflections to me.

      I don’t even have to know how that will happen. In fact, I don’t even need to try to figure out how that will happen. And, further still, given my experiences with growing my beliefs, it won’t surprise me at all if the manifestation of my desires in this area look unlike anything I would have guessed.

      There is no such thing, literally, as ‘impossible’ in our universe. And, since the only thing standing between me and any desire is non-aligned beliefs, I am fully equipped to make the ‘impossible’ happen. Starting with manifesting a fulfilling career by aligning my beliefs with my desires for that.

      Slowly, but surely, one day at a time, I am stepping into my grandest version of myself. Just for today, despite my doubt and worry, I am choosing the audacity to no longer play small. To no longer feed the illusion that I am an inconsequential and non-influential footnote who is not special enough to be allowed to experience my dreams and desires.

      Just for today, I will not look to the future and try to guess how my desires will come about. Instead, I will pick up my pen and paper, involve myself in the true resolution of my pain, and keep living myself into new beliefs.”

      I hope that is helpful, Raiana.

      • Hi Greg – I want to thank you for taking the time to reply to my jump start – I really appreciate the new story and it is a great place to start and I believe it will help getting unstuck – yea!. I hope this gets to you, the reply icon on your comment did not work so I couldn’t respond within the string. Best, Raiana

        • I have received your gratitude, Raiana. Thank you for sharing it.

          The opportunity you’ve given me to be valuable to you is an honor. Thank you.

  12. Hi Greg – this is Raiana – I did have one question from your wonderful reply to my kickstart – you ended it with the following “Just for today, I will not look to the future and try to guess how my desires will come about. Instead, I will pick up my pen and paper, involve myself in the true resolution of my pain, and keep living myself into new beliefs.” I hope that is helpful, “. ”
    I am wondering what you mean by “true resolution of my pain” Thanks in advance for the clarification, Cheers, Raiana Btw – the Reply button on the individual comments within the string do not work. Not sure if that is a website glitch or me.

    • Thank you for the heads-up, Raiana. I’ve got my IT guy on it now.

      As for the “true resolution of my pain” comment? Intentionally growing beliefs into alignment with a painfully absent desire is the true resolution of pain. Thus, playing “Grow a Greater You” is the “true resolution of pain.”

      I hope that helps.

  13. Hello Greg,
    I’m having trouble coming up with a better feeling story. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. My daughter has just been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after a suicide attempt. She is not coping with any part of her life. This includes getting a job, finances, her health and maintaining relationships. She also suffers from depression. She says she wants help but then fails to turn up to appointments. Because of all the stress, raw emotions and drama that comes from living with her I am feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless.

    • Maxine, I am honored that you’ve afforded me an opportunity to be of value to you. Thank you!

      I do want to share that I believe in having a household with as much emotional health as possible. To that end, my partner and I practice healthy boundaries with our children. I am not advocating that you follow suite, because such a decision may be more valuable when it is naturally inspired by your beliefs. I’m merely sharing that, with our sons, we discuss and stick to behavior boundaries with love, empathy, and compassion.

      In your shoes, I would tell myself the following story:

      “I am so worried about my daughter. So worried, in fact, that I find myself getting angry quite often. Angry at her, at how unfair this is, how it impacts me and the rest of my family, and about how difficult her life appears it’s going to be. I don’t see anything about this situation that prompts me to call it anything but ‘bad.’ And I can’t currently imagine a resolution to this barring a miracle – a miracle that I have to honestly say doesn’t seem very damn likely right now.

      And, at the same time, I can acknowledge that many people before her have faced similar circumstances and learned to change their lives. I do know that there is help available for her as soon as she develops a degree of willingness to avail herself of it. I’ve tried to do it ‘for’ her, and that’s honestly only made us both miserable, but I can honestly say that I believe, once she becomes sick and tired of being sick and tired, anything is possible for her.

      In the meantime, I choose, just for today, to take care of myself. Although my every instinct screams, ‘Take care of your daughter; don’t think about yourself’, I know that if I don’t take care of me I won’t be much use to her anyway. I do honestly feel selfish by taking time to make sure I’m rested, fed, calm, rational, and centered (to the best of my ability), but I also know that being selfish is actually way more important than I usually give it credit for. After all, don’t the instructions on an airplane dictate to put the oxygen mask on YOURSELF first! Before your child? I understand the logic there and, although it still feels a bit wrong, today I choose to trust that taking care of me is just as important as taking care of my daughter. More important, actually, when I really think about it.

      And, besides, I can honestly say that if my daughter’s safety, if her very life, is dependent on my being there, all the time, to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself, than there truly is nothing I can do to help her. Because, as much as I love her (sometimes it feels more than I love life, itself), I know I can’t truly live her life for her. I can’t really do the things for my daughter that only she can – like learning to live with her disorder and staying safe. As much as I wish I could do it, I really do know that I can’t.

      So, just for today, I can decide to stick with my gameplan:

      1. Set healthy boundaries for my daughter and clearly articulate them; healthy boundaries that make sense and are also empathetic about her current state of mind
      2. Continue to suggest healthy, appropriate courses of action for my daughter, despite her affect or her responses to me, and do so in as calm and dispassionate manner as possible
      3. Take care of myself, ensuring that I get rest, time alone, and healthy nourishment, so that my potential to be resolute, calm, and dispassionate is as great as I can make it

      I will do these three things today. I will stay focused on these three things today, to the best of my ability. And I will do so because they are, truly, the best ways I can help my daughter. I know this. I also know there are no guarantees of any outcome. I do not do these things today with an expectation of any certain outcome – I choose to do them today, instead, because they are the right things for me to do, both for my daughter and for me. And because they truly are the best help I can offer to her. And to me.

      None of this is like a magic wand, making my worry, fear, and anger disappear. It’s not supposed to. But I do know that by telling myself the best-feeling, believable story about my daughter, as I am now, and through my commitment, just for today, to continue, I will be changing my beliefs. Slowly but surely. And, not only that, I also know that I will be doing my part, to the best of my ability, to keep all possibilities as alive, in each moment, as they truly are. That is something I can contribute toward and I am honored to do so.

      So, I will continue to take control of the only thing I really have control over: my focus, the stories I tell, my choices, and raising my beliefs. These things are mine to contribute. Will they be ‘enough’ for my daughter to experience the outcomes I desire? That I do not know. But I do know this, beyond a shadow of a doubt: if I do not make these contributions, these contributions will not be made. That is the most important role I will ever have and it’s a role I will always have. And, in fact, in most cases, it’s truly the only role I will have.

      So, today, I do acknowledge my fear. My worry. My anger. My hopelessness. Those feelings are real. And I also acknowledge an understanding that those feelings, as unpleasant as they are to me, are giving me information about my current beliefs. Beliefs I was given. Beliefs I can change. And beliefs I am changing, slowly but surely. It’s all I can do – but it’s also the most important thing I can do. It doesn’t change my feelings, it’s not supposed to, but it does give me direction today.”

      I hope that helps, Maxine.

  14. Hi Greg,
    I’m having trouble telling myself a better feeling story about my current financial situation… I quit my job last year after I really got into LOA and made a lot of great changes.

    Fast forward now I have a job that I absolutely love and is basically everything I’ve ever desired minus my current position (I wasn’t to specific about my job title when I wanted a change in my work environment). Right now life seems to be handing me everything I’ve asked for like a car with no payments and I was able to get my ticket to go to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks (This is actually on my vision board and in creation box)!! My only problem is I wasn’t anticipating the extra cost that came up when the mechanic started my tune up and all the extra money I put out so close to going on my trip plus add to that I owe my mother money that I was planning on giving her at the end of this month once I get back from PR. I’m having a hard time telling myself a good feeling story about where I’m at and that the universe will connect the dots. Help me please because at the rate my thoughts and feelings are going I will be in PR with no money and have my mom calling me every 15 secs yelling about how I shouldn’t have planned this trip before paying her first. I’m a mess, I have been doing the emotions scale and I’m currently on Irritation/Frustration I have been cursing the LOA and Abraham Hicks methods for not delivering the results I need now. Help me with a better feeling story please! Thanks in advance

    • Hello Ashley. Thank you for sharing an opportunity with me to be of value to you. This is something I never take for granted.

      Let me begin by saying something about what you’ve written. I’ll bet this is semantics, but it’s a great opportunity to address something very important.

      You wrote that you were having trouble coming up with a good-feeling story about your current experiences. Of course you are! Who would authentically feel good about them?

      If you tell yourself a good-feeling story about all that you will be lying to yourself. Lying to your subconscious brain. And that means that you will not be changing your beliefs in the slightest.

      Instead you tell yourself the best-feeling story possible. And make it believable by acknowledging how you really feel.

      Forget good-feeling – that’s a positive affirmation when you don’t truly feel good about your current experiences. And positive affirmations do not change your beliefs.

      What’s so important about that? You’re cursing LOA and Abraham Hicks for not experiencing the results you desire? (As an aside, am I not worthy of cursing too? Am I not as “high ranking” as Abraham/Hicks? 😉 I’m joking with you!)

      But LOA, Abraham, and I have nothing to do with your current experiences. Your current experiences are nothing more, and nothing less, than accurate reflections of the beliefs you carried with you into this moment.

      So what who you’re really mad at are your beliefs. But don’t be mad at them. They were given to you by well-intentioned adults, when you were a child, who didn’t know anything else to teach you, show you, or impart to you.

      What can you do about these beliefs, currently reflecting displeasing experiences? You can change them of course. And, to do so, you must work with your subconscious brain. Hence you tell the best-feeling, believable stories possible about these experiences. Not good-feeling stories.

      Here is what I would tell myself, were I in your shoes:

      “I am worried about all the outcomes currently up in the air. It’s actually pretty difficult for me right now to not imagine the worst-case scenarios and that has me pretty frustrated. And pretty scared. Which, in turn, usually leads me to eventually feel angry. And, yep, I do feel angry about all this too.

      Part of how I feel, to be honest, is angry about not being ‘better’ at all this by now. I’m a positive thinker. I study the heck out of LOA. It pisses me off, to be honest, that all this is still happening to me despite my efforts. And, to be even more honest, even worse? I suspect that, deep down, I must be unworthy of experiencing the things I truly desire since I obviously can’t ‘make’ the LOA work like it’s supposed to and like it works for other people. Seriously – I’m really tempted to wonder what the heck is wrong with me?

      Yet I also can say that I know that the potential for any outcome is truly still possible. Any outcome, any resolution, is still alive right now. Even one where I experience everything coming together in a way where I’m very pleased and it all works out as I desire. I honestly do know that this potential is very much still alive and well. And I have experience, even, with just such outcomes coming out of the blue, in totally unexpected ways, as the quantum field connects the dots in its customary wild and crazy manner.

      So, in the meantime, as I await these various resolutions, what can I do to keep all this potential most healthy, alive, and well? I know that I can try positive thinking, that is true. Yet I also know that positive thinking is lying to my subconscious brain – where all these current beliefs being reflected back me are stored. I desire to continue aligned my beliefs with my conscious desires – so I don’t want to lie to my subconscious brain today.

      That leads me directly toward a real solution. Telling the best-feeling, believable story. I’ve already acknowledged how I really feel about all this – worried and angry. And I’ve also told the best-feeling story about it – not a good-feeling one. I do know that the potential exists for desirable outcomes. That is real.

      In the meantime, though, I will continue to do everything within my power to facilitate the outcomes I really desire. I will continue to be honest about how I feel. I will continue to not tell bad-feeling stories about these things; I will simply label these experiences as information. Information about my current beliefs lack of alignment with my conscious desires. Information I’m not pleased to receive, honestly, but information that I am not required to label ‘bad’. I am allowed to simply call these experiences ‘information’ and leave it at that. And I am also not required to pretend that I like the information.

      Additionally I will choose not to tell good-feeling stories about this information. Because I don’t authentically feel good about it.

      I will simply maintain a commitment to call these experiences ‘information’, to be honest about how I feel, and to keep the potential for any outcome alive. Even the potential for a miraculously awesome outcome. Because, truly, what is the best that can happen? And asking that question is every bit as legitimate as asking what is the worst that can happen!

      So, today, I choose to do my part. To contribute what is mine to contribute toward the manifestation of my desired outcomes. And to acknowledge that there is no outcome, really, that MUST occur for me to be okay and to be fully alive in this moment. I refuse to pretend, of course, that I do not deeply desire certain outcomes regarding these experiences – I do desire pleasing outcomes where mom is happy and paid and I have what I need for Puerto Rico. And let me also say that I know those things can occur in ways that I never saw coming or never expected in a million years.

      Just for today, I’ll keep all those possibilities as alive as I can. I know I’m doing just that right now. And, although it doesn’t make me stop feeling a bit worried and angry right now, I know that I can continue to keep this commitment, just for today. In this manner, I am taking real, substantive steps toward being the master of my life experiences I truly desire. And how cool of the universe to give me this opportunity.”

      I hope that is helpful, Ashley.

      • Thanks a million Greg!
        I came home and did the exercise writing out how i really felt about my current money situation and surprisingly it was therapeutic and scary to see what i was really thinking. By the way the only reason I didn’t curse you along with Abraham and LOA is because i just started playing Grow a Greater You but trust me you would have been included if i had been playing as long as I’ve been practicing the other stuff. 🙂

        Anyway after writing down how i felt i saw your reply and told my self a better feeling story guess what i found 3 pennies and got so excited then i happened to look in my bag and found a scratch off where i won $2! Its not much but it was a great reminder and motivation to stick with what im doing and go through the motions/emotions scale but use my current emotions as information while working my way up to the chart to better feelings.

        The funny thing about this is i manifest things i want all the time but money is an area i stress and obsess about (I can thank my mother, grandparents and father for for that). I had a strong desire about two weeks ago to get my finances in order and become financially free. I pretty much forgot about it and came across dvds that i wanted for for a while “Financial Peace University” I really enjoyed it but some of the things suggested didnt resignate with me although they were useful, then i came across your audio book on youtube and did some research and saw the book “Grow a Greater You” and i had to have it. The following day my dad sent me a few dollars and i was able to purchase the book! I am so grateful this book is helping me connect so many dots! Thanks again

        • Glad this was valuable to you, Ashley. And thank you for sharing that.

          I look forward to someday attaining a status with you where I can be cursed out! 😉

          By the way, I suggest you use those pennies and $2 scratch-offs like this.

  15. Hi Greg,
    I’m currently in financial crisis with about 500k in credit card debts, loans from friends and legal loans and everyday there are calls from banks and debt collectors which I’ve been trying to avoid whenever possible, such that I’ve put my mobile on silent mode. I’m afraid that this will escalate to the point that my mum, wife and famiily will get to know about it. Both my mum and wife are currently having health problems so knowing this will definitely affect their health. Majority of the debt is because I took up loans for friends who are unable to pay up and I ended up having to settle all these. I’ve been through this before once and my family had chipped in to help settle it before. The fact that it happened again now will really make everyone more angry. I felt so ashamed, guilty and angry with myself for getting into such a situation and having to get them involved. Please help me to come up with a story for me to lift myself up and get out of this crisis. I’ve read about your story and it gives me hope that I am able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I just need the help to take the first step. I’ve also been trying to stay positive and watching videos from other gurus but I guess I’m still stuck. Would really appreaciate your assistance at this juncture. Thank you.

    • Hello Marcus. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      The most important things I have to share with you today are these:

      1. I’ve been where you are and I agree that “shame”, “guilt”, and “anger” are absolutely appropriate feelings to have here.

      2. Your goal is not to transcend those unpleasant feelings, so you can manifest a better financial outcome.

      3. Your goal is to fully acknowledge those unpleasant feelings, so you can finally accept where you really are, belief-wise.

      4. Once you’re finally able to accept your current beliefs about financial abundance, and how insanely opposed they are to your conscious desires for it, you can begin to intentionally grow those beliefs into alignment with your conscious desires.

      Accepting your current beliefs doesn’t necessarily require you fully “naming-and-claiming” the beliefs, themselves. If all you do is “name-and-claim” your current feelings, you’ve done enough. Because once you’ve written about how you really and truly feel, right now, about financial abundance, you’re going to have named-and-claimed them (and you’ll be able to identify where you are, currently, on the Emotional Reference Chart).

      Once you’ve identified where you are, begin to work your way up, as I teach you to do in my books. And make sure all of your stories about your finances fully acknowledge your true current feelings about them.

      In your current circumstances, I would say: “Right now I feel angry, ashamed, and guilty. In fact, I know I’m guilty – so much that I actually not only dread facing up to these circumstances, but I also dread what the future probably holds. I feel no hope, I see no way out, and I honestly feel pretty-much doomed.

      Although I still can’t reconcile my good heart, good intentions, and earnest desires with these horrible outcomes, I do know that I am committed to playing ‘Grow a Greater You’, just for today. Yes, I am angry that the universe could be so cold, uncaring, and unfair as to not only deny me just a slightly larger piece of the ‘pie’, but to actually crush me like this in addition. And, at the same time, I can choose to focus on my reading, writing, and story-telling that I’m doing through ‘Grow a Greater You.’ In this manner, I can honesty say that, although my focus on ‘Grow a Greater You’ doesn’t ‘make everything instantly better’, it does actually allow me an outlet and a feeling that it’s possible to resolve this. Even if I can’t really feel that possibility, authentically, it is there nonetheless.

      And I can also decide, just for today, to call all of these circumstances – ‘information.’ There is no law which states I MUST call them ‘100% bad with no other possible meaning and value.’ I sure as hell will not call them ‘good’ and see no reason I ever would, but I do not HAVE to call them ‘bad’ either. In fact, I can, and will, start calling my circumstances ‘horrible feeling, unwanted information’. Just ‘information.’ Information I would rather not be receiving, to be sure, but information nevertheless.

      Information, of course, about my true beliefs about financial abundance. Beliefs that I did not choose for myself. Beliefs I was given as a child. And beliefs I can now change if I desire.

      And, of course, I do desire to change these beliefs. And that is why I know there is a possibility for resolution through playing ‘Grow a Greater You’ – because this game actually allows me to change my beliefs. And changing my beliefs is the only true solution to this pain.

      And, of course, acknowledging this pain is the beginning of that resolution. I am acknowledging it, I am no longer denying it, and I am no longer pretending I don’t feel these ways. I’m through with positive thinking, unless it’s authentic and genuine. Yes, this sucks to feel this way. But, in its own way, this current state of ‘sucking’ feels like a true, yet tiny, taste of real freedom. Because I’ve actually felt this way for as long as I can remember – this is simply the first time in my life I’ve given myself permission to truly acknowledge it.

      And the first time I know what to do with it.

      So I will continue to acknowledge the unpleasantness. I will continue to be honest with myself about my feelings. I will continue to play ‘Grow a Greater You.’ And I will continue to call my circumstances ‘very unpleasant information’ instead of ‘bad.’ In this manner, I am fully engaged in the only true solution there is. And for that, I can honestly say, I feel a small ray of gratitude and hope.”

      I hope this is helpful for you, my friend. Keep walking the path. Join us in June for our financial abundance tele-seminar and/or keep walking with me through this site and my books.

  16. Thanks Greg for taking the time off your busy schedule to answer my query. I’ll start on it right away and keep you posted of any changes. Regards and best wishes

  17. Hi Greg,
    my situation is a bit complicated, but I’ll try to explain (also sorry for my bad english, I’m italian).
    I want to earn a living as a internet marketer, but I earn pennys per months (100-150$), I also have a job as a telemarketer from home, but I hate that kind of jobs (in fact I didn’t earn anything yet).
    I’m feeling depressed for this situation, and I have fear for the future…. but at the same time I feel also apathy about this situation.
    I’m almost 37 now, and I’m feeling also ashamed to not having a decent income at this age.
    I really don’t know what I really want, and I have a lot of problems when I try to imagine a story.
    I hope this will be enough to you.
    Thank you very much.

    • Leo, a thousand apologies for my tardiness in responding. I recently “discovered” your request and I am honored to share with you.

      Here is the most important thing I have to say about your situation: You’ve revealed and stated how you really feel about not being worthy of experiencing your desire to earn a great income as an Internet marketer; you truly feel ashamed, depressed, and afraid which certainly show you right where you are, in this time space, on the Emotional Reference Chart. That is how you feel, brother! No need to look any further and no need to drum up, or manufacture a story about it!

      You’re telling your best-feeling believable story about your desire right now, in your post. And there is nothing wrong with it at all; you never have the “wrong” feelings, after all! Those are your feelings; state how you really feel – that’s all you have to do and every story you tell will be the best-feeling one possible (not too-positive and not too-negative) and it will also be believable (because it is, after all, how you really and truly feel).

      Problem solved!

      Grow a Greater You put into hyperdrive!

      You’re already “there” and you don’t even know it! Just keep telling the truth, in the manner you’ve done in your comment, as you inch your way up the Emotional Reference Chart!

      I trust you’ll find this valuable (it is gold, straight from the quantum field). Yet, it is I who thanks you for allowing it to be so in your universe, Leo.

      • Hi Greg,
        thanks for your reply, your opinion it’s very important to me.
        Right now I’m stuck at position 19 Anxiety/Fear.
        How much times at day should I tell better feeling stories? And do you think should I write down those stories, or just tell them inside my mind?
        Thank you very much.

        • Hey Leo. Thank you for honoring me with an opportunity to be of value to you.

          Stuck, huh? To get “unstuck”, simply be unflinchingly honest with yourself about how you really feel about everything you experience. You won’t be “stuck” for long!

          To your other query: don’t tell “better feeling” stories. Tell the best-feeling, believable stories possible. And do so for every single experience you have, all day long. I don’t usually write mine down, but experiment with that and see if its helpful to you.

  18. Hi Greg,

    Recently discovered your books and am really enjoying them. I have been given a Divine ability to see energy flowing (or not) inside people, as different colors. I can see precisely where the blockages of limiting beliefs disrupt the flow. During sessions when I work with clients, I tell them they are not to clear or clean or eliminate, etc., the limiting beliefs, but to acknowledge them, accept them, and love them. That’s what we spend our time doing; sending Love, Mercy, Peace, or Truth to the limiting beliefs. The Love we send helps increase the vibration of the slower moving (limiting belief) energy until it returns to the same frequency as the energy flow.

    Because I can literally see this happening, I have come to believe that everything is a gift to us, by us, for us. I may not always immediately know what the gift is, but I know it is there for me.

    However, I have been trying to sell another business of mine in which I spend 15 hours per day. I have decided to work with clients full time, so I need to sell that business. It has been several years, with no real progress. I decided to use your process and have been only doing it for a few days. I like the process and the journalling, but here is my problem…

    When I write my “better story,” and I am having a tough time trying not to write “positive” because my belief truly is there is a gift here for me. Just knowing that keeps me pretty happy throughout my day. It’s not a phony “denial” attempt.

    So I’m wondering how you might word my “better story.” Thus far, I have been doing as you suggested and have tempered my “positive knowingness,” but that strategy actually feels more false to me.

    I know I will sell my business, I just thought perhaps it would happen sooner by doing your process. I am looking forward to your response.


    • Hey Bob, I’ve had a devil of a time getting you a reply and I apologize. Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you, my friend.

      I love your questions, thank you for giving me this opportunity. First, though, I’d love to learn more about how you see/experience beliefs.

      I am going the the Emotional Reference Chart with my desires for financial abundance for the second time. This time through I am writing everything down with an eye toward publishing this journey and it is proving to be an epic one.

      You mentioned one of the most amazing, among what is already forty pages worth of new, blow-my-mind insights from the universe, new answers I’ve channeled: everything is a gift. Nothing could be more true, in my experience, if you learn to let it be. And searing, complete honesty at all times, about everything, (short of being mean) is the best technique to let it.

      While my last trip up the ERC was honest, earnest, diligent, and authentic, I now realize just how much focus I put upon getting to “Love/Ecstasy.” Because that’s where “the gift” awaits, right? At least “the gift” I began this journey to align my beliefs with and reflect back to me.

      This time through I have looked no further than my current emotional perspective for some of the most off-the-hook insights and growth. And, in the process, have learned that this time/space and this emotional perspective contains “the gift.” “The gift” is what I learn in this emotional perspective.

      “What?”, some may protest, “I’m playing Grow a Greater You to manifest (insert big desire here), you’d better believe the manifestation of that desire is ‘the gift’ I’m looking for!”

      Yet here is one of the things I’ve learned so far: the full manifestation of my desire will be nothing more than the reflection of my desire-aligned beliefs. A reflection, of course, from the quantum field. You see, you do not, literally, manifest the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire. Nope. You turn the people, places, and things you encounter into the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire by aligning your beliefs with it.

      Don’t believe that “the gift” is right now and right here? Wherever you are on the ERC? Let me ask you this, then: have you ever had to expend any effort casting, and have you ever had any reason to doubt you’d cast, your reflection? Do you worry, before walking into your bathroom, whether or not you’re going to see yourself in the mirror?

      Of course not.

      And, thus, there is also no reason to ever wonder, worry, or fret about how your ultimate desires are being reflected back to you, via your aligned beliefs. It will occur as readily as you see your smiling face looking back each time you glance in a mirror.

      The gift, exactly what you need, is found in this emotional perspective. The top of the ERC isn’t where all the lessons, spiritual unfolding, and growth happen; the top of the ERC is where the reflection of your beliefs, aligned as a result of all the lessons, spiritual unfolding and growth that you experienced today (and yesterday and tomorrow – if it arrives as expected).

      Thus my ultimate suggestion is to go with your gut and always state how you really feel. Especially, of course, how you really feel about your desire to sell your business.

      The story you tell, if you make such a commitment, will be, in my experience, always completely believable. Because it is honest, your subconscious brain will believe it.

      And, perhaps just as importantly, it will also be best-feeling. Every time. Guaranteed.


      Because if I go too-positive (or too-negative) I. Am. Lying. About how I really feel, of course. So as long as I maintain a strict adherence to complete honesty about how I feel in each moment, there is no way I can avoid telling myself the best-feeling (or “real”) and believable (or “honest”) story possible.

      Of course, for different people (which I am reminded of each time through the ERC while playing Grow a Greater You), “complete honesty” will differ. I have been, literally, completely honest each time I’ve taken this journey. Today, however, I am blessed with new levels of willingness, energy, and insight to direct toward complete honesty as “wormhole-levels” of revelations continually shatter my illusions and limiting beliefs like a brick going through glass. Whatever “level” of honesty you’re capable of, don’t ever measure it, however, against anyone else – you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

      If you simply follow the rules of telling the best-feeling, believable story you will eventually teach yourself everything you need to learn and know (to grow into believing you are worthy of your desire).

      Yes, if you believed you were worthy of your desire, your desire would be reflected back to you in this time/space because that’s how reflections work. Thus, whatever reflection your current beliefs about your worthiness of experiencing your desire are creating is exactly what you are experiencing right now. In this very moment. Reflections do not lie! Thus, being honest about our feelings as we experience the reflection of our beliefs about being worthy of that desire, is the only way to grow our beliefs into worthiness.

      Yes, you read it here, the pain of an absent desire does not come from not experiencing that “thing.” The pain of an absent desire is the pain of not being worthy of experiencing that “thing.” A pain we can now cure by intentionally growing our beliefs about our worthiness of “it” into alignment with how we truly wish to experience “it.”

      And once that pain is cured, once our beliefs about being worthy of experiencing that “thing” are aligned with how we always wanted to experience “it”, “it” will be reflected back to us by the quantum field as surely as you’ll see your face in your rearview mirror on your drive to work tomorrow.

      So, my suggestion for a best-feeling, believable story will require me to take a stab at how you’re really feeling about your business’ state of being unsold. I will say that having beliefs of being unworthy of experiencing the sale of your business as you truly desire does not mean you don’t truly feel “positive knowingness.” Perhaps your true beliefs about being worthy of experiencing this sale are not that far from being aligned?

      It matters not where you, or anyone, begins on the Emotional Reference Chart, “the gift” will be presented to you from whatever emotional perspective you happen to be on. There is no requirement to start your journey through the ERC at “Depression/Hopelessness”, after all; “the gift” is given in the next emotional perspective attained, so who cares “where” on the ERC you started?

      Guessing about how you really feel right now based on how I’ve felt by such a reflection, I’d tell myself:

      “Every time I think about my business being unsold and every time I see or experience my business, and am reminded that it is unsold, irritates the living crap out of me. I don’t feel super-negative and I really do have positive expectations, so why is it still unsold?”

      This story, first of all, is completely believable because of its searing honesty. Additionally, this story is also extremely helpful and informative because it allows me to discover that I’m at the emotional perspective of “Frustration/Aggravation”. So I start my journey up the Emotional Reference Chart from that emotional perspective.

      You see, it matters not a whit what you want to feel about your unsold business (positive expectations). All that matters, the only thing that matters, is how you really feel about your unsold business. And I believe your real feelings about it are “Frustrated/Aggravated.” As an enlightened man, your “Frustration/Aggravation” is being felt mostly through the fact that your beliefs about being worthy of the sale of your business in the manner you truly wish to experience are not aligned with that desire in a way that reflects it back to you. Of course you feel frustrated and of course you feel aggravated! Who wouldn’t in your shoes?

      Given all this, there is no reason on this Earth for you to have to manufacture better-feeling, believable stories right now.

      For example: “I really bugs the shit out of me to know that I can feel ‘positive expectation’ about selling my business right now. And, yet, it is still unsold! I am annoyed by that as all hell!

      Yet I can also say, with no reservation, that I now know and share how I really, actually feel about being worthy of my desire to sell my business. And I certainly can even feel a little gratitude to finally just admit how much it irritates me to not yet have beliefs about being worthy of selling my business which are aligned with my desires to experience it.

      Simply by being honest about how I actually feel about my beliefs’ reflections, I have been given an immense and powerful gift. This gift does not make my beliefs’ current reflections any less aggravating and frustrating, but it does allow me to be right here, right now, in this time-space with openness to learn everything about how I really feel right now (and, thus, where my beliefs about worthiness really are), which, when combined with willingness to keep writing and learning, is literally all I need to cast a reflection of my beliefs which manifests my greatest desires for them.

      So, yes, I fill be here and I will feel frustrated and aggravated. As displeasing as that is to feel. And I will also keep writing and growing. And I will relish the gift of this opportunity to be fully alive and completely present in this moment. This moment where the true gift is.”

      I suspect you will find this all very valuable. That is certainly my intent, Bob. Yet, if you find this as valuable as I suspect you will, I still want to say thank you for choosing to create such a reflection of your beliefs about me, my writing, and this kind of work. And all the good you find here, no matter how amazingly helpful and insightful it ever is, will never be anything more than a reflection of your true beliefs about being worthy of learning and growing in this amazingly powerful manner!

  19. Hi Greg,
    I have read your book Grow a greater you, and it makes a lot of sense to me, but I just don’t know how to start doing this work. I know all about the law of attraction in theory, but it has been very difficult for me to apply it to my life situation because of everything I’ve been through since I was a small child. I had an extremely difficult childhood with no love and affection and, although I’m 38 years old today, I’m still in so much emotional pain because of that. I look like a relatively well-functioning person on the surface, but I’m a very emotionally sensitive person and I have this belief that my childhood has wounded me to a degree that it is impossible to overcome. I still carry those terrible feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. I feel unworthy of everything good in life; it’s all been nothing but a hopeless struggle to get what I want. Almost every thought I think hurts, they are all about lack, powerlessness and self-loathing. I also have severe self-esteem and social anxiety issues due to all the criticism I had to face from an early age. I’m facing difficulties within every important area of my life, health, relationships, career, friends etc. I can’t figure out how to get started and just find some relief from the constant pain. Every time I try, I just end up feeling worse. It is difficult for me to find any meaning with all the things I had to go through. Maybe you could give me some help to turn this around.
    Many thanks from Anna in Sweden

    • Anna, thank you for inquiring with me and for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      There is no desire that Grow a Greater You can’t allow you to grow your beliefs, about being worthy of, into alignment with how you truly wish to experience it.

      I am, however, taking your post literally. Based upon what you have shared, I belief you should speak with a counselor who you resonate with (while you play GAGY perhaps or, at least, do this for while prior to playing). Your life sounds overwhelmingly unmanageable and I believe a solid foundation of learning about healthy perspectives after living through what you did in childhood may be immensely valuable.

      I know that’s not the typical LoA “magic answer,” Anna. Yet it is what I am channeling as I type this for you, so I am trusting my gut, intuition, and feelings.

      Please keep putting one foot in front of the other. Grow a Greater You will always be right here, my friend.

  20. Greg,

    I have reread your response at least 3 times per day since you wrote it. It is supremely helpful. You’ve made it much more clear than I the convoluted interpretation I conjured up from my reading of your books.

    When I first read your response, I immediately felt, even before you mentioned it, that you were “channelling” Divine guidance. I was wondering how it comes to you? I receive my Divine Downloads in a different way than my wife does, or any others I’ve spoken with who do so. Everyone seems to “get it” differently. I find it all fascinating.

    You nailed it when you were referencing my “worthiness” issue. While I’m much better about it now than I was years ago, it still raises its head now and again.

    I am grateful for all your work, and especially your specific, individual attention. I spoke at a Dr. Joe Vitale event about a year and a half ago and I wrote an ebook for the participants. It goes into detail about how I see limiting beliefs within people, and how I help transform those slower moving energies. You can download the 100 page (very quick read) ebook for free at http://www.visibleloa.com. Or I can send you a pdf attachment in an email if you’d prefer. In it, I also explain how I was born my Divine gift, how I rejected it and caused it to disappear for 40 years, how an enlightened Sufi Master reawakened in me, and how I use it now.

    You, my friend, have touched my heart and I am grateful for the Truth that flows through you to the rest of us. I am privileged to have found you.

    Bob Wakitsch

    • Bob, thank you for your wonderful, gracious reply.

      You and I have at least one thing in common – we both love to read what I write! 😉

      Of course, though, we have much more in common than one thing. And I’m very appreciative of your decision to introduce yourself to me.

      Looking forward to much growth, joy, and love!

  21. Hello Greg,

    first of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your work you did with your books ! Before I will put my questions let me share with you a lit bit of my story. Yesterday morning I came across article about your books and your personal story on Pam Grout blog or Facebook and I thought – common thats my story ! At least half of it. Five years ago I was in very good financial shape, working for international retail company as CEO in our country and decided to start my own business.I saw it (at that time) as final step to my financial freedom and really something to improve quality of life for me and for my family as well. Because I am big fan of LoA I was very enthusiastic.First year was quite ok, not much profit, not much loss – but then market crashed and I lost everything – almost everything – end up with something like 20K EUR, not more. Never-mind, I kept my positive attitude I decided to start again. I have collected money from everywhere I could, prepared new business strategy, worked harder, study harder. I have read almost everything from LoA – you named it – I read it. Seems to me that situation started to improve. Then all of a sudden second time market crashed. This was really painful , but I said to myself ok – I will get trough it and put my smile sticker on (as you are saying). And you guess what – doesnt work at all. Make long story short – here I am after 5years, 1,2mil EUR in dept , no business plan at all, feel shame and guilty because I borrow money everywhere (banks,friends, family…) and got something like 1 month to go and then could be out of cash completely. So last weeks I felt really bad, especially because my wife has no idea where we are and expecting from me that I will manage everything, but honestly I felt like I have no chance to change it, I blame myself, blame universe, blame everything and literally in some moments (thanks god its over) was thinking that better would be to die than to live like that.
    Come back to yesterday – as I read your story I download your book from Amazon (How quantum physicists build new beliefs) , read your web page , facebook stuff and so on so on. It makes perfect sense for me – I have realized that all the time I was in fear and from that point of view expecting that happened.
    I wrote my story and started GAGY process. It was about lunch time yesterday – several hours ago I felt completely different – just by to be honest about my emotions and real feelings. Nothing has changed about my finance but to get out from that heaviness and inside pressure is sooooo gooood – at least I can believe it possible to solve , even I have no idea how.
    My questions :
    1) As I started yesterday on the end of emotional chart (hopeless) in the evening I have felt very good.
    when I look today where I am – it feels for me like a worry / nervousness which is something like 7 steps up.
    I tried to take my story from next step which is powerless / Dejections and it seem difficult as I am cheating myself, because I am in worry now. Should I keep going trough every step in emotional scale , even if it feels for me that I move higher (mainly by honesty and not denying what I truly feel) ?
    2) If you could help me to formulate best feeling believable story.

    Thank you very much in advance !


    • Hey Laco. I am deeply honored by your decision to allow me to be valuable to you. Thank you.

      I can relate with your story, which comes as no surprise to you I am sure.

      You have hit upon the key in this whole process – telling yourself the truth about how you feel. About everything. All the time.

      When you begin writing/living your way up the Emotional Reference Chart, you journaled about your feelings and identified where you are. Then, one emotional perspective at a time, you are writing your way up and living your way up.

      You will feel other emotions (about every person, place, and thing) in addition to the emotional perspective you’re currently writing on and/or living your way into. Nothing at all wrong or unusual about that. Your writing is, in fact, primarily designed to get your attention upon the slightly more aligned emotional perspective you are now looking into. As you live your life, simply pay attention to your feelings as they are a constant feedback loop about whether your current beliefs are aligned with your desires or not.

      Of course, when it comes to the desire you’re focusing upon while playing “Grow a Greater You” right now, you will notice different feelings being reflected back to you. Those feelings are the byproduct of the writing you’ve been doing about new emotional perspectives and your efforts to live your way into that perspective.

      My best suggestion is to not “look for” manifestations of your desire as you play. Instead, simply pay attention to the feeling-feedback you’re getting and make note of the subtle, yet noticeable, changes/improvements. All kinds of people, places, and things (really – every thing) is transforming because your new, slightly more aligned beliefs are now casting new, slightly improved reflections. Let the transformations be what they are; your role is to simply observe them and note them.

      As long as you maintain your commitment to complete emotional honesty, you will receive every gift you could possibly want and need. And the gift will be given to you in this moment, at this emotional perspective. The gift is not waiting for you at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart (that is Newtonian thinking – thinking that all the writing you’re doing now is just “something to get through” to get where you really want and need to be).

      As far as helping you craft a “best-feeling, believable story”? I know I’ve written lots of examples here and the whole title of this page is such. Yet I feel compelled to share something very simple and straightforward with you (and anyone reading): If you are completely emotionally honest about anything you experience today, anything and everything, you will always, without fail, be telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story possible. Because you will be acknowledging how you really feel and you will be avoiding going too-positive or too-negative. Complete emotional honesty works like a charm!

      I trust you will find this helpful and thank you, in advance, for allowing it to be, my friend.

      Thank you for playing “Grow a Greater You” with me and everyone else! Your energy and your contribution are important and can only be made by you.

  22. I have been trying to tell better stories about my job. I’m having a difficult time going up the scale. I’m stuck going up and down 16-19 (worry,doubt,anger and fear) throughout the day. I think I might have better luck with a better story. I work at a call center and we match people with schools their area. We get the leads from our job search website.

    The process feels very manipulative because we start with jobs and then steer them to school. I feel very dishonest and dislike being on the phone.

    I know intellectually that if someone says no twice then the sale is over. There’s all sorts of parameters that protect the caller from being pushed into a sale, not to mention they can hang up at any time.

    I still feel guilty about being that annoying person on the phone. Being the sales person that is taking your time. Interrupting your day.

    I constantly let potential sales go and feel bad about the sales that I’ve actually made.

    Then there’s still all the bad calls. The constant hang ups, angry callers yelling and cursing. Calls like that are pretty rare, but then there are so many calls where people are just not interested. And I get it, but it’s very discouraging.

    I’m trying to move up, but it gets hard in the face of constant rejection

    Thank you for your help

    I’d just like to say that I loved your book and it has helped me change many of my beliefs.


    • Elsa, thank you for asking this question and for allowing me to be of value to you.

      I am thrilled that you love my book too. Please read them all – I believe you’ll find value in each.

      The coolest thing about your inquiry is that you’ve answered your own question. I hope you know I am not being sarcastic in the least when I say that either.

      Learning to listen to feelings is the very first thing we do playing “Grow a Greater You”. And that’s exactly what you’re learning – just as it’s supposed to happen. In other words, you’re on the path!

      Your best-feeling, believable story is always, without fail accomplished by being honest. In fact, being completely honest is all your ever need do to be assured you’re following the “Grow a Greater You” protocol for growing your beliefs.

      And being honest is exactly what you’ve exhibited the courage to do here.

      Your story? You feel guilty about doing your job, which you experience as “hard selling.” The “hard selling” nature of your job even causes you to feel bad about the sales you actually make, instead of feeling elated like you think you “should.” You also feel guilty from the other direction – knowing that you’re not following company protocol and, instead, let sales go that you might be able to close. Additionally, the job itself is inherently challenging for you to truly enjoy anyway, since it’s a well-known axiom that someone with your job is going to hear 90%-plus “no’s” compared to “yes’s”.

      So there is your story. There is your honesty. There you are on the Emotional Perspective Chart.

      Now, as you write and live your way up the Chart, you put into play the appreciable difference between “Being honest to blame and explain that blame” and “Being honest to learn.”

      What am I describing? Your honesty, and the story stemming from it, is showing you how you really feel about parts of your life that you desire to have much more pleasing experiences with. As a “Grow a Greater You” practitioner, you understand that it is your beliefs which are creating all those displeasing reflections of the people, places, and things comprising your current job. Your job, and every person, place, and thing comprising it, is not inherently “bad”; it is your beliefs which are making it so displeasing.

      Now you know that. Now you can begin to grow your beliefs. And, as you do, those reflections of the people, places, and things comprising your job will change. There is no way they cannot change as your beliefs grow, because all they can ever do is reflect your beliefs.

      So keep playing. Keep writing. Keep listening. And keep being completely honest, no matter what.

      I’m proud of you, Elsa, and look forward to reading more about your successes.

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