GrowGreaterYou_3D  Do you want to take your game of Grow a Greater You into the stratosphere?

Do you even know what the “stratosphere” is?  I didn’t.  Not exactly, anyway.  So I looked it up.

The stratosphere is the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere (which is, more or less, what I was thought it was).

So do you want to shoot your game of Grow a Greater You up there?

You can do it.  For Free.

Your Grandfather Was Actually Right When He Told You…

You can grow your beliefs into alignment with your desires exponentially by taking advantage of a couple old adages.

  1. There is no better way to learn something completely than to teach it to others
  2. There is no better way to comprehensively ingest and incorporate something you want to learn than to meet regularly with a group of like-minded people

These two rules work like a charm.  In fact, I’m not ashamed of revealing my inner-geek and telling you that I have worn out books, preparing lessons and courses that I never actually taught, on subjects I wanted to assimilate.  Like quantum physics, personal growth, efficacy, etc.  If you’ve never done it, take my word that it’s beyond powerful.

So how can you take advantage of these adages?

Its Actually Not Rocket Science to Rocket Your Game of Grow a Greater You Into the Stratosphere

Start a Grow a Greater You study group.  Or a Grow a Greater You mastermind group.  Or a Grow a Greater You class (where the students are also teachers – and vice-versa).

You don’t need to charge people for it.  See if you can hold it in your church, school, YMCA, or community center.  Or meet in a coffee shop or library.  Heck, your living room can serve as a meeting place if need be.

You can advertise your group for free on Craigslist, Meetup, or other online listing services.  These are free.

You can also do the old-fashioned thing.   Make a flyer and pin it to some bulletin boards or tape it to some walls and doors.

A Very Simple Blueprint For a Grow a Greater Mastermind Group

When your group meets, lay out the following:

  • We are creating our own unique version of each and every single person, place, thing, and experience we have
  • In this manner, we are creating our own unique universe – a universe only we are experiencing
  • We cannot stop creating our own unique version of everything and, thus, our own unique universe
  • Since we cannot stop doing it, the only choice we have in the matter is: do I want to create my own, unique version of everything intentionally or unintentionally?
  • Why wouldn’t we choose to do it intentionally?

And, perhaps, revisit that with every meeting.

Here’s How We Each Become Each Others’ Greatest Ally and Coach

Then, lay out the following:

  • Let’s help each other identify desires we want to manifest
  • Let’s talk about the stories we current tell ourselves about those desires
  • Let’s help each other change those stories so that they continue to become the best-feeling, believable ones possible
  • Let’s also help each other intentionally grow our beliefs into alignment with our longest-absent desires
  • Let’s meet once a week (or whatever time-frame suits you) to support each other, share, ask questions, and talk about our game of Grow a Greater You

Take it from there.  Get on Facebook if it helps your group (like this Grow a Greater You group has).

Tell Me All About Your Group So I Can Personally Say Hello 

Let me know what you’re up to, who you are, where you meet, and who’s there.  I’ll send you some information and encouragement specifically written for you and your group.  It’ll be from me to you and no one else will ever see it (unless you choose to show it).

That’s because I’ll be excited to help you.  And excited to play Grow a Greater You with you.  Every person who starts to play adds energy to this growing phenomenon – adds energy to the enlightened evolution of our collective beliefs and paradigms.

It’ll be my way of saying “Thank you!”  Thank you for loving yourself enough to grow your beliefs into alignment with your desires.  Which, it just so happens, helps me in my game of Grow a Greater You because by doing so you’ve just contributed real, tangible energy to these new ways of doing things the way we do them.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life more like you dreamed…