Rush Limbaugh  Have you ever been to the beach? And would you go back again, or have you already gone back numerous times?

You have gone back?  Willingly?  Why on earth would you?

Is Being a Pack Mule Supposed to Be Fun?

I mean, come on!

Most of us have to drive a long way to get there. You’ve got to haul a hundred pounds of equipment from the parking lot. You’ve got to smear your skin with greasy sunscreen.  You get itchy sand all over you and, later, ruin your car’s carpet with it too. There are bugs bothering you. It’s hot.  It’s expensive. A jellyfish brushes your leg in the surf and all of a sudden you’re an expendable extra in the movie, Jaws. You get sunburned lips.

And that’s not the half of it, right?  So why on earth would you go back?

You Go Back to the Beach Because You Choose to Define Its Meaning and Value

I’ll tell you why. If you’ve been, you know that all those reasons you could tell yourself a bad-feeling story about the beach are true.  But you also know that there are some wonderful aspects about going too.

And you go back because you decide to tell yourself better-feeling, believable stories about the wonderful things about the beach instead of the very real, pain-in-the-butt things about it.

The story you decide to tell yourself incorporates those negative things, but do not allow them to define your experience.   And, thus, you are inspired by your better-feeling, believable stories to go back to the beach.

You Can Also Tell a Better-Feeling, Believable Story About Rush Limbaugh, If You Need To

You’re well-acquainted with telling a better-feeling, believable story about going to the beach – so that it aligns your beliefs with your desires.  But what about other things you haven’t done the same with?

Today, for example, a friend shared with me that Rush Limbaugh makes him angry.  I suggested he not deny his true feelings regarding this popular radio talk show host, but also tell himself a better-feeling, believable story about him like:

“Although I do not agree with this Rush Limbaugh’s opinions and actually find them harmful, there is a different way I can authentically create my own version of him in my own, unique, individual universe which aligns me with me desires.  I desire that people find freedom from their pain and suffering.  And what most often motivates people to become willing take the steps necessary for them to do that?  Its when they’ve had enough misery that they finally become willing to change.

Perhaps I can view Rush Limbaugh as a blessing if his opinions are fueling millions people’s limiting beliefs.  In doing so, Rush Limbaugh is actually doing people a huge favor by amplifying their limiting beliefs and, thus, adding power to them.  Having so much believable validation and energy infused into their limiting beliefs will actually create greater suffering.

And that greater suffering may lead to some people becoming willing to relieve it faster than they would have otherwise.  In this manner, although I am not pleased by Rush Limbaugh, I can authentically believe he is, in a rather unique way, adding value to people’s lives by encouraging their limiting paradigms.  Which may just have the effect of getting them willing to change their beliefs in quicker fashion than they would have without him.”

Rush Doesn’t Await Your Discovery in a Predetermined State of Meaning and Value

I’m not saying that Rush Limbaugh is “bad.”  Rush Limbaugh is neither inherently “good” or “bad”; the stories you tell yourself imbue him with a meaning and value of your choosing.  In your own unique, individual universe.

Yet isn’t my friend’s story inspiring?  Isn’t it great that simply telling a better-feeling, believable story allows you to make anything serve your beliefs’ alignment with your desires? To put it bluntly, you now know that when you step in a pile of manure – look up because there may just be a pony nearby.

After all, my friend’s new story about Rush Limbaugh acknowledges how he truly feels about the popular radio talk show host while it also feels better than “hating” on him.  All the while serving my friend’s belief-alignment efforts.

I invite you to apply better-feeling believable stories, as you’ve done with the beach, to every aspect of your life. Just as my friend did with Rush Limbaugh.  And watch your life blossom.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams and make suffering optional…