grow  Wouldn’t it be fun to meet?  I think so too.  So let’s do it; please come spend the morning with me!

On Saturday, March 8th, I’ll be at Heartland Miracles in Indianapolis, IN (although the actual event will be held at a larger venue – see below) from 9:30 to 12:30.

Make plans, now, to join me. (Click here to see the flyer and register)

Ticket Sales Now Reopened.  Join Us at the New, Bigger Venue with More Seats to Accommodate All of Us!

Heartland Miracles has asked me to teach a class I’ve titled:

How to Play “Grow a Greater You”:  Use Simple Quantum Physics to Finally Manifest the “Big Stuff” and Fully Awaken Your Immense Personal Power 

I will reveal exactly how new paradigms from quantum physics can allow you to intentionally and deliberately create a life much more closely aligned with your dreams and desires.  Additionally, I will construct a practical, simple, and enjoyable methodology for playing the amazingly gratifying game called “Grow a Greater You”.

  • Learn exactly why some of your most important desires have remained just out of your reach and how to quickly and easily remedy that problem.
  • Demystify the law of attraction through the astounding, yet practical, wisdom of new paradigms crafted from the precise science of quantum physics.
  • Discover how to acquire the single most important tool for using the law of attraction and how to use it to its fullest potential.
  • Recognize and correct, in simple fashion, the single biggest mistake almost everyone makes when attempting to harness the tantalizing potential of the law of attraction.
  • Identify exactly how to overcome the number one obstacle preventing most people from manifesting their most important desires.
  • And we get to meet each other!

The cost is a mere $55.00 (two may attend for $100.00, so grab a traveling companion)

As a special incentive to my peeps, if you make the trip I’ll eat lunch with you afterward (if we can find a restaurant large enough to hold us).  So, please, if you’re planning to attend – use my contact form to let me know.

New Venue:
The event will be in the conference room of the International Medicine Group building
2960 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, 46208. 
This is just across the street from the Children’s Museum on 30th Street
PHONE: (317) 430-1964
March 8th, 9:30 – 12:30
Be there!