InsaneChristmas  Some think the biggest myth of the holidays is that there is more than one fruitcake.  (Click this Link to Tweet it) The myth is that the same fruitcake hasn’t been passed around, from one person to the next, for the last fifty years.

But that’s not the biggest myth.

The biggest myth of the holidays is that the parties, family gatherings, gifts, decorations, music, and lights create the holiday spirit you love so much.

In actuality, you see, it is the holiday spirit you love so much that creates the parties, family gatherings, gifts, decorations, music, and lights.

I’m a Pretty Good Decorator If I Am the One Who Created All Those Lights, Huh?

Semantics, you say?

Nope.  That really is the way to dispel the holiday’s greatest myth.

Here’s why.

You Don’t Literally “Create” People, But You Do Everything Else

You create all that you see.  You create your universe. Except other people, of course.  Because other people are sentient time-space events just like you.  And they are creating their own universe, just like you are.  But, even with other people, you do still create your own unique version of each person.  In your own individual universe.

How do you create this way?

  1. Your beliefs unconsciously create expectations
  2. Your expectations form coherence between your energy and the energy of the quantum field
  3. The quantum field, now coherent with you, forms a material reality which corresponds with your expectations and, thus, your beliefs

Yikes, Who Painted This Picture?

So when I am with my family this Thanksgiving and they suddenly start resembling a Norman Rockwell painting gone insane, it is up to me to ask myself, “Why am I creating this dysfunctional family?”  When I see a sad, ugly Christmas tree, sagging and forlorn, it is up to me to ask myself, “Why am I creating this depressing looking tree?”  And when I see the shuffling scowling faces of hundreds of holiday shoppers, jaded to the seasonal spirit, it is up to me to ask myself, “Why am I creating this army of holiday zombies?”

From Now On, You Have the Freedom and Opportunity to Create What You Want

This is not a way to blame you for your unwanted experiences, by the way.  Anything but!  This is a way for you to experience freedom from now on.  This is your ticket out of victimhood; your opportunity to stop having life happen “to” you! (Click this link to Tweet it) 

And this is why we can now dispel the holiday’s biggest myth; you are the one creating all the festivities and trimmings.  They are being created by your beliefs – by your internal inferno of holiday spirit.  Not the other way around.

So give thanks for your ability to create beauty, joy, and light today.  And when you see ugliness, sadness, and darkness?  (Which, like me, you will – we’re human after all) Ask yourself, “Why am I creating this?” and give yourself the ticket to freedom you’ve always desired.

Use the unpleasant experiences to guide you toward the creation of those experiences you truly desire. (Click this link to Tweet it)  Create a universe of your choice and set the holidays alight!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…